Tamils gave Prabhakaran the revolver to kill Tamils
Posted on June 30th, 2016

H. L. D. Mahindapala

The violence in Sri Lanka raged for 33 years, starting from the declaration of war on May 14, 1976 at Vadukoddai by the Tamil leadership and ending  in Nandikadal on May 18, 2009 when Velupillai Prabhakaran’s body was found floating in the  murky waters of the Lagoon. This war has been described in different ways, depending on the political orientation of the describer. It was, however, commonly described as an ethnic conflict between the Sinhalese and the  Tamils. But the unravelling events questioned this description.

The decision to go for a military solution, stated unequivocally in  the Vadukoddai Resolution, was ratified by the Tamil leadership led by S. J. V. Chelvanayakam, the man who claimed that his ambition was to be a father to  the Tamils  because he never had a father to look after him in Jaffna. His  father left  him in Tellipallai when he was only four and went  back to Malaysia  and never saw him again until he was dying. It was this Father (Thanthai Chelva) who led his children all the way to Nandikadal.

Led by Chelvanayakam, the Tamil leadership agreed at Vadukoddai that the military solution was better than the non-violent parliamentary process and decided to wage a war against the Sinhalese who were identified as the enemy of the Tamils.The distorted history, the generalised accusations and the main political thrust of the Vadukoddai Resolution were designed to demonise  the Sinhala community and generate hate politics of the extreme  kind against the Sinhalese. Accordingly, the hate politics inscribed in the Vadukoddai Resolution and picked up by Prabhakaran should have led Tamil violence to target only the Sinhala community as there was no other enemy identified in the Vadukoddai Resolution.  But Velupillai Prabhakaran, the anointed proxy of the Vellahla leadership which urged the Tamil youth to take up arms, targeted the Muslims and the Tamils indiscriminately. Why? What had the Muslims done to the Tamils to massacre them? And, above all, what had the Tamils done to Prabhakaran for him to target the Tamils? Prabhakaran first turned his guns on the Tamils and killed more Tamils than all the  others put together. No other leader had pursued hate politics to insatiable extremes as Prabhakaran. His hate politics that led to the killing of anyone whom he perceived to be his enemy was totally irrational and counter-productive.

It was, above all, a deviation  from the anti-Sinhala hate politics defined in the Vadukoddai Resolution. It gave the licence to kill only Sinhalese but not the Muslims and fellow-Tamils. If Tamil militancy was in the hands of a more rational leader the  history of the Tamils – and that of the  nation – would have taken a different path, possibly a path that could have saved lives and opened up space for peace  and reconciliation much earlier than 2009. But the violent Tamil culture was neither tolerant nor broad enough to produce a more enlightened leader. The innate perversions and fury of Tamil culture had the potential to gestate only within a culture of  violence and give birth to its one and only hero, Prabhakaran – a mass murderer compared, quite  rightly, to Pol Pot by the New York Times. The Tamils had no way out  from the tyrannical grip of the  one-man regime  as long  as Prabhakaran was alive.

Ironically, the Tamil were eventually liberated from Tamil tyranny by the sacrifices of the Sinhala soldiers of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) who were labelled as the enemies  of the Tamils. The Tamils walk the earth with dignity and self-respect today only because 27,000 Sinhala soldiers sacrificed their lives to get rid of their fascist tyrant who, among  other  evils, terrorised Tamil children by dragging them  into a futile war. While the Tamils looked the other way, concocting excuses for this barbarity, it was the Sinhala soldiers who stepped in to save the Tamil children from the clutches of Prabhakaran, the Tamil Boko Haram.

Prabhakaran’s overall strategy was based on one delusional response to all challenges faced by him : kill his perceived enemies. It was a Pavlovian response that was self-destructive. Example : killing of Rajiv Gandhi. But he imagined that he was playing the role of the great fixer like his Hollywood idol, Clint Eastwood. Killing is the standard response of terrorist leaders. They hope to grab power by climbing  over the dead bodies of their own people. Tragically, his stature grew  in the eyes of the Tamils each time he piled one more corpse on the rising mounds of Tamil bodies rotting in his killing fields.

