Open Appeal to 15, 060, 000 Sinhalayo who made this land their Home and their glorious Kingdom for 2500 years.
Posted on May 16th, 2016

Dr Sudath Gunasekara 14.5.2016

You 15,060.000 Sinhalese, why don’t you send at least one (1) Sinhala MP ( A Man with a Sinhala Heart) to Parliament (that monkey cage of Sri Lanka- as H. L. Mencken once accurately declared) to stand up and  speak on behalf of you, your motherland and your lost rights. Was it not your ancestors who lived, fought in war against the enemy and died in battle here for 2500 years and not Tamils and Muslims who have intruded to this country from time to time? Was it not your ancestors who found the civilization on this Island and not Tamils and Muslims? Was it not your ancestors who sacrificed their lives in millions over the centuries in battle against invading South India Tamils on your behalf? So why don’t you round up the houses of these politicians who have gone to Parliament on your back but don’t speak a word on behalf of you against the betrayals done by their own party leaders and the vituperative and damaging anti Sinhala and anti Buddhist propaganda by communal bunch of Tamil and Muslim politicians. Why don’t you ask them to get your lost lands on the hills (nearing 600,000 acres) robbed and owned by the British and being given to Indian estate Tamils by this Government). Why don’t you ask them to get back the land, archaeological and religious sites and rights you have lost to Tamils tigers and Muslim Jehadis invaders in the north east (Muttur), north west Mannar and Wilpattu) east, and south east like Eravur and other places like Kuragala. Isn’t it a tragedy that none of the present day Sinhala MPP except one or two like Admiral Sarath Weerasekara speak a word on behalf of you and you rights. Why don’t you tell all these fellows that ‘This is our own land and our native land’ and cry allowed that no intruder illicitly landed and remaining on this land of the Sinhala people, shall claim that ‘this is their historical native land’ and wage war to rob and capture it from us.

Whatever shortcomings are there you may see in Rajapaksa at least he defeated the LTTE at home and unified the country in 2009. But what do these yahapaalana nade is doing now. Are they not taking us back to pre 2009 era? This also means the definite reemergence of LTTE with the help of their local proxies, India, the Diaspora and the anti Sinhala anti Buddhist neo-colonial elements of the West.  Look at the behavior of rabid Tamil and Muslim racists like Vignesvaran, Sambanda, Sivajilingam (Prabhakan’s b-in law), Hakeem Richard Badurdeen and their activities in the north and east, in Vilpattuwa and Bogahaweva in the A’pura District. I can fully understand Maitripala Sirisena and Ranil keeping mum while allowing them to rob our motherland because firstly, both of them cannot take any action against them as it is with their vote both of them have come to power and secondly even their future depend on their vote. Our politicians with very rare exceptions want only power and opportunities to enjoy the perks of positions.  We don’t have politicians who love their nation or the country. But what I can’t understand is as to what the hell the other Sinhala MPP elected from predominantly Sinhala electorate  and who don’t depend of Muslim and Tamil votes are doing when their own kith and kin are being driven out of their homes and ancestral lands times brutally killed.. Vignesvaran the living avatar of Prabhakaran earlier wanted the north. Later he added east also to his list now he wants a separate State for the Estate Tamils and Muslim putting them all to one basket to  muster their support for his Federal  Kingdom. He is asking for separatism, agitating for self rule on somebody else’s Land. Why cant these Sinhala Mpp drop their green, blue and red colours and unite under one banner as Sinhalese and kick  out their treacherous political parties and form a new Political under the leadership of  a patriotic Sinhala leader who can boldly  say that this is the Land of the Sinhala people, It had been  the only Sinhala Buddhist Kingdom on earth and it is they who should be the owners of this Island and the  Sinhale is the country as it had been form 546 B C and it is they who built the civilization of this Island Nation  and all others are only intruders at one time or the other. Why cant we tell the West ‘men you have robbed enough at least no w leave us in peace. If they want to help Tamils do so by all means; you can even take those Tamils still living here in addition to the Diaspora chums whom you love so much and already you have until one day you will realize your folly as Rajieve did with his life for conspiring with the LTTE and ill-treating Sri Lanka.

