UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues Statement on Sri Lanka
Posted on October 30th, 2016

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada

28 October 2016

Rita Izsak-Ndiaya

U.N.Rapporteur on Minorities

United Nations

New York. US

Dear Rita Izsak-Ndiaya :

You people at the UN keep foxing me as your ‘we-are-the-Masters-of-your-destiny’ arrogance and stupidity have no bounds.  You bunch go around the world as if  you people own it, poking your noses at internal affairs of nations as if you lot are a bunch of Tin-Gods and Tin-Goddesses with moral-wands in your hands to sweep across the lands, and say – Whooopsy… A-B-R-A-C-A-D-A-B-R-A…you better fall in line with our thinking as we rule your world”.  Right, Rita?   That stupid arrogance is a bit too much to swallow.

So you go to Sri Lanka for 10 days, the care taker of Theravadha Buddhism , which has a history that goes back to over 2,600 years, believing that you have the moral right to restructure, dismantle and downgrade its value, its harmonious spirituality, its sanctity, its piety, and in your Statement on Sri Lanka of October 20, 2016, you say that ‘Sinhala-Buddhist majoritarian leadership’ as the main reason behind minority grievances and Sri Lanka’s long civil war’.  And you expressed your fears that keeping Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution which refers to the primacy of Buddhism ‘could lead to further suppression of and discrimination against minority religions and communities.”  Holy Cow!…how wrong you are, Rita.  You are now being silly and bullish.  Let me introduce myself to you that I am a Sinhalese and a Buddhist, the former President of the Ottawa Buddhist Association, the present Director of Outreach Programs at the Center for Inner Peace, an auxiliary of a Theravadha Buddhist Temple in Ottawa, Canada, and a leader of Buddhist Meditation at the temple. And now you see why you got my goat.

Your statement suggests that you have not done your homework on Buddhist-Sri Lanka before you set foot on the red kabook soil of that beautiful island nation of pious peoples who hate violence and are reluctant to slap and kill even a mosquito that has landed on their arms to suck their blood.  And you know nothing about us Sinhalese people.

Did you know, or did you think that it didn’t matter a tuppence that you should know that, according to traditional Sri Lankan chronicles, as the Dipavamsa, Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in the 3rd century BC, after the Third Buddhist Council, by Mahinda Bhikku, the son of Emperor Asoka of India, during the reign of Devanampiyatissa of Anuradhapura.  Theravadha Buddhism is the religion of 70.1% of the population of Sri Lanka, and this island has been the center of Buddhist scholarship and learning.

And you come to come to Colombo, presenting yourself as UN’s Tin-Goddess Rita, to disavow that long Buddhist history of Sri Lanka and wanting to change for the sake of Sri Lanka’s minorities, especially the Tamils   Ha….what stupidity!  That is asinine, isn’t it!

And did you not know, or does your arrogance say, ‘No, I couldn’t care two prairie straws whether I knew it or not’ that Article 9,  of the Sri Lanka Constitution gives foremost place’ to Buddhism (the religion of 70.1% of the island’s population) and refers to the duty of the state to protect and foster Buddhism.   And Article 10 of the Constitution asserts that Every person is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including the freedom to have or adopt a religion of belief of his choice”.  So all Sri Lanka’s governments since Independence let the Tamil Hindu’s celebrate Thai Pongal on a day every January, Maha Sivarathri Day in February, Tamil New Year on an auspicious day in April, Deepavali on a day in November and they could play their tomtoms,miruthangams,nathaaswarams and shehnais, and perform their molasse-slow moving Kavadi dancers along the streets of the island to their hearts content.   Nor would pet dogs in Buddhist homes be allowed to bark at them allowing them to celebrate their spiritual pride and their Tamilian-dignity, So what the heck have these Tamils, as a minority community got to grieve about?  You tell me!

I notice that you have a certain  bleeding-heart-bias for the minority Tamils in the North, who claim that it is their ‘Homeland’.  Do you know something, Rita, if you had done your homework properly you may have found out that the Tamils sanitized the North sans all other communities by ethnic-cleansing by terrorizing, stoning and kicking them out of that chunk of toddy-palm dotted arid land. That between 1971 and 1981, the Tamils terrorized and chased out 27,000

Sinhalese who had lived in the North for generations.  That stinks, isn’t it!  The Tamils kicked out 90,000 Muslims in October 1990 giving them 48 hours to get out leaving their

Gold, jewellery and other valuables at the nearest Mosque, making Idi Amin of Uganda look like an angel having given the Ugandan-Indians three months to get out.  You didn’t know that did you?  Here’s more incidents for your knowledge-archives how the Tamils purified the North which they call their ‘Homeland’ now.  What hogs-wash, Rita, and you believed their ‘Homeland’ concept as they got you hook-line-and-sinker on that lie.  I really don’t blame you as there have been other bleeding-hearts-for-Tamils-westerners who have been gullible as you have been.

It was on August 17, 1977, that 400 Sinhalese University undergraduates and lecturers who were stoned at the Jaffna campus and chased out of Jaffna.  They were brought south in a convoy of buses escorted by the police and army while they were lying prostrate on the floor ducking the rock and stone missiles thrown at them.  My nephew was one of the undergraduates. Brutal, nasty and despicable, isn’t it. Ha….. these are the Tamils who claim the North as their ‘Homeland’ when they have been staking that real-estate as theirs fraudulently through ethnic cleansing.

