Agitate against the destructive policy of carrying fire in the one hand water in the other hand
Posted on October 22nd, 2016


The President’s outburst against the politically motivated maneuverings of the CID, FCID and the Bribery Commission etc has opened a Pandora’s box  providing a constructive opportunity for the public to re-evaluate the operations of the said agencies and to re- establish the rule of law to avoid the process of political hunting of the individuals. The present operations as they are,have serious impact on the individuals who cannot defend themselves such as the personnel working in the defense and especially the intelligence services who have become mere prey to this Goebbelsian network. To add insult to injury some of the NGOs and a few members of the political parties have begun an irritable campaign in asserting for themselves the role of  the judge, the jury and the prosecutor simultaneously.

Of the familiar vengeful pattern of the conduct of manipulated persecutions is the well known story of the officers of intelligence services now serving jail terms for more than a year without them be brought before the courts
for a hearing, It is a very clear case of violation of basic human rights when the law enforcing authority is hell bent in leveling allegations for the disappearance of a so called journalist. The CID is said to be insisting that the officers in custody should confess that they received an order from a very senior administrator who is being pursued by the Government due to obvious reasons. In fact, a wife of an officer who is behind bars have publicly stated how invasive the investigations are conducted against her husband. Even the family members of other officers do confirm that often they receive messages from the investigators pressurizing them to help in obtaining confessions from the suspects relatives.

Another instance of the unwieldy arrogant nature of this questionable process is the attempt to hound the very senior personnel in the country’s intelligence wing which will cause irreparable damage to the internal security. The way the other countries such as the UK, the USA and India conduct and handle activities of their intelligence arms should receive the urgent attention of Sri Lanka’s Yahapalnaya Government and should try learning how Sri Lanka’s security should be upheld for the country’s  survival. The present Government seems to have forgotten the disastrous and far reaching bitter repercussions the defense machinery had to contend with the Millennium city exposure. When the terrorist fronts are awaiting to pounce on the country to destabilize it, Sri Lanka should secure the capability of its defense arms rather than attempting to purposely weakening the establishment.

It is indeed ironical to consider how the swindlers of the treasury bond scandal and the day light robbery at the Customs are treated with kid gloves while brazen but painstaking  attempts are made to  prove politically  motivated alleged wrongs. As the saying goes that every fox must pay his skin to the furrier, the chief of the Bribery offenses has resigned and according to some the reason behind her resignation was that she did not want to prosecute her friends!

The Sri Lankan people who suffered the atrocities of terrorism over 25 years and the civic leaders  should REGISTER their vehement protests and agitate to stop this political witch-hunt of one faction of the Government and restore the rule of law.


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  1. Christie Says:

    One day you and all of us will realize that we are not an Indian nation and is an Indian colony run by India and Indian colonial parasite.

    By that time it will be too late for the Sinhalese be they are Buddhists, Muslims or Christians.

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