Sri Lanka is desperately in need of a New Party and New Political Leadership
Posted on October 12th, 2016

Shenali D Waduge

We have come a critical juncture. The circus must end. There is no political party that is capable of and has a vision for the nation & its citizens. We have a bunch of kangaroos jumping from side to the other when it pleases them and shamelessly preaching good governance to us. Those that jump and those that take those who jump are equally to blame for it has paved the way for unethical and unproductive governance. The country has no vision for progress except to satisfy the political whims of a handful. We have nothing but theatrics taking place inside Parliament. For our benefit MPs roar at each other then during tea they are shaking hands and laughing – probably at us. We have not got anywhere as a nation because of the falsehoods and theatrics that prevail. It is now time that we vote for policy and MPs learn to canvass on policy.

It is the right of any individuals to form a political party. It is the right of any supporters to align to the polices and objectives of that political party. However, no political party can be allowed to be formed that has as its aims and objectives to divide the island nation and ideally no political parties should be formed to canvass for a particular ethnic/religious group only.

Having said that we have two main political parties –the UNP and the SLFP. However with the current electoral system these parties end up being virtually bribed by minority parties who have hardly any vote base but end up the kingmakers to form a government. Often these minority groups end up demanding and obtaining strategic portfolios as well and with time cause irreparable damage using their ministries. The cross-overs and buy-overs end up further cocktailing the situation and ends up a case of staying in power at whatever cost to the nation and its people.

There is no true UNP or true SLFP today and it is unlikely either party can salvage itself. This has resulted in an endless list of calamities and interventions from external factors. We have had to swallow external tweaking to our constitution saddled with a 13th amendment that is hovering like a ghost ever threatening to be the single factor that would divide the nation.

We have had 30 years of terrorism and in looking back we can only say that the decisions, lack of decisions, delayed decisions and wrong decisions have been the main cause of 30 years of suffering. With that dark period over it has been the petty politics and disunity of political parties that have now caused further damage leading to irreparable and irreversible damage unless we unify as a nation and nation-loving leaders emerge. We can no longer trust or have faith in any of the political parties that prevail. They have all disappointed the people and at times fooled the people promising them what they know they cannot deliver and will not deliver. The lies cannot go on forever. The people are fed up. They do not want to have political debates that are on personal attacks or issues that have nothing to do with the problems that the people are daily suffering from.

We need new leadership, we need a new vision. We need to know the stands taken by those coming forward to lead. They cannot expect people to simply vote for them just to bring them to power. We want to know their position on matters and how far they have lined up teams to help deliver those policy visions.

We need to have a leader and a new political party that would make their stand known on the following key issues that have been affecting the nation and issues which as a result of leaders not taking a stand external factors have made use of to cause dissent and disunity among the citizens of Sri Lanka.

