Posted on February 6th, 2017

By Dr.Tilak S. Fernando

It was an early night indeed that I went to bed quite early. I could hardly finish my bedtime prayers that I felt as if I got lifted up from the bed and floating up in the air! Was it a dream or an optical illusion? Next, I landed on a screne and peaceful environment. Figures clad in white robes were moving at snail’s pace, holding ‘threesules’ (three-pronged weapons). I stood like a statue frozen with fear. Suddenly an elderly figure, with silky beard and long white hair, appeared before me and whispered tenderly.

Are you a journalist from Sri Lanka”……?

I trembled and mumbled –  ‘Yes, in a kind of way’!

He laughed heartily and said,  a dominant politician in your land is irritated with the local media and has several times come out with obnoxious statements and threats to journalists and institutions alike”!

‘Its true sire, but today everyone enjoys freedom of speech unlike during the ‘white van era’ in the last regime.’

Don’t you agree there are few foxy creatures still, who cross the boundaries often, despite such freedom? – I am the Archangel in Heaven! Let l me introduce to you”.

‘Am I in a dream world’? Thought to myself.

You are in Heaven son; your astral body has travelled as per Almighty’s wishes. Archangel replied to my thoughts in a flash.

Frozen with fright I politely enquired: ‘Why me sire, of all the people in the world’?

For a special reason son! Besides, God is rather disappointed with the current rulers in your land.

At that very moment I saw an Angel ushering a familiar face, a Sri Lankan, clad in European attire  through the portals of Heaven.

Administrative Centre

God’s Superlative Suite was beyond description. Layers of glistening escalators extended to the vacuum and space beyond. The colossal screens of ‘sky- size’ kept on zooming the countries in the world, in and out, every millisecond.

 When the Archangel waved his hand, Sri Lankan scenes appeared in a ‘virtual tour’ immediately. Flashes of Batalanda graves, LTTE terrorists massacring a group of STF intelligent Officers; scores of policemen forced to kneel down and shooting them at point blank range; multiples of other butcheries and assignations and tortures on ‘rebellious’ youth; explosions and destruction to property, Terrorist leader Prabhakaran’s dead body lying at the Nandikal lake-bank; numerous hanky panky election manouvours, along with the scenes of the  last elections in the country and replacement process of the previous regime.

In a jiffy, an intensified light adjusted itself to bearable human eye limits and perched on a glittery throne. Multitude of laser beams focussed on statues of all religious leaders known to man on earth, Buddha, Jesus, Lord Shiva, Prophet Mohammed et al, and deflected from the throne and reflected into the outer space.

Voice of Almighty

Summon the mortal to my presence”! A loving but commanding tone amplified out of the light. I started to bite my nails with fear. Sri Lankan visitor was made to sit right in front of the throne; he had become pale with his facial countenance changed.

How long are you going to take your people for fools? Especially the Leader I chose for you”?

As God’s voice reverberated like thunder, the mortal was dumbfounded and shivered with fear.

You being a Christian should know better about me. Don’t you realise that I can create or destroy anything just by saying, BE”?  That’s why they called me GOD! (Generator, Operator and Destroyer). Get it”?

You cried your heart out and prayed to me, years on end, to afford a chance to lead the country to wards prosperity and make your people happy. You even made a responsible vow to me and swore on countrywide platforms to get rid of the scroungers of the public purse, cheaters and plunderers who led luxurious life styles out of peoples’ money. Then I gave you the thumbs up, afterwards what did you do? Tried all types of monkey pranks with me also ah! Now look what a mess you have got into. All you did was to turn yourself into tyrant and be smart. The worst being you tarnished the image of my choice seemingly in the eyes of people, by turning him into an effigy”!

 You destroyed all my efforts in convincing people to trounce political phonies who thought they would rule forever. I gave you a golden opportunity to lead the country for prosperity, and what did you do instead? Turned into a despot and behaved like a joker and got your name spoilt!  Look at the extent of damage befallen upon you due to your haughtiness in dabbling in a dirty game, which everyone calls it the ‘CB Treasury Bond Scam”!  You did not even listen to my choice when he requested you to refrain from doing silly things. Even he has run out of patience in tolerating you and appointed a Supreme Court Committee to deal with it!  I want them to go pell mel and slate all the cronies connected with it”.

 I helped you to create political history by installing a ‘ unity government’ with my own choice, but today no one cares ‘ tuppence h’penny about you or what your colleagues come out with.  You set up numerous anti-corruption units and created the FCID, which only turned into a political teledrama”!

 I have already earmarked a list of plunderers, swindlers and fraudsters, and all ‘wolfs in sheep’s clothing, including schemers and double-crossers in your own lot, who are enjoying the lap of luxury on earth. In a moment you will be taken and shown how the Hell looks like, and the terrorist Trojan, who once thought he was mightier than God (Me) is crying out for help while burning 24/7 in Hell Fires, then you will realise no one can escape from Me if any leader mistreats his people on earth”.

 I will warn you finally not to indulge in any hanky panky with my choice given to you; just leave him alone to do his job properly, and also refrain from   any attempts of saving or covering up all those charlatans. They need to pay partly for their own sins on earth itself before they come here ! If you do not obey me, I will have no mercy upon you too. Bear one thing in mind. Those Commissions and FCIDs are worthless if you cannot bring those imposters, swindlers and embezzlers to book”.

I expect you to behave like a senior good leader and a gentleman when you get back, and not to be an ignoramus like Lucifer. You need to bear in mind that only pure hearts can enter My Kingdom? I felt sorry for you, that is the reason why I had to call you here, the first mortal ever allowed to enter Heaven to see me in flesh and blood before his death. Hell fires are mind-bogglingly intense and it scorches the entire soul continuously!  Let those who enjoy sensuous worldly pleasures, temporarily out there, and those who think there is no God or a World after death continue until the final day dawns on them. No one is able to visualise what Hell is like until they come and see for themselves

This is my final warning to you to put your nation island in the right perspective and to make people happy. Don’t you ever try to play pranks with Me anymore. I want you to see from your own naked eyes  how the terrorist tyrant, who tried to be too smart with Me, is crying in Hell and seeking forgiveness. Consider yourself to be lucky to have an opportunity to get personal advice from Me, a rare opportunity given to a mortal ever, in My Abode, while alive on earth.”

I could see the Sri Lankan’s face getting reddened in the presence of God’s luminosity. He wanted to utter something, but except an open mouth and a rolling tongue, I couldn’t hear a single word coming out of his mouth.

The next moment God’s sparkling luminous light lifted up and vanished at rocket speed with a huge thud making a spectacular spectrum of conspicuous colours. I jumped out of the bed to the screaming sound of my alarm clock. Was it a real dream ?



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