Tamils should discard their Superiority Complex
Posted on February 27th, 2017


It was indeed delightful to read the article(letter) published in the Lankaweb on 24thFebruary titled Tamils of Sri Lanka and the Mexicans of USA addressed to the American President Mr. Donald Trump by a Sri Lankan Tamil Mr. Kanther Balanathan living in Australia. Mr. Balanathan should be highly commended  for writing this prudent letter to the new American nationalist President enlightening him about the migration of Tamils into Sri Lanka, the fallacy and absurdity of their concocted discriminatory claims, the destruction they caused to and being caused to Sri Lanka and the illegal and anti social activities being carried out by tiger terrorist elements calling themselves as Tamil Diaspora in the United States, Canada, western nations and many other countries.

Writing a letter of this magnitude should in fact have been done by the patriotic elements in Sri Lanka immediately after personalities envious to Sri Lanka such as Obama, Hillary Clinton, Samita Power, Nisha Biswal  and Robert O’Blake became obsolete in the American political arena.  In Mr. Balanathan we find another Tamil Sri Lankan patriot similar to late Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadiragamar who persuaded Western nations to proscribe LTTE as a terrorist organization and we earnestly hope that Mr. Balanathan’s letter will usher in favours to our motherland.

Mr . Balanathan’s letter also has a great value since the pro LTTE elements in Sri Lanka, such as Foreign Minister and western puppet Mangala Samaraweera, the anti Sinhala old hag Chandrika (other two suffixes to her name deliberately deleted to save the dignity of the personalities represented by those names) and ardent LTTE  stooge R.Sambandan have recently made concerted efforts to quench the thirst of the separatists which they could not achieve through the 30 years of a destructive war and hence the former President Mahinda Rajapakse put a complete stop to their day dreams on 18th May 2009.by vanquishing the armed terrorists from the soil of this country.

Although Sri Lanka is not under pressure to enact a new constitution as per the 2015 Geneva Resolution, Mangala has promised Zeid al Hussein to have a new Constitution in place by this year. It is stated that as part of this despicable understanding between Mangala and Zeid al Hussein and his office it would facilitate retroactive prosecution of Sri Lankan war heroes.

In an initiative to get this promise fulfilled Mangala made a lengthy well written and prepared speech on 22nd February.  This speech was facilitated by an adjournment motion moved by Sambandan the so-called nominal and illegal Opposition Leader.. In this speech distorting the history of this country Mangala   claimed that the government’s resolve to bring justice to the victims of human rights violations remain unperturbed, people of this country faced widespread rights violations in the past, and some of these illegal acts were carried out by the persons who were at the helm of powers under President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He said that our country that stood on the cusp of economic development and social progress at the time we gained Independence in 1948, and failed, will not be able to get back on the track of economic and social development and achieve the magnitude of progress that the people justly deserve if we do not find a durable solution to our problems through a new Constitution. It is the Constitution that defines a nation. It is the Constitution that guarantees, among other things, certain rights to minorities, which no other document can do.

Unfortunately he seems to have been suffering from chronic amnesia and have totally forgotten about the continuous sufferings endured by the Sinhala people who lived in the villages referred to as Boarder Villages and those who were in Colombo and other areas without the hope of a tomorrow and afraid of undertaking long journeys in their own country and make visits to Northern and Eastern areas.  Also he seems to be unaware of the plight suffered by the Muslims lived in the North and East.  Does he at least remember the last suicide bomb blast carried out by his esteem LTTE terrorists at Godapitiya in the Matara district (in his own district) in which 11 young prospective politicians (Pradeshiya Sabha members) were killed and the veteran Southern politician Mr. Mahinda Wijeseekera suffered brain injuries and even languishing today solitarily with loss o memories.

He implies that we have obligations to uphold Tamil people’s rights who were victims, return their land, resettle the displaced, strengthen democracy and democratic institutions, repeal discriminatory laws, restore justice, and ensure non-recurrence of conflict.