  1. Recognition of the nation as a predominantly Buddhist country and securing the foremost place to Buddhism constitutionally and legally. This does not bar or prevent any individual from practicing their own faith.
  2. We want to know the stand on 13th amendment – it should be either repealed or replaced making it non-functional. This came following the signing of the Indo-Lanka Accord under virtual duress and in view of the commitments not upheld by one party to the Accord, Sri Lanka has every right to remove it. It is an impediment to peace and it is full of false and bogus conclusions on homelands.
  3. No division or separatism of the island in any form using any terminology. Legal action to be taken against any individual, political party, politician or organization advocating division of Sri Lanka under any nomenclature.
  4. Legal provisions to make indictable offence any attempt to rewrite or fabricate the island’s history. All heritage sites to be declared National Heritage sites given State protection and funds for preservation. Multiculturalism/multifaith bogeys cannot usurp heritage sites and make these common heritage sites. No religion which has no evidence of existing prior to 2600 year Buddhist history can demand joint-heritage claim status.
  5. Moratorium on construction of new places of religious worship via foreign funds which aim to create ethnic/religious tensions combined with future imperial expansionist agenda. Christianity has $170billion and Wahhabi Islam has $87billion to promote their faith worldwide.
  6. Following the 70-30 ethnic representation at all levels of Government, Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Public Service and allocation of housing and other state allocations should be on this composition. No ethnic ghettos allowed as these nurture seeds of sectarian uprisings and separatist identities
  7. Regulatory body to regularly produce reports covering media distortions/content analysis/other paid efforts to denationalize people – close tab on monies that flow to organizations set up as charities with intent to create social unrest.
  8. Constitutional provision forbidding political parties elected for only a term in office to barter heritage sites, enter detrimental agreements which may change demography of the country, overturn good projects and proposals of previous governments etc.
  9. Two languages divide people. Sinhala spoken by over 70% of the populace should be the official language, Tamil can be the secondary language and English the link language. It should be mandatory for all citizens to speak Sinhala in basic form.
  10. Political statement on Homeland and denial of rights for any ethnic group to claim a homeland/self-determination. Every citizen has equal land rights and land ownership in any part of Sri Lanka. No law relevant to only one ethnic group can take precedence over country law giving right to own land. New leaders/political parties need to publicly claim there are no Homelands for any minority ethnic group – everyone has the right to live anywhere he/she pleases.
  11. Special regulations must be introduced for dual citizens/citizens marrying foreigners to ensure that land ownership (title deed) does not fall into foreign hands. No political party coming into power can overturn laws that forbid foreigners from owning lands in Sri Lanka or even leasing them for 99 years purely based on greed for the money demanded of them to deposit.
  12. We need to know the stand on illegal immigrants and any illegal immigrant must be made to return to their place of origin.
  13. Provision to ensure no ethnic based political parties or political parties with ethnic based names are allowed to be registered. These groups are accountable for communal disharmony and religious tension. Assurance that all political parties politicians with links to separatist elements and separatists to be investigated and punitive action taken as per laws of the country
  14. No government should allow foods to be labelled according to the religious preferences of one minority religion and applicable to all. No consumer should have to pay for food preferences of a minority religion.
  15. Provisions to ensure ONE LAW applicable to ALL – there can be no two laws allowed (civil or criminal) No sub-laws per different religious to be entertained.
  16. Pledge to not change education curriculum without national consensus. No government can come into power and change education curriculum as they please. Education must give prominent place to National History not multicultural history. The history of Sri Lanka must be written by a panel of patriotic authors/academics/historians who are proud of their heritage and wish to preserve it. History must be taught in every school (public, private, semi-govt, international) as a compulsory subject from pre-school to O/L covering entire history of Sri Lanka and including Indian invasions/colonial crimes. Foreign Service and other public sector must include briefings on pre-colonial history and the geo-politics of the world on a regular basis by a panel of patriots and not pseudo-heroes funded by foreign NGOs.
  17. Political statement on the future of provincial council – if it is a Whitehorse and unproductive, it must be removed. However, no provincial council can have any powers above that of the Parliament and all laws passed by Parliament must be honored and adhered to by the provinces. Law & Order, Land, Police powers, fiscal powers, aid and diplomatic ties with external parties all to come under the Centre. All those whining about federal systems are referring to very large countries which need federal systems. Sri Lanka is a very small island nation. Also the assurance that no province will be allowed to merge and maintaining the right to dissolve any province if it aims to separate or creates dissent affecting the whole nation.
  18. Political statement that no foreign pressure will change any internal laws/systems to suit foreign agendas – currently demands are made to repeal the PTA (the same demands made to other countries to dilute their security), legal framework, penal codes, removal of concurrent list in 13a)
  19. Political statement that Sri Lanka suffered a Terrorist problem and not an Ethnic problem and it was the Terrorists and not any ethnic group that the Sri Lankan national army defeated. Correcting all lies and bogus notions that have been used as propaganda by internal parties and external players is a must as it is only in making this stern and factually correct statement that no one can hereafter float lies.
  20. Pledge not to compromise any of Sri Lanka’s strategic assets to any external parties – ports, airports, food security, energy security, strategic land areas, water security, high security areas etc under any agreement or for based on any loans/grants etc. We also demand that leaders pledge to safeguard and protect the national armed forces from being taken before any war crimes trials and hounded for political vendettas.

The current propaganda against majoritism needs to remember that majoritism cannot be replaced by minoritism which brings a plethora of problems as can be seen with various minorities making wild claims thus affecting the future peace of the country. The voters must demand that their votes will be given only and only if the politicians and political parties make their stands and statement on the above. If not, they are only telling lies to fool people into voting for them and thereafter enjoying the fruits of power with no regard for the future of the country or its people.

