The ‘Atlantic Spring’ Rains Democracy over the US As Republicans Trump the Clinton Mob
Posted on November 13th, 2016

Says Rahul

 The people of the US lifted their eyes toward the skies in gratitude when the ‘Atlantic Spring’ rained a gentle rain of democracy over their country, long parched by a Neo liberal autocracy; Trump successfully led a ‘Red Cap’ Colour Revolution of the people against the Clinton- Obama regime that has its hands tainted with blood.

For the first time in several decades the sound of the voiceless people of the US was heard as Trump leading them boldly from the front, defeated the Neo liberal cardsharpers at their own game; the stacked system of Electoral College votes was cleverly exploited by Trump in the people’s favour.

The Clinton – Obama Mafia was stunned by the people’s power. Secretary Clinton displaying a clear lack of leadership qualities deserted her rank and file at a time when they needed her most. It was a ‘no show’ by Clinton when the election results were announced; her followers were left leaderless, dispirited and betrayed.

The following morning when she did turn up, it was a Secretary, plastered with make up in a feeble effort to camouflage her bloated face and puffed eyes that betrayed hours of uncontrollable sobbing over the night.

The symptoms of her previous nervous exhaustion was clearly evident; it appeared that Secretary Clinton’s nervous system was hurtling towards another major breakdown.

Clinton’s Billionaire husband, the former cash strapped US President from Arkansas, stood protectively by her.

As Secretary Clinton stood pathetically in front of the cameras projecting instant images to a world audience, the words of her infamous gloat on the premeditated murder of Libyan leader Gaddafi reverberated down the corridors of the world, We came, we saw, he died”!

Prior to the election Obama, fearing defeat for the ruling mafia at the hands of the people, flouted traditional convention that restricts incumbent Presidents from campaigning for a party candidate; throwing caution to the wind he waded brazenly into the fray with his wife.

Unable to stomach defeat at the hands of a political novice who enjoyed the strength of the simple people behind him, the Obama – Clinton mafia unleashed their thugs onto the streets of the US across the country in an attempt to frighten the people and counter their Revolution; all hell has broken loose. Armed gangs are roaming the streets leaving death, arson and destruction in their wake.

Although Obama promised a peaceful transition of power, his actions belie his pledges; the people have grown weary with Obama’s dishonesty. Obama has shown a marked disinclination to accept the people’s verdict

Obama is the Commander in Chief of US Security and US forces; he alone is responsible for the security of the Country and its people. Not once has he appeared on TV to call for calm and to rein in the rioters.

The imminent threat of world war 3 that was looming has now receded with the victory of the anti ‘Neoliberal’ candidate.

Trump has hinted at a relook of all trade and security agreements; he has conveyed the impression that he is not interested in pursuing the Neoliberal agenda of a one – world US dominated Empire that drove the Neoliberals to kill, maim, destroy and set up humans against humans.

The people of the US have voted clearly that they do not want US to have the hegemony of global power. The people of the US have underlined what they always stood for, but were muted by the Neocons; they wish to live peacefully, side by side with other countries of the world in friendship and in harmony.

As the Atlantic Spring bathes the US with Democracy, the winds of the Atlantic Spring have begun to spread eastwards towards the European shores; inspired by the Revolution of the people in the US, the people of France, Germany and the Czech Republic whose elections are due in 2017 are beginning to rustle and stir; at last, the voiceless people of these countries see the opportunity for their voices too to be heard.

The vassals of the defeated Neoliberals living in the third world countries are beginning to quake.

With their ‘big boy’ support gone, the compradors of the Neo liberals in Sri Lanka are feeling insecure. They, along with the NGO Chamberlains, are bad mouthing the red cap Revolution in the US.

Strangely, Washington representatives in these third world countries are making sweeping statements that US foreign policy will not change. These representatives continue to parrot the Defeated Neoliberal agenda.

CBK, RW and the others got more than a hug from the Clinton – Obama mob; with the people’s victory in the US, the future of the Neoliberal quislings is uncertain

The ‘voiceless’ people of the US are aware that the monies made by the Clinton Mafia type Foundations, promoting internal conflict and strife in third world countries could be better spent within the US to improve the quality of life of the people, the country’s  infrastructure and to erase the 20 trillion dollar sovereign debt of the US.

This debt was heaped on the people of the US, so that the Mafia gangs, deposed by Trump could earn money, selling arms and ammunition to all sides in the many conflicts stirred by them.

The message from Sri Lanka to the people of the US is We too, like you, wish to live peacefully and in harmony with the people of the US. These intentions could be thwarted by the politicians, diplomats, former diplomats and the NGOs in the third world countries playing apologists to the defeated Neoliberals in the US. The sooner the people of the US stop their funding and terminate their employment, the greater will be the impact of the Atlantic Spring. These neoliberal forces whom you defeated in an exercise of democracy, have been left untouched in our countries ; they are spokes in the People’s Revolution of the US on 08 Nov 16”.

5 Responses to “The ‘Atlantic Spring’ Rains Democracy over the US As Republicans Trump the Clinton Mob”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Good lesson for SL.

    Next SL president should NOT be a current politician.


    A fresh face.

  2. Christie Says:

    Christie Says:
    November 13th, 2016 at 4:13 pm
    ඇමෙරිකාවේත් අපේ රටේත් ඉන්න ඉන්දියානුවන් අතර කිසිම වෙනසක් නැහැ. යුදෙව්වන් ලඟට ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයො තමයි අමෙරිකාවේ ඩිමොක්‍රැට්ස්ලට වියදම් කරන්නෙ පන්දම අල්ලන්නෙ. හිලරි පරාද උනාට පලමු වරට ඉන්දියානු පරපෝසිතයො පස්දෙනෙක්වත් කොන්ග්‍රෙස් එකට තේරිලා. මුන් තමයි අපිට කෙලින්නෙ. අතුල් කෙශාප් කියන්නෙ ඒවගේ එකෙක්. මෙය කියවා බලන්න.
    ‘Desi’ wave hits US: Record 5 Indian-Americans set to be elected to …
    Christie Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 13th, 2016 at 4:16 pm
    Here is the connection.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    She schemed, We voted, She Lost!


  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ANANDA !! It was she who schemed to get Gaddaffi out of his hide out. Obama was complicit in arranging the Drones with her. SO THE LAW OF KARMA SET INTO MOTION TO SEND HER CRYING HOME

    Nevertheless her husband drinks the most expensive RED WINE in the World, through Clinton Foundation.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yes, Indeed, Susantha!

    I think the Hatarawaran Guardian Dieties of our Motherland are at work Protecting us and our Resplendent Island!

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