Norway denies official recognition to Buddhism while preaching freedom of religion & human rights in Sri Lanka
Posted on June 2nd, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

When Norway returns to the political scene and little noise is made either people have forgotten Norway’s illicit past or people’s views are being shut out by a sepoy media that is now realizing what ‘no media freedom’ really means. Be that as it may, this evangelical preaching nation has returned to poke its nose again into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka playing faithful servant to the West’s global agenda with the mission to destroy the ethno-religious identities of Asia, convert as many locals as possible en route to the end post China. Norway joins the rest of the EU nations that is dishing out their bags of trouble to an appeasing government that is willing to do anything so long as it can stay in power. Let’s look at Norway’s own records and how qualified Norway is to preach about equality and freedom.


Norway has a population of 5.1million (July 2014) 75% of the population are members of the Church of Norway (national Statistics Bureau)

  • Firstly, Norway does not recognize Buddhism as an official religion. Can such a country be preaching to us about freedom of religion and human rights?
  • Norway’s Constitution is the oldest still in force in Europe dating back to 1814 but rights of national minorities are not even included in its constitution.
  • The 2012 US state department report on religious freedom in Norway reads: The constitution now states that the country’s values are based on its Christian and humanist heritage.  The Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELC), the state church prior to passage of the constitutional amendment, still receives some benefits not available to other religious groups.”
  • Church staff are still considered public employees (Church employees are State employees). The report also states that the Evangelical Lutheran Church receives benefits not available to other religious groups and that the Norwegian state supports the Church FINANCIALLY and the law regulates clerical salaries and pensions! And this very nation is preaching to Sri Lanka to remove the historical place Buddhism has.
  • Then there is the Christian Knowledge and Religious and Ethical Information (CKREE) course – which is offered in grades 1 to 10 (ages 6 to 16) which cites the country’s Christian history. The CKREE course devotes extensive time to studying Christianity. This course is MANDATORY – there are no exceptions to other religions and non-religious groups! How do you like that!
  • While Sri Lanka has religious holidays and stamps for minorities and minority leaders and minority events the only national religious holidays in Norway are –Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Whit Monday, Christmas Day and Saint Stephen’s Day.
  • Norway’s laws bans the production of kosher meat in Norway, which means the same applies to halal and Jewish community has to import kosher meat!
  • The US report also cites this example There was strong debate about prayer rooms (for both Muslim and Christian students) in schools in September, when an Oslo school permitted such a room on school premises.  Conservative and populist politicians threatened to withhold funds for the Oslo budget if the prayer room was permitted.  The school consequently withdrew its plans for a prayer room.” In Sri Lanka minorities only have to scream and shout and their will becomes law!
  • According to a December 2010 police report, approximately 11% of 240 hate crimes registered in 2009 were religious motivated … and Norway is preaching to us!
  • The country that is striving to remove the Buddhist identity of Sri Lanka on behalf of the West has political parties with the Christian name – The Christians Party, Christian Unity Party, Christian Democratic Party, Christian Conservative Party
  • What about Norway’s place for minorities (not immigrants) – The Kingdom of Norway is founded on the territory of two people – the Norwegians and the Sami people. The Sami people is at the same time an indigenous people and a minority. The Sami people is the only minority protected by a special article in the Norwegian Constitution – article 110a introduced only in 1988 ”It is the responsibility of the authorities of the State to create the conditions enabling the Sami people to preserve and develop its language, culture and way of life.”
  • In 1970 there were only 3500 people living in Norway from the non-Western world. That amounted to 0.1% of the population. The rise in immigrants started in 1987. By 2008 the number of non-Westerners and their dependants reached 246,529 or 5.2% of the population. 1 in 5 resident in Oslo is a non-Western immigrant. (The Political Representation of Immigrants and Minorities: Voters, Parties .Karen Bird). Voting rights in Parliament remains restricted to naturalized citizens. The 1st minority representative to be elected at national parliamentary level was in 2001. The 2nd such minority leader to be elected was in 2005. There have only been 2 minority representatives in the history of the Norwegian Parliament…. How many minority leaders are there in Sri Lanka’s Parliament?
  • Out of a total of 11,000 representatives in municipal councils elected in 2007, only 120 had an immigrant background from Asia, Africa, or Latin-America. Minority representation at local level in Norway is just 1.1%. In 2003 there were only 106 representatives!
  • The 4 main recipients of Norwegian Government aid are Norwegian Church Aid, Norwegian Refugee Council, Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian People’s Aid. These agencies have often been accused of missionary and regime change and that’s not all in 2006 Norwegian Church Aid was accused of raping girls in Laos. Akha villagers in Northern Laos testified on video that Norwegian Church Aid staff coming to their villages to do various projects had demanded village girls to rape on repeated occasions. Village headmen told how they were unable to stop the rapes in their villages, girls who tried to run away were told by NCA staff that they would be beaten if they did not comply. The Afghanistan Government suspended the work of Norwegian Church Aid accusing it of proselytizing.

