What Can the Sinhalese do about the Muslim population explosion and land grab?
Posted on March 5th, 2017


5 Mar 2017

In the aftermath of the 1976 Non Aligned Nations Conference in Colombo, one of the ‘distinguished’ attendees Col Gadhafi, gave a radio interview to the local Muslims. (See Radio Ceylon Transcripts of 1976) On this occasion he inquired from them about their demographics in Sri Lanka and gave them the following advice and guide lines:

  1. To increase their population from what was around 7% at that time
  2. To buy land alongside major roads – Economic arteries that emanate from major economic centres
  3. To construct mosques so that the call to prayer ( Azan) can be heard from the next mosque

It is in this background and context we have to understand how far the Muslims have come since 1976.

Population has increased from around 5% to now near 10%! They have been on a rush to multiply with polygamy, indiscriminate and runaway breeding. This increase is facilitated by funding for such practices from the Middle East. Increase in numbers has also brought about a new militancy in challenging the indigenous Buddhist Culture, Buddhism and the Sinhalese.

As for the purchase of land they have over achieved what Col Gadhafi wanted them to realize. One only has to go along the major road arteries that emanate from Colombo or other major cities to understand this creepy crawly encroachment – on either side of these roads to find out who owns these trading establishments. Over and above these one has to look at what is happening to the suburbs of Colombo – all prime land is being bought over by Muslims to make a clean sweep of Colombo and her environs. Then it goes to other areas down the southern coast line – Wadduwa, Kaluthara Beruwala Aluthgama. Even 30 years ago in some areas it was only the village temple that was left after Muslim encroachment.  Today I believe after the demise of the temple priest the temple land too is in their hands.

Mosques are mushrooming all over the island, apparently there is a mosque for every 50 Muslim families in the island. In total they now outnumber all the Buddhist Temples and Hindu Kovils.

In Colombo the most tax money invested city in the island, Sinhalese are loosing ownership to Muslims who did not even have a right to own land in Sri Lanka prior to 1815! A city and all its modern infrastructure that is built with tax payer funds are passing slowly into the hands of an exclusive and predatory community – the Muslims. One needs only venture out into the city public spaces to see who really ‘enjoys’ the high standard of living that Colombo has over the rest of the country! They are there in the hotels, restaurants, other eateries, high end shops, other places of entertainment and in the parks, because they are the only ones who can now afford such luxuries being a parasitic community that preys on the host through trade monopolization. These are the scenes that face those who are leaving the city in the evenings in packed buses breathing diesel fumes after a hard day’s work quite apathetic to what is happening to them and their heritage.

Now that Muslims have cornered the inner-city, gradually they are moving onto city outskirts in a deliberate and methodical way displacing Sinhalese street by street by street! They follow the law of the land where it is convenient and find all the loop holes to creep through to buy land quite legally – that is under the current laws which are quite unfavorable to the Sinhalese. They also use their political clout being an influential minority and capable of being the kingmaker in Sri Lankan politics.

Currently areas around Dehiwala, Galkissa – Mt Lavinia, Kalubowila are under intense attack; other areas around Colombo too are similarly attacked the difference is only in the degree. Large contingents of Maldivian Muslims seem to prefer this area. People have reported seeing foreigners in Islamic attire being ‘very busy’ at all time of the day in these areas – purchase of land and building of mosques are going a pace.

Can this sort of uncontrolled change of demographics lead to Reconciliation? There must be a mix of ethnicities and communities if Sri Lanka is to have real reconciliation and long term peace. Construction of exclusive enclaves by displacing the native is the agenda.  What this leaves the Sinhalese is only taking up arms to reclaim their homeland and heritage. A friend of mine who recently returned from Sri Lanka having visited his wife’s house in Waidya Road, Mt Lavinia mentioned to me that this street is unrecognizable from what it was 20 years before and now almost entirely Muslim! Another friend of mine who is living abroad and has his parental house in Dickmans Road, is having a court case with a Muslim man in the adjoining land, who claims a half of his parapet wall as belonging to him. This is a classic case of a Bedum Naduwa where the weaker party gets overwhelmed, as  owners of this – property  living abroad cannot participate in lengthy court proceedings. Eventually frustrated owners will sell the land to the Muslim who will go on to ‘offer’ a ‘good’ price for the land and property.

One by one the pieces of the checker board turn Islamic Green! In Colombo and its environs, as it is in a multiplicity of other major cities towns and suburbs, Sinhalese are replaced at an ever increasing pace as more and more land – real estate is passing hands from Sinhalese to Muslim for rupees which only has a transient value. This is going a pace in a street my street manner and as we speak and no politician of ‘worth of his traitorous self’ will ever touch this subject for the fear of loosing Muslim votes.   The root cause for all this is the division of Sinhalese between two traitorous political parties the UNP and the SLFP. Unless Sinhalese understand the calamity that is waiting to happen and unite there will not be any place left on our motherland for them. It is time Sinhalese whether they are Buddhist, Christian or other who share a common history and culture unite to save their motherland end up from being another Sharialand!

The problem is where does all this leave the Sinhalese. Even the Maldivian Muslims and others who mysteriously appear in Sri Lanka in the garb of refugees, whose legal status is if at all dubious, mainly go for land in Colombo and suburbs the most developed part of the island pushing the Sinhalese out. The secret is that Colombo and other major cities are money making centers which allow these foreigners to ‘get rich’ quickly because they are backed by rich and powerful minority conglomerates. The recent Central Bank Bond Scam is a clear case in point, where an entity such as Perpetual Treasuries with just the right ‘connections to powerful personnel’ in high places, managed by a few and operated from a small office in Colombo made huge ‘profits’ that surpass the profits of all other enterprises who hire tens of thousands of employees, operating from hundreds of offices maneuvering large scale logistical operations!