Shenali D Waduge


Also read the set of proposals made by the Sri Lanka Solidarity Movement

18 Responses to “Sri Lanka is desperately in need of a New Party and New Political Leadership”

  1. AnuD Says:

    We should not leave it for politicians to make the political party.

    prominent People should gang up, hand pick politicians from available politicians when not possible should ask former army officers to contest and should form the party.

    there should be a campaign to prohibit collection of political donations by individual politicians. Instead, only the party has the legal right to collect political donations. That should be very transparent to see who gives, what amounts and how the money was spent.

    Otherwise, corruptions can not be stopped.

    world is very close to go through another hugh recession. At that time, Sri lanka goes bankrupt.

  2. S.Gonsal Says:

    “Two languages divide people. Sinhala spoken by over 70% of the populace should be the official language, Tamil can be the secondary language and English the link language. It should be mandatory for all citizens to speak Sinhala in basic form.:

    It is a fact that 90% of the population satisfy this criteria, they can understand Sinhala and speak with sufficient fluency. Yet ALL IDIOTIC SO CALLED GREAT LEADERS, because of GREED ask Sinhala people to learn Tamil and to make the situation worse.
    Let us agree to this and FORCE ALL IDIOTS to follow this rule OR they get NO SINHALA VOTES. This should be the approach.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    The democratic position is one official language, one nation; two official languages, two nations.

    Colvin R de Silva was a communist and under communism that works (e.g. Czechoslovakia) but once democracy is introduced it is the above democratic position.

    In fact over 95% of people can speak Sinhala. Teaching it to the remaining 5% (1 million) is very easily done. That is sine qua non for an undivided country and to keep Tamil Nadu invaders out.

    Not just the UNP and SLFP, the JO is the same. We don’t need anymore political parties made up of same old politicians with same old policies. They simply give excuses why they cannot protect Sri Lanka and not different to TNA for instance in the end result. We need a new political party built upon the principles listed above.

    As a first step, retired officers, soldiers, patriotic Buddhist monks and uncompromising nationalists must form into a political party with popular slogans. As a small party, they can afford to have any popular slogan, as they will not be required to fulfil these. Removing 13A, VAT, ETCA, Thesawalamei law and war crimes investigation commitments will be main slogans. A better deal for families of war heroes and increased salary for soldiers and retirees will be other demands.
    They can win at least 10% of the Sinhala Buddhist vote, which will make them kingmakers. For the record, JHU won 19% of the vote in Colombo and Gampaha districts in 2004. In other words, they can win the same number of seats TNA has or Muslim MP group across all parties have.

    If the JO or the SLFP wants to win district bonus seats, they will have to agree to some of this party’s demands. Similarly, some of their demands must be fulfilled to form a government.

    We should stop supporting politicians and their parties unless they uphold at least a few of these principles. It is unfortunately sycophants among us that allow politicians to take Sinhalese for granted and then fool them again with lame excuses.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Indeed, Shenali, Sri Lanka, especially its Sinhala Buddhist majority community, is DESPERATELY IN NEED of a NEW Patriotic Party to REPRESENT & PROTECT us!

    Let President Mahinda Rajapaksa take note of our APPEALS! Should he decide to lead the Patriots towards that goal and FORM A NEW PART, he should take note of OUR DEMANDS, listed below:

    The Constitution of the NEW PARTY should adopt the following goals as SACRED:

    1. Unwavering LOYALTY to the MAJORITY of the people of Sri Lanka and NO OTHER local or foreign entities

    2. Unwavering comittment to PRESERVING Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and its Buddhist heritage

    3. REPEALING the 13th Amendment, DISSOLVING the Provincial Councils, and REPLACING the PCs with a system of District Administrations governed by DISTRICT Governors APPOINTED, NOT ELECTED LOCALLY, by the ELECTED National Government. This is an ESSENTIAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE demand.

    4. ENDING all NEGOTIATIONS to implement the ETCA with India, to protect our ECONOMY, our WORKERS and our distinct CULTURE!

