Western Commemoration of Tiger Terrorism
Posted on May 28th, 2016

By :  A.A.M.Nizam – MATARA

On Wednesday, May 18th, Tiger terrorists across the world marked the 7th year anniversary of the end of the armed conflict, which they claimed saw tens of thousands of Tamils massacred as Sri Lankan state forces drew in.

These events have taken place amidst Eunuch Sirisena in gratitude to Tamils who overwhelmingly voted for him in the Presidential election, Western puppet Ranil Wickremasinghe who is more friendly with Tamils than his own Sinhala polity, the Foreign Minister Mamgala Samaraweera who is alleged to be a relation of Prabhakaran  through his uncle Anandan who created a record by swimming across the Palk Straight, the Defense Karunasena Hettiarachchi describing the terrorists as his own brethren and hence should not be antagonized and Reginald Cooray referring to the terrorists as LTTE War Heroes belittling the importance of the Victory Day and allowing the terrorists and their sympathizers to commemorate May 19th as what the terrorists call Mullaiwaikal Genocide Anniversary after 7 years of vanquishing terrorism from the soil of this country.

It is also shame to find the backboneless effeminate SLFP group of MPs who cling to the government for Ministerial portfolios and for perks and privileges contrary to the mandate given to the SLFP by the masses to oppose the UNP remain totally mute to these malicious events without uttering a word against the government’s patronage to the terrorists.  We hope that at least the two female MPs in this group, whose husbands were highly patriotic personalities and who were victims to terrorists, one killed by the JVP hooligans and the other killed by the tiger terrorists, would express their protestations to the government for allowing the terrorists to hold the so-called remembrance day globally in this manner bringing a horrendous picture to the image of Sri Lanka.

The government should understand the truth that this kind of publicity being carried out through TV channels and media greatly helps to change the attitude of countries and it could immensely work against our nation of Sri Lanka giving the terrorist the advantage of their revival with international support. For instance that it is this kind of false publicity and propaganda that helped for the American invasion of Iraq.

Will the government at least demand the governments of these countries in the west, which they boast are its friendly nations, not to allow holding of demonstrations of this nature in the future as these demonstrations have been held against the country of Sri Lanka.

Find below a photographic coverage of events held under the name of Mullivaikal genocide Remembrance Day on 19th May 2009 across the world in addition to the events held in the North and East.

These countries included U.K, Canada. Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Australia – Melbourne and Sydney, Mauritius and Equadore.





3 Responses to “Western Commemoration of Tiger Terrorism”

  1. ranjit Says:

    Our traitors who were willing to sacrifice our freed land to our enemy’s should be hanged like Taliban did to then Afganistan President during Taliban war.we never faced a gloomy time like this even during war time.That time our gallant forces fought like heroes to save our Motherland but see now these two traitors treating them like criminals.These two dumb and dumbers should be kicked out soon if we need to save our Motherland from Tamil and Muslim terrorists who are showing their true faces with the help of Para Sudda and Indian parasites. Before we die with high blood presure by seeing what these Tamils up to we need to find a way to remove this evil regime of Hitan and Gay boy from power. Unite under the Sinhala flag to fight Tamil and Muslim hardliners.

  2. anura seneviratna Says:

    Salutation to noble Nizam a Srilankan (Sinhela) to the core. Your name or religion has no conflict with your current Nationhood.

    ” Western puppet Ranil Wickremasinghe who is more friendly with Tamils than his own Sinhala polity, ”

    In truth, this creature is not Sinhela, certainly an ancestral mix up with Tamil but it’s not wrong or a problem but what is wrong is his racist bias to Tamil when SL is self evidently the ONLY Sinhela National Country while Tamil Nadu is the ONLY Tamil country!

  3. AnuD Says:

    Western cares this kind of things only if it was against their countries which are not very many.

    Other than that, this for them is business. Opportunity for businesses operating in that area to earn some money. they always estimate every event in terms of how much income to that community.

    In case of tamils, they exploit tamils to earn money. they become millionaires, buy new houses. Part of that is fund the election campaian and get that politician to make a statement at the right moment.

    Don’t forget, for 100 years, Tamils used Tamils more than anything else.

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