In Kandy, Muslims have ‘ring circled’ the Temple of the Tooth – Dalada Maligawa with clever purchasing of land from unpatriotic Buddhist Priests and other landowners. A mosque built on land leased out by the Temple is now getting ready to rival the very pinnacle of Buddhist faith in Sri Lanka! Can this or anything close to this ever happen in a Muslim country? Can somebody carry even a postcard depicting Lord Buddha to Saudi Arabia let alone Maldives?

Ring circling of Buddhist places of worship is now happening all over Sri Lanka; Kuragala, Dambulla, Kekirawa, Matale, Polonnaruwa, Mawanella –  to name only a few. At Kuragala they are extending the territory by burying their dead in the adjoining government lands – another ploy they use to capture land!

Surely time has come for the Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka to be more assertive and protect what is their own if it is only for the sake of their sons and daughters let alone their long and much revered 2600 year old heritage! It is apparent that mere protesting and petitioning the powers that be, has left the Sinhalese leaderless and helpless.

Creations of little ‘Bantustans’ are happening all over Sri Lanka mainly with small Muslim communities to begin with, which later expand by uncontrolled breeding, the purchase of adjoining land and the building of mosques. Movement of Muslim enterprises to purchase prime land in economic zones is going a pace. Many a little shop in Colombo as well as in other major cities and towns with Sinhala sounding name boards in front are in fact owned and operated by Muslim enterprises. No wonder Muslims are not interested in getting parts of the country to themselves, when their aim is to conquer and acquire the whole island for themselves and Islam!

Already in the East, Buddhist places of worship are being desecrated and Buddhist land occupied while a hapless government is looking askance. All this is happening in a majority Buddhist country where the minorities are making inroads to erase our history and our relationship to our past in the North and East. Sinhalese are like ‘lambs to slaughter’ waiting and hoping while loosing ground while sands of time are passing by pushing them inch by inch towards oblivion. This is the generation that is going to willingly give up what is theirs without a whimper. Can this happen in any other self respecting country other than Sri Lanka?

In the West Wilpattu wild life sanctuary is already being bulldozed making land for Muslims settlements. How many of these are illegal immigrants, the government has no clue.  Elsewhere in the country they are buying up land in all economic centers as well as cornering all businesses under their control. Today they control most of wholesale economy and what the Sinhala trader does is just the drip of what they can get out of retail trade – outcome of which is very much determined at a higher level by the wholesaler.

All political parties are in there to grab power at whatever cost to the nation. So far in our recent politics we see how Muslim politicians position themselves to be part of any government in power and always end up by being rewarded by ‘plum, influential and moneymaking’ ministries. In all these and all the while it is the Sinhalese who are loosing ground in their age old homestead – Sinhale now Sri Lanka!

In other parts of the world where they have become a reasonable size community they have not failed to bring about Muslim law of Sharia and inconvenience members of those not belonging to their community. This has happened in Europe – the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria to name just a few countries who are waking up to this reality of Muslim invasion. Imagine if they were able to challenge the British in Birmingham – the very heart of English land and try to impose Sharia, what they will do to Sri Lanka.

Singapore a small enclave squeezed between two giant Muslim nations – Malaysia and Indonesia – the then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew saw to it to balance the ethnic mix in order to keep the peace as well as do justice by all communities. Not even a mere housing complex escaped his dictates and Singapore maintains its diversity without any community falling prey to another. In Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese has been loosing ground ever since they lost their independence in 1815 and in a much more insidious manner since gaining Independence from the British in 1948 by being caught is a big lie called Democracy and Human Rights. Sri Lanka has been left with a bunch of uneducated and corrupt politicians stealing the nations wealth.

There is a bright star in the horizon with the ascendency of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the US. He is a realist who has ‘seen through’ the illusion of Democracy and Human Rights and understands better the nationalistic realities from Europe, Russia to Asia. These countries have realized they are about to loose their land and culture to predatory Islamist and their creed Jihadist Islam and from now onwards have a sympathetic ear in Washington. He understands the mechanics of Islamic Terrorism and what their international goals are. It is time patriots in Sri Lanka sought his ear and understanding for all the inequities Sri Lanka has been receiving at the hands of the Hillary / Obama led US Administration, UN and other liberal ‘democracies’ in Europe.

Sinhalese must have in-built safeguards to protect their land. The Tamils have Thesavalamai in the North and Muslims have the Mukkuwa Law in the East where they are numerically dominant in historically recent enclaves to protect their interests. Sinhalese have nothing comparable to safeguard the land they fought to keep as on entity for over two millennia and very recently from Racist Tamils who were fighting for a third of the land and 2/3 of the seaboard. All what Sinhalese are doing are fighting prairie fires here and there and not addressing bigger problem

This discussion must commence in earnest if Sinhalese are to survive in their motherland! What if all of a sudden the oil rich middle eastern countries decide to invest a Billion Dollars to change the demography of Colombo and decide to buy off Colombo and other centers of commerce? Do we have an answer?  Here I am trying highlight by fast forwarding what is already happening around the country albeit at a slower but accelerating pace.

What is the ultimate intent? It is total domination. It is not asking for a part of the country like the racist Tamils. When the population reaches 10%, conversion to Islam will increase exponentially. Already they are marrying off poor Sinhala girls with the intent of making a bastardized nation of Muslim Sinhalese. This is how countries like Indonesia and Malaysia got converted to Islam. It is a fight to the finish with nothing held back – intimidation, persuasion, through marriage, through terrorism – you name it, it is happening under our very noses!

It is in the Koran – how to deceive the infidel and to conquer!

Sinhalese need a clear policy with respect to land. Sri Lanka will never achieve peaceful co-existence unless there is equitable distribution of the majority Sinhalese in all areas of the island. It is paramount to prevent exclusive enclaves – which finally end up as breeding grounds to extremists.

55 Responses to “What Can the Sinhalese do about the Muslim population explosion and land grab?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Ratanapala.

