July’83 India’s sine qua non to first destabalize & eventually colonize Sri Lanka  
Posted on July 25th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

33 years have gone by and we still fail to put the puzzle together. To safeguard the nation from becoming finally clinched as a victory by the enemy it is no better time than now to start putting the puzzle together. Sri Lanka does not have a Tamil problem. Sri Lanka’s problem is India. The root of all Sri Lanka’s problems is India. We need to come to terms with this reality. If India had been training Sri Lankan Tamil youth secretly how was India to bring them out into the open? The false flag was needed – July 83 riots was that manipulating UNP to attack Tamils. Thereafter, all demands made through LTTE and Tamil leaders working to India’s dictates were only parroting India’s wishes. The agreements signed since are all in line with India’s objectives. LTTE and Tamil leadership are only the symptoms Sri Lanka was forced to deal with. The disease is India. The British gave birth to the disease by importing Malabar Tamils initially to work on the British plantations and thereafter to be used in their divide & rule which India was happy to continue as it fell well within its own hegemonistic plans.

July 83 was a watershed moment. Debates on it fail to see who the real benefactors were. The Sinhalese should shoulder no guilt – we protected our Tamil friends. The Sinhalese played NO ROLE in the July 1983 riots. Why should we repeatedly be apologizing for what we have not committed? The JRJ government protected the rich Tamils but unleashed goons with polling cards to identify Tamils. JRJ possibly was misled by India. The gangs of men on the rampage were thugs from all communities – they knew nothing of nationalism except the common goal of stealing what they could. Indian paws are all over the incident just as the same can be said of the Jaffna university attack on Sinhala students and new youth groups emerging to demand the removal of the military. All these are clearly ‘made in India’ signs. We can but wonder whether India is launching another conflict?

In the 1970s India was a great ally of the Soviet Union. Mrs. Bandaranaike at the time took a strong national stand with erudite advisors to guide her and her foreign policy was non-alignment while her foreign and defence were handled by N Q Dias the most powerful public servant who had vision to see the dangers of illegal immigrants & illegal smuggling from Tamil Nadu to propose the setting up of military camps in the North. Quoting Neville Jayaweera’s memoirs N Q Dias had a deep conviction that within the next 25 years or so, the Tamil protest will develop into an armed rebellion and that the Government must prepare from now (1963) to meet the outcome.” Mr. Dias’s plan was to encircle the North (Mannar, Jaffna District, Vavuniya, Mullaitivu upto Trincomalee). Mr. Dias also saw the need for a new naval strategy. N Q Dias was the Clausewitz of Sri Lanka – the camps in the North helped curtail armed militancy the absence of which a separate North would have been declared in the 1980s.

In came JR Jaywardena in 1978 with his pro-West approach which did not deliver the expected benefits. When LTTE attacked in 1983 he assured his Cabinet that his pro-West foreign policy would be rewarded and help would come from US & UK. JR forgot the golden truth – national interests mattered not friendships. India told the countries to keep away and they did – Reagan refused and so did Britain. India expected Sri Lanka to beg help from India – the very country that created LTTE. Pakistan agreed to train Sri Lankan soldiers & China was willing to sell military hardware – India was further infuriated. US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Australia all condemned the ‘terror attacks’ but it was only China who condemned India The big must not bully the small.”

Panikkar Doctrine (India’s naval doctrine & Kautilya’s Arthashastra :

India’s objective is Indian hegemony over the Indian Ocean with Sri Lanka fully under its control or dependent on India. For the West this was temporarily outsourcing part of its objective to India.

The Arthashastra was composed 2300 years ago. Indian diplomacy is based on hegemony advocated by Kautiya’s (Chanakya) Arthashastra. Chanakya’s Mandal Theory ‘Your neighbour is your natural enemy’ makes Sri Lanka India’s natural enemy (whatever government comes into power) as are all of India’s neighbors. A factor Sri Lanka’s foreign policy experts have not taken cognizance of to counter.

Tamil militancy and economic entrapment were key precursors to that objective. Flooding Sri Lanka with illegal immigrants from Tamil Nadu thus raising Tamil populace in both North and Central Sri Lanka and using Trade deals like ETCA to enable a further flood of Indians would with time fulfil this objective.