    5. PREVENTING the Cultural and Economic ASSIMILATION of Sri Lanka by India, including ending the Ramayana Religious Circuit, the installation of Indian Hindu Navallar Statues within Sri Lanka, and REJECTING the Hanuman Bridge proposal,

    6. Expelling all Foreign NGO Fifth Columns, of whatever origin, interfering in local politics of Sri Lanka and sowing dissension and dissatisfaction, and removing the MULTIPLE EMBASSIES of foreign countries proliferating within Sri Lanka to pursue their political agendas inimical to Sri Lanka,

    7. Prohibiting foreign Religious Organizations and Missionaries, of whatever origin, from sowing dissatisfaction by bribing, proselytzing and converting the people of Sri Lanka to Christianity and Islam, especially in their MOST INTOLERANT forms,

    8. IMPOSING strict controls on LEGAL IMMIGRATION into the country, under whatever PRETEXT, and STRENGTHENING and ENFORCING strict laws to stem the FLOOD of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS into the country.

    9. BANNING all sales of LAND and other REAL ESTATE in Sri Lanka to foreigners, to prevent Sri Lankan citizens being converted into a nation of landless renters in their own Motherland. Real estate should ONLY be LEASED for FINITE PERIODS OF TIME from Sri Lankan citizens and the government, not owned outright by foreigners.

    10. Committing to an INTENSIVE PROGRAM of Education and Skills Development, cand investing in State Of The Art technologies, manufacturing facilities with the necessary capital equipment, with the ULTIMATE GOAL of ENABLING our citizens to remain in and contribute to Sri Lanka’s growth. Enable our citizens to live as comfortably and securely in their own Motherland instead of abandoning their Motherland to poorer people imported into Sri Lanka to replace them.

    There should be NO OTHER GOAL that is more important in the Party’s Agenda than RETAINING our people within Sri Lanka as secure, prosperous and proud citizens endowed with INALIENABLE RIGHTS, if we are to PERMANENTLY PRESERVE Sri Lanka as the home of its native Sinhala people.

    All other GOALS 1 through 9 above serve this ONE PRIMARY GOAL!

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Now now ladies and gentlemen.

    MR should NOT form a new party.

    As I said LONG AGO MR is AGAINST forming a new party. That is the RIGHT THING to do. How many people commenting and writing here know POLITICS? You have to get down to the DIRT to know how it works. A new party cannot win a big election.

    You need RICH supporters, plenty of them, fearless people who can push aside problems and put up posters, stages, etc. and allow other WEAK party supporters to SAFELY do election work. UNP and SLFP BUILT these for 50 years with money earned through corruption. You cannot build that in a year.

    BEST BET for MR is TAKEOVER the SLFP. Maru Sira is the only man in it. All others are SHEEP. They will follow ANY SHEPHERD. That is what MR is trying to do.


    But I AGREE UNP, SLFP and JO are all HOPELESS. We need a brand new PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT.

    Otherwise, the MILITARY should TAKEOVER.

  6. AnuD Says:


    the MILITARY should TAKEOVER.

    US has done that in Latin america. they have installed moles in different places. then it will be a different govt.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Waiting for MR to take over the SLFP, is like waiting for GODOT! Meanwhile, Sri Lanka BURNS!

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Calm down.

    IF MR forms a new party, Sira and others will EXPEL them from their MP seats. Then what?

    They at least OPPOSE UNP goons a LITTE. IF they are not in parliament then it is 100% UNP sheep like 1987 when 13 amendment was passed.

    Forming a new party and taking a SIZABLE slice of the SLFP takes decades. By then there is NO SL.

    STAY within SLFP and FIX it. Take it over from Maru Sira BY HOOK OR BY CROOK. Then UNIFY the UPFA. They have 95 seats!!! UNP govt. either COLLAPSES or have to marry TNA. That will be the END of the UNP.

    More importantly, it LOSES its 2/3.

  9. S.Gonsal Says:

    Shenali is not mentioning MR and his new party , so why these people cannot live without him ?

    What she is dreaming is for a new party and a new leader with some bones. MR is not NEW, but oLD with same issues exactly as others who brought this country to this pahetic stage after 20, 000 died in vain.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    It should be mandatory for all citizens to speak Sinhala in basic form.:- All Tamils & Muslim can speck basic Tamil I believe All Sinhalese can speck Sinhala so what is the problem in Mother Lanka ????

    Is it Language or Religious problem in Chignkala Theevu( Sinhela Island ) ????

    Modayas Please walk up !!!!

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    It should be voluntary for all citizens to speak Sinhala in basic form.