    “The root cause for all this is the division of Sinhalese between two traitorous political parties the UNP and the SLFP”.

    And these 2 CLOWN PARTIES will remain forever as long as DEMO-CRAZY remains.

    The ONLY solution is a MILITARY-SANGHA takeover, FIX the system and hand back power to elections. There is NO time or point in postponing this any longer.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Here we go again!

    The EELAMIST CLOWN Katussa (Lorenzo) stoking tge fire if a Military takeover!

    An EELAMIST AGITATOR striving to convert Sri Lanka into another LAWLESS SOMALIA by pitting its most patriotic forces against the people of the country, so his EELAMIST Masters can achieve their EELAM!

    He does not want to acknowledge that the PEOPLE ARE SOVEREIGN in Sri Lanka, and the Armed Forces are LEGALLY & DUTY BOUND to serve the People at the behest of their elected government.

    The solution is not to INCITE military coup-de-etats as this ENEMY RABBLE ROUSER advocates, but for the PEOPLE to OUST the Yamapalanaya and RESTORE a Patriotic Government through DEMOCRATIC PEACEFUL MEANS!

  3. Christie Says:

    Another diversion to lead us to be a full pledged colony of India. The Malay Nadu breed like rabbits and are no go areas for Sinhalese be they are Buddhists, Muslims or Christians.

    Once I asked about Indian breeding from heads of Hela Urumaya. They brushed it off.

  4. Christie Says:

    Only fools think that the Indians (Tamils) are after part of the country. They occupy North, East, West and the Hill country.

    Let us solve one problem first then the other. Let us have more children.

    It is the Indians who have divided us. It is the Indian puppets like Bandas, Quarter Indian JR who are destroying Sinhalese.

  5. Christie Says:

    The only solution is Sinhalese to unite and stand up to the Indian Empire.

    This attack on Sinhala Muslims is another part of the Indian plan to kill more and more Sinhalese. Please do not fall in to the trap.

  6. Christie Says:

    Kovils are mushrooming. Jallikattu bulls are roaming the country. Indian rice is pushed down the throats.Thaipongal is celebrated all over the country. Thaipongal invitations are printed in English.

    Land in Colombo are given to Indians.

    These attacks on Muslims are a part of the Indian Empire.

  7. Sirih Says:

    Die hard MR supports should ask why MR gave SL residency to rich maldive island thamb’s foot hold in SL after paying kappan to MR ?
    Take statistics around colombo and start with Havelock city apartment block… Some of these thamb’s owned 3 to 4 apartments worth 3-4 million dollars.
    I can give more details on MR and he is nothing but a crook and his sons as well. War was won due to Goth’s management and getting a central command with proper warriors on leadership role and has nothing to do with the MR, the crook. Gotha also tap into SL expats who are experts in high tech area.. I was instrumental in getting very sensitive equipment to SL via Israel since they are US hardware and SL was black listed since they are very sensitive hardware. Also involved with Prabha’s communication intercept.

    I like to request SL expats to retune their Moral Compass to support our poor people rather than supporting a crooked family with mafia head.

  8. Wetta Says:

    It is unfortunate to see some commentators here try to hijack the topic to revive their bankrupt political agendas.

    If someone knows (if knows better than so self claimed Ranil, Sirisena, Ravi and Rajitha et at) that MR is a crook (and if more crooked than the daylight bank robber Ranil and his stealing co-horts and servants Srisena and Rajitha, Ravi et at), I wonder why that person is not proving it at courts rather than doing the laughable Lamborghinis and golden horses all over again. It has now become a joke in Sri Lanka, and some shameless and spineless are still trying to get highlighted as jokers.

    Chatura Senaratne may also join challenging that he has personally involved in obtaining very high tech, top secret military equipment by Americans to defeat LTTE, before anyone else could even dream of. I know, every successful result has many fathers ! Otherwise it is an orphan.

    Sometimes I like to see some people (or rather little kids) become happy in their own illusions ! For that purpose I would say, yes , you are right, MR didn’t do anything to make the war winnable (quote: “has nothing to do with the MR”). He didn’t do anything good to the country, Only the current crooks, oh! sorry, the war winning heroes (Millennium City was only a fiction) made the country a haven, economy is booming by the day, over employed, food is dirt cheap if not free, law is supreme in fact the police stations are becoming redundant, the word “corruption” has been taken off the dictionary, people and companies in the west are queuing up at Sri Lankan high commission offices applying to migrate to Sri Lanka with their businesses, in fact Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton also were seen in a queue. Happy ? OK? Time to go to bed, happily, sweet dreams !

  9. Dilrook Says:

    It seems more and more that the Indian Model suits Sinhalas more than anything else.

    Obviously, no devolution is the best. However, such ideals have no support. Confining Tamils to the north and Muslims to the east while allowing conforming Tamils and Muslims elsewhere seems to be the way forward. I can hear the idealists screaming for the entirety. What they fail to understand is their stand is not supported in parliament and 13A (and devolution) are here to stay.

    The Indian model succeeded in saving land, culture, language, etc. of the Hindi majority from aggressive and expansive minorities. 13A on the other hand divided the majority into seven provinces, disallowed the protection of majority interests and massively allowed the expansion of minorities into all provinces of the country while holding the north and east firmly for them only.

    Strong opposition for the Indian model by Izeth Hussain (and TNA) only confirms this.

    The biggest advantage of the Indian model is it doesn’t allow for Tamils’ “little now, more later” strategy. Expansion into others rights is not allowed under the Indian model. If it works for 73 million Tamils and 150 million Muslims, I see no reason why Tamils and Muslims in Sri Lanka (3 million and 2 million respectively) cannot live under it.

    However, most Sinhalas would rather dream of the million dollar jackpot (no devolution) in future while living in poverty than sweat for one hundred thousand rupees today. In another 10 years’ their plight would have worsened but the ideal will remain.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:


    Well said indeed!