Norway’s LTTE links (questions asked by Dr. Kamal Wickremasinghe)

  • Why did Norway elevate the LTTE to the “sole representative of the Tamil community”
  • Why did Norway always attempt to treat the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government as ‘equals’
  • Why did Solheim and Norway work covertly to build up LTTE in to a military force comparable in strength to the Sri Lankan armed forces?
  • Why did Norway provide sophisticated satellite communication equipment to the LTTE during the 2002 ceasefire?
  • Why did the Norwegian Head of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, Major (SLMM) General Trond Furuhovde instruct the LTTE, in October 2003, to claim that the LTTE attack on the Chinese ship was by a “third party with stolen uniforms”?
  • Why, in October 2003,did Tryggve Tellefsen (the then head of the SLMM) forewarn the LTTE arms vessel about the impending Navy attack?
  • Why did Norway help the LTTE establish relations with Eritrea, organised purchases of arms, ammunition and other military equipment from a number of sources, using Eritrean end-user certificates?
  • Why did Norway facilitate the training of LTTE sea tigers in Thailand?
  • Why did Norway facilitate travel to Europe for LTTE leaders prior to the EU proscription in 2006, and arrange meetings with European politicians under the cover of “fact-finding missions”?
  • Why did Norway allow Norwegian Government-funded NGOs like the Norwegian People’s Aid to ‘donate’ heavy earth-moving vehicles, trucks, electricity generators, water pumps, tents, and other equipment to the LTTE?
  • Why did Norway fund publications like Professor Kristian Stokke’s “Building the Tamil Eelam State”, Third World Quarterly 27 (2006), which purported to ‘examine’ the ‘new state’ institutions, pre-empting the formal division of Sri Lanka?
  • Why did Norway allow the Icelandic diplomat Bjarni Vestmann enter the country on a tourist visa in October 2007, and arrange a clandestine meeting with S. P. Tamilselvan?
  • Why did the SLMM and Norway ignore morethan 3000 cease-fire violations and serious human rights violations, including child soldier recruitment, committed by the LTTE?

Is the present government just plain daft to invite Norway to play a key role in Sri Lanka again to stir trouble or are they also part of the problem?

What is clear in reading the above is that Norway or any other nation cannot even match what Sri Lanka has given the minorities. Using the minority card to take away the Sinhala Buddhist identity appears to be the gameplan and it is time the Sinhala Buddhists woke up and realized that it is not that minorities have no rights, it is easier for these scheming nations and the UN to use the minority grievance card to penetrate into and destroy the Sinhala Buddhist identity thus disintegrating the entire nation.

Shenali D Waduge


14 Responses to “Norway denies official recognition to Buddhism while preaching freedom of religion & human rights in Sri Lanka”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    I have not been to Norway, but from what I have read, I consider, at least the Norweigian Foreign Service, if not the entire regime, as one of the most corrupt and disgusting regimes which openly discriminate against their own minorities. So when they claim to be assisting minorities in other nations to obtain equal rights, they maybe doing so with a hidden motive not at all compatible with the interests of minorities. They are hypocrites and is in the forefront of destroying nations with other religious majorities.
    Norway is not a NATO nation but wherever the NATO went on their bombing missions, Norway joined them and sent their planes and arms to destroy the helpless victims, like Libya. If the overthrow of regimes in other nations like Libya or the bombing of nations indiscriminately, killing of innocent civilians, are war crimes, then Norway is guilty of committing many such war crimes. However for their luck, both the UN and its agency, UNHCR, are under the control of nations that contribute heavily for UN’s survival and the decisions taken by them are mostly in keeping with the wants of these nations and as such Norway’s war crimes may not be investigated. At least for now.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Shenali your articles are very interesting and useful for people like us because we come to know many things which we may not be able to know at any circumstances. We appreciate for what you are doing to educate the public about the poltical situation we are facing today.
    Actually after Jan 8th our country was in shambles with no proper vision. The coup plotters only wanted to bring down Rajapaksa nothing else.They were trained to tell lies and lies about Rajapaksas and they succeeded. Norway did more harm to us same as India. They both were responsible for all the deaths and carnage which occurred during thirty years of bloody war.These coup plotters shouldn’t be trusted at all. Hitan has to oblige to their demands because these were the countries which helped them to come to power.Vigneswaran has all the power to talk about anything including federalism but not the Sinhala leaders including buddhist monks. Sinhala leaders put in jail while Tamil and Muslim leaders enjoy free rides condemning Srilanka and work against Motherlanka. We have two traitors who has born to destroy the Sinhala buddhist land and destroy the Sinhala buddhists. Wake up Sinhalese before it’s too late without fighting each other.Time is running out.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Thank you Shenali for researching and documenting the HISTORICAL HYPOCRISY of the Norwegians.

