Posted on February 3rd, 2017

Malin Abeyatunge

Six people were killed and eight wounded when gunmen opened fire at a Quebec City mosque during Sunday night prayers, in what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a “terrorist attack on Muslims. As a  Sri Lankan I would not condemn this attack. The simple reason is the Canadian Govts  in the past and the current Canadian premier Justin Trudeau made their country a safe haven for the most brutal terrorist organisation in the world known as LTTE. Adding insult to injury, Justin Trudeau had so much of faith and sympathy for this terrorist group, he had the audacity to boycott the  Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in 2012 because it was held under the patronage of the then president Mahinda Rajapaksa in Sri Lanka. It was obvious that Justin Trudeau boycotted this important event in the Commonwealth countries directory as a protest against Mahinda Rajapaksa for having annihilated LTTE terrorist group conclusively and to  sustain the LTTE support he has for his political survival.

Now that he is crying over 6 Muslim deaths in this terrorist attack, what was Canadian Government doing when LTTE killed 147 Muslim prayers in a mosques in Kattankudy in Sri Lanka in August 1990. Instead of condemning, what Canadian Govt did was to keep mum and continue welcoming LTTE activists and sympathisers with open arms  into their countries as refugees and asylum seekers and making a safe haven for them. Today’s papers reported that the LTTE guy who smuggled a ship load of Tamils into Canada has been released on bail. Wunderbar!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reported for having said in a statement: “We condemn this terrorist attack on Muslims in a centre of worship and refuge”. Sri Lanka has been experiencing LTTE terrorist attacks for 30 years whilst Canada was entertaining runaway LTTE activists and sympathisers and did not shed a single tear for those thousands of people in Sri Lanka who became victims of LTTE terrorists over a period of 30  years.

It’s time that Justin Trudeau realised that terrorist is a terrorist in any form and any part of the world. 

Malin Abeyatunge


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    The following was written by me in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre in the US. What is said still valid and true.

    Global Terrorism

    On July 24, 2001 Tamil Tiger Terrorists attacked Colombo International Airport and created financial and economic havoc for the tiny Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka. On September 11, 2001 their brothers have attacked the worlds only Superpower at its very heart and jugular. What is the lowest common denominator of these two incidents – it is Global Terrorism.

    If the human race has any capacity to really learn from mistakes then September 11th 2001 will go down in history as the day it learned it best lesson for this century. It is the day that should turn world leaders from mere boy scouts to grown up men and face the reality of Global Terrorism. What happened is not an attack against America, but an attack against all civilized society. It is time to take a step back and share the sorrow and identify with all those who are affected by terrorism wherever they are in the world.

    Like global weather and environmental pollution, International Terrorism respects no borders, whether one is a developing country or a developed country. It is a cancer which can strike at will anywhere any country, any people. The threat of global terrorism is against whole civilized society. Those who accept terrorists as freedom fighters, provide safe havens, sustain and fund them too must be categorized as terrorists.

    It is only recently that a few countries have been brave enough to identify Terrorist Organizations as such and are able to banish these beasts from their countries. There are others who provide only lip service while a majority have a head in the sand attitude because it is yet to happen to them. The terrorists draw their sustenance from society around them. They resort to drug trafficking, people trafficking and extortion.

    The thing to do at this time is not just another knee-jerk reaction for what happened but to take a long term view of the situation and to lay the foundations for a United Solidarity Movement against Terrorism (USMAT). And as a first step from the US is to set aside an initial fund for the USMAT.

    Like Polio and Smallpox, target should be to lay the foundation for the eradication of terrorism in its entirety from civilized society. Once the safe havens, the fund raisers and the families that provide a warm and comfortable home are identified and targeted the war against terrorism is half won.

    Sri Lanka has bled for the last 20 years from Tamil Tiger Terrorism while the so called civilized world has been urging the beleaguered nation to talk peace with the Terrorists. We wonder where decency is It is time to stop this hypocrisy and tender help to where it matters to stand up to eradicate terrorism.

