Will India allow Wigneswaran & Jaffna University to commemorate LTTE Dhanu for assassinating Rajiv Gandhi?
Posted on October 2nd, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

Why is it that after May 2009 and before January 2015 there were virtually no attempts to commemorate LTTE dead but suddenly there are not only commemorations of LTTE dead, people are openly aligning with LTTE separatist ideology while some are openly writing to the President of the US to deproscribe the LTTE. Very bold initiatives in deed. Wonder who are encouraging these? If the present government seeks not to take action against the open separatist racism eschewed from the likes of TNA, its leaders and Wigneswaran vying to replace Prabakaran, why not they commemorate Dhanu and all others who plotted the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi? It was afterall the 1st successful killing of a foreign leader on foreign soil by LTTE. After World War 2 no one could so much as keep even a pin resembling Nazi rule as denazification programs gave a blanket over entire Germany. Alas with no denazification of LTTE and separatism we have again become victim of separatist propaganda. Why are Tamils commemorating only Thileepan and why not Dhanu?

There is a background to militancy in Sri Lanka and that background understanding cannot omit the fact that India trained, armed and financed Tamil militant groups clandestinely in India and placed them under the tutelage of Indian intelligence RAW during the rule of Indian PM Indira Gandhi. This throws to the dustbin all notions of Sri Lanka’s conflict being ethnic.

Therefore the golden question is – upto which point was RAW directly handling LTTE and Prabakaran and thereafter who helped steer LTTEs murderous ways.

Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own bodyguards on 31 October 1984. The leadership mantle fell into the hands of her son a virtual novice in politics. His brother’s death in 1980 and his mother’s assassination in 1984 made an unwilling pilot enter politics. He failed to become a prefect at Doon School, he failed his final examination at Cambridge and returned home minus a degree but with an Italian who went on to become his wife and eventually the first foreign-born PM of India.

The July 83 riots enabled LTTE & other India Trained militants to come out into the open with a reason for their existence. The Indian links were put under the carpet.

It was also during this period that Mossad entered the scene. Any nation desiring to market arms is not bothered who they sell to and that’s how both sides not only ended up buying arms but getting trained together too! LTTE training in Israel was according to Victor Ostrovsky arranged via RAW. Sending IPKF to disarm LTTE is also not likely to make those who sell arms to LTTE happy! There are wheels within wheels inside any conflict which is why nothing can ever be understood in black and white and why UN cannot simply get some officials to put some notes together and offer that as a peace proposal or solution.

It is also interesting that President Premadasa closed the Israeli Interests Section in the US embassy in 1990 and ordered 2 Israeli diplomats to leave Colombo and Reuters reported in September 1991 that Mossad was plotting to impeach him.  Premadasa was assassinated by LTTE on 1 May 1993.

According to India Today, Sivarasan the mastermind behind the assassination of Rajiva had a Plan B if Plan A failed in Delhi using a travel agency (V Kalyasundaram, President Travel Service) run by Mani Shankar Aiyers wife Suneet revealed in a diary seized by CBI from a LTTE safehouse.

LTTE had selected a light complexioned 17 year old suicide bomber for the Delhi job and she was handled by Kanagasabapathy who was a retired Tamil government servant and both were in a rented apartment in Moti Bagh/Delhi.

According to India Today, LTTE had been working for months opening safehouses in Chennai and had even used Congress MP Maragatham Chandrasekhar to get their human bomb close to Rajiv Gandhi. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/rajiv-gandhi-killers-had-plan-b-ready-to-target-him-in-delhi/1/346208.html

According to Neena Gopal the last journalist to have interviewed Rajiv Gandhi and was just yards away when he was blown up, the intercepted VHS communications by LTTE to ‘dump’ Rajiv had come a year before the actual assassination.

Chandran, additional secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat and in charge of R&AW in Sri Lanka was in charge of Prabakaran in India was to say We never believed he (Prabakaran) would turn against us in this manner. We should have seen it coming. We didn’t. We failed Rajiv Gandhi, we failed to save his life,”

Rajiv was killed on May 21, 1991, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu.

Given that the plan was put in place in 1990 a year before the assassination and involved a network of both Indians and Sri Lankans, it is strange that Asia’s biggest intelligence agency failed to discover the plot in particular because their man ‘Mahattaya’ was serving as deputy to Prabakaran and earmarked to succeed him. After Prabakaran came to know that he was leaking information to RAW, Mahattaya was relieved of his posts in 1992, arrested in 1993 and executed in 1994. Rajiv Gandhi was killed in May 1991 the planning of the murder was in 1990 – Mahaththaya was part of Prabakaran’s inner circle – he had to have known of the plan which means his foreign handlers also would have been informed! Very curious indeed.

This period saw another controversy. The Bofors scandal accusing Rajiv Gandhi of allowing and watching kickbacks to Indian politicians in a $15billion gun contract – a case no different to the inaction taken by the current Sri Lankan Prime Minister regarding the Central Bank Bond Scam. If Rajiv is guilty of protecting Quattrocchi is it no different to how those responsible for the Bond Scam have got away. Bofors resulted in Rajivs election defeat in 1989! History does repeat!