The fishing issue is very much part of this doctrine. The Tamil Nadu theatrics are a sideshow choreographed by India’s Centre. The pressures exerted using Tamil Nadu has enabled India to set up consular office, printing presses controlled by India, Indian media that has Indianized Sri Lanka’s Northern Tamils and it is the quantum of these efforts that are calling for the removal of the military, spreading stories against the military and using the Chief Minister and TNA from Sri Lanka and the Tamil Nadu politicians as well as the LTTE diaspora most of whom have business interests both in India/Sri Lanka and Overseas. In case we have not forgotten illegal international networks continue to operate linked to LTTE fronts and foreign intelligence.

The case against foreign presence in particular Chinese naval presence in the North has much to do with these illegal manoeuvrings rather than any security threats to India.

In short all are puppies of India and India is a puppy of the British Empire.

Tamil militancy & India

Just as Kautilya cunningly created a civil war in Patiliputra, Indira Gandhi clandestinely trained unemployed Sri Lankan Tamil youth in India (35 such armed groups including LTTE) at various camps throughout Tamil Nadu and sent them back armed, trained and financed and under tutelage of Indian intelligence RAW to destable Sri Lanka. That was how terrorism originated and not one piece of UN report/resolution have pinpointed the root cause of Sri Lanka’s problem to India.

The first person LTTE killed was a Tamil (Alfred Duraiappah – in 1975) the next persons LTTE killed were also Tamils (Tamil policemen on duty in North) – these guns and ammunition were all supplied by India. It was thereafter that the guns were turned on the Sri Lankan Army. LTTE even had open offices in Tamil Nadu. LTTE’s logistics center was Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu fishermen were the unofficial transporters of supplies (food, arms, medicines and drugs).

It is good to note that India handled Tamil militancy and Tamil politicians separately and this merged only in 2001 to create the Tamil National Alliance. We may recall that the reason for Amirthalingam’s assassination was that LTTE thought he was a spy of JR Jayawardena. The TULF and other Tamil politicians were dead scared of the LTTE – one wrong statement from them, they knew would end in their death notice. Not one Tamil politician at the time set foot in the North without the permission of the LTTE. They were that scared of their own ‘boys’.

Tamil” demands benefits India

Analyse demands made by Tamil militant groups including LTTE and it is not difficult to deduce that eventually the benefactor was not the Tamils but India. It was India’s chosen stooges who were placing demands drafted by India. Without education, not doing a job and without exposure it is baffling how Prabakaran can come out with such demands manipulating international legal jargon – it was all drafted by India.

Thimpu Talks 1985 organized by India in Bhutan

These were the demands India placed through the LTTE and other militant organizations attending the talks (LTTE, EROS, EPRLF, PLOTE, TELO and TULF were all Indian creations)

  • recognition of the Tamils of Ceylon as a nation
  • recognition of the existence of an identified homeland for the Tamils of Ceylon
  • recognition of the right of self determination of the Tamil nation
  • recognition of the right to citizenship and the fundamental rights of all Tamils of Ceylon

The Sri Lankan delegation rejected all but the last.

Indo-Lanka Peace Accord – 1987  

India was now looking at further fermenting its hold. Historically flawed and misplaced statements were included into the joint agreement which JR agreed. The issue was referred to as ‘ethnic problem’ when clearly it was armed militancy. LTTE was killing all communities even Tamils.