Besides, the Tamils who followed him encouraged him by celebrating each death he caused in the name of  the Tamils. There was no Tamil courageous enough to stop his macabre madness. He knew no limits. If, for instance, A is declared the enemy by B why should B take a gun and go on the rampage killing  everybody from A – Z? His mindless killings prompted Prof. James Jupp of Australian National University to label Prabhakaran as a pathological killer”. Prabhakaran’s hate politics of killing anyone who crossed  his  path – from Rajiv Gandhi to pregnant Muslim women —  borders  on sadistic fascism. In the bloody sea of Vadukoddai violence he popped up as a maniacal wave, carrying with him the intense fury, of the intolerant, violent and arrogant Vellahla culture. Jaffna was never attuned to a democratic or tolerant culture. From  the time of Sankilli it was rooted in  Tamil fascist violence of various shades. The Tamil political class wear the democratic mask now, invoking human rights, essentially to hide the ruthless fascist face of Tamil violence that oppressed and persecuted their own people as a species of subhuman outcasts throughout their brief history. .

On the contrary, the target of the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) was clear : the Tamil Tiger terrorists. Though there were excesses and also collateral damage in which non-combatant Tamil civilians were caught in the cross-fire, the GOSL forces did not target the Tamil civilians like the spiteful way the Tamil Tigers decimated the Tamils and the Muslims. Nor did GOSL persecute the Tamil dissidents who were openly in cahoots with the Tigers. While Prabhakaran went on the rampage massacring the Tamil leadership the GOSL gave refuge to those who survived his wrath with total freedom to oppose the state. The TNA MPs, for instance, who were the  proxies for the Tigers, were not  only given protection but given every opportunity to go along with LTTE politics. But the unfettered LTTErs, using all the space available in a democracy, fired on everything that was suspected of moving against Prabhakaran.

M.K. Sivajilingam, Northern  Provincial Council member, TNA, formerly of TELO, sums up the brutal violence of the LTTE, in the following quote picked from Q & A session with Ceylon Today (26.6. 2016.) :

Sivajilingam : Other than Kayts experience, there were two more incidents. Once the TNA parliamentary group led by R. Sambanthan went to Kandy to meet the Chief Prelates of Malwatta and Asgiriya. A group protested against us there. They attacked our vehicles with rocks. The driver drove the vehicle fast and stopped it before the house of the then Deputy Minister of Justice Shelton Ranaraja. He treated us very cordially. We left Kandy in the evening after the protest was over…..

Q: What is the other incident?

A: One day in 1986, LTTE wanted to kill me in Velvetithurai. LTTE was killing TELO sympathisers. Five of the houses of my relatives were raided in the night in search of me. I was in Mannar and saved myself. When Prabhakaran was helpless, I helped him. TELO provided him with a revolver. It was handed to Prabhakaran through Ramanathanthurai and on that day, LTTE killed him too.
Q: Why did LTTE respond to people like you in that way?
A: That was LTTE’s nature. They killed so many people who helped them. I don’t approve of it.”


Sivajilingam also stated : I have helped him (Prabhakaran) in many ways. If I did not help  him  he could have been killed.”


This excerpt illustrates the experience of the Tamils in two significant ways. First, when the Tamils were threatened by the Sinhala mobs it was the Sinhala elite (Shelton Ranaraja, Deputy Minister of Justice) that  gave them protection. Second, when the Tamils were threatened by the Tamils they received no help from the Tamils. On the contrary, the Tamils used the revolvers given to them by the Tamils and pulled the trigger to eliminate them.


Sivajailingam was not alone in gifting revolvers to Prabhakaran. This  episode confirms that the guns and ammunition that killed the Tamils were supplied to Prabhakaran by the Tamil leadership, both at home  and abroad. The Tamil diaspora in particular financed  the Vadukoddai War that killed more Tamils than members of the other communities. Sivajilingam’s confession amounts to an admission  of guilt. As suppliers and financiers of the weapons of destruction to the LTTE, the Tamil leadership, both at  home and abroad, were responsible for prolonging a futile war that killed more Tamils than either Sinhalese or Muslims. Having stoked the  fires of devastating war as long as they could they are now shedding  crocodile tears in the corridors of UNHRC accusing the GOSL of  violating human rights. Their hypocrisy is as despicable as the brutal violence they perpetrated through their Suriya Devan”.