    Today, with the Nobel Peace Prize weapon grasped in one hand, and its North Sea Oil wealth in the other hand, this tiny nation of 5.1 million people INTERFERES in the internal affiars of many DEVELOPING countries across the Globe, plying a pseudo-human rights agenda with a hidden Evangelical Christian Mission.

    Usually, Norway interferes in countries in which NON-CHRISTIAN majority communities can be divided, their governments destabilized, and the populations gradually BRIBED in the confusion and poverty they themselves sowed, to convert to the Christian faith. They generally do not succeed in doing this in Muslim Middle Eastern Countries that are engaged in a renewed GLOBAL Crusade with the West. They FOCUS on other countries, primarily in Asia with Hindu and Buddhist majorities, or poverty stricken African countries with small Christian minorities. We who belong to the Sinhala Buddhist majority of Sri Lanka have ourselves EXPERIENCED the BUTT END of this Machiavellian Norwegian enemy activity.

    When INTERFERING in the TARGETED DEVELOPING countries, they IGNORE the fact that they are INCITING citizens of those countries to rise up in rebellion against the governments elected by their majority populations, and COMMIT TREASON against those nations.

    Therefore, it is INSTRUCTIVE to study how the Norwegians DEALT WITH their OWN TRAITORS in the wake of World War II with the GOAL OF ENSURING THEIR OWN SECURITY and the PERMANENCE of their OWN CULTURE & TRADITIONS in NORWAY. To that end, I am copying below the relevant sections from


    Read especially carefully the enactment by the Norwegian govt in EXILE in Britain of a broader definition of what constitutes TREASON ….. at a TIME WHEN NORWAY WAS OCCUPIED by Germany. Those who collaborated with Germans were TRAITORS, even if they believed in, and identified with, Germany for any ethno/linguistic/religious reason.

    When India invaded Sri Lanka with the IPKF, as part of the Indo-Sri Lanka PACT which India IMPOSED upon Sri Lanka by coercion, and OCCUPIED Sri Lanka, it set up a similar situation in which Sri Lankan Patriots had to go underground rather than exile to RESIST the ENEMY INVASION.

    Why are the Tamil Separatists who identify with Tamil Nadu and OPPOSE their own country not TRAITORS, but FREEDOM FIGHTERS in Norwegian eyes?
    Why did Norway treat those Norwegians who identified with Germany as TRAITORS and not FREEDOM FIGHTERS??

    If Norway defines as TREASON to Norway the collaboration of its citizens with the enemy,
    why does it not treat what the Tamil SEPARATISTS did against Sri Lanka as TREASON?
    Why does Norway STILL support them??

    That is why Norwegians are HYPOCRITES! One Standard for Norwegian Patriots, the OPPOSITE standard for Sri Lankan Patriots!

    Note by Ananda-USA:

    The following article recounts only the so-called “legal” part of the purge of TRAITORS by the government of Norway that returned from exile in Britain.

    Many additional tens of thousands of collaborators were PUNISHED by private citizens of Norway, especially immediately after the war. They were shamed and publicly humiliated, expelled from their communities, ostracized, and even killed. Prostitutes who had associated with Germans during the occupation were shaved in public, stripped naked, tarred and feathered, and chased down the streets, never to return to their homes.

    That was how Norwegians PUNISHED their TRAITORS; the same Norwegians who now incite minorities worldwide in DEVELOPING nations to TREASON against their countries, to gain a foothold to pursue their NORWEGIAN AGENDA!