I do not proceed to comment on the pro-Tamil old hag Chandrika’s statements or Sambandan’s Pariamentary speech because these same utterances we have been hearing for the last several years.  Nonetheless, it is pertinent here to highlight some salient points presented by Mr. Balanathan which completely shatters discriminatory arguments being presented by Tamil separatists and their cronies like Mangala/Ranil/Chandrika and the new joiner to the band wagon eunuch Sirisena

  • Sri Lanka was a Sinhala speaking Buddhist country since 5 BC. Invasions by the Indian non Tamil kingdoms and the Southern Kingdoms befell over several centuries. These invasions resulted in the massacre & carnage of several hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese people over several centuries. These invasions ended with the invaders looting and plundering the assets of the locals, and get back to India.
  • In the 14thcentury a rowdy called, Megha” crawled into the North and established a settlement in Jaffna. N&E settled non-Tamil speaking, Malabar, Karnataka, Marathi, Javanese, Telugus & other minor ethnic groups from India and Java. As Tamil in South India was a link language, those who settled in the N&E spoke Tamil. Today, majority of congenitally imbeciles (Tamils), view that they have been Tamils over thousands of centuries in a country called Elam. The White House historians would agree that Elam” empire was a country/region in the then Persia”, which is now Iran..
  • 70 million Tamils live in Tamil Nadu which is part of India. Tamil population in SriLanka was less than 11% in the 50s. Theminority Tamils in SriLanka are living with a majority complex just because of the 70 million Tamils in India. However, up to the 20th century, Labourers from Tamil Nadu, and Andra kept on sneaking into the North.
  • SriLanka cannot build a wall between India and SL because the two countries are separated by sea. Ie thePalk Strait. This made it easy for the Indians to sneak into SL.
  • Tamils are in every country in Europe, Americas, and SE Asia. They are not political refugees, but, economic refugees (ER). Literates will agree that these ER are better off overseas than in SL because of the living conditions. Once they get permanent residence, they change their names; however, there is a possibility that they becomemissing persons in SL.
  • Whatever Tamil Diaspora claims, we Tamils are illegal migrants into the island since the 14th May be Tamil language is old as 4000 years, however, the language is not old as 4000 years in SL and was not spoken in SL, but in India, Persia, Sumerian and Africa. We Tamils should understand this truth and agree, not boast, and enter in to arguments.
  • With a total population of 20,263,723, the Sinhalese people; 15,173,820, SriLanka Tamils; 2,270,924 and the Indian Tamils; 842,323. On a percentage basis, Sinhalese strength is 74.88%, SL Tamils 11.21%, and Indian Tamils 4.16%.
  • If the Hill country (Tea-growing area) Tamils are merged with the Tamils from the Northern and Eastern Provinces as a Tamil entity, the percentage of Tamils living outside the North and East is 49 %. This means that only 51% live in the North & East.
  • Only 993,741 live in the North. Do we really think that this population need a separate Will that be economically and politically a good attempt to govern in the small country which begs for aid and grants from the west.
  • During the period 1995 – 2009, the 300,000+ Tamils in Vanni were only slave labour hobbled by the LTTE for their own advantage. No Tamil was able to get out of Vanni for fear of facing death. In May 2009, then President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa freed the Tamils from bondage and since then Tamils want a peaceful living.
  • TGTE is an illegal organisation and no one can dispute to proof that at least some members who supported or associates of the LTTE are within the TGTE group. TGTE is neither a community nor social organisation, but it hurls challenges to the sovereignty and integrity of a sovereign republic: SL.
  • TGTE, not only is wasting funds and posing a threat to harmony around the globe, but has created a precedence for other radicals around the world. Just an example: The White House cannot rule out the possibility, in time to come, of Indians/Mexicans creating a Transnational Government of Apache Land, in Canada or any other American countries.
  • It is to be complemented that every country has the right to defend & protect its territory and boarders from invasion by placing its troops at the border, and SriLanka is no exception.
  • Every SriLankan should have the right to live anywhere in SriLanka, and Tamils should not raise their voice and object, because it’s internal demographic movement of citizens. If Tamils can live in the South then Sinhalese people should have every right to live and work in the N&E. SriLanka has given equal rights to every citizen of SL. It’s not clear as to what the Tamils claim as equal rights. Tamils should join the governance and ask for a couple of ministerial portfolios, if Tamils are after power sharing. Tamils should not demand removal of Sinhalese from the North and east, because they have lived there for centuries and it’s our (SriLankans) country.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    The 5 “T”s that cursed SL – TEA, TAMIL (NADUS), TERRORISTS, THEBERUMA and TOBACCO.

  2. Christie Says:

    I don’t know where people get Ideas about Tamils in Africa. They are not different to Tamils all over the world. They are Indian colonial parasites who went their on the back of the British.

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