    Provide free Bhuddist Sinhala Education in all NEP & Estate Primary & Secondray school as We all know We-Tamil take any thing free (even Polidol if free) with in 10 years time We won’t have Tamil Sinhala problem.

    eg: war is finished now We have 330,000 forces I am sure We can recruit at least 10,000 Sinhala Teachers from these forces .

    NB/ Warning to my Sinhala Sakodarayas if happened one of your Demila Sakkiliya will be your president with 25 years time .

  12. Nihal Perera Says:

    Shenali is absolutely correct…

    Neither SLFP nor UNP is capable of helping the majority Sinhala-Buddhists, any longer. The both parties under their present leaders have betrayed the majority in the country – in favor of Tamil and Muslim minorities.

    At the moment there is no party that focuses on real issues in the country, like saving the majority rights, Buddhism, and the sovereignty of the country. The present government has to depend on the minorities and their foreign supporters, like US and India to stay in power. Today, the country is run by the US and Indian ambassadors in Colombo, and the government is doing everything to satisfy the agenda of these two countries (US & India), the goal of which is to balkanize the country along the ethnic lines.

    We need a new party and leaders who put country and its majority’s rights first, and everything else second. Whether they (the minorities) like it or not Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country and it will be prominent over any other religions, which have been always accepted and respected by the majority Sinhala-Buddhists in the country. There is no country in the world that tolerates and respects religions like Sri Lanka. So what is the problem..?

    There is no reason to bring a new constitution to dilute Buddhism or its prominence in the country. Even Catholic Cardinal Malcom Ranjith admitted and support it. So why bring a new constitution to change it, just to satisfy some pro-LTTE, racist Tamil politicians in the north, who want to carry on LTTE agenda..? They will NEVER be satisfied until they get their Eelam, no matter how conciliatory or willingness of the majority to accommodate minority rights, which they already have.

    Like many in this forum and else where, I will certainly support a new party and its leader, who puts the country and its people first and foremost, without the usual political bullshit that we have seen in majority of politicians in Sri Lanka.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    like saving the majority rights, Buddhism, and the sovereignty of the country.? Is it real issues in the country now ?
    We can not afford to pay SLR 1000 day to our Estate worker for 10 hours work for day & No security for our Arab country house maid who bring almost 90% of foreign money to us .

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Since the SLFP is CBK’s SLFP & the UNP is now led by RW –

    Lanka needs a New Party in her Hour of Need to stop being over run by foreign countries ?

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Whichever New Party comes in with all the loyal & able people, how will they handle the Ports & the Economy, both items eyed by foreign powers ?

  16. Nimal Says:

    Sri lanka need a new culture in line with UK and no new party could save the rot in the country.Just as in 1815 we must sign a new convention to get some colonial types to help us out.Every time I speak to patriots who openly write and speak like the people who present their opinions in this web agrees with me ultimately.
    So cut it short and get them here to educate our people from the street level.
    Today I had lunch with a family where the young son had a brief education in UK,sadly he had to come back perhaps due to financial reasons had no bitterness towards UK for asking him to leave but praise for the civility,tolerance and every virtues associated with the great teachings of Buddha.Though his father put the arguments that most of you write in the way but after speaking to me in length he and his son agreed with me that UK is one of the best examples of a decent well run country and we must bring those lifestyles here.
    They both agreed that the good that is set for us by the colonials is gradually decimated.It is truly awful to drive on our streets in SL,which tells much about our emerging culture and we should be concerned.

  17. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka had nearly 500 yrs of Colonial Rule and Colonial Rule was rejected by the People and the Leaders of Lanka.
    Today, Lanka is ruled by an Exec PM who has been put there ‘because the west wants it so’ (per Pres MS, who put him there). This Exec PM follows diktats from abroad.

    All as a result of colonisation.

    Colonisation, the Cold War and the Tamil Caste Wars have further debilitated and decimated the country.
    INDIAN interference, imposing the ILLEGAL 13-A on Lanka as further weakened and divided the country.

    Who wants more of the same ? !!

    What is needed is a Constitution with emphasis on the UNITARY status of the country, bringing together the People (see Dharshan’s recent article to the Lankaweb).
    Also, an Economy with emphasis on Clean Air, Water & Food, for ALL.

    Living Buddhism should be brought to all schools through Meditation.
    Earlier Colonist Britain is teaching Meditation in their schools !
    Peace Within will bring Peace outside too.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Read as : ‘ …. has further weakened … ‘.

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