As such there is no question of reconciliation. There is only integration that has to be done here; Integration to the main stream of Sinhala Buddhist society. Either learn the language of the land and integrate with the mainstream Sinhalayo who have found the civilization here, as Nehru agreed in 1954 when he signed the Nehru –Kotalawala Pact or go back to your motherlands without creating unnecessary problems for us.

All those of the like of Vignesvaran, Sivajilingan or any lingam, both periya and sinna and even Sidambaran and Thodaman and Digambaran should understand this reality and give this message to their voters  and those who cannot do so can go back to the bossom of Jayalalitha in south India. Muslims like Hakeem and Richard Badurdeen who want a separate State also can find one in the Arabian Desert where their paradise is found without trying to rob our country where our Kandyan Kings foolishly had given them shelter in Panamapattuwa and settled them all over the kingdom allowing them to marry Sinhala women also when they were brutally attacked and murdered by the Portuguese. They also can take their Sinhala wives as we do not want to keep such stuff who have treacherously betrayed the Sinhala nation. In the same way it was the disunity among the Kandyan chieftains which led to the downfall of the 2500 year old Sinhala Kingdom. Sadly today the disunity, accelerated by the west particularly by the British divide and rule policy is worse than ever before. During the Kandyan period only KAndyan Sinhalese were fighting among themselves. But today everyone in the country are set against each other by the neo colonists of the West and Indian conspirators as Sinhalese vs Tamils, Sinhalese vs Muslims, Hindus vs Buddhists, Buddhists vs Muslims etc. Those days British operated only from London. But today the enemy operates from all over the world, starting from London. Torronto, Paris, New York, Berlin Rome and Delhi. It was then a single engine. But today it is a twin engine, rather a five engine operation comprising the West, Tamil Diaspora, Delhi, Madras and finally the local Communal Tamils and reconditioned Sinhalese political parties planted by the British.

I warn you with burning Patriotism and love for my country and people that if all Sinhala people fail to realize this reality at least now the day the 2500 year old Sinhala nation, one of the oldest and glorious in the ancient and medieval world will get buried in the abyss of the Indian Ocean is not very far.

All Sinhalyo must therefore  drop all their differences such as political, ideological, regikonal and personal and stand up in unison as one nation ‘The Sinhala Jatiya’ or Hela Jatiya and tell those useless fellows whom, you have sent to Parliament and all other in-august assemblies like the Provincial Councils and Pradesiya sabhas to stop quarrelling immediately and speak out at all levels and tell the those who handle the Government (rather misgovernment) at the top to save this pristine nation or say goodbye to politics for ever for heaven’s sake in the name of the country and the Sinhala Nation in this country.. I also appeal to the misguided Tamil and Muslim politicians to divorce from their lunatic politics conditioned by communalism, separatism and extremism and learn to live with the sons of the soil as one nation and one family without getting immersed in utopian dreams which will never come true even for thousand of aeons.

As a starting point get organized and go to your local politicians and demand them to do so. If they don’t do it drag them out of office and get someone else who are prepared to do it elected. After all don’t forget that they are your representatives and your agents elected by you and they are not the agents of political parties in Colombo as it had been from 1948 up to date.

This is the only way to rediscover your lost or robbed glorious nation and the lost heritage by and to the Europeans, Tamils (fron 2nd c BC to date) and the Muslims (from early 17th C to date) so that you can hand over your pristine legacy to your posterity with pride. Then you all can rest in peace.