    Hopefully, a geo-tectonic shift in the continental plates, engineered by the Chritian God, would make their oil wells RUN DRY, and reduce Norway to EKEING OUT a barebones living, prevent their destructive behavior as a GLOBAL HEGEMON!

    Legal purge in Norway after World War II
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The legal purge in Norway after World War II took place between May 1945 and August 1948 against anyone who was deemed to have collaborated with the Nazi occupation of the country. Several thousand Norwegians and foreign citizens were tried and convicted for crimes committed in Scandinavia during the Second World War. However the scope, legal basis, and fairness of these trials has since been a matter of some debate. A total of 40 people — including Vidkun Quisling, the Minister President of Norway during the occupation — were executed after capital punishment was reinstated in Norway. A further five were sentenced to death in Poland in 1947 for their actions in Norway.


    The German invasion of Norway during World War II created a number of constitutional issues, chiefly related to what was the legitimate Norwegian government, and whether the constitution and Norwegian code of law remained in effect during the occupation. Although the occupying power, under Reichskommissar Josef Terboven and the puppet Norwegian regime under Vidkun Quisling claimed that the Norwegian government had abandoned its authority in the spring of 1940, the Norwegian government claimed that it had merely capitulated the military struggle for the homeland, while the executive branch had been given special powers by the Norwegian parliament through the Elverum Authorization. The Norwegian government’s claim was upheld both by parliament and the Norwegian Supreme Court after the war, which in turn led to an extensive set of indictments and convictions against Norwegian citizens for treason, and German citizens for war crimes.[1]

    As early as 1941 and 1942, the Norwegian government in exile put into effect a number of decrees regarding treasonous acts. Capital punishment was reinstituted as an option, prison sentences under hard labor were approved, higher upper limits for financial penalties, and a new controversial measure known as “loss of public confidence,” (tap av almenn tillit), effectively depriving those convicted of various civil privileges. These decrees reached a final, workable form on 15 December 1944, the so-called Landssvikanordning. Crimes defined in these decrees notably included membership in Nasjonal Samling, the Norwegian fascist party that collaborated with the Nazis.[2]

    Culpable acts during the occupation

    In autumn 1940 the Nazi-supporting Norwegian fascist party, Nasjonal Samling, was made the only legal political organization in Norway. Its claim to be the government was based on the premise that the pre-war leadership had abdicated its responsibilities by leaving Norway. As Nasjonal Samling had taken the responsible course by assuming the mantle of power, it was therefore the legal administration. However it never achieved any level of support justifying its claim to be the legitimate Norwegian government.

    This was the view taken in London by Norway’s government-in-exile. It saw the Nazi Party and its Third Reich to be the “enemy of war”. Anything that aided or encouraged the German occupation of Norway was to be considered in principle an act of treason, this included membership in Nasjonal Samling.[3] Norway’s exiled government also considered it to be a criminal act to assist the Nazi regime through economic support and commercial activities.

    Norwegians who had volunteered for military service with the Wehrmacht, and especially Germanic-SS were subject to criminal prosecution after the war. Police officers who worked with the RHSA in the Sikkerhetspolitiet (Norwegian Secret State Police) or joined the Gestapo faced charges relating to war crimes, torture, executions, and the mistreatment of prisoners.
    Arrests, trial and execution

    In May 1945, at the close of WWII, the paramilitary Milorg (Norway’s official resistance movement in the war) joined units of the Norwegian police that had been trained in Sweden. Both had been well briefed and prepared ahead of the official liberation on 8 May 1945. The Norwegian government-in-exile assembled this force because it viewed it as paramount to avoid lynching or other extra-judicial punishment against former members of the Nazi regime. Nevertheless during the summer of 1945, there was a fierce debate reported in Norwegian newspapers about the prosecution and punishment of war criminals and traitors. Many spoke openly of retaliation, but others argued that death penalty was a “drawback for a civilized community”. As tensions hardened, those fighting against the death penalty for humanitarian reasons were stigmatized as “the silk front”. Those who favored harsh penalties were known as “the ice front”. The editorial pages of Norwegian newspapers (Dagbladet being one of the most prominent) demanded harsh penalties reminiscent of a witch-hunt.