  • India included Sri Lanka to be a ‘multi-ethnic & multi-lingual plural society’ – Over 74% were Sinhalese, Sri Lanka’s predominant historical Buddhist identity cannot be removed.
  • India was laying the basis for future troubles ‘each ethnic group has a distinct cultural and linguistic identity’ – Tamils were rooted in India, Muslims were rooted in the Middle East & India, definitely not Sri Lanka.
  • India checkmated Sri Lanka recognizing that Northern and Eastern Provinces have been areas of historical habitation of Sri Lankan Tamil speaking peoples’ – since when did this happen. The East was always under the Kandyan kingdom. There was never a time that the North and East were merged. There is no such thing as historical habitation of Sri Lankan Tamil speaking people (obviously with intent to jumble Tamils and Muslims together to lay claim to the area)
  • India’s intention was clear – ‘adjoining provinces to join to form one administrative unit’ and by Referendum to separate (India was after Trincomalee and the only way to get it was to join the province by creating a historical lie and Sri Lanka’s leaders did not object)
  • India’s intent further clear ‘the army and other security personnel will be confined to barracks in camps’
  • India’s broken promises – The agreement bound India to ensure its territory was not used for activities prejudicial to the unity, integrity and security of Sri Lanka / India’s navy did not assist in preventing Tamil militant activities / India did not expedite repatriation of Indian citizens from Sri Lanka to India /
  • The biggest Indian googly was the inclusion of Tamil as official language for it was another means by which India could influence Sri Lanka using Tamil Nadu as bait. Official status for Tamil was what India wanted because it enabled India to have greater say politically in Sri Lanka.

The frustration and anger of the nation was symbolized when a naval rating delivered a blow to Rajiv Gandhi.

13th amendment

India went further to interfere in Sri Lanka’s constitution by using the 1987 Accord to tweak Sri Lanka’s Constitution by introducing the 13th amendment and the provincial council system that would further facilitate India’s objectives. India was proposing devolution of powers in line with the eventual goal of taking over the North and East under Indian domain using LTTE militants and Tamil politicians. The clauses when read clearly showcases its benefits to India.

Take out all of the manifestos of the Tamil political parties, the demands of the LTTE Diaspora and these are virtually all identical and they all have the nod of approval of India – possibly even drafted by India.

Prabakaran & LTTE divorce India

Idi Amin was a British stooge who later fell out, Saddam, Osama bin Laden, Noriega were also the same and so it was no surprise that Prabakaran would with time fall out with India – assassination of Rajiv Gandhi became the turning point and thereafter LTTE became under tutelage of the Church and West. However, they kept India in the loop at all times.

West’s role

The West has tapped into the commonalities shared and is happy to allow India to forge ahead for every inch India gains makes it easier for the West to confiscate eventually from India. Balkanization of India as done to Soviet Union and Yugoslavia are well on the cards.

It was through Israel that the West inked link with Sri Lanka. Israel had been training both sides. The Israeli factor became an Achilles heel for the Muslims. Israeli Interests Section was even opened in the American Embassy on 24 May 1984. Saudi even cancelled some development funds. Give an inch expect demands for acres – US next demanded 1000 acres of land to build the VOA transmitting facility and given against objections from India & Soviet Union. Not stopping there on 23 February, 1984 the Sri Lankan government leased the Trincomalee Tank Development Project to an international consortium consisting of three firms: Oroleum (Pvt) Ltd of Singapore, Oil Tanking of West Germany, and Tradinfant of Switzerland. We now see an Embassy cum Marine Residence being allowed by the nephew another future disaster in the offing. The uncle and nephew are doing the same mistakes. It was clear that nations were using the ‘Tamil problem’ to get their dirty fingers on the geopolitical advantage of Sri Lanka.

While India is left alone to devour Sri Lanka, the evangelical NGO networks are denationalizing Hindu India and they have made significant inroads. The majority Hindus in India are in reality the minority of an India that is a sepoy of the West functioning to the dictates of Western imperialism. India has lost all respect of its Asian neighbors for its inability to give leadership to the rest of Asia. China and Russia have had to take on this role. India’s nationalism is just for votes. India is unable to shrug off its servitude mentality as can be seen by the manner many Indianized Americans enter the political scene proud to be serving the white imperial masters.

Sri Lanka at crossroads

The tragedy of Sri Lanka is such that it is our very own who have given the nation away. We are serially inclined to make the same mistake over and over again. We have invited the enemy, we have asked external forces to solve our internal disputes, we have solicited foreign help when the answers lie with us. From Dharmapala to the Kandyan Chieftans who virtually handed the nation to the British to spite the King in power we have chosen to be ruled over. From white domination we are now likely to fall under Indian hegemony because of the follies of our own leaders and it is nothing that the majority of people are happy about.