Well….well….well…Rita, you have ignored the grievances of the Sinhalese, the minority among the majority Tamils in the North.  How come?  Your Statement on Sri  Lanka do not address the Tamil students attacking the Sinhalese students at the Jaffna campus a few months ago for  having included a Sinhala dance at a campus ceremony, and  being forced, to get out.  Nor have you pointed the grievances of Buddhist monks who have been ordered to remove their temples from the Northern Province by Tamil politicians, the North  that was polka-dotted with Buddhist temples in the ancient days of yore.  You know what Rita?  You are guilty of bias in my eyes, and I question your veracity of being an honest UN Rapporteur who would guarantee us that you will provide a balanced and an honest  account in your Statement on Sri Lanka, if your intention was to build unity and harmony between the majority community and the minority  communities in Sri Lanka.   Ummm…not good.  You are suspect.

Rita, make a note of this Fact and store it in your memory bank for future use,  Sri Lanka faced 17 invasions since 230 BC from South India, the ‘Homeland’ of these Tamil forces who entered Sri Lanka to plunder and pillage.  While almost all were pushed back by the indigenous Sinhalese to their ‘Home Land”, Tamil Nadu, where they came from like a black cloud of starlings.  Some stayed back who now call the North their ‘Homeland’.  So there are two Home Lands”: for the Tamils, while the Sinhalese have just one, the only one which is Sri Lanka which they will guard jealously, and you bet, whether there is a Tin-Goddess Rita or no Rita from the UN coming to Sri Lanka to poke her nose into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, and to downgrade Theravadha Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

To share my observation on your insipid comment in your Statement on Sri Lanka as  the Tin-Goddess Rita Izsak-Ndiaya of the United Nations, who has an official title as the UN Rapporteur on Minorities – Sinhala-Buddhist majoritarian leadership’ as the main reason behind minority grievances and Sri Lanka’s long civil war”, if I were you, not withstanding my Job Description, I would do nothing to be an architect to  be accountable for being the Destroyer of the core values of Sri Lanka’s religion, Buddhism.  If the Tamils are grieving about putting up Buddhist structures in the so called Tamil Homeland” thereby sowing seeds of disharmony, I would remind them not to try to change the

Historic presence of Buddhism in  the North, as ancient archaeology attests of that fact, and the Sinhalese-Buddhist will not accept that crassness as it is their heritage.  The western bleeding hearts can go on bleeding for the Tamils, as that would not make much of a difference, and let us be judicious about it.  Rita, that is how the cookie crumbles.

You are better off trying to convince these Tamils to wipe out their mindset that says We,Tamils a minority will lead the majority Sinhalese one day”, as their foxy-cunning Tamil political leader G.G. Ponnambalam wanted to and  tried  to sneak in the 50-50 policy to govern Sri Lanka into the  Constitution only to be said No” by the Soulsbury Commission before Independence in 1948.  That the Tamils live as good citizens as a minority community and try to live harmoniously with the majority Buddhist-Sinhalese and not pretend that they are the majority of the island.  If they really need their mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil state, Eelam, encourage them to get on a fast moving fiber glass motorized boat and cross the 18 mile saltwater divide between South India and North Sri Lanka and join their 72 million kith and kin in Tamil Nadu in just a few minutes,  And I would wish that you live an exemplary life as a good citizen of the world and mind your own business and keep your hands off Sri Lanka’s internal affairs,  and respect the land that Theravadha Buddhism has had a  permanent home for over 2600 years and not be a catalyst for another armed conflict in the North of Sri Lanka.


Asoka Weerasinghe

(a Sinhala-Buddhist)

One Response to “UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues Statement on Sri Lanka”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    These bogus experts sent to various nations by the UN are a bunch of ignorant parasites, not only wasting the funds given to the UN by member nations, but responsible for causing immense stress and inter communal and inter religious conflicts in highly culturally developed nations like Sri Lanka, by releasing illogical and irrelevant reports, supported only by well known undesirable elements. These “experts” really do not have to meet anybody or investigate anything they are supposed to investigate, as very often they come with a pre-prepared report given to them by their “invisible” masters such as the Tamil Tiger separatists, or evangelist activists.
    As for the protection given to Buddhism the religion of the vast majority in Sri Lanka could be considered far moderate, when compared with the protection given to different religions in various other countries, including leading Western nations that sponsor these bogus experts.
    As for the constitutional protection given, under article 9 in the constitution, to Buddhism whilst recognising the importance of all other religions, has been endorsed by no other than Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit, the head of the Sri Lankan Catholic church, in a televised statement he made recently.
    In fact there is absolutely no protest by any religious body in Sri Lanka about the foremost position given to Buddhism in Sri Lanka, as the Buddhist doctrine, respects and accommodates all religions and has helped to maintain peace and harmony amongst the people of different religions in the country. The day Buddhism lose its influence in the running of the country, that could be the beginning of sectarian violence, as we see happening today in middle eastern nations.

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