Human rape by Colonial West – Perpetrators are now Preachers
Posted on February 28th, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

In this day of social media and the advent of information flow, Western countries and Western-government controlled UN are foolish to continue to project themselves as being morally above all others by making baseless allegations, refusing themselves to acknowledge and compensate their own crimes. Rape was a feature of conquest throughout colonial rule and all of the Western nations today pointing fingers had committed crimes far horrendous to what they presently allege against others. Today, EU-employees are churning reports ahead of UN sessions simply to tarnish the image of non-Western nations. The ritual is quite laughable given that these reports are all funded and authorized by the very countries who use the contents of the reports to declare their judgement. It is a pathetic display of how international justice systems continue to be biased and one-sided and calls upon all non-white nations not to accept and not to select western-worshipping stooges and puppets to be their representative at these international forums.

The world was at one time divided between Portugal and Spain. Later joined by France, UK and the Netherlands. Using Papal Bulls Terra Nullius (nobody’s land because they were no Christians) they seized inhabited lands and declared them ‘discovered’ and inflicted upon the natives unheard of and ruthless crimes. Rape was just one of the systematic abuses used.

Ronald Hyam says the expansion of Europe was not only a matter of Christianity and Commerce it was also a matter of copulation & concubinage” adding that ‘sexual opportunities were seized with imperious confidence’ (Empire & Sexuality: The British Experience).

In the eyes of colonizers, Indian bodies were “dirty.” White Californians of the 1860s called Native people “the dirtiest lot of human beings on earth.” Civilizing non-whites became the White Man’s Burden”.

Similarly, Missionaries came with the attitude that all things European were superior to all things African/Asian. Missionaries often failed to distinguish between Christian principles and those of the colonialists. They misused biblical passages.

Women revered by ancient civilizations had their place changed as a consequence of Christian colonial rule. The true history of Jesus Christ was whitewashed, in order to subjugate Black Africans and promote a European male patriarchy. The Victorian concept of women (being confined to the home) began to exclude women from religious, political, and socioeconomic systems all of which previously they had a major say.

Rape and sexual violence became a tool of colonial rule and its legacy continues in all of the post-colonial military interventions of the West. To hide these facts the West enjoys using the apparatus of NGOs, institutions, Missionaries, Charities funded by them to point fingers at others diverting blame from them.

Definition of rape has historically become twisted to favour the white man. It is no exaggeration. The legal system almost always concentrated on proving the innocence of the white males rather than the truth of what occurred. The reputations of the white men mattered more than justice to the victims. The legal system did not entertain versions of the non-white women which served a dual purpose of giving the psychological belief that there was no point in reporting. This became the eventual outcome. Indirect message to women was – do not waste time reporting rape against white men.

This was how the present pro-Western influenced legal system evolved. However, the scenario was the opposite if the perpetrator was a non-white male. The western legal system was one of racist bias. The system allowed the jury to entertain their personal opinions and bias against non-whites. The question we now ask is, what is the quantum of change from the system of original bias? That bias stemmed from the drilled notion that all non-whites were ‘Primitive’ ‘Savage’ and had to be ‘civilized’. The logic of white-man innocent & non-whites guilty revealed in ‘Britania prevails, and does so over a race that may be martial and powerful but is at base savage” (Vilbert) The thought of whites being even questioned for rape of indigenous women was viewed as hilarious. Such was the manner non-whites were mentally treated by the whites.

This gave birth to the superiority complex that lives on in people still – it was part of the colonial administration policy and remains neo-colonial policy of present governments too. So what is the real position of ‘equality’?

Statistical evidence is noteworthy. 2/3 men indicted for rape from 1700 to 1790 and sentenced to hang were blacks, Indians, foreigners or transients (Dayton) Moreover every material on colonial rule is written by the white man who was instrumental in deciding the laws & injustices or justices that prevailed. It was no different to the victor’s trial wherein none of the victors crimes went on trial but all of the loser’s crimes did. The court was by the victors, judged by victors and decisions given by victors!

Therefore, vis a vis the question of colonial rape – historically documented by whites, we seriously have to question the validity of them. Just as we today question the validity of the white-institution funded reports on rape accusing countries they wish to target.

What cannot be omitted from consideration is how entire communities were ‘created’ as a result of mass rape by white men upon indigenous women. No indigenous family would have readily sacrificed their daughters to satisfy the white man’s lust. The question consensual sex would never have existed – consent was not required and refusal meant dire consequences.

Therefore, all of the births as a result of forced sex upon indigenous women remains unaccounted and needs to be shamed. Yet, no white-ruled establishment or institution is even prepared to come to terms with these facts but the same institutions are ever ready to fund reports and make accusations of rape against others. We can no longer accept these double standards and hypocritical bias. Third World Leaders are foolish to accept these allegations until and unless the white man’s crimes are brought to the table first. They cannot simply escape putting forth the argument of these events being past times because when it comes to non-white crimes they pull out every argument they can devise to declare all others guilty.

A vicious circle of crimes ensued – not only were women raped, resulting in a mixed race, they were also kept as concubines, forced into prostitution, used as birthing children for money, enslaved for sex… how has that changed from a new trend of sex tourism where white men return to former colonials to satisfy their lust during their holiday breaks. Most of these men are married and are coming to spend 2 weeks with women in third world countries and it has become a lucrative venture!

The newspapers today accused of being fifth columnists too have a history. When reporting non-white crimes the article headings and bias are clearly visible. It was so during colonial rule and it remains so even now. Report by a Pennsylvania newspaper in 1736. Newspapers concretized the notion of racial bias then and it continues to do so now.