Shenali D Waduge

13 Responses to “July’83 India’s sine qua non to first destabalize & eventually colonize Sri Lanka  ”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Thank you Shenali for the detailed analysis. I always thought it was India behind all these but for 83 riots.. I thought it was Velu who did it with his network in Colombo. He wanted Colombo Tamils to suffer and join his Ealam band wagon because at that time Colombo Tamils were not much involved with separatism as they were happily living.
    Also I thought by instigating the riots, Velu could create a large flow of refugees to the West comprising educated Tamils who later became the Ambassadors of LTTE in Western countries. With Shenali’s article it is clear that Velu was following India’s instructions… How come this uneducated smuggler took such calculated decisions?? So it is clear that 83 riots is also an Indian baby, well planned by the RAW / India.
    So what were our intelligence agencies doing all these time?? During the war they did a fantastic job… but it was battle field related. Out side the battle field, do we have such agents watching for us?? I don’t think so. We have some Mother Lanka loving investigative journalists in the likes of Shenali and some defence correspondents in the likes of Keerthi Warnakulasuriy and few more.. but not the Intelligent agents looking after Mother lanka..
    It is high time we have to create them.

  2. Christie Says:

    Shenali thanks a bit.

    It is Indian Empire who created SLFP in 1951. Indian Union hated Sir John Kotalawala. India used Buddhist monks to attack John in 1956 using morals like eating beef. Beef eating was part of the Sinhalese but Indian colonial parasites have managed to brain wash most of us over the years after their arrival since 1792 with the British.

    Hon Maithripala Senanayaka was the Irrigation Minister since 1956 an appointment selected by the Indian Empire. His brother in law ; god father of the Indian terrorists trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil Tigers was an Indian agent who had direct contact with the highest offices of the Indian Empire including Indira Gandhi. Maithripala stopped all new settlements in the North nd East and India Merchants of Colombo took over the new developments of lands in the North and East. Lot of the Sinhala settlers sold their land to Indian Colonial Parasites (ICP) as they were discriminated by the new ICP recruits to the Department of Irrigation. Even the Hardy Institute was headed by an ICP.

    Sirima was already an economic prisoner of ICP Merchants of Colombo like her house hold before the death of her husband. Guess who prospered the most after 1956? All Indian ICPs. They were and are still the most powerful cartel who runs our country and our politicians. Some Cartel members and their sponsors are (examples only) Bandaranayakes (Abans, Hidramanis) N M Perea (Captains) Phillip (Gnanams) , Wijeweera ….

    Dear Shenali; Shenali ”
    “The majority Hindus in India are in reality the minority of an India that is a sepoy of the West functioning to the dictates of Western imperialism.”

    Those days are gone. Go for a walk and meet the US Ambassador in Colombo. He is..?

    We were subjects of the British -Indian- Empire. Now we are the subjects of the Indian Empire. Indian Empire extends from Fiji to Guyana.

  3. Christie Says:

    සින්හලය ඉන්දියානු කොලනියක් උනේ 1792 ඉඳල. 1956 දී සිට සින්හලයේ පාලනය ඉන්දියානු අදිරදයත් ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයන් අතට පත්ව ඇත.

    අද චන්දිරිකා ඉන්දියානු ආන්ඩුකාරිය. සිරිසේන කූලියාය. රනිල් සෙබලයාය.

  4. plumblossom Says:

    Mangala must be replaced by a patriotic foreign minister. Actually Ranil, Sirisena, CBK traitors must be replaced too. However Mangala must be replaced as soon as possible. A country’s government should first and foremost look after the country’s security. sovereignty, territorial integrity and in the case of a small country such as Sri Lanka its unitary status. Mangala has betrayed Sri Lanka by accepting the UNHRC resolution which no country with any integrity will accept. Mangala must realise that those LTTE terrorists who massacred the citizens of this country for over 26 years simply because they wanted a large chunk of this island for themselves, illegally, that they should be dealt with in a very careful manner without betraying the security. sovereignty, territorial integrity and in the case of a small country such as Sri Lanka its unitary status, even if extremely powerful forces such as the US,UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India are behind the LTTE terrorists. In addition, we must place forth the argument that those who settled in the island quite recently only during the past few hundred years i.e. the Sri Lankan Tamils who are only but 11.2% of the population do not have any rights whatsoever to demand over 28% of the land area, 66% of the coastline and 66% of the vast ocean resources which belong to Sri Lanka. This message should be conveyed to the TNA, the separatist terrorists and those who support them i.e. the US,UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway and India as soon as possible so that they understand our position. This is the task of a foreign minister. Mangala therefore has betrayed Sri Lanka and must go. Sri Lanka cannot afford large self ruling entities which are illegal anyway since this island as a whole belong to all its people in total. It is the foreign minister’s task to covey this message to everyone concerned.