    Within just a few days of the war ending, up to 28,750 people were arrested for questioning. Although many were released quickly, between 5,000 and 6,000 individuals were still detained in custody in August 1946.[4]

    Former wartime resistance leader Sven Arntzen was made acting chief barrister of the Norwegian Prosecuting Authority. He was given the responsibility for bringing the cases to trial. Arntzen played a highly public role in establishing the principles that should drive the trials. This led to considerable public and internal debate about the nature of the legal purges.

    Altogether prosecutors called for the death penalty in 200 cases of treason; of these only 30 were passed down, with 25 being carried out. From the beginning the application of capital punishment was controversial in Norway, in part because the country’s first government instituted the death penalty before the Norwegian parliament had reconvened after the war.[5]


    A great deal of sensitivity continues to surround this subject in Norwegian society.[6] In later years, studies and inquiries have shown that justice was administered unevenly and – by today’s standards – harshly.

    For example the volunteers who joined the Waffen-SS and served on the Eastern Front were only tried for treason, never for war crimes.[7] People who sided with Nasjonal Samling were often publicly shamed and ostracised well beyond the punishment their crimes merited such as fines or a prison sentences. The prosecution of individuals who served with the German Red Cross has also been questioned, among those to be convicted was Hanna Kvanmo, who later rose to fame as a socialist politician.

    Death sentences

    A total of 45 people were sentenced to death as a result of the legal purge – 30 for treason and 15 for war crimes. Of these, 37 were executed – the first on 17 August 1945 and the last on 28 August 1948. All except one were executed by an 11-member firing squad at five metres distance under the command of the local chief of police in one of the four cities (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø) designated for execution.[citation needed] Erich Hoffmann was brought to Hamelin Prison in Germany and hanged. Albert Pierrepoint acted as hangman in Hoffmann’s execution. Hoffmann was executed by hanging because he received his death sentence from an Allied war tribunal and not from a Norwegian court.

    Among the 25 Norwegians executed for treason, 10 were members of Sonderabteilung Lola, also known as the “Rinnan Gang”.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Finally ….. there mayu be progress on resettling the Sinhala and Muslim people ethnically cleansed by the LTTE.

    But, let us care fully VERIFY the NUMBERS and WHETHER & HOW this is actually done!

    High-level Committee to recommend suitable method to resettle Sinhalese and Muslims displaced from North
    Thu, Jun 2, 2016, 12:16 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 02, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Cabinet of Ministers have decided to appoint a high-level committee to recommend a suitable method to resettle the Sinhalese and the Muslims displaced from the North due to the expulsion by the LTTE during the war.

    According to the government, Sinhalese people who lived in Northern Province came to South with the conflict developed in the North while the Muslims were completely driven away by the LTTE in 1990 causing a large number of people to live in other districts, mostly in Mannar and Puttalam Districts as internally displaced persons.

    It has been estimated that 5,543 houses are required to resettle the displaced Sinhala families and 16,120 houses are required to resettle the displaced Muslim families. Accordingly, the infrastructure of relevant villages need to be improved for resettling the displaced.

    Considering the need, Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen, Minister of Prison Reforms, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs D.M. Swaminathan and Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Faizer Mustafa have jointly proposed following a suitable method for coordination, implementation and monitoring of resettlement.

    Accordingly, the cabinet has decided to appoint a committee chaired by the President and including the Prime Minister and relevant Ministers, to make recommendations in this regard.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Norwegians know there are a lot of Sinhala modayas in Sri Lanka. That’s why they think it’s very very easy
    meat. To convert to a catholic country. Still a lot of Sinhala modayas can’t make the connection! You simply
    can’t believe how stupid most of them are. They still can’t make the connection between catholic-run
    UNPatriotic party and catholic tigers of tamil drealam aka ltte. The evidence are everywhere, but those
    morons are really dumb.

    Just look at the above pic. Solheim and hitler pira(mala)paharan. Buddies of course. Catholic buddies. Grinning
    ear to ear. So their grand plan destroyed by MR. So the catholic west wants to punish MR for his ‘great crime’.
    Now constitution changes coming, federal coming etc. since catholic-run UNPatriotic party is at the driving seat.
    Only thing vairapala soorrysena has to say is if you mess about we back with China. That will stop all this hassling.
    How is he going to say? He can’t speak English. Even if he can, who is running Sri Lanka? It is pol pot ponil
    wickramasinhalakiller. Last thing he has in his mind is Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese and Buddhism. So he will happily
    dance to his catholic buddies’ tune and break up Sri Lanka whatever pieces they wish. That’s how treacherous
    some Sinhala modayas giving this Sinhalese-murdering, Buddhism-destroying, Sri Lanka-destroying UNPatrioitc
    party deshapaluwan. Even in 1987, alugosu thambi mudiyanse had to one thing to avoid india and west shoving
    down 13 down his throat. He should’ve said, we are off, going to be with the Russians and the Chinese. That simply would’ve
    stopped the pressure. But the traitor didn’t do it since UNPatriotics and SLFP foreign policies will be aligning with
    Russia and China making no difference. So traitor alugosuwa put party politics priority and destroyed Sri Lanka.
    Traitor murderous alugosuwa.