  • “Saturday last was tried here a Negro Man for Ravishing a White Woman near Derby, and is condemn’d to be hang’d”
  • “Last Thursday Night, one James Gale, a Taylor, was sent to our Goal, for committing a rape on the Body of a Child about six Years old.”

So who is guilty of racial identity and racial bias?

British newspapers printed various apparently eyewitness accounts of English women and girls being raped by Indian rebels, but with little physical evidence to support these accounts. Most of these accounts were found to be false. It presents a consistent picture with the charges being currently made.

To cover the crimes perpetrated by colonial rulers throughout the continents that they invaded and inhabited inclusive of the rapes committed are many. However, what needs to be said is that organized rape, systematic rape as part of colonial agenda began with these Western Christian European explorers and were encouraged by the Church for the victims were gullible converts all perfectly fitting the expansionist agenda. All of the systematic crimes committed by colonial ruling governments continue in fine-tuned measures by post-colonial western governments and the entities that cheered them like the newspapers, Church continue the exact same role even now. Therefore, we need to ask ourselves has the world really developed?

Of course, there are enough of fancy named organizations to deal with the victims but how honest are they? Moreover, are these not centres of crimes themselves. The Church has been accused of pedophilia and has been spending billions in court settlements. While, international bodies that are supposed to be neutral, unbiased and equal are everything but these as we can say with confidence that none of the white European crimes either pre-colonial or post-colonial have been given due sentence in the manner that these perpetrators go after non-European targets.

The hypocrisy of Western governments need to be exposed. Their crimes need to be challenged and brought out as many are either ignorant or do not wish to imagine that the white people they revere are capable of committing the crimes that they have under the slogan of ‘civilizing’ the non-white world.

13 Responses to “Human rape by Colonial West – Perpetrators are now Preachers”

  1. Randeniyage Says:

    True, “Perpetrators are now Preachers” but they remain perpetrators undercover, until such action is revealed.

    However, we need to rise above our good past, we cannot keep repeating our glorious past whilst we behave like uncivilised morons.
    It is not sufficient to be morally good, it also need to be seen as a nation value good morals. Unfortunately current situation of lawlesness doen’t prove that.

  2. Nimal Says:

    You can condemn the Colonialists, the western countries, the missionaries till the cows come home but most of the people given a choice will happily settle there and I wonder why?

  3. Charles Says:

    Shenali should be recommended for the highest award for a investigative journalist. There is not many journalists who does what she does.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    A black Pearl, is ONE in a MILLION.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hey Susantha!

    I have a cheap method of converting White Pearls into Black Pearls with Alchemy!

    Want to know how?

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:





  7. Ananda-USA Says:


    I agree with you that Shenali is a pearl beyond comparison.

    Although I have not yet mastered Alchemy, I was intrigued when I accidentally saw a man at a local fair converting White Pearls to Black Pearls!

    He did it by exposing it to a black soot of the flame of a paraffin lamp and then polishing it with a wax impregnated cloth! Came out looking pretty good, as I recall!

    So, does he qualify as a Alchemist?

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    ANANDA ! I thought you were kidding. Yes, people experiment on various things. That is something related to Alchemistry, and ancient people tried these out.

    I wonder whether you could remember the era when Oysters were sold on the Pavements in Ceylon, by the pound, to look for Pearls. The Government, scraped the floor of the Ocean somewhere and brought these Oysters and put it for sale. That would have been some Politicians idea. I remember buying some Oysters to try my luck. Nothing doing.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Shenali takes on the most difficult topics to write about, and we are grateful to her for that.


    Lankans cannot change the world.
    But we can be aware of the facts from the past.

    A campaign of Compassion & Kindness may change entire countries !
    The Core Teachings of all Religions teaches just that.
    Can that happen ?

  10. Christie Says:

    Soon the Sinhalese the untouchables of the island nation will be offering our young girls to be enjoyed by the high caste Indian Colonial Parasite Hindu priests.

    Our women will be killed for not bringing enough dowry in to the marriage.

    Women will be thrown to the funeral pier of the husband.

    Any good looking women whose husband has died will be offered to Hindu nunneries to be enjoyed by the Brahmans.

    Girls will be aborted before they are born.

  11. Christie Says:

    We were never colonized by the Europeans to the extent that we are colonized by Indians since they came on the back of the Europeans specially the British.

    Time we face the facts and events without relying on Indian sewer.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    All forms of Colonisation must be avoided !

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ideas to stop wars and dissent, avoid Future Shock :

    * Two thirds of the Earth is sea water. Use it !
    * Use the SEA : Build artificial islands for extra space, use desalinated water for purposes of agriculture etc.
    * Can garbage be used converted into strong building blocks for various purposes ? Over to the engineers and other professionals ….
    * Use Human fecal matter as fertilizer wherever possible, for large trees etc.
    * Give FREE birth control material everywhere to stop uncontrolled growth of population.
    * Teach MEDITATION & PATRIOTISM in all schools of Lanka. Wisdom arises through Meditation.
    * That Resources are limited ought to be taught in schools.
    * Soy based meats (flavored to suit palates) made available worldwide.

    Make COMPASSION, KINDNESS & HELPING ALL the watchwords, taught at school level. All exceptional kids/adults should be rewarded for such acts.
    All Human Beings have a longing for Security, Peace & Prosperity – let’s GO for it, make it so !

    (Trying not to sound preachy here !)

    Comments and many more ideas welcome.

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