Legacy of Sinhalese students at Jaffna university.
Posted on July 17th, 2016

Chandrasena Pandithage

Sinhalese university students were beaten by Tamil students. This was happened in Jaffna university on 16th July 2016. We do not get clear reason for this attack. If the reason is Sinhalism  We feel very sorry on the attackers and whole Tamil community in Sri Lanka.

University is an university It is not an Tamiliansity. If somebody wants to start a Tamiliansity they are free to start that “sity” and carry on their studies on their own way. Jaffna university belongs to Sri Lankan taxpayers. If somebody insist to apply racism into any university; it is to be started from the university admissions. The attackers should understand the 79% of taxpayers are Sinhalese; If you insist to apply racism here, the 79% of students must be from Sinhalese families. Why Sinhalese families pay for Tamil racists’ children’s studies? Is that fair.? No, it is not fair. The Sinhalese must start to think as Sinhalese and demand your children’s study rights and get 79% of Sinhalese students admission.That is the justice and it is cleared through this brutal attack on Sinhalese students. The racist must understand, that they are opening new avenues against them.

We fully condemn Tamil racists’ brutal attack on Sinhalese students and we demand you to stop this game at once. At the same time we demand our government to stop spending our taxpayers monies for northern developments. Spend what you get from them.

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    Shame on Tamil students brutal attacks on Sinhala students at the Jaffna Uni.

    Was this a planned attack to rouse communal disharmony, again ?
    Where are the Reconciliation offer parts from the Tamils of the North ?
    What are the NPC & the Dons of the Jaffna Uni going to do about this ? Will Disciplinary Action be taken ? Will apologies be tendered ? What will Pres Sirisena & the Exec PM do about this ?

    What is the message here by the attacking students of the Jaffna Uni ?
    It seems to us the message here is : Tamils are saying “what is ours is ours, and what is yours is also ours” !
    More than half the Tamil population of Lanka lives outside the North among the others of Lanka, predominently the Sinhala people.

    Sound of One Hand Clapping for Reconciliation by Others of Lanka ??

  2. Dilrook Says:

    This is a Fascist and Terrorist attack by Tamils. It is not an isolated incident. Leading up to this a number of Sinhala pilgrims and their buses were attacked by Tamils in the north and Sinhala owned hotels were attacked by Tamils in Arugam Bay recently.

    These are well coordinated terrorist attacks. Similar attacks were carried out by Tamils in the 1970s (Sansoni Commission report). Black August (1977) attacks on Sinhalese in Jaffna by Tamils was similar but this latest attacks is much worse.

    These Tamil terrorists responsible for the attack must be exterminated soon or war is inevitable. There is an attempt to push the terrorist attack under the carpet by the name of reconciliation. It must not be allowed.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    The racists can write in tamil, marked up by tamils and get into any university (soory guys medicine is first
    choice) and get FREE education and become a donor to kill Sinhalese. That’s how these foreign low lives
    us back. University through the back door. They always demand special treatment since catholic-run
    UNPatriotic party divide the Sinhalese making them king makers.

    University through back door, depriving Sinhalese students of their share. These kala kanni traitors should
    go back to hell hole tn where they came from. Or ask dutch rascals who brought them to jaffna to work
    in tobacco plantations to give them their drealam in holland and upcountry tamils should ask for their drealam
    in uk. These racists are
    never grateful
    never happy
    never loyal
    never can have enough!
    Since their heart and loyalty are in hell hole tn. Go there for god’s sake, leave our country to us.Nobody going
    to stop you, nobody going to miss you.
    How about we throw out the traitor low lives from other universities? Kala kanni, jaathi dhrohee cancers of Sri Lanka.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dilrook is right.
    Yahap will have to nip the anti-Sinhala attacks in the North pronto, or face dire consquences.

    Why aren’t these incidents of recent and past (there are films made at that time ?) Tamil Attacks filmed and put on YouTube ?

    Yahap should send out these films to UNHRC to show that only the Others of Lanka, (mostly Sinhala people), are the ones following the Reconciliation rules all over the island. Some Tamils of the North are busy breaking the rules of society.
    This has to be stopped now.
    This is how the conflict with the LTTE started in the first place. Sinhala Buddhist leaders of the past (and perhaps even by present leaders, in times to come), paying a heavy price for the final war with the LTTE, now the troubles being resurrected under rather Stupid Guidance by Exec PM Ranil & Yahap folk !

    If Yahap thinks that they can solve the 3,000 yr emotional problems of Tamil Dalits (15-20 Million of them in Tamil Nadu), by building sea tunnels to connect with Tamil Nadu, ETCA etc., they are sadly mistaken. Yahap : Just look at the PTSD problems in Sri Lanka and resolve that first !

  5. Cerberus Says:

    The same thing that happened in 1980’s culminating in the 1983 Riots, is starting all over again. The Yahapalanaya is crowing about how they brought reconciliation among the Sinhalese and Tamils to all the foreign delegates. Most Tamils will never change. They have the same Dalit mentality which comes from 3000 years of casteism where they have been treated as less than dirt in India. They have migrated to Sri Lanka with this mentality and are still carrying it around them. They treat the Sinhalese as the people who are responsible for their misery as has been taught to them by their TNA leaders. When the LTTE was in power Sambandan was hand in glove with Prabhakaran.

    In the 1970s-80s the Tamils started harassing Sinhalese to make them move out of North and East culminating in the brutal hanging of a Sinhalese baker and skinning him alive. Everyone knows how the Tamils committed Genocide on the Sinhalese and Muslims in the North and East during the time of Prabhakaran. The Western powers since they wanted to ‘divide and rule’ did not want to see any of this and kept trying to help the LTTE, as we all know. Now they have brought this false charges of war crimes on our heroic forces and will divide the country for so-called “RECONCILIATION”. What they are actually doing is increasing the ethnic divide further. These powers know very well what they are doing, and in spite of it are doing it to destabilize and break up the country so that they can feast on the carcass like vultures. They have already done it in many countries such as Greece, Libya, Iraq, etc.

    The policies followed by the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa were the best for the country, given the present circumstances. He maintained a strong military base while developing the North, East, and the South to ensure that all the communities benefited equally. He was too successful and some foreign powers did not like it since it went against their agenda of destabilizing and weakening countries which are helpless. I foresee a massive crash coming both economic and political. When that happens the dominos will fall and surely there will be no one to pick up the pieces this time.

  6. Cerberus Says:

    Now the govt is trying to cover up the incident that happened at the Jaffna University. Please see the article in the Colombo Telegraph dated 7/18/16 “It’s Official: Govt. Lies Over Jaffna Campus Racial Rumpus” the link is attached below.

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