Double standard SMILING  SATAN -UNSG Ban KI moon is on his way to Sri Lanka
Posted on August 29th, 2016

Malin Abeyatunge

 Double standard SMILING  SATAN -UNSG Ban KI moon is on his way to Sri Lanka. God knows what’s up in his sleeves this time on the eve of his departure from UN. Whilst there were many trouble spots with all kinds of atrocities like in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria committed by the western block, he used his authority to appoint a so called Panel of Experts to advise him on the issue of accountability with regards to any alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law during the final stages of Sri Lankan war against terrorist outfit LTTE and report to him which was infamously known as  Darusman Report . It is also alleged that one of the three panel members appointed by Ban Ki-moon was the South African judge Yasmin Sooka who was alleged to have supported LTTE and was seen in LTTE platforms in South Africa. But UNSG never called for a experts’ report on the atrocities committed in the countries mentioned above by USA, UK and other countries in the western block. He was deaf, dumb & blind and never raised fingers nor appointed any expert panels to investigate into those atrocities .Though UNSG wanted this report for his personal knowledge as he says, subsequently it was leaked to the UN Security Council which they made use of it at every turn to humiliate Sri Lanka’s victory against the most brutal  terrorist organisation on 19 May 2009 and made the basis of facts to bring UN Resolution against Sri Lanka. There is no doubt that under UNSG Ban ki Moon , the Security Council became a mere rubber stamp of the western block.  Because of Ban ki Moon’s double standard attitude towards Sri Lanka during the war and after, we are still trying to come to terms the with the past.

UNSG never uttered a word against the LTTE’s child soldiers, killing of unarmed villages , bombing public transport, public buildings, killing thousands  and maiming thousands of ordinary civilians. He was also deaf, dumb and blind when it came to atrocities committed by this terrorist group called LTTE.

What’s his intention of his visit on the eve of his departure? There will definitely be a hidden agenda to see whether he still can find inaccurate facts with Sri Lanka to enable his successor to tighten the grip on Sri Lanka. Mr Ban-ki Moon,  Now that he is leaving the  UN after damaging Sri Lanka’s reputation by his double standard, Sri Lanka does not need any of his character certificates for good behaviour. Such certificate is worth only if it comes from a credible genuine source but not double standard source.

It is also learnt that he is going to be the next president of South Korea.  Well, if you try your pranks with North Korea  like the way he handled Sri Lanka to appease America & the western block, within no time he will face grim music from President of North Korea. Good Luck.

Malin Abeyatunge

6 Responses to “Double standard SMILING  SATAN -UNSG Ban KI moon is on his way to Sri Lanka”

  1. S.Gonsal Says:

    How good if a Pada Yatra is organised and 100,000 people surround this idiot wherever he intends to stay ?

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Well said Mr. Abeytunge. He is obviously a puppet of the major powers. He has as the Secretary of UN reduced the credibility of the UN and has become an agency hiring its services to the highest bidders. How low the Secretary has fallen from the days of Dag Hammarskjöld who were people of such impeccable quality.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    Udaya Gammapila has invited Mahinda to sum up his courage and form a new party. However, it is unlikely to happen. And that seals the unfortunate fate of the Joint Opposition.

    Weerawansa and Udaya should form their own combined party with willing participants. Their strength need not be in parliament. As long as the public supports them, they can make an impact. Like minded people who are not in politics should also be taken in to leadership roles. Their electoral strength is much more than 2 MPs out of 225 (less than 1%). If contested as a separate party, they can win at least 10 seats (5% of the vote).

  4. Christie Says:

    Hi Friends:

    As you read this Indian Imperialist Jawans are butchering people in Kashmir. No UN or any other organization is allowed as observers.

    I am sure Indian Empire and its colonies Mauritius and Guyana voted for Banki Moon when he was selected for the job.

    So like Sirisena or Ranil he has to look after Indian Empire’s interests.

  5. Sarath W Says:

    Banki, just like our Horasena is just a coolie, paid by the Americans and their allies to do their dirty work. He is here just to squeeze My3’s balls for the last time to make him commit to another treacherous deal now that he is a ‘dead man’ walking.

  6. plumblossom Says:

    This Is How The Office Of The Missing Persons (Which Will Become A Bogus ‘Evidence’ Manufacturing Machine) Manufacture Bogus ‘Evidence’ Of 40,000 Missing Persons To Try Our Brave Armed Forces For So Called War Crimes They Never, Ever Committed

    In the Missing Persons Act, a relative or a friend can make an official inquiry (but a totally bogus inquiry) from the Office of the Missing Persons (OMP) by email inquiring as to the whereabouts of their relative or friend.