  5. Christie Says:

    Prabakaran & LTTE divorce India
    Idi Amin was a British stooge who later fell out, Saddam, Osama bin Laden, Noriega were also the same and so it was no surprise that Prabakaran would with time fall out with India – assassination of Rajiv Gandhi became the turning point and thereafter LTTE became under tutelage of the Church and West. However, they kept India in the loop at all times.

    Shenali; Idi Amin is the only freedom fighter to stand up to the Indian Colonial Parasites and the Indian Empire. He kicked out Indian ICPs who were sucking the wealth of Uganda like they do here. Mahatma Gandhi is the best example of an ICP who bade his fortunes out of Black Africa. How on earth you call Idi Amin is a British Stooge, he died in Saudi Arabia.
    Parabakaran did the Indian job of killing Rajiv Gandhi a person not fit to lead the Hindu Empire. A man who ate beef and was married to an Italian Catholic. Rajiv became the PM because his mother and brother died before him Third Eye tried to kill one of other Emperors of Indian Empire in while he was visiting Australia and killed another while visiting Ukraine. Indian intelligence service the Third Eye (legislated to identify as RAW in 1984 by Indira Gandhi) did the job. Third Eye was the one who looked after the Indian terrorists trained, armed, financed, managed and branded Tamil Tigers by them and ofcourse the Indian Empire’s Sinhala terrorists who killed Sinhalese and they themselves got killed, the JVP.

  6. Dilrook Says:

    Although we have bad experience with the LLRC commission and constitutional change commission, I urge all expatriates to write to the reconciliation task force. At least our concerns will be registered. If they disregard them (as they will) we have a case against their impartiality at a future date.

    These are their details. Closing date is July 28. Please act now and write and email detailing our concerns.


    Dr Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
    Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms
    c/o Secretariat for coordinating reconciliation mechanisms
    Ministry of foreign affairs
    Republic Building
    Sir Baron Jayatilaka Mawatha
    Sri Lanka

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Why has CBK handed over her role as Chairperson for the Reconciliation Process to Dr Saravanamuttu ?

    The Central Bank too is run by Tamils in lead roles there. The C’Bank has already been mucked up by the Bond Scam of Arjun Mahendran as earlier Gov of the CB.

    Now the Reconciliation Process too is in the hands of the Tamils ! It is the Tamil leaders who started the Separatism through Violence (Vadukoddai Resoln of 1976) process and now they are judge & jury for the process of Reconciliation as well as the Fiscal matters of the country. Is this justice for the majority of people in Lanka ?

    What a stupid leaders this country called Sri Lanka has !

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Shenali is right. Thank you, Shenali !


    INDIA joined in with the Lanka Tamil Leaders Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 (Eelam through use of Violence). INDIA trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu in the 1980s. INDIA ran mostly with the Sov Union during that time. INDIA did not like the ultra pro-west JRJ govt. of the Cold War times in 1980s and broke down that govt with the 1983 Riots – J.N. Dixit INDIAN ENVOY dictated to the JRJ govt what had to be done. Dixit was a Chennai born Catholic person who died of a heart attack when the Tsunami of Dec 2004 struck, sweeping away Prabhakaran & the Sea Tiger might.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    There was an earlier article written by Shenali on Tamils Reconcile with Tamils first.

    What does Dr Saravanamuttu have to say about Tamil folk Reconciling with Tamils first, before being the Reconciliation Chairman for the whole of Lanka ?