    Sarcasm at its best fruitfully and appropriately deployed!

  11. aloy Says:


    ” people and companies in the west are queuing up at Sri Lankan high commission offices applying to migrate to Sri Lanka with their businesses”.

    Go to 4th floor of new immigration office in Battaramulla. You will understand the situation. You have to wait in long queue to pay Rs. 300,000.00 for each person to get the dual citizenship. The place is full the whole day mostly with Muslims and Tamils. They know the value. I have been there twice recently.

  12. aloy Says:


    “Sarcasm at its best fruitfully and appropriately deployed!”

    “Sarcasm”, my foot. They say Sinhalaya modaya for nothing. You are wasting your time in a useless bring back MR campaign that will not bear fruit. He was defeated twice; he may not even get a chance to contest again if My3 plays his cards correctly.

    You are sitting in a land of opportunity with all your talents unutilized. See how even 28 year olds are becoming multi billionaires in that country. The two university guys of ‘SnapChat’ is a case in point. They developed it when they were in Stanford. Google the name Chamath Palihapitiya and see how he became a billionaire even before he was 30 years and watch the interview in his uni on utube.

    Talents of our youths in our country too are being stunted by cleverly manipulating them into politics. This time by RW on somebody’s behalf on a non existing problem on SAITM. They do not even know that some people are manipulating them. perhaps the creativity of anybody is at peak during that time and it is a crime to mislead them.
    You have to stop insulting others who do not subscribe to your views.


  13. Ananda-USA Says:


    Sorry, but you are wrong in saying that cep ring the13th Amendment is HTE TO STSY. Nothing coukd be further from the TRUTH!

    The13th Amendment MUST BE REPEALED, and the Provincial Councils DISSOLVED for Sri Lanka to SURVIVE and THRIVE as a Sovereign Unitary nation.

    Not long ago some said, “Accept that Prabhakaran and Tamil EELAM is HERE TO STAY” and COMPROMISE!

    That turned out to be so much HORSE MANURE, just as keeping the 13th Amendment and the Provincial Governments will prove to be, if only the Patriots of Sri Lanka stay UNITED in their course in opposition to BOTH.

    Out of the BLUE, from the DARKEST DEPTHS OF DESPAIR arose a Patriotic Government in 2006 to put to rest the negativity ….THAT NOTHING CAN BE DONE ….the orchestrated Horse Manure of the apologists for appeasing the separatists.

    Even in the midst of the Military Offensive against vaunted LTTE, those DEFEATISTS chanted “Pankada not Alimankada”, “Medawachchiya not Kilinochchiya”, “Koheda Yanney Malley Pol” etc etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam!

    One Indian military expert, a former RAW operative responsible for setting up the Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka, pontificated with absolute certainty with hid “infallible superior mlitary knowledge” that “Kilinochchi will be the Stalingrad of the Sri Lanka Army”, and had to abjectly eat his own words!

    What made the DIFFERENCE was courageous troops ably led by a committed visionary and skilled military leadership honed by Dr Adès of war, and a patriotic government committed to its people and dedicated to supporting the Armed Forces in the field of battle!

    And the WORLD STOOD STILL and gaped in AWE at what was accomplished! That was our finest hour since INDEPENDENCE wrought in thd fire of sheer will, determination and patriotim!

    In short, NOTHING IS BEYOND OUR ABILITIES AND OUR MEANS, if only we are of ONE MIND to preserve intact our Motherland.

    Neither India, nor the Western Neocolonialists arrayed against us, can prevail if we have the necessary RESOLVE to defend, protect our Motherland and develop it to GREATNESS!

    Are you READY to join in this effort, or are you going to SPEW DEFEATIST SLOGANS just as the UNP and CBK-led SLFP governments did before the MR/UPFA government came to power?

    We will REAP what we SOW. Let us not lose heart now, and NOT COUNSEL APPEASEMENT of the SEPARATISTS in the middle of the battle!

  14. AnuD Says:

    How did Lord buddha win among very hostile Brahmins ?

    Reach to the lay people and help them and convert.

    Sangha can do a lot, militay can help.

  15. Ananda-USA Says:


    What makes you so certain that MR won’t come back? Do you have an infallible crystal ball?Or are you are just speculating because of your bias against MR! I think you are!

    What makes you so certain that “I am just sitting in the land of opportunity with my talents underutilized”? How do you know that? I have achieved everything I have set out to do as a young man, and my skills have been successfully used to the maximum. I am now approaching the end of my days, and focusing on helping people far less fortunate than I am in the land of my birth. There is nothing that I want to “achieve” for myself anymore! Thank you for trying to motivate me, but I been there and finished with that!

    Please don’t advise me on what to do, and what not to do; just mind your own business, if you can’t support the patriots! I do not insult those who do not subscribe to my views in general, but I make an exception for one HYPOCRITE, OUTRIGHT SERIAL LIAR and dangerous AGITATOR here who deserves everything I say.

  16. Randeniyage Says:

    “Already in the East, Buddhist places of worship are being desecrated and Buddhist land occupied while a hapless government is looking askance. “

    Not only in the east.

    I am involved in a project to support “Asiri kanda Purana Viharaya” in Arisi Male. Here, a land of 500 acres were allocated to Sangha by Cyril Matthew back in late eighties. However due to the ware 35 Sinhala familes were chased out and even after the war ended they have not given any land nearby. There are very aincient Buddhist Gal Guha and arteffects seen in this are and no Sinhala family to get support for any possible forrest monks to be supported. Curent monk is from Hambantota and only our armed forces are there to support him. 9000 muslims have complained togovernement asking for their land. Muslims are going to get rid of all Buddhist evidence unless we re-establish both a forrest monastery and Sinhala villages.

  17. Dilrook Says:


    What is the timeframe? Will 13A be repealed within the next 5 years? I don’t think so. Not even the next 10 years.