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  1. Senevirath Says:

    මොන පිස්ස්ද සුදත් උඩරට තම ඉඩම් අසින්හ්ලයන්ට දීල නිදහස ගත්තුදා සිටම බකන් නිලාගෙන හිටිය එජාපෙට තවමත් උඩරට සිංහලයෝ චන්දෙ දෙනවා නිදහස ගත්තු හැටියේම සුද්දත් එක්ක ඉන්දියානුවෝ යවන්න තිබුනේ කුරුවල් වෙන්න නොදී කෝ එත් මුන්ට ගානක් වත් නැහැනේ මහින්දත් හොර ගල් අහුලනවා

  2. Dham Says:

    What UNP is continuing is what Mahinda did after the war and PLUS. PLUS idea too came from him.
    Sinhalaya must give Mahinda an Ultimatum to hit out or get out. Like Bandaranayake, he should admit all his bloody mistakes of the past ( not just letting go of Dulanjali – only mistake is admitting) and form a new Sinhala Nationalist Party (SNP).
    I suggest Sudath and Nalin take the interim leadership to force him form this party.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Sudath!

    Why don’t YOU stand to be elected as a JO SLFP MP from Mahanuwara, and I will support you to the hilt!

  4. stanley perera Says:

    When MR had the two third in the parliament, he never took action against bash Sinhalayo campaign by Tamil and Muslim people. I cannot imagine MR will ever do it now. MRis getting too old. If atall he get the power back, he will go back to build his empire and pass it on to his son. Vaasu is useless. Gammanpila and Champika are highway robbers. Gunawardenes are dil dills. Weerawansa and poison bottle are only big mouthed dum dums. Siripala is out of shape bum bum. I cannot see any sitting Battaramullos fit to run Sinhale. The only Sinhalayo I respect are SHENALI WADUGE, CHARLES PERERA, ASOKA WEERASINGHE AND LORENZO. The present generation of Sinhalayos don’t give a damn.

  5. Dham Says:

    To be honest, I believe every one Stanley mentioned has his own agenda. ‘Sinhalaya’ is not the ‘main agenda’ of ANY of those unfortunately.
    Let us respect Nalin De Silva as well.

  6. stanley perera Says:

    Ira de Silva and Nalin de Silva as well.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    MORE about the Patriotic Real Estate Company proposal….

    dingiri bandara and Dilrook, thank you both for expressing your interest in joining this effort.

    It is time that this proposal is given a home of its own to avoid burdening LankaWeb with comments on this commercial subject that are not of interest to all of its readers.

    Therefore, as an interim measure, I have created a new blogsite to pursue this effort …. wherever it heads in the future.

    The blog LOCATION is:

    I have set it up as a PASSWORD protected blog for obvious reasons.

    Email me to get access at: PatrioticSriLankanInvestors ‘at’

    If you want to get access, please send me an email message at the blog email address, giving your LankaWeb blogger ID, and I will send you a password with which you can login and join in the discussions on how we should proceed.

    If this effort survives the initial formative period, I will periodically inform the readers at LankaWeb with brief comments, and tell them how they can join, if interested.

    The plan is to set up Patriotic Sri Lankan Investors as a holding company under which various business ventures, like the Real Estate Company, can be undertaken as subsidiaries.

    Thank you all.


    Dham, now and then Stanly Perera goes at a tangent. His ex buddy Basil Rajapakse is in jail! So he accuses every body to be heard.

  9. anura seneviratna Says:

    As suggested I too agree it’s time LEADING ACTION is needed from patriots like Sudath, Nalin, Shenali and ALL other patriots to “be the change that they want to see” so we can support in every way possible. All those party political hijackers of the COUNTRY and NATION must be asked to go home or leave the country. All tri-forces, police and civil defence force who protect us should be included for speedy outcome.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Sinhalayo who made this land their Home and their glorious Kingdom for 2500 years.-the first Indian settlers on Sri Lanka were Prince Vijaya and his 700 followers, who landed on the west coast near Puttalam (5th century bce).

    Yesteryear Kalla thonis !!!

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