    Tamil people of Tamil Nadu still carry the 3,000 yr old stigma of Caste (via the Hindu religion and on their birth certificates). At present, in Tamil Nadu, there are some 20 Million Tamils with Dalit status on their birth certificates. They suffer discrimination due to Low Caste and being low in the social ladder there. It is mainly this problem that has been transferred to Lanka. Tamils obey the higher caste Tamils.

    * The Tamil Eelam idea was started by Tamil leaders.
    * The Vadukoddai Resolution of 1976 (Eelam through Violence) was started by Tamil leaders.

    Prabharakaran grabbed both ideas and ran with them.

    ** How does Dr Saravanamuttu propose to stop the Caste Wars among Tamil folk, both in Lanka & Tamil Nadu, first ?
    ** What are Dr Saravanamuttu’s achievements so far in solving socio-economic problems in Sri Lanka ?

    These are some of the questions we have.

  10. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Shenali,
    Thank you for all your wonderful articles.

    Sri Lanka Embassy has requested for submissions on reconciliation mechanisms. Unfortunately, the submission goes to Dr. Paikiasoty Saravanamuttu. I did not, therefore, send my response to him since he will probably ignore the responses favorable to the Sinhalese and use only the ones from the Tamil Diaspora. Here is my response which I hope someone can pass onto a responsible person other than Dr. Saravanamuttu.

    1. One of the foremost actions by the TNA should be to reject in Parliament the Vadukoddai Resolution from 1976 (Eelam through Violence) which was the beginning of violence by Tamils against the GoSL and ordinary citizens of Sri Lanka.

    2. The UNHRC has called for War crimes investigations against GoSL (only the GoSL is held accountable, as far as we can see), for the last three years of the conflict. Tamil leaders have got off completely on this issue ! It is as though the Sri Lanka govt. went to ‘war’ with an unknown entity. It is as though Tamil leaders did nothing to incite Tamil people to violence.

    3. The action taken by the successive GoSLs was to put down LTTE violence as “internal uprising” similar to the JVP uprising which happened from the Sinhala youth in the 1970s and 1988-1990 periods. At that time, when the successive GoSLs put down the Sinhala youth almost brutally, there was no outcry by the UN or Foreign Govts about War crimes. It is estimated almost 20,000 Sinhala youth died in the 1970s period and a further 60,000 died in the second uprising. Some were innocent of JVP rioting and yet they were killed.

    4. We are therefore puzzled as to why the uprising by the Tamil youth was treated differently by the Foreign Govts. However, this is a good opportunity to address all the problems faced by the Youth of Sri Lanka. We must have urgent communications with the youth of both communities to find issues and address the problems as they arise. The youth of the country too should be invited to make suggestions on how to solve their problems and address their concerns.

    5. If the conflict was considered ‘a war’ between Tamils and Sinhalese, in that case, we need to look at both the Youth groups (Sinhala & Tamil, at different time periods) who were involved in the conflict. It should be evaluated from the time the conflict started in the 1970s to 2009 May. Actions by both the LTTE and the successive GoSL need to be evaluated to form a judgement. Otherwise, in our opinion, it shows the extreme bias of the UNHRC. We really cannot understand why the current GoSL agreed to co-sponsor this biased UNHRC Resolution.

    6. Sri Lanka faces a unique situation with India (Tamil Nadu) only 12 miles away across the Palk Straits. During the 30 year conflict, it is estimated that there were over a million illegal Tamil migrants to Sri Lanka. This changed the ethnic balance of the population. All the foreign countries appear to treat the Tamil population as a minority who are being harassed by the majority Sinhalese. The reality is quite the opposite. The Sinhalese are the minority who need to be protected from the Tamil population who consist of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka plus the 72 million across the Palk Straits. The Tamils who have migrated to other countries such as Norway, Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, Canada, Australia and Europe do not have any issues with the majority population in those countries. They, in fact, learn very difficult languages, such as Norwegian, French, etc and integrate well into those societies. It is only in Sri Lanka that they insist on not speaking Sinhala and want the majority to speak Tamil as well creating a separate Tamil Federal State. It is easy to see that they, in fact, wish to have a separate state which can link up with the homeland, Tamil Nadu, of the Tamils across the sea. Unfortunately, our leaders have been either unwilling or unable to see the reality, for political expedience.

