FCID to prosecute Chinese company………….
Posted on May 3rd, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

When I read the news above in a state controlled news paper ,I was surprised about the way the media with the state apparatus behave.

Why should FCID prosecute the Chinese Company who has executed a contract for  the government ?

If they think that the Chinese Company has donated money to any party to distribute among the people by way of handing over Silredi or caps or any other tea shirt they should prosecute the parties whi requested the bribe .

They also should have more important items to attend

During the regime of Premadasa similar things happened Companies which executed state   contracts were required to contribute to Gangramaya to distribute umbrellas to the ( mahouts)  keepers of elephants who attend a the annual pageant ,and next year they  had to donate over 100 bicycles to each elephant keeper !

When the May Day comes ruling parties collect money from many contactors to pay for expenses during may day rally

They were companies who donated money  for tea shirts and caps

It is high time that government get on with development program and stop witch hunting pretending to be in glass houses and throwing stones !

This is third world and we have no ethics hence let us live with it and be sensible !

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

9 Responses to “FCID to prosecute Chinese company………….”

  1. Kumari Says:

    I for one don’t believe that the Chinese companies working in Sri Lanka ever donated any money or bribes. These companies are working internationally. Americans are watching the Chinese like hawks. Chinese won’t be that stupid to bribe our politicians and get caught. Chinese stand to loose billions of dollars and their global reputation.

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:





    A SMALL story. A kos-ata meeya got on top of an Elephant to have sex. The Meeya was running round looking for the **Entrance** The Elephant felt ticklish, and sent out a loud Trumpet. The meeya ran along the Elephant’s spine, to the head, and whispered to the EAR, **darling, is it paining??**
    Meeya = FCID……..Elephant = Chinese Company. This is going to be the likely scenario.

  3. aloy Says:


    The ‘elephant’ is having labour pains. It has taken too much of the stuff (loans) and is buckling down. Our guys are clueless and asking for loans from the pregnant elephant.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Agree with Kumari.

    Besides, we need the money and technology and they have both. They don’t have to bribe anyone in Sri Lanka; we are the beggars and they are nice enough not to treat us as beggars and to befriend and support us since independence.

    We need China also to defend and protect our country from the neighborhood bully: India.

    We have to ABSOLUTE IDIOTS to alienate such a RELIABLE ally in for of the neighborhood bully and the former Colonial Masters of the West!

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Not a day passes without the signature tune of the Government Politicians… RAJAPAKSE !! RAJAPAKSE !!

    These buggers don’t realize that by mentioning the word, **RAJAPAKSE** a few million times a day, it becomes a *mantra * to stabilize the name Rajapakse , ETERNALLY. He is being blessed by the Evil, Haters.

    Aloy ! Yes, we beg for Chinese Help, Chinese Loans, Chinese Projects, and the f cid is trying to screw them. Where on earth are our MORALS ?? Tyipical back stabbing.

  6. aloy Says:

    I am not praising the present dishonest lot. But we have to be practical. With whom we have favourable trade at present?. Most of our exports go to west or US. When fish export was banned by the EU due to antics of Rjitha we suffered and had to go on bended knees to them and now our exporters have a sigh of relief. China or India don’t buy our stuff but we import heavily from them. China doesn’t have so much of money to give, they are probably almost bankrupt. But they should be able to give us some help to counter the big bully next door.
    What Iam saying is that we should not antagonize both the west and China.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    Agreed that we should not go out of our way to annoy the West or China.But, often that choice is not ours, but is made by the West

    For example, did we do ANYTHING to aggravate the West with the sole exception of accepting China’s economic help?

    Given the prevalence of many despotic undemocratic countries in the world, with far worse human rights records than SL, why does the West pick on our nation that has achieved more social and economic equity for its people than most other countries in the world?

    Also, the West gives SL a pittance in economic aid (the US gives about $25 million a year primarily to maintain its 5th column of NGO spies) but complains about our reliance on China which gives us $2500 Million a year in infrastructure development aid without interfering in our internal politics, or trying to prop up internal enemies, exacerbate ethnic and religious divisions. When SL is in need of weapons to defend ourselves against the most fanatical and murderous terrorists in the world who assisted us … the West or China?