    By the time it is removed (if ever), minorities would have consolidated their stranglehold in Colombo, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya Districts making good use of 13A. Then it becomes even more difficult to repeal it.

    The war was different. The longer the war went, the lower the number of Tamils remained in Sri Lanka as a percentage. Tamil numbers reduced in the north and east depleting LTTE’ recruitment drive.

  18. Ananda-USA Says:


    I don’t have a crystal ball to predict when 13A can be repealed.

    But, what I DO KNOW is that the 13A MUST BE REPEALED and ALL ELECTED SUB-NATIONAL local governments eliminated.

    To that end, the Patriotic Forces must come together and Elect a Patriotic Government without UNP participation.

    Given the divisions and centrifugal forces that exist in Sri Lanka it is a DEATH SENTENCE to allow any ELECTED Sub-National local governments, like the Provincial Councils, to survive in Sri Lanja.

  19. Ratanapala Says:

    Dear Friends,

    Muslim population explosion and land grab is an existential that is ever present and evolving fast into Jihadist Terrorism. It is true there are other threats including resurgent LTTE and Tamil Racist plot to carve out Eelam out of Sri Lanka. If we wait for one to finish before tackling the other there will not be any Sri Lanka left for the Sinhalese.

    Therefore please do not digress from the central theme of this article and fill up the discussion space with lengthy diatribes not relevant to the subject. If you continue to do this you become part of the problem.

    I have nothing against either Muslims or Tamils. It is the unhealthy change of demographics and land ownership that will portend future anarchy, bloodshed and irreversible change that needs to be avoided with foresight and wisdom.

    Those countries that did are prospering – e.g. Singapore and even India.

    Unhealthy minority demands that should have been nipped in the bud, but not done due to petty political gain, have come to haunt us big time. We managed to contain one – Tamil Tiger Terrorism but new seedlings of future Jihadist Terrorism and Tamil Racist Terrorism still continue to grow under our feet while politicians continue fratricidal warfare among the Sinhalese.

    Please continue the conversation within context!

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    I think I have come across you around 2008. I was in a similar role but junior. We worked without pay for the MOTHERLAND convincing some people with lowest possible IQ in the establishment. It was like turning a SHIP. GR was the PILLAR of strength and GUIDE. I enormously respect the man. NO ONE else.

    Then you LOSE HEART when some top guys are not as committed as you AFTER 2010. Govt. MESSED UP the war crimes thing. C4 thing. PR thing losing all talent within just 1 year!!

    Now you and I are TRAITORS and even the poodle of politicians that supposed to have won the war are PATRIOTS. Even KP is a patriot!

    What you said is 100% true. When you say that some people come to FIGHT you.

    Our ONLY HOPE within the system is GR. Honestly I have GIVEN UP on the system. It will NOT let GR come to power. Few days ago he said he will NOT accept any position in the next govt. That is the END of SL.

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    I’m with you on 13 amendment. SCRAP IT! NO compromise. NO Tamil Madu model. NO nonsense. NO gimmicks.

    But WHO will do it?

    NOT MR. He made it clear he will NEVER scrap it.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    Dear K Wettasinghe,

    FYI he is NOT a fake. He is real. He played a genuine VOLUNTARY ROLE in what he claims.

    Appreciate you exposing YAMAPALANAYA corruption.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    Apologies Ratanapala. Will do some research and get back.

  24. Ananda-USA Says:

    The first thing that should be done is to DEPORT ALL MALDIVIAN back to the Maldives!

    The Maldivian are Islamic Fanatics of the Wahhabi sect. They destroy all Buddhist monuments there, ban land ownership in the Maldives by nkn-Muslims and are buying up property in Sri Lanka in case the Maldives goes under water due to the rising ocean levels.

    But, they are a destabilizing element when they settle in Sri Lanka because they bring their Wahhabi attitudes with them and add to the Muslim fanatics with separatist tendencies in Sri Lanka.

    More generally, the grant of dual-citizenship to those inimical to Sri Lanka should be stopped, and closely regulated it as it was under the MR/UPFA GOSL. Now, the floodgates are WIDE-OPEN to all EELAMISTS, Wahhabis, and Christian Missionaries.

    In fact, Sri Lankan residency is being sold to anyone who can invest 300,000 USD in Sri Lanka for a specified time, diluting thd citizenship of the Bhoomiputrayas and their share of the patrimony of their ancestors.

    If this continues unabated, Sri Lsnka will become like the Hawaiian Islands, where are once proud sovereign people eke out a threadbare living in the backwoods of the country, while the glittering tourist palaces and casinos are owned by American from the continent and the descendants of the Christian Missionaries who helped to steal the land and dispossess the native Hawaiians. You see the native Hawaiians today only when they are trotted out to welcome the foreign tourists with their Hula Dances. Otherwise, they are the hewers of wood and drawers of water laboring in the hotels makjnv money for the true owners of their beautiful land that they once owned in its entirety.

    If the slow and steady alienation of our Motherland is not stopped soon, we too will become second class renters in our own land trotted out to perform Kandyan Dances for foreign tourists in palatial hotels owned by johnnys-come-lately foreigners.

  25. Ananda-USA Says:


    You have written a very important article to waken the Sinhala people to the looming threat of the Islamic invasion and conversion of Sri Lanka.

    Probably the greatest driver of this invasion are the vast financial resources available to the Wahhabi Muslims from the Persian Gulf countries.

    Our weakness in combating it is also related to the Persian Gulf: too many of our expatriate workers are employed in Persian Gulf countries and Sri Lanka is heavily dependent on their remittances to their families.

    Sri Lanka cannot take any action to contain the flood of Wahhabi money into Sri Lsnka without alienating the Wahhabi Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.

    This highlights why the recent REGIME CHANGE that gutted Sri Lanka’s drive to become the economically strong New Wonder of Asia was such a BODY BLOW to the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka.