    Last time round they killed over 160,000 Sinhalese. This time they are plundering plundering
    knowing tamils and mussies will vote for them anyway and only some Sinhala modayas votes they can’t lose.
    Mass murder of Sinhalese to come? Their past record suggest it is very very possible. Only thing against them
    this time is, a lot of forces and police personnel know the UNPatriotics are anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese and anti
    Sri Lanka plus they don’t have enough catholic police and forces personnel at the top to put murderous plans
    to action.

  6. AnuD Says:

    In western countries majority of the politicians as well as bureaucrats are christians. So, it is not easy for anyone outside that, particularly muslims and buddhists to go up in their hierarchy. They simply do not allow that.

    Norwegian govt is backed by a christian party. Those christian never allow buddhist or muslims coming into their territory.

    West tries to make buddhist countries secular, that is also to find turf for christianity.

  7. anura seneviratna Says:

    ” What is clear in reading the above is that Norway or any other nation cannot even match what Sri Lanka has given the minorities. Using the minority card to take away the Sinhala Buddhist identity appears to be the gameplan and it is time the Sinhala Buddhists woke up and realized that it is not that minorities have no rights, it is easier for these scheming nations and the UN to use the minority grievance card to penetrate into and destroy the Sinhala Buddhist identity thus disintegrating the entire nation. ”

    The fundamental problem with SL is giving away non stop. No other nation has given foreign national rights to settler communities like in SL. No party political leader ever stated in public and to the world that the Island Country is the sovereign Sinhela national land. An English saying goes “no nation has the right to its country if they can’t defend it”. This is the key factor why we are threatened by first, the settler communities, Indian subcontinent , western world etc. Naturally in their view, if we are not claiming ownership to our own ONLY tiny island country rich in nature – so they think how stupid we are and let’s grab it for their control and use. So you can’t blame anyone except ourselves. BUT OURSELVES DEPEND ON THE LEADING RULERS WHO ARE NOT AUTHENTIC NATIONAL LEADERS!

  8. samurai Says:

    Norway veers like USA towards exceptionalism, intolerance and aggression against Buddhist and Muslim countries

    Norway is a Christian country with a white supremacist and colonial mindset. A majority of the population are members of the Church of Norway with 76.1% of the population officially belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway in 2013. At numerous times in history, Norway has sent more Christian missionaries per capita than any other country.

    During the Second World War, Norway under Vidkun Quisling (Minister President of Norway) supported Nazi Germany and participated in Germany’s final solution against European Jewry. Possibly as many as 50,000 Norwegians served the Third Reich, most of them in the Waffen-SS. Vidkun Quisling led a fascist political movement in Norway which welcomed the German entry into Norway in April 1940.

    Over 767 Jewish men, women and children were deported from Norway to Poland, mostly to Auschwitz, where they died in the gas chambers. The former house of Vikun Quisling, has now being made the Norwegian Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies since 2006.
    Norway has approximately 4.5 million inhabitants. Its Buddhist population comprises mainly people of Vietnamese descendance, and a few with Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Tibetan, Thai and Cambodian background. There are also a few native (white)Norwegians.
    As far as the Government of Norway is concerned Buddhists do not exist. It denies official recognition to Buddhism as a religion like the vast majority of European Christian countries. Buddhism is juridically non-existent in Norway. Christian hegemony prevails in every aspect of life in that country.

    Norway’s indigenous people are the Sami people. They have for centuries been the subject of widespread racial discrimination and abuse by the White dominant majority claiming possession of their lands right unto the present day. Sami culture is being gradually destroyed. Norway has been greatly criticized by the international community for the politics of Norwegianization of and discrimination against the aboriginal population of the country.