    We cannot help that the West is fearful of China, which loans them money and invests in their economist and seresplendent them as the low cost producer of everything they consume. China is the primary foreign nation buying US treasury bills thereby loaning funds to the US Govt.

    The West can’t do business themselves with China at all levels, deny us the loans and technical assistance we need to grow our skills and th economy but then turn around and PENALISE US for accepting help without any strings attached from China!

    If the West wants us to be solely allied to them, let them AT LEAST do three things:

    1. Give us LARGE long-term loans at LOW interest,

    2. Give us TECHNOLGY to develop our infrastructure and the SKILLS TRAINING to propel our people to a higher skill productivity level and

    3. Don’t interfere in our internal politics to pit communities against each other and help us defend the integrity and sovereignty of our country when we are threatened by internal and external enemies. SL deserves that as a FUNCTIONING democracy that has delivered a large measure of EQUITY to its people since independence.
    Don’t treat SL as a despotic nation without representative government; we have achieved that all by ourselves without guidance in “democracy enhancement” from the global preachers enforcing democracy by killing millions with high technology weapons.

    BTW, you are WRONG, China has massive amounts of FUNDS to invest; and they are investing those funds in the West, in developing countries with natural resources China needs, in strategic investments like the Maritime Silk Road and offshore island to secure the South China Sea resources, in transforming their military into a force capable of projecting global military power, and in transforming their own economy into the largest economy in the world in 25 years.

  8. Dilrook Says:

    Yet another utterly foolish act by the government to kill the hen that lays the golden egg. Obviously this is to appease India after a number of agreements with China.

    People must also understand the FCID in comparison with the Bribery and Corruption Commission. The Commission comes under the president and has wider powers. There is no need for it to go through the FCID. On the other hand the FCID is part of the police with limited powers and come under the ministry overlooking police. This comes under the UNP. The Commission is made up of educated and much more civilised people whereas the police is not. FCID is just a copy of the North Korean police.

    By politically victimising opposition politicians and their families, the UNP regime is digging its own grave.

    In a related development, Tamils in Sri Lanka have started to feel the impending war. They are the first to fell it. Bombs, guns, ammunitions, etc. were found with LTTE cadres from various parts of the country. Tamil leaders are invading army camps setting an example to do so. According to the Swiss government, in February this year over 140 Sri Lankans (mostly Tamils) sought refuge in Switzerland on humanitarian grounds claiming danger. A few days ago a boat carrying Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka reached Australia. These are clear signs of impending war.

  9. aloy Says:

    Yes, China is a friend but her internal structure is so complicated. That country helped us in the latter stages of the war. But do not forget that they too sold weapons to LTTE to destroy us. Their dealings are not straightforward. They gave money for a lot of white elephants knowing fully well that they will not give returns for us to be able to repay. They put our country in a debt trap so that we will be eternally tied to them. For about a year I was in SL trying to get few projects funded by them and found that those have to go through MR only; not even the line minister is acceptable and they have hidden costs in their banking system too. Chinese parents go to Hong Kong to buy milk powder for their children as they do not trust their people who produce milk power. How can we trust them?. The recent news items give a very bad picture of their financial situation. They too have borrowed heavily from banks and are in heavy debts. Only thing they have a good workforce who are prepared to work extra hours unlike the pampered lot in SL.

    Security in not a issue for us although MR and the gang is making hell of a noise. Those LTTE fellows can be crushed at anytime if try forces are allowed to act independently without tying them to political work. The forty odd thieves are fighting with the new set of thieves to save Ali Baba. They are jealous that new set are enjoying what ever they can borrow keeping the expatriate workforce as the guarantees. Today I sent equivalent of over Rs. 1.5 million home because that is where I eventually plan to end up; not in west or Australia. I have been doing this for the last thirty to forty years. Like me many other may be doing the same. Over a million house maids send their meager salaries to SL and these politicians pay half the population with something called Samurdi and increase the salaries of unproductive public employees to get their votes. Then they go on bended knees to IMF for loans.

    They should at least avoid fighting in the parliament as this gives a bad publicity and image for those working oversees. At meeting when we talk we are identified as Sri Lankans.

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