    Global terrorism should be condemned wherever it is spawned and destroyed wherever it is found.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Haven’t got the time to read all above or write more.
    I must say that Mr Justin Trueadu and Angela Merkel are great leaders who openly advocate Human rights and welcome refugees.
    We have to face facts, where the Tamil population in Canada is formidable which carry some weight in many ways and we must bear that fact.
    We must take some blame for the situation that gave these refugees a right to settle there and if we go on working towards national disunity then it might encourage more people to settle there.
    It is utmost important to make SL a secular state where one religion take preference to rest which is divisive and an obstacle to the well being of the country.
    Separatist terrorist and their diaspora will try to rekindle the conflict again as it is big business, not that they are helpful to the Tamils left behind in the country.
    When there is an ongoing conflict(if they create one),they will exploit that to rally the diaspora that is getting inactive, they will create a refugee situation to bring in ship loads of Tamils from other countries to settle as dislodged Tamils from SL,there is money in it for them.
    I have noticed a case or two of foreign born Tamils investing in partnership with the equally young Sinhalese doing business in SL.So there is a glimmer of hope for the island.
    There fore we must strive for national unity, good governance that will have support of brave two leaders, should our island is ever threatened by an external force as they are the very people who are willing to stand up and counted. We need more of them in this horrible world.
    Those who you settle in Western countries must be mindful of the impending dangers that is building around the corner for you,where likes of Trump may take extreme measures against the minorities with the emerging rightwing parties mushrooming in Europe. What is there to stop if they all decide to ‘cattle’ the minorities in their own lands or even send them out of the their countries? This what happened to the Jews and this fellow had the audacity say the most despicable thing on the anniversary of the holocaust. So let’s celebrate that we still have good leaders and the very uncorruptible judiciary and the enforcement people which is very much lacking at present in Sri Lanka.

  3. vyasan Says:

    I am a Sri Lankan (Tamil) currently living in Canada. I have already posted my comments on FB about the LTTE killing the Muslims in mosque and the silence of the so-called human rights organizations and the western countries that make a hue and cry over the killings of 6 Muslims in Canada last week. As far as the human rights organizations and the western government concerned, anything beneficial to their interests is good for them and anything against their interests is bad for them. Only the people have to realize, and decide as to what is really good for them and bad for them!

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    It is my cognizance that the LTTE have been systematically outlawed and rendered ineffective in Canada.This was done during the Harper Government with Mr Stockwell Day(now retired) leading the charge quite effectively!The Royal Canadian Mounted Police hounded them, dismantled their operations and drove them out of their existences.They may have gone underground as they are not tolerated anymore! Of course there are covert sympathisers( some even within the caucases of both the Liberals and Conservatives ) who are said to be trying to revive the movement with no success.To say that “the present Trudeau regime is mollycoddling them” is unfair and untrue! it was the previous Governments both Conservative and Liberal that did this which had much opposition to it from the multitude of Sri Lankans living in Canada, particularly in Toronto and Montreal.The LTTE are a spent force in Canada as well as Globally- most importantly in Sri Lanka.There is speculation however the India is tolerant of their activities -particularly Tamil Nadu but this is being closely monitored in the best interests of Sri Lanka and the world.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Dear Nimal,

    “It is utmost important to make SL a secular state where one religion take preference to rest which is divisive and an obstacle to the well being of the country.”

    Please go and preach what you say above to USA, UK, France, Germany and other Christian Countries including Norway! Do you know what religion takes precedence in these countries? Did you see Donald Trump taking the oath of Office of the President of the USA? Was he having his hand on the Constitution of America or an ancient religious book called the Bible? Who is the head of the United Kingdom? Can she be of anyother religion let alone another Christian – say a Catholic? Can the King, Prime Minister or other important person in Norway be anybody other than a Lutheran Protestant?

    Same goes for all Islamic countries! These countries protect their identities

    Please understand that it is because of Buddhism that other religions can co-exist. If not Muslims, Hindus and Christians would have decimated each other. The Portuguese prosecuted the Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. The Dutch prosecuted the Catholics – this is how there is a colony of Catholics in the heart of the Kandayan Province – at a place called Wahakotte! This killing is taking place in the same fashion in the 21st Century; it is now happening in the Middle East and now pouring over to Europe and soon to be in the US!

    So please be kind to Buddhists. They have protected all and sundry including all creepy crawlies for millennia. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country for 2600 years and it will have to remain so in the future for the benefit of all including you.

    You should be worthy of your very Buddhist name – Nimal

  6. Nimal Says:

    Dear Rathnapala,
    US,UK,France,Germany are secular countries. Their leaders don’t indulge in religious ceremonies like our leaders. I doubt their people will put up with that stupid nonsense. Most of the representatives of major religions are represented in the upper house to keep the lower house in check where they could have their say in all the bills passed in the lower house. Sadly our reps of our faith is never present to give their opinions.

  7. Lorenzo Says:



    Don’t be fooled by LABELS. They are NOT secular. They are CHRISTIAN!!

    Didn’t you see the BIBLE at the swearing in held recently in USA?

    UK is a Christian country OFFICIALLY not a secular country.
    France too.

    Germany goes a step further!! Ruling party is CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATS!!

    SL too has CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS and HINDUS in parliament.

  8. Nimal Says:

    They are fooling the people, but people take no notice and can’t be bothered.All the people want is accountability, some degree of honesty,etc.They simply cant earn house points by embracing the bible etc

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