    As you say, the Patriotic movements of Sri Lanka should get together and send a DEPUTATION to meet with President Donald Trump and seek his help to contain this Wahhabi Muslim onslaught on Sri Lanka.

    While successive past US Governments have undermined Sri Lanka favouring the EELAMIST Tamil.Diaspora, the Wahhabi Muslims have made hay invading and occupying Sri Lanka.

    President Donald Trump must be alerted to this threat, and made to recognize that it is a threat not only to Sri Lsnka but also to the United States, in the long run.

    In that context, he should be alerted that undermining the Patritic Forces of the Songals Buddhist community of Sri Lanka to placate the EELAMIST Tamils, will only ensure that Sri Lanka will fall into the Wahabit Muslim orbit, which will ultimately be a much greater threat to the interests of the United States.

    In this way, it may be possible to get the United States stop it’s past witch hunts against Sri Lanka, and help Sri Lanka REMAIN a Sinhala Buddhist majority dominated DEMOCRACY ALLIED to the United States!

  26. Ratanapala Says:

    Agree with you Ananda. Sinhalese need a highly protracted strategy – domestic and foreign. Thanks

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    Trump is NOT going to help us. He only deports Muslims from USA.
    Chasing away Maldivians is NOT the solution. They will retaliate and BAN our hotels in Maldives. We can RESTRICT new Maldivians.

    This is what we should do.

    1. IMPROVE our intel for any signs of EXTREMISM. ELIMINATE them with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

    2. BAN killing bulls and cows for BEEF or importing BEEF.

    3. BAN public prayers MAKING NOISE.

    4. BAN polygamy.

    5. PIT Tamil extremists against Muslim extremists (Paul Harris’ strategy). Both are GREEDY and trying to take over Colombo, Negombo, Kandy, etc. PIT them against each other. Endia and Pakistan will finance rival groups.

    6. Singahalas must vote ONLY for politicians PROMISING to TAME radical ISLAMISTS and SCRAP 13 amendment. NO VOTING for any other politician no matter what. Politicians are greedy. They will do ANYTHING to get votes.

    7. CONSULT experts in TAMING Islamic extremists like ISRAEL and JAPAN.

    8. Investigate TAX frauds of Muslims (like the $50 million VAT FRAUD) and punish culprits.

    9. KILL all DRUG dealers. SL’s biggest drug dealers are ALL Muslims.

    10. BAN Islamic baking.

    11. BAN HALAL certificate fees. It should be issued FREE or NO halal certificate.

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    10. BAN Islamic banking.

  29. Christie Says:

    We are fighting among ourselves and demean ourselves. Natives of Indian colonies are called so many names. Sinhalaya Modaya. Malays are Stupid, Fijian Fools etc etc.

    For Indian Imperialists all natives of the colonies are untouchables.

    Why only the Sinhalese are corrupt?

    How come Indian Colonial Parasites are not corrupt.

    Now going back to the topic: “What Can the Sinhalese do about the Muslim population explosion and land grab?”

    Sinhalese have to unite as the majority and that is the answer to this question.

  30. Sirih Says:

    Our personal take is since 1970’s rule of law is not enforced and power politics are at place… Minorities use this as discrimination and they are very corrupt doing so… If we have properly enforced laws we can dictate since minorities have no weapon to use against Sinhalese majority.
    We need to enact strict laws that forbid use of religion or the race as a political tools and also ban NGO’s specially middle east funded ones since it is the wahabi’s that is creating this global muslim resurgence .
    Also need to have island wide ban on muslim religious places that are mushrooming all over the place.

  31. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    That is the motto of SRI LANKA MULTIPLYING COMMUNITY aka SLMC.

    Mussies used this old trick in old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, maldives, bangladesh, malaysia and
    indonesia. Within a few hundred years of their arrival, those countries became mussies. xxxxlam is not just the
    religion of violence it is the fastest breeding religion as well.

    Most Sinhalese couples working and struggle to bring up one child. Meanwhile most mussies doing businesses have
    BABY MACHINE WIVE(S) parked at home churning out mussie offsrping by the lorry loads. So it is AUTOMATIC
    BIRTH CONTROL for the Sinhalese and baby boom for mussies. The Government provides FREE MED and FREE
    EDUCATION. So the mussies keep multiplying. More mussies mean more votes meaning all Sinhalese
    deshapaluwan start licking the mussie back sides. So not a single Sinhala deshapaluwa open his/her mouth to
    protest fearing losing mussie votes. So the mussies multiplication goes unabated and always get away with murder.

    The Government should limit 2 children to a family and stop giving FREE EDUCATION AND FREE MEDICINE after 2
    children to stop the mussie xxxx population explosion. Who is going to do it? Catholic run UNPatriotic party will
    never do any thing to help Sri Lanka, Sinhalese or Buddhism. MR couldn’t take any drastic action as his hands
    were tied since all the mussie countries helped him at the UNHCR. Thanks to traitor tamils and their diasporats
    bogus war crimes allegations.

    It is a very very sad situation. Sri Lanka, Thailand and Mynmar at the mercy of mussie xxxx population explosion at the moment. Mother Lanka with so many enemies (her own) and traitor tamils and mussies going fall into mussie hands unless Sinhalese (including Sinhala modayas who support the catholic-run UNPatriotic party and jaathiya
    vinashakarana party aka jvp) don’t wake up from their deep slumber and get together.


    Sri Lanka is currently run by the biggest traitor ever in the history of the country, traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller. He will only expedite the demise of Mother

    Grateful to Ratanapala for the informative article about the mussie onslaught.

  32. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    At least Sinhala modayas should stop shopping in mussie shops, eating in mussie eateries (without getting steriled).
    That will help to some extent of course.
    Mohideen gebba foresaw the demise of the Sinhalese a long long time ago. Remember this?
    Voba kenda yema sandaha maruwa yeyi soya yeyi soya.