Besides, when Sivajilingam said that killing of Tamils was LTTE’s nature” he admitted, perhaps unwittingly, the incurable nature of the violence inherent in the Tamil  culture – a culture that came down from Sankilli to Prabhakaran, the crowned heir to the brutal Tamil culture of Tamils killing Tamils. The elevation of a ruthless killer of Tamils to the highest iconic level in their history reflects the inbred culture of  violence which has no qualms  about hero-worshipping subhuman  violence. The Sinhalese too produced his counterpart in the person of Rohana Wijeweera, another fascist killer. But the Sinhalese have reduced him to an obscure footnote in an aberrant history that is fading  into oblivion. The Germans have buried Hitler’s memory with his ashes. Cambodians are sick to their back teeth with Pol Pot. The Tamils, on the contrary, light candles to Prabhakaran today in their living rooms as the revered hero of Tamil history. Tamils, obviously, have no one else to replace this inhuman killer.  Arumuka Navalar and Sir. Ponnambalam Ramanathan are heroes to the reactionary Vellahlas, not to the oppressed Tamils. Jaffna, tragically, is a land without humane heroes. There was no space  for a Gandhi or an Ambedkhar. They would have been a serious threat to the Vellahla establishment.


This absence  of respectable  heroes questions the imagined greatness of the Tamils who never tire of boasting about a glorious culture that cannot be found  in history books even if you peruse  it with a magnifying glass. In any case, what humane values can the Tamils claim to possess when they worship their most noted killer as their Suriya Devan”? There is a touch of pathos when Sivajilingam says:  I have helped him (Prabhakaran) in many ways. If I did not help  him  he could have been killed.”…….They (the Tamil Tigers) killed so many people who helped them. I don’t approve of it. But it was Sivajilingam who gave the revolver for the killings. Isn’t a bit too late for remorse now?


Predictably, Tamil violence ran berserk under Prabhakaran. He had the right killer instinct to be the explosive force of the dormant Tamil culture of  violence. And  when the Vadukoddai Resolution activated Tamil violence it exploded with uncontrollable fury. There was no one to guide the naive gun-toting youth drunk with the political power that was legitimised  in the Vadukoddai Resolution. The Vellahla leadership which controlled peninsular politics from feudal times discovered, rather late in the day, that power had slipped out of their hands once they declared war in the Vadukoddai Resolution and urged the Tamil youth to take up arms. The seasoned, English-educated, Vellahla elite was replaced by a megalomaniac who never knew how to handle power. That was the biggest mistake made by the Vellahla elite. They replaced their traditional casteist fascism with Prabhakaran’s naked political fascism which, eventually, forced Sampanthan and Sumanthiram to go on their knees before him.


The Vellahlas financed and armed the Tamil youth hoping to ride  on their backs into power. But the Tamil youth had ideas of their own. They took the money and the arms and fired on the Tamil leaders who piously legitimised  their violence in the Vadukoddai Resolution.


As they say, you reap what you  sow. Chelvanyakam, the Father of the Vadukoddai Resolution, escaped the bullet of his beloved boys” only because he died of natural causes before his  political progeny could get  him.  Sadly, it was his anointed successor, Appapillai Amirthalingam, who had to pay the price for his sins. He was shot at point blank range by the pistols donated by Chelvanayakam’s Vellahla followers.


Moral : Tamils should beware of  gifting pistols to Tamils. History has proved that the bullets that come out of those barrels find their loving way to lodge unerringly only in Tamil hearts.

8 Responses to “Tamils gave Prabhakaran the revolver to kill Tamils”

  1. Christie Says:

    Mahinda, Please stop glorifying Tamils and Parabaakaran. It is the Indian Terrorists and you know it very well.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Right on CUE, the Yamapalanaya GOSL’s PALS in NORWAY chime in demanding international jurists!

