Some calling for the country to be divided – Mahinda
Posted on October 12th, 2016

Some calling for the country to be divided – Mahinda
මඩකළපුව මංගලාරාමයේ නවීකරණය කළ බුදුමැදුර විවෘත කරමින් මහින්ද රාජපක්ෂ මහතා කළ කතාව.

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Indeed, Shenali, Sri Lanka, especially its Sinhala Buddhist majority community, is DESPERATELY IN NEED of a NEW Patriotic Party to REPRESENT & PROTECT us!

    Let President Mahinda Rajapaksa take note of our APPEALS! Should he decide to lead the Patriots towards that goal and FORM A NEW PART, he should take note of OUR DEMANDS, listed below:

    The Constitution of the NEW PARTY should adopt the following goals as SACRED:

    1. Unwavering LOYALTY to the MAJORITY of the people of Sri Lanka and NO OTHER local or foreign entities

    2. Unwavering comittment to PRESERVING Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and its Buddhist heritage

    3. REPEALING the 13th Amendment, DISSOLVING the Provincial Councils, and REPLACING the PCs with a system of District Administrations governed by DISTRICT Governors APPOINTED, NOT ELECTED LOCALLY, by the ELECTED National Government. This is an ESSENTIAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE demand.

    4. ENDING all NEGOTIATIONS to implement the ETCA with India, to protect our ECONOMY, our WORKERS and our distinct CULTURE!

    5. PREVENTING the Cultural and Economic ASSIMILATION of Sri Lanka by India, including ending the Ramayana Religious Circuit, the installation of Indian Hindu Navallar Statues within Sri Lanka, and REJECTING the Hanuman Bridge proposal,

    6. Expelling all Foreign NGO Fifth Columns, of whatever origin, interfering in local politics of Sri Lanka and sowing dissension and dissatisfaction, and removing the MULTIPLE EMBASSIES of foreign countries proliferating within Sri Lanka to pursue their political agendas inimical to Sri Lanka,

    7. Prohibiting foreign Religious Organizations and Missionaries, of whatever origin, from sowing dissatisfaction by bribing, proselytzing and converting the people of Sri Lanka to Christianity and Islam, especially in their MOST INTOLERANT forms,

    8. IMPOSING strict controls on LEGAL IMMIGRATION into the country, under whatever PRETEXT, and STRENGTHENING and ENFORCING strict laws to stem the FLOOD of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into the country.

    9. BANNING all sales of LAND and other REAL ESTATE in Sri Lanka to foreigners, to prevent Sri Lankan citizens being converted into a nation of landless renters in their own Motherland. Real estate should ONLY be LEASED for FINITE PERIODS OF TIME from Sri Lankan citizens and the government, not owned outright by foreigners.

    10. Committing to an INTENSIVE PROGRAM of Education and Skills Development, cand investing in State Of The Art technologies, manufacturing facilities with the necessary capital equipment, with the ULTIMATE GOAL of ENABLING our citizens to remain in and contribute to Sri Lanka’s growth. Enable our citizens to live as comfortably and securely in their own Motherland instead of abandoning their Motherland to poorer people imported into Sri Lanka to replace them.

    There should be NO OTHER GOAL that is more important in the Party’s Agenda than RETAINING our people within Sri Lanka as secure, prosperous and proud citizens endowed with INALIENABLE RIGHTS, if we are to PERMANENTLY PRESERVE Sri Lanka as the home of its native Sinhala people.

    All other GOALS 1 through 9 above serve this ONE PRIMARY GOAL!

  2. plumblossom Says:

    The Sri Lankan Tamils demanding a ‘Tamil homeland’ is a bogus demand as per the history and archaeology of the country. Even a few months back, a discovery was made of an archaeological site in Anuradhapura dating back to 800BC and included beads, pottery etc. Anuradhapura was a large village by 900BC and there was an expansion into a city by 600BC. There is plenty of evidence of pre-historic cave discoveries such a the Fa Hien caves, the Bellanbendi pellessa and other cave discoveries especially in the wet zone of pre-historic sites or iron age and stone age discoveries (due to the clay in the wet zone preserving such sites well). The oldest skeleton found on the island is 37,000 years old. We know there were four tribes Yaksha, Naga, Raksha and Deva and around 600BC there was an influx of people from India, possibly Bengal or Orissa. These people together with the four tribes Yaksha, Naga, Raksha and Deva together then formed the Sinhala nation. This is why Anuradhapura which was a village by 900BC expanded into a city by 600BC.

    Does all this archaeological evidence not prove that the Sinhala people are the descendants of the indigenous people of the island i.e. the yakshas, Nagas, Rakshas and Devas? Much later by around the 16th century due to the Aryachakravarthi invasion of the Jaffna Peninsula the Sri Lanka Tamils migrated but into the Jaffna peninsula only. Later during the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial times, there were further migrations of Sri Lankan Tamils (called Malabars meaning those from the Malabar coast of India) for purposes of planting tobacco and indigo brought in by the colonialists.

    Of course other people such as the Arab traders, Malays, then the Burgers (descendants of colonisers) also migrated to the island too.

    Does this not then prove that this island inclusive of the North and the East is the homeland of all its people? So is this demand for a separate state by the Sri Lankan Tamils (called Malabars meaning those from the Malabar coast of India), descendants of recent migrations to the island, not absurd and unacceptable?

    Let us state in the constitution that this island is the homeland of all its people, for the sake of justice and fairplay, by everyone concerned.

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