    Mussie will say to Sinhala modaya
    Yepila maathiya yemada koronawa?
    And Sinhala modayas think thambi mudalali gave his word and keep it. But what the modayas don’t know is mussie
    don’t know the meaning of it.

  33. ranjit Says:

    When will our Sinhala modayas will learn about these evil rattle snakes Muslims and Tamils and get united to stop them taking over our beloved Motherland. Who can be our bold leader who will dare to scrap 13 completely period. Let’s have hope.

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Christie.
    The SINHALA people have to UNITE. I must add : UNITE with true PATRIOTISM TO SAVE THEIR COUNTRY in many ways as possible, without killing anyone.

    How can this be done ?

  35. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  36. Ananda-USA Says:


    Thank you for that. You asked me to do a Google searCH, but nothing came up on Ratana Thero’s recent ABOUTFACE on devolving land and police powers to PCs!

    In 2013, he is on record demanding that 13A be REPEALED!

    Can you please post the exact hyperlink here again?

  37. Randeniyage Says:

    Church inside Wilpattu: Remains unsolved

    Nine ‘illegal’ contructions built duing past 3 years without DWC permission

    Six acres to be officially handed over to the church from Wilpattu Lands

    Environmentalists complained to Vatican Embassy against Chilaw Boship

    The Pallekandal Catholic Church inside Wilpattu National Park made headlines after environmentalists raised concern that the constructions of the church were being expanded, destroying the natural beauty of Willpattu forest.

    Despite environmentalists having held many conferences to raise public awareness and inform responsible government authorities, no action was taken by the relevant authorities. The church is believed to have religious and historical significance since the days of Indian Catholic Missionary Joseph Vaz before the establishment of Wilpattu as a National Park in 1938.

    According to an announcement by the Roman Catholic Church, Joseph Vaz who came to Sri Lanka in 1687 had visited Pallekandal and put up a little chapel. The chapel has now been revamped and is handled by the Parish Priest of St. Jude’s Church, Wanathawilluwa Father Prabath Sanjaya under the purview of the Chilaw Bishop Valence Mendis. A small scale feast was annualy held at the Pallekandal shrine with a little number of villagers who set up temporary shelters, which were taken down after the feast. However, according to environmentalists’ claims, the church running within an area of less than a quarter of an acre, started to be expanded and renovated, causing damage to the wildlife in Wilpattu after 2011.

    Aerial view of the Pallenkandel Shrine inside the Wilpattu Park. Courtesy EFL

    Expanded church premises

    Pix by Pradeep Pathirana

    The Daily Mirror received a comprehensive document prepared by the Wanathawilluwa Divisional Secretary’s Office regarding pre and post activities of the Pallekandal feast held in July, 2016.

    The main mass of the Pallekandal Church was planned through discussions with the Deputy Minister of the Tourism Development & Christian Religious Affairs Arundika Fernando in May, 2016.

    During the discussions, issues pertaining to the devotees such as how to control the vehicle traffic, where to park the vehicles, arrange space to park them, repair work of the road used by devotees, building temporary toilets, providing food and drinking water facilities, constructing stalls, emergency health requirements etc. were focused.

    The repairing of the Puttalam-Mannar Road was done by the Road Development Authority (RDA) upon directions given by the Deputy Minister.

    In June, 2016, giant water tanks were placed at the church premises after clearing the trees and plants in that particular area.

    The places where tents were set up during the feast

    Another document prepared by the Parish Priest of Wanathawilluwa St. Jude’s Church Father Prabath Sanjaya also stated that the Puttalam-Mannar road was expanded by the RDA so that two vehicles could travel at the same time. The environmentalists slammed that the road which was first built by armed forces during the tough time of the LTTE war, was now expanded and renovated for the Pallekandal Church devotees by cutting trees in Wilpattu.

    When the Daily Mirror visited the Pallekandal Shrine, we witnessed several new constructions and some unfinished constructions. The vicinity of the church which was surrounded by plants and trees of the Wilpattu was now full of rubbish. Empty plastic cans, polythene bags and wastage have destroyed the natural beauty of the surroundings. Not only that, but also the foot prints of elephants could be seen all over the place. It proves that the elephants too roam in the church areas because it is their habitat.

    No cleaning activity was apparently carried out after the feast held in July, 2016 with the attendance of more than 30,000 people. More space for the people to set up tents was given by cutting trees. Equipment they used to cook was still seen on the ground of
    the surroundings.
    Environmentalists maintain that unnecessary renovations were done under the blessings of the politicians who try to interpret this as a religious need forgetting the grave environmental damage caused to the wildlife of Wilpattu preservation. Legal Counsel Wardani Karunaratne of Environmental Foundation Ltd. (EFL) one of those organisations opposing the Pallekandal expansion, had told a news conference that the constructions of Pallekandal Church are in direct infringement of the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance.

    However, Wanathawilluwa Divisional Secretary H.M.S. Herath assured that the church authorities had sought the permission of the Department of Wildlife Conservation although she failed to present any legal document to show the given permission. She also said that they have informed the Land Commissioner regarding a request made by the Chilaw Bishop to grant six acres to the church. She added they couldn’t do anything against the constructions at the church for two reasons; first, they are done with all political powers which she denied explaining more and the holy place had originated before the Wilpattu National Park was upgraded to National Park status in 1938.

    Expanded church premises

    Meanwhile, Wilpattu Park Park Warden Manoj Widyaratne said they were at the moment seeking legal assistance to file a court case at Puttalam Court against the illegal constructions of the Pallekandal Church with the purpose of re-taking state owned land.

    “There are nine constructions built during past three years adjourning the church without seeking legal permission from the relevant departments. We have been waiting too much until the unlawful constructions came to an end but to no avail. Despite several warnings to the church, they did not stop so that this has to be solved at legal level other than discussion level,” he said.