    7. For true Reconciliation, there has to be justice for both communities and not only for one community. We would, therefore, recommend that there is a Missing Person evaluation done for both the Sinhalese and the Tamils starting from the 1970s to the 2009 May period. Justice must be meted out to all those guilty starting with the Butcher of Batalanda, Ranil Wickremasinghe.

    8. I just saw a news item which may or may not be true where Vigneswaran (Lanka C-News) has stated that he does not want any Sinhalese in the North. He wants to maintain a culturally pure North. He should, in that case, give up his Cinnamon garden house, get his sons to divorce the Sinhala daughters-in-laws and move to Tamil Nadu with his sons.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sumanthiran, like other supporters of Tamil separatism, begin their accusations against the Sinhala majority only with the assaults against the Tamil Community in the South.

    They conveniently forget that the violence deliberately INITIATED by the Tamil Separatists YEARS BEFORE THAT with hit-and-run raids against Sinhala officials, Sinhala civilians and government facilities.

    He forgets to mention that it took nearly 3 years of such murder and mayhem by his beloved “boys”, who the entire Tamil Community …. even in Colombo … quietly applauded, for the pot to finally boil over in July, 1983 when the bodies of those dead soldiers were brought to Colombo.

    I applaud INSTEAD the restraint and patience shown by the Sinhala people up to July, 1983 and thereafter over a 30 year period when there was no such violence. Although I also condemn the violence of the July riots, I completely understand the reasons it took place, and the CULPABILITY of Tamil Leaders of the time in not rallying around the Nation to CONDEMN & PREVENT their own people from engaging on violence that triggered it.

    They did not do that, and by their SILENCE & INACTION showed that they too shared and supported the RACIST TAMIL SEPARATIST SENTIMENT that soon grew into a full blown civil war …. with horrendous consequences for the three major communities of Sri Lanka.

    They believed THEN, as they do NOW, that they can have their own separate Tamils-only cake in Sri Lanka, and eat a share of the Sinhala cake too. They thought that with Indian support they could demolish the Sinhala armed forces, kept forever weak and demoralized by divide and rule politics in Colombo and get their EELAM. They FIGURED WRONG …. because as in the previous 3,000 years of Sri Lankan history, we Sinhalese will NOT ABANDON our Motherland however long it takes to overcome our enemies.

    I am sick of these MEALY MOUTHED WEASELS and UNREPENTANT RACIST TRAITORS wailing about their pain & suffering completely ignoring that they brought everything down upon their own heads by being racist, greedy and treacherous. They have to HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

    I have had enough of these unrepentant racist murderers egging on, without LEGAL PUNISHMENT, Western Powers to counsel RECONCILIATION which is another code word for APPEASEMENT and giving the terrorists the EELAM they had failed to win through 30-years of unremitting violence and war crimes against both civilians and combatants.

    I am sick of the DOUBLE STANDARDS and HYPOCRISY of the Western Powers who, while committing war crimes all over the globe in their war on terror, refuse to let Sri Lanka ….. one of the few developing nations still committed to democracy and human rights, to defend it’s democracy and sovereignty, and enjoy its hard won peace.

    These Western Hypocrites wage global war in the name of human rights and drmocracy, to destabilize and change regimes in fa off countries, but REFUSE to SUPPORT & LEAVE ALONE one of the few democracies that has taken firm root in the developing world. They seem hellbent on convert in a democratic Sri Lanka into an anarchy must like Somalia and Libya today.

    Instead of being ASSET, democracy is INCREASINGLY becoming a LIABILITY to Sri Lanka’s survival as a unitary sovereign nation.

    I TOTALLY REJECT Sumanthiran’s statements posing as an INNOCENT WAILING VICTIM.

    He is one of those who permitted, supported and egged on the RACIST Tamil Eelam project from its very inception, through the TNA’s role as the LTTE’s political proxy in Colombo, to the present when he magically finds himself to be the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition dedicated to using that position to achieve the now defunct EELAM.