    There are over 8 lakhs to 10 lakhs Tamil diaspora asylum seekers (actually economic migrants), a vast majority of who support the separatist terrorist LTTE and its aim of a separate state. If even 40,000 of these Tamil diaspora who support the separatist terrorist LTTE write bogus emails to the OMP inquiring the whereabouts of their friend or relative (but this friend or relative is actually living alongside them in these countries i.e. the US, UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, India etc.) these inquiries will officially be accepted by the OMP as 40,000 missing persons.

    According to the provisions of the OMP Act, even if the OMP inquires after these let us say 40,000 and finds out that these are all bogus inquiries and that all these 40,000 persons are actually living alongside the inquirer i.e. their relative or friend and these complaints about these persons being missing are all bogus, the missing persons, now found by the OMP, can request that their whereabouts not be revealed to their relative or friend or be made public. So officially these 40,000 persons will still be missing!!!

    Then the OMP will use these bogus 40,000 missing persons (who are actually living comfortably in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, India etc.) as manufactured ‘evidence’ that war crimes happened in Sri Lanka (and all these bogus inquirers will state that these persons went missing during the 2006-2009 period) and our Sri Lankan Armed Forces will be persecuted for committing war crimes that they never, ever committed by a judicial process using these bogus email inquiries.

    The Missing Persons Act states specifically that if the missing person who is now found requests that the fact that they are now found not be revealed to the public that person will remain as missing as far as the OMP is concerned. That is how the OMP will manufacture bogus ‘evidence’ of 40,000 missing persons so that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces can be persecuted for committing bogus war crimes.

    The OMP emails cannot be checked by any outside body as stated in the Act since all evidence (almost all bogus) gathered by the OMP remains confidential. The OMP cannot be taken to the Supreme Court on this issue. However the OMP should absolutely and immediately be taken to the Supreme Court regarding what has been written above which is what would happen when this OMP is set up.

    The OMP will become a bogus ‘evidence’ manufacturing machine which will gather such bogus inquiries via email from those members of the Tamil diaspora who are supportive of the LTTE terrorists and who will send bogus email inquiries by their thousands. All these bogus inquiries (of people who are actually living in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, India etc.) will then be misused as missing person inquiries.

    I did not realize that the Sinhalese were this stupid as to allow such a process within the Missing Persons Act which can be blatantly misused in order to manufacture bogus ‘evidence’ like this. The OMP process is not transparent, it will happen in total secrecy, no one in Sri Lanka will be able to question it, not our police, not our courts, not our Sri Lankan citizens, nobody. All the OMP will do is gather bogus email ‘evidence’ such as described above which will then be misused as missing person inquiries to try the Sri Lankan Armed Forces for bogus war crimes that they never, ever committed.

    The OMP process as described above must be stopped immediately. If a relative or a friend really and genuinely wants to find out about their genuinely missing relative or friend (i.e. perished LTTE terrorist), they can make a complaint to the OMP in person in public. This is the only way that Sri Lanka and the world will know that their inquiry is genuine. This was the methodology followed by the earlier Paranagama Commission which then received 23,000 complaints from relatives or friends of the missing person (i.e. perished LTTE terrorist or our perished Sri Lankan Forces soldiers) but they made their complaint in public in person to the commission. This is the only way to ensure authenticity and make the process transparent since this happens in the public arena. However, even with such safeguards, even some of those complaints may have been bogus.

    The OMP should be stopped immediately since it is not a transparent process at all as described above but a totally secretive process where no one and nobody can request to be provided an opportunity to even peruse, investigate or look at the email inquiries received by the OMP. If the UNHRC, the US, UK, EU, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, India, the TNA and the separatist terrorists genuinely want to find out about perished LTTE terrorists, this Yahapalanaya Government could expand and extend the scope of the already set up Paranagama Commission in order to make such inquiries. This process should be totally following Sri Lankan Law, within Sri Lankan jurisdiction, paid for totally by the Sri Lankan Government only and with only Sri Lankan citizens appointed as commission members and investigators. In fact the entire staff should be composed of Sri Lankan citizens only. The process should be a totally domestic process with no interference or input whatsoever from foreign countries. Most importantly, all complaints should be made in person by relatives and friends in public if their complaint is genuine.

    The Missing Persons Act is totally dangerous as pointed out above and should be dismissed totally as it is highly dangerous and a totally secretive process as described above designed and set up to manufacture bogus ‘evidence’ against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.

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