    These Norwegian SOBS aided and abetted the Tamil Tigers to carve a Tamil EELAM out of Sri Lanka by warfare.

    Having FAILED in that, they are now CONTINUING that QUEST to carve an EELAM out of Sri Lanka for their portege’s through War Crimes Trials!

    These are the same HYPOCRITES who saw nothing wrong in defending their country Norway against the Nazis and after the war ended executing, torturing, imprisoning and ostracizing tens of thousands of their own citizens who had collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.

    They found NOTHING WRONG with defending their own country, and punishing their own TRAITORS, but now they come wailing on behalf of the murderous Tamil terrorists and TRAITORS who unleashed murder and mayhem in Sri Lanka killing, maiming and impoverishing hundreds oif thousands of innocents.


    Norway calls on Sri Lanka to include international jurists in judicial mechanism
    Thu, Jun 30, 2016, 10:33 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 30, Geneva: While acknowledging Sri Lanka’s progress that has taken place in implementing the resolution since its adoption in October last year, Norway called on the government of Sri Lanka to adhere to the resolution and include international judges and lawyers in the recommended judicial mechanism to investigate the allegations of war crimes.

    “We acknowledge the progress that has taken place in implementing the resolution since its adoption in October last year,” Norway said in its statement to the 32nd session of the United Nations Human Right Council in Geneva on Wednesday.

    Norway noted that since the adoption of the UNHRC resolution in October last year, the two countries have had “good and frank exchanges of views” on these issues on a number of occasions, including during visits by our Foreign Minister Brende to Sri Lanka and last week by Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Samaraweera to Norway.

    Norway said its understanding is that progress is happening steadily, despite the fine political balance that needs to be kept in making these achievements. The latest concrete result being the cabinet’s approval of the Office of missing Persons.

    “We are aware that there is political opposition to the government’s initiatives to implement the resolution and that concessions need to be made in order to achieve progress. Nevertheless, we see the need to keep the momentum from the government’s side.”

    Norway expressed hope that the ongoing process on the new constitution will result in the crucial basis for a nation that acknowledges its ethnic and cultural diversity and for achieving reconciliation.

    Norway also appreciated Foreign Affairs Minister Mangala Samaraweera’s announcement in Oslo during the World Congress on the Death Penalty last week to seriously consider abolishing the death penalty in the new constitution.

    “We encourage Sri Lanka to work hard to keep the tight time schedule for the process on the new constitution,” it said.

    “It is further our expectation that Sri Lanka adheres to OP 6 in the resolution, regarding the planned judicial mechanism to investigate allegations of violations and abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law, and of the importance of participation in the judicial mechanism of Commonwealth and other foreign judges, defense lawyers and authorized prosecutors and investigators.”

    All initiatives for reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka should continue to be based on inclusive consultations with victims, civil society and the general population, the statement said.

    “Norway has been able to assist Sri Lanka recently in amongst others the return of internally displaced persons and reconstruction in the conflict affected areas of the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. We will continue to assist the Government of Sri Lanka in promoting a peaceful, inclusive and democratic nation.”

  3. dhane Says:

    Chelvanyakam, the Father of the Vadukoddai Resolution his anointed successor Appapillai Amirthalingam their beloved “boy” Prabhakaran and all leading “boys” were gone. Who is now taking the responsible for the LTTE war crimes?? and whom will get the punishments of LTTE crims, Sampthnadan, Sumathrian or any other present leaders in SL or overseas. If these guys are supporting original idea of Chelvanyakam then the present leaders should be convicted and punish.

  4. anura seneviratna Says:

    Agree with Christie fully, stop glorifying and publicising Parayakaran and the lot, this gives fodder to increase their arrogance to continue claiming land of the only Sinhela country to set up a second Tamil Nadu. Isn’t it time to inspire the Sinhela nation to regain justice for our country and nation? When are we going to put into practice our human integrity and decency to do the noble duty in defending our nationhood without being subservient?