    I say to him, we will NEVER LET YOU SUCCEED in creating an EELAM in Sri Lanka.

    You will only impoverish and further destroy the Tamil Community if you try. You have an opportunity now to change your ways, but every move you make inimical to Sri Lanka’s existence as ONE Nation of ONE People sharing ONE National Destiny will rebound adversely on you and your community in the near future.


    PUNISH them SEVERELY for every TREACHEROUS MOVE! Spare the ROD and spoil the CHILD!

    There MUST NEVER BE an EELAM, in any form, in part or whole, in Sri Lanka!

    REPEAL the 13th Amendment, DISSOLVE the Provincial Councils, REJECT the ETCA, the FTA, the Hanuman Bridge and the Ramayana Religious Circuoit, and DENY ENTRY to MOST legal and ALL illegal immigrants, NOW before Sri Lanka CEASES to be Land of the proud and sovereign Sinhala People!

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Why do we need 16 Thiruvalluvar Statues to be Installed in Sri Lanka??

    This is MORE TAMILIZATION and INDIANIZATION of Sri Lanka to HELP ANNEX Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu/India in the future!

    Thiruvalluvar is ALIEN to Sri Lanka, unknown in Sri Lanka, and has NO CONNECTION or RELEVANCE to Sri Lanka!

    There is NO OTHER PURPOSE to this INSTALLATION of an UNKNOWN Tamil Ethicist’s statues in Sri Lanka other than to CREATE TAMIL FACTS on the ground, not only in the North and East, but also in UPCOUNTRY!

    Together with the Ramayana Religious Circuit being set up EVEN AS I WRITE, this is all a DEVIOUS PROGRAM to PERMANENTLY TAMILIZE/INDIANIZE Sri Lanka with things that can NEVER BE REMOVED LATER, to make up for the fact that there are VERY FEW Tamil archeological artifacts in Sri Lanka to support EELAMIST claims to the LAND, and to ultimately CULTURALLY make Sri Lanka an APPENDAGE of India!


    INSTEAD, these TREACHEROUS Yamapalanaya leaders are AIDING & ABETTING this unadulterated CRAP to CONSUME our Sinhala Motherland, STEP BY STEP, INCH by INCH … CREATING NEW FACTS on the GROUND!

    16 Thiruvalluvar statues to be installed in Sri Lanka soon: Minister

    July 25 (Hindu) Sixteen statues of Thiruvalluvar, the author of Tamil treatise on ethics Tirukkural, will be installed across Sri Lanka in the coming weeks, according to V. Radhakrishnan, State Minister of Education.

    Among the places where the statues would be kept would be Mannar, Kilinochchi, Mullativu and Chavakachcheri (Jaffna), all in the Northern Province; Puttalam in the North West; Colombo in the Western; Matale, Hatton and Nawalapitiya in the Central; Rakwana in Sabaragamuwa and Kaddaiparichchan (Trincomalee), Batticaloa and Thambiluvil (Ampara), all in the Eastern province.

    After Haridwar incident

    Asked whether there would be any problem in the country in the light of the recent controversy over the installation of a Thiruvalluvar statue in Haridwar of Uttarakhand, India, Mr Radhakrishnan told The Hindu at his office in Battramulla near here on Monday evening that it was precisely for this reason that he had taken all into confidence before making any move in this regard. While the payment of certain taxes such as import duty had been exempted for bringing in the statues from India, some other levies such as Value Added Tax had been paid.

    Earlier, Mr. Radhakrishnan took part in an event to receive formally the statues, which, the Minister said, had been donated by the VGP International Tamil Association.

    ‘For greater bilateral understanding’

    V. G. Santhosam, president of the Association, said the rationale behind the move was to foster greater understanding between India and Sri Lanka. He also expressed the desire to develop an amusement park in Colombo or Batticaloa.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    Thank you for this article re the 16 Thiruval statues.

    Do you know exactly where these statues are to be installedin the various Provinces ? Is it in Kovil premises ?


    It would have been far better if the authorities concerned gave booklets of the Tamil Ethics to schools and bookshops, at subsidised prices.

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