Sri Lanka – Request for More Information from The Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation.
Posted on August 30th, 2016

Diannah Paramour Tasmania, 7117.

Email Message to The Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation.

Please send me the correct email address to contact you in regards to the Sri Lankan President ( Maithripala Sirisena) requesting a bribe from your company in 2009.

I believe you are now two merged companies originating from The Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation.

This corrupt President came to office due to rigged ballots.
When a empty house was discovered containing boxes full of completed votes, in his favour, nothing happened and the rigged election went ahead regardless.

Sirisena had representatives infiltrate poor rural villages, spreading dirty lies that the President’s sons we’re all driving Lambourgini cars.
Despite not one single luxury vehicle being found or even photographed, some poorer villagers felt lost and alone and took bribes of cash and sacks of rice.
They are not to be blamed, because they were weary from so many years of personal and economic loss, they were making a bad decision born from fear and lies.

It turns my stomach to think that Australian taxpayers money helped fund this terrorist worshipping Sirisena’s election campaign, it makes me sick.

The now Prime Minister (Ranil) is a Internationaly recorded mass murderer and not one Australian dollar deserves to be in his hands.

Sirisena is taking advantage of International  ignorance of Sri Lanka’s brutal and sad history.
For 30 years the Buddhists were deserted by the global community and left to try to fight the bloodthirsty terrorists, known as the:
‘Liberation Tamil Tigers Eelam’
For 30 years they kidnapped children and forced them to fight as child soldiers, if they tried to run home they were tortured and executed.

Babies were smashed dead against walls to save the terrorists bullets and blood soaked the sands to red.
Yet still no one helped, except China.

If their then President Mahinda Rajapaksa had not had the fortitude to bring about the end of the terrorist war, every Buddhist and any other race of family on the Island would have been slain.

The Tamils being guilty, crammed into boats and illegally boated into Australia and now we are forced to house and feed them, while aboriginal children here are living in deplorable conditions.

The link between the Sri Lankan Tamil terrorist worshippers and our Australian Unions, is widely known and is a cesspool of corruption, lies and deceit.

I am highly impressed with the outstanding works and partnerships your companies are forging overseas, helping to cement solid community foundations in struggling countries.

PLEASE do not turn your back on the worthy recipients in Sri Lanka due to this evil corrupt politicians attempt to steal a donation from you.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful secular country that boasts generous, sentient citizens, they are truely  deserving of any assistance a high standing company like yours can offer, but sadly, that can never be allowed to happen while their current illegal corrupt President remains in office.

There are many good intended people dedicating their lives to save Sri Lanka and I am one of them.
Even though I am fifth generation white Australian born, I must help them fight to bring about the truth.
Please be bold in your expose’ of this corrupt vile man, so we can reinstate a true legal President.

I hope that you are able to still find your way clear to invest your innovative projects in Sri Lanka in the not too distant future.

Once a true and rightful Sinhala Buddhist President has been reinstated, you can be assured that any money you gift to Sri Lanka will be spent on the enhancement of ‘all’ her citizens.

Please put me in contact with your representative who is handling the case.
I will travel to meet you if need be as I refuse to let this outrage and obvious attempted abuse of your goodwill to go unpunished.

Thanking you in anticipation of your assistance.
Diannah Paramour

Tasmania, 7117.

2 Responses to “Sri Lanka – Request for More Information from The Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation.”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    Hi Diannah,
    It great for you to write to SMEC and expose our corrupt president. But unfortunately they will not respond to your request because they are scared as the president has threatened to sue them for levelling bribery charges against him. That is what this corrupt idiot think.

  2. S.Gonsal Says:

    Please c/c to Mr. Liew Mun Leong who’s leadership owns SMEC.

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