  5. Christie Says:

    Norway is following what Indian Empire say. Before the North Sea Oil India was a major buyer of Norway military technology. Specially Communication Technology.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    Norway approves of the Office of Missing Persons.
    US Secy of State John Kerry addresses the lack of proper jobs in Lanka and states that Sri Lanka has to stop sending local folk to questionable jobs overseas, as well as stop children being used for prostitution etc.

    We agree.

    So why does the UNP led Yahap have the following programs in view :

    – ETCA
    – Sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu
    – 5,000 acre lots for 99 yr leases to foreigners
    – New Constitution (not necessary – just remove the illegal 13 A and activate the never activated 6-A)

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Many thanks for your untiring efforts to tell the truth.


    With the Vaddukoddai Resolution (1976), Tamil Leaders gave the green light to P’karan to kill Tamils and almost everyone else valued as an able leader in Lanka, plus scores of Sinhala Buddhist villagers, and others, plus the bombing of the Central Bank ….. !
    At present, the Central Bank, the Money Centre of the Country, has been attacked in another way – through two Bond scams engineered by Arjun Mahendran (appointed by the Exec PM Ranil who was appointed to the post ‘because the west wants it so – per Pres Sirisena), weakening the Economy of the country, sending the country into the poor house and possibly followed by future attempts at splitting up the country one way or another.

    Remember the Grand Plans of the UNP led Yahap are :

    – ETCA
    – Sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu (strange, when UK has just voted to quit the EU !)
    – 5,000 acre lots on 99 yr leases to foreigners
    – New Constitution (what might that bring, after the what the Yahap has done already …. ?).

    Doesn’t all this add up to downgrading Lanka and Democracy in the country ?

    Also, note that 1983 Riots came AFTER THE VADUKODDAI RESOLUTION (1976).

    None of the UNHRC or other foreign organisations have taken any of note of these important facts.
    Why is that ?

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    In a NUTSHELL, the VALUE of Sarath Gonseka to Ranil and the UNP is PROVIDE A MILITARY UMBRELLA to PROTECT Ranil’s UNP gosl from ousted from power in the future by ANY MEANS!


    Fonseka vows to stop Mahinda’s bid to re-capture power *Now two armies can jointly combat corruption – Ranil

    July 2, 2016, 9:09 pm

    by Zacki Jabbar

    Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka has vowed to stop the attempt by his arch rival former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to re-capture power.

    Having obtained UNP membership, Fonseka who is also Regional Development Minister and former leader of the Democratic Party, said during a welcome ceremony held at Srikotha last week, that the verdict of the last Presidential election indicated clearly that the people wanted an end to the corruption, violence and crime that thrived under the Rajapaksa Presidency.

    If that verdict was allowed to be reversed, it would be a travesty of justice by the large number of voters who had backed the then Joint Oppositions campaign to restore good governance and the rule of law, the war veteran noted.

    Fonseka warned that that an attempt was being made by the Rajapaksas to revive their brand of “corrupt and murderous politics”. “The dangerous Mahinda Chintana should not be allowed to raise its ugly head again.

    Pointing out that there was unfinished business to complete, he said it could be achieved only through a party such as the UNP which had the strength, courage and conviction to prevent a re-emergence of the corrupt and dictatorial Rajapaksa regime.

    Fonseka thanked Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for inviting him to join the UNP and also for the support provided to his 2010 Presidential election campaign.

    Proclaiming that he did not believe in stabbing people from behind their backs, the Field Marshall recalled that he had even spoken out against his then Commander in Chief, President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    The Prime Minister said that with Fonseka’s entry into the the UNP, the “two armies ” could jointly fight poverty, corruption and other issues that affected the people”.

    “Fonseka supported the UNP when it launched a joint campaign to restore democracy. I believed that he should be in Parliament. So , we got him appointed on the National List and subsequently, I invited him and members of his Democratic Party to join the UNP. The two armies can now work together in addressing issues affecting the masses including poverty and corruption”, Wickremesinghe said.

    The people elected Maithripala Sirisena as President to create a new country. The goals included the creation of one million jobs, development of the education, health, agricultural and fisheries sectors among others. It is not an easy task, but together a great deal could be achieved, he said.

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