    On 8 April 2011, the UN Racial Discrimination Committee recommendations were handed over to Norway; these addressed many issues, including the educational situation for students needing bilingual education in Sami. One committee recommendation was that no language be allowed to be a basis for discrimination in the Norwegian anti-discrimination laws, and it recommended wording of Racial Discrimination Convention Article 1 contained in the Act. Further points of recommendation concerning the Sami population in Norway included the incorporation of the racial Convention through the Human Rights Act, improving the availability and quality of interpreter services, and equality of the civil Ombudsman’s recommendations for action.

    Sami have to “prove” their land ownership, an idea incompatible with and antithetical to the traditional reindeer-herding Sami way of life. This has effectively allowed the Norwegian government to take without compensation, motivated by greed, land occupied by the Sami for centuries.

    Discrimination against the native Sami people was so widespread that in 1997 the King of Norway who is also the Constitutional head of the Church and required by law and custom to profess the Lutheran faith, publicly apologized to the Sami people. Citizens born in Norway to one or two Norwegian parents are automatically added to the list of Protestant Christians in Norway. Norwegian citizens’ tax funds including that of Buddhists are given to the Protestant Church. A practice common to many European countries. Effectively Buddhists are second class Citizens in Norway and other European Christian countries except for Russia and Austria. The World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) must lodge a protest in the UN and UNHCR for such blatant discrimination by the EU Countries against Buddhists.

    In Norway there is a glass ceiling for Non – Christians. Norway supports and funds minority separatist movements in Non – Christian countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Its foreign policy is geared to de-stabilze Theravada Buddhist countries and it funds research conducted by Norwegians and others to denigrate the practices of Buddhism and conduct of Buddhist monks e.g. in Sri Lanka.

    The latest in such research is a Ph. D. dissertation of a Norwegian on the Ant- Conversion Bill in Sri Lanka. It is a highly condescending work similar to the type of research conducted by White Supremacists in Asia, Pacific Islands, Australia and Africa on Eugenics in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

    Ph.D. Dissertation from University of Bergen, Norway (pdf)

    Norway is a suspect country in the eyes of the non – Christian world i.e. Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. Norway participated with great delight in the bombardment of Libya in the spring of 2011. During the operation, Norwegian pilots dropped 588 bombs on Libya and anything that looked valuable in that country. There was no chivalry in such military engagements. It was a massacre of the innocents in every sense of the word. Jonas Gahr Støre, who was foreign minister at that time and Labour Party leader, was instrumental in taking the decision to bomb Libya. He and his Norwegian accomplices should be charged for war crimes by a special war crimes Tribunal.

    Now, four years later, Libya is described as a lawless society with major humanitarian challenges. Libya is now a country in total collapse due to unprovoked attacks and bombing raids by USA, France, UK and Norway. The majority of people coming to Europe by boats as Refugees travel from Libya. Norway as a party to the conflict with other States that participated directly in attacks in 2011, must take special responsibility for the humanitarian suffering as a result of the consequences of Norway’s military attacks on innocent people in Libya. The lack of any accountability on the part of the aggressors for crimes committed in Libya exposes the double standards of International Law and the International Criminal Justice System, which take a sadistic delight in hunting down Black African leaders on bogus charges of ‘ War Crimes’ while the Big Fish in London, Paris, Washington and Oslo escape justice.

    Norway ostensibly promotes liberalism and secularism in Sri Lanka. This is only a facade to cover its Machiavellian hidden de – stabilizing agenda against the Sinhala Buddhists and the Buddhist heritage. In addition Norway’s conduct in the international arena as a tool of Western Christian imperialism and lackey of NATO Powers shows that it veers like USA towards exceptionalism, intolerance and aggression against Buddhist and Muslim countries.

  9. plumblossom Says:

    We do not need provincial councils which only promote separatism. The provincial councils only duplicate the already existing system of ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system which has functioned for decades. In addition, there are the municipal, urban councils and pradeshiya sabhas who elect their officials to ensure that there is local government representation and to ensure that local matters are dealt with effectively. The ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system is how government plans get implemented at the district, divisional and the grama niladhari level. The only thing the provincial councils do is duplicate this already existing system and is totally unnecessary. Since Sri Lanka is a small country, what is agreed at the parliamentary level in terms of plans can be implemented islandwide via the ministries. If anyone in any province wants to suggest anything innovative, they can do so via their MP at the parliamentary level. A small country such as Sri Lanka needs a strong central government and just one plan for the entire island to move forward. For this to happen, the existing ministry, district secretary, divisional secretaries, grama niladhari system is sufficient. At the local level there are the municipal, urban councils and the pradeshiya sabhas to take care of local matters. The provincial councils are a huge waste of money and only promote separatism.