Then to confound matters further we have Subramaniam Swamy accusing Sonia and her family of using LTTE to smuggle artefacts out of India to Italy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4JXu1t5QCM

There are more questions than answers following the assassination. LTTE’s crocodile tears at the killings, Rajivs widow and daughter visiting the murderers in prison, the concerted effort to release them, the Jain Commission Report citing names of even Tamil Nadu chief ministers involved all lead to two key factors

  • How far does the Indian Centre control the functioning’s of the Indian intelligence or does the agency have a policy of its own in parallel to how the CIA functions at times and have these actions undermined diplomatic relations
  • Why has the Indian Centre allowed Tamil Nadu politicians from one state out of 28 Indian states to dictate foreign policy and thus add to the hostility of neighboring nations towards India? Has bullying and bossing helped India or are these tactics India’s preferred foreign policy choice?

Be that as it may returning to the crux of the matter which is the fact that the people of Sri Lanka are today in shock seeing separatist ideology and LTTE resurface.

After 30 long years of terror, bloodshed and chaos and because of the blood sacrifices of over 30,000 soldiers Sri Lanka eliminated the LTTE ground force. This victory compliments the current war on terror globally. The fault immediately after the victory was not to denazify the LTTE and investigate all those connected to the LTTE and legally charge them for treachery. TNA should have been top on that list as should have been many of the NGO heads who are now ironically charged with changing the constitution and given the red carpet to legally draft what LTTE was aiming to do with the gun. What a twist of irony!

Rubbing salt into the wounds is the manner that even those who were saved by the soldiers now joining racist Wigneswaran to march through Jaffna with the same demands that the LTTE were claiming with their guns.

Not a Minister in Government is opposing the open commemoration of terrorists taking place even in Northern schools – exactly what do they know about Thileepan except his fast for Eelam. Is this what parents of these children are teaching now that 30 years of murder is over? If so we have returned to the 1970s with no sense of gratitude for the sacrifices made.

Now lets look at Thileepan’s demands and the reason for his fast unto death

  • withdraw Sinhalese army camps from Tamil areas,
  • suspend all rehabilitation work until the formation of an interim (Tamil) government for the Tamil homelands,
  • stop the continuing Sinhala colonisation in the Tamil homeland,
  • halt the setting up of Sinhala-manned police stations in Tamil areas and
  • release all detainees held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.


  • Northern Chief Minister
  • TNA MPs including the ‘Opposition Leader’
  • Foreign Envoys
  • UNSG / UNHRC Head and UN entities
  • Local NGO lackeys
  • Local Federalists and Secularists

However, if this is what the racist people want, we now need to pose the question why Tamils are not commemorating Dhanu for being the only woman to have killed a foreign leader on foreign soil as a suicide bomber perhaps trained by Anton Balasingham’s wife Adele who happily lives in London without any action being taken against her for her connections with terrorists and the orders given to children to commit suicide biting the cyanide capsule.

All that is now lacking is some foreign funded women’s NGO holding placards for gender equality to demand the same commemorative status for LTTE Dhanu! That will certainly provide the icing on the cake!

Will India allow Tamils to commemorate Dhanu – who not only killed Rajiv Gandhi but 14 other people as well? The killing leaves little doubt that contract killings can be done evading the most prestigious intelligence network. Plenty of LTTE cadres are living overseas given safe havens via foreign governments. All it takes is some money and brainwashing to get a contract done!

Recently in an interview President Putin was to say that though it is true the US and West created the ISIS and Al Qaeda but these mercenaries are now changing sides for money and will work for any party paying them more. The countries that created these monsters have much to account for.

Shenali D Waduge


Tamil Nadu Govt attempts to release convicts stalled – http://www.thehindu.com/specials/rajiv-gandhi-assassination-case-convicts-25-years-of-incarceration/article8714128.ece


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEEmjjxBomo Jain Commission report hold former TN CM M.Karunanidhi and DMK responsible

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:


    The AMAZING CONGRUENCE of Thileepan’s demands and Wigneswaran’s recent “Tamils Rise Up!” demands is truly ASTONISHING!

    What this tells us is that they are setting the same stage for an armed uprising as Prabhakaran did.

    The recent shouting down of Sumanthiran and Anandasangaree’s at political meetings by Wigneswaran’s TLLTE supporters drove the latter two with first hand experience with Tiger tactics to maintain an absolute silence ….. in fear of their lives.

    Not only that, now the very same Wigneswaran is PRE-EMPTIVELY crying out that there are DEATH THREATS against him from the South!

    Looks like Wigneswaran is now caught between the DEVIL and DEEP BLUE SEA! He won’t be able to get off the Tigers back that he hoped to ride peacefully into stardom!

    I could not wish a more fitting FATE for this GREEDY UNGRATEFUL RACIST than to die by his own sword at the hands of his own Tamil Tigers disappointed with his incom.petence.

    A man should know his limitations. Now, he is UNWELCOME among the Sinhalese who protected him and enabled his career as a jurist!

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say!

    More on Wiggie’s woes in my next comment!

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