The Forgotten Victims of LTTE Terrorism
Posted on October 2nd, 2016

Henry Jay

Yesterday, the United States Congress voted to override a veto imposed by President Barack Obama, on the rights of the 9/11 victims to sue the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for state sponsored terrorism. This means that the private citizens of the United States can sue for compensation from the Saudi government. I was just listening to the President, who clearly stated what this historic precedent would mean for the United States government in regard to its operations around the world.

My intention here is not to discuss the implications that this unprecedented act of the US Congress would, in all probability have on US foreign policy, which the president clearly explained to the nation. I only want to discuss the importance this would have to small countries, particularly, Sri Lanka.

Thirty five years ago, a bunch of terrorists, led by the infamous Prabhakaran, began a terrorist campaign against the people of Sri Lanka. At the time, they were a ragtag bunch of thirty or so Boys,” with illusions of grandeur, clearly copied from the Tamil movies of South India.

At the time also was the government of India, plagued by the separatist voices of Tamilnadu, bolstered by the Nazi-styled Global Tamil Front, which not only considers the Tamils as Shiva’s chosen race, but suffers untold longings for a place to call their own. So the government of India comes up with Indira Gandhi’s grand plan. Help the terrorists to grab a piece of land from little Sri Lanka, and rid themselves of the Tamilnadu menace. The boy Prabhakaran is given refuge in Tamilnadu, and provided with training facilities and whatever other logistics he would require to form a gang of vicious terrorists to wage a terrorist war on the Sri Lankan Nation. The rest is history.

So coming back to the intention of this piece, the US Congress has set up an important precedent for the victims of the carnage wrought by the LTTE over the thirty years preceding its ignominious defeat in May of 2011. The victims of the LTTE car, and train bombings and attacks on villages, public buildings and events can now sue the government of India for the mayhem they unleashed on an unsuspecting neighbor. That’s not all. The many innocent victims of the terror unleashed by the IPKF, gangs of Indian government troops literally forced upon the Sri Lankan citizens in the north and east of Sri Lanka, can also sue the government of India for the rape, murder and looting enforced on them under the guise of saving them from the LTTE.

It is time for the Sinhalese and Muslim victims, all but forgotten by everybody concerned, who have suffered so much due to the unscrupulous self serving actions of Indian governments of the past to sue them for compensation, for the lives of their loved ones, and the suffering they have had to endure.

Also, it is time for the formation of a Universal Sinhala Organization to be formed to protect the Sinhala nation from the threats it faces on many fronts, some of which, sadly are within the boundaries of the country itself.

Henry Jay

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