    Sri Lanka has been a Buddhist country since 300BC. Sri Lanka has provided an enormous service in the preservation and propagation of Buddhism around the world, especially to other Asian countries centuries ago, even millennia ago. Therefore, the state religion should be Buddhism for the foreseeable future. The unique identity of Sri Lanka is precisely due to Buddhism which is the prevalent religion of the country. The US, UK, the EU, Norway, Sweden and Canada who do not like this or the TNA separatist terrorists who do not accept this should be told these facts. If the TNA separatist terrorists want an alternative law to prevail, they can kindly leave and go live in any other country which is more to their liking.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    TNA separatist terrorists want an alternative law to prevail, they can kindly leave and go live in any other country which is more to their liking- Thank you but we are not going any where .

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Have Buddhists countries protected their people adequately ?
    Protecting the People and the Country, keeping various sections balanced requires constant monitoring, which is what a govt is there for.

    Indonesia was a Buddhist country. When the volcano Krakatoa erupted, the fewer Muslims there told the Buddhists that this happened due to Buddhists not believing in the God of Islam – so, mass conversions to Islam happened, and Indonesia became a Muslim country. Krakatoa erupted again later ….
    Lesson : Education a must in Buddhist countries, or Buddhist folk will fall for falsehoods.

    Sri Lankas problems after near 500 yrs of Colonisation, followed by WW I&II ending in the Cold War, importing of Tamil Dalit labor one and a half Million from Tamil Nadu area by Colonists, Tamil Separatism led by Tamil leaders etc., plus two JVP uprisings have left the Country destabilised. This destabilisation has to be removed. Who gains when the country is destabilised – in the end, not one citizen of Lanka really gains. All must get together and stabilise the country once again.
    How is that to be done ?

    First, Yahap people have to get together with others and remove the 13-A, and implement the 6-A which has never been implemented.
    There is no need for a New Constitution.
    No need for ECTA
    No need to have a sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu
    No need to give 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners

    Give FREE birth control material to all adults who want that. The Man:Land ratio shoud be maintained in small Sri Lanka.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    To Save Lanka, join the world vision to contain Climate Change. Tiny Bhutan, another Buddhist country, has already done so.
    Educate the People re Climate Change – they will unite and join in to change matters for the better.

  13. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SA K !! Well said ANDY. That’s the spirit. Grrr.

  14. plumblossom Says:

    Yesterday, the third largest arms storage facility of the Sri Lankan Army went up in flames. Is this sabotage by the Yahapalanaya Government itself to weaken our Armed Forces? Weapons worth millions of US dollars went up in flames. Was Ranil, Sirisena, CBK, Mangala, RAW, the US, the UK, the EU, Norway, Sweden, Canada behind this? Is this to weaken our Armed Forces so that the TNA separatist terrorists can get what they want via constitutional changes i.e. Eelam?

    A great danger facing Sri Lanka is the proposed constitutional changes. UNP MPs frequently come on discussion forums on TV and state that the policy of the UNP is maximum devolution of power within a unitary state. However, you cannot any longer call yourself a unitary state if you devolve too much power in the first place! Even now with the 13th amendment in force, Sri Lanka is no longer a unitary state. I would suggest that the Global Sri Lankan Forum write a press release suggesting that no more power should be devolved to the provincial councils than they have at present and especially not land, police and fiscal powers. The GSLF should demand unequivocally that North East Sri Lanka is definitely not a Tamil homeland as stated in the 13th amendment but the homeland of firstly the Sinhala Buddhists (as per the history and archaeology of the island) and subsequently and at present the homeland of all the people of Sri Lanka in total. The GSLF should absolutely demand this change be brought on as part of the13th amendment. The clause in the 13th amendment which says that any two provinces can be merged should also be deleted.

    GSLF, please write a press release and release this to the Sri Lankan press immediately before Ranil, Sirisena, CBK and Managla bring on a federal constitution (disguised as ‘unitary’) with extremely wide powers with the North East being merged (effectively an Eelam) as what the TNA separatist terrorists, the US imperialists, the UK, the EU, Canada, Norway, Sweden and India wants.

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