    “Elephants still come to the lands where the church is located. The foot prints of elephants can be seen all over the place. This is actually not a religious issue but an environmental one. We also want to stop this destruction by any means. Such anti-environmental activities should be stopped. The expansion of the church began several years ago until when it had only an old shrine. The further constructions were begun with the blessings of the government. The church had requested approval to use six acres for their religious activities but the approval was not granted. Incidentally, they use more than the requested extent of acres already in violation of the laws and regulations of the Flora and Fauna Act,” he said.

    The Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS) had recently complained to the Vatican Embassy against the Chilaw Bishop who they said was responsible for the destruction caused to the national park. WNPS President Rukshan Jayewardene said they had a very productive discussion with the Bishop of Chilaw and his team, at the Vatican Embassy when the complaint was heard.

    “We have pointed out violations of the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance and keeping the Forest Department which has no jurisdiction whatsoever over these lands or the Wildlife Department which has to uphold the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance without fear or favour. Being informed does not legitimise or legalise these activities,” he said.
    Speaking on the Wanathawilluwa Divisional Secretary who is currently working on to give 6 acres to the church from Wilpattu Lands, Mr. Jayewardene of WNPS said neither the Wanathawilluwa Divisional Secretary nor President of Sri Lanka could request or seek permission for activities within a National Park. He said they did not have the authority to get land within a Gazetted National Park released for any purpose.

    “A National Park has the highest level of protection afforded by the state to public access lands and is strictly governed by the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance which is the law governing all such lands. It is declared and maintained for the protection of all animals and plants falling within its boundaries and only secondarily to an area for human access and activity but strictly governed by the FFPO. Much of the confusion and problems arise when the law is not fully understood or not fully enforced, or in attempts to subvert or ignore it often by the very people charged with upholding those laws,” he explained. The environmental organisations and the people who are concerned about the issue are still waiting until a responsible government authority solves the Pallekandal issue without dragging it more.

    “We have no idea to expand the church”

    In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror, Bishop of Chilaw Valence Mendis denied all the allegations adding that he would look into the matter again and take necessary action if any illegal activity was going on.

    “We deny the allegation that damages were caused by activities relating to the church.
    The people will not destroy the forest when they come for the mass. They come only for two or three days. I want to highlight that the allegations have been exaggerated. This is merely a religious matter.

    “We have absolutely no idea to expand the church as such. There are no more buildings in the church premises other than a water tank. The number of devotees coming to the church is increasing and I can’t stop people coming. The repair work of the church was started soon after the war. The front verandah was the only expansion work done within the church premises after the war. Considering the convenience of the pilgrims when the mass is held, we got the admission from the authorities to set up an open verandah,” the Bishop said. Commenting on a car park which was allegedly built by clearing trees and plants of the Wilpattu Park, he said it was not made a car park but just a naturally open space in the forest. He said no trees were cut down to make a car park or for any other purpose. Emphasising that all these activities were done under the supervision of the Forest Department and Wild Life Conversation Department, he said that they would never break the law of the land for religious purposes.

    “I will look into the allegations whether any unpermitted structures have been put in the church premises without my permission. I would not allow anyone to fell trees in the Wilpattu National Park. We too love nature,” the Bishop said. Meanwhile, he said that they had written to the President, requesting him to release six acres to the church adding that their only concern was to hold the mass properly for the devotees who come to Pallekandal annually.
    – See more at: http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Church-inside-Wilpattu-Remains-unsolved–

  38. Lorenzo Says:


    Singhala people are NOT CATTLE. So they SHOULD NOT unify under a leader FOR NOTHING or for PAST performance.

    The leader must show to them HE IS STANDING UP for SINGHALA PEOPLE ONLY. Otherwise only CATTLE will unify.

    IF a leader gets PITTU in his mouth when it comes to SCRAPPING 13 amendment or MULTIFAITH in his conduct (running to THIRUPATHY and VATICAN) then he is USELSS for SINGHALA people.

    IF a leader PROTECTS KP he is USELESS for Singhala people.

    Singhalese need a BOLD leader who will stand up and say these.

    1. I will SCRAP 13 amendment.
    2. I will BRING BACK army camps in the north.
    3. I will SCRAP SHARIA LAW from SL legal system. Muslims can personally practice it at home.
    4. I will SCRAP Islamic banking in SL.
    5. I will BAN polygamy and RAISE minimum marriage age to 18.
    6. I have NEVER visited THIRUPATHY and VATICAN.

    And UPHOLD these promises.

    Singhalas must NOT vote for ANYONE who cannot do these.

  39. Lorenzo Says:

    People must be very careful of ZOOLOGISTS.

    They try to turn people into CATTLE.

    Singhala people must DEMAND from their leaders the above list.

    Support it, vote for them.
    Cannot support it, NO VOTES for them.

  40. ranjit Says:

    Sometimes Lorenzo have good ideas. Yes a leader must promise to the people what Lorenzo suggests in his comments. A leader must be a person who takes bold decisions on behalf of his citizens without fear of no one except God and the citizens of his country. We don’t need gay leaders with no love for their country.

  41. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Ranjit,

    Those are largely NOT Katussa (Lorenzo)’s ideas! He is collating and parroting largely what other patriots here have written time and again!

    Don’t be fooled by this Machiavellian EELAMIST CON-ARTISTE trying to burrow his way back into the Patriotic fold.


    Otherwise, you will fall prey AGAIN to his SIREN SONGS hiding his history of UNPATRIOTIC ACTS that helped to create the MESS that Sri Lanka is in now, in a flood of motherhood and apple-pie!

    He craftily BLENDS many goals of the Patriots with TIME BOMBS!
    Once you BITE on his BAIT, he REEKS you IN!

    He believes he can FOOL and CON the Sinhala Modayas, EVERYTIME!

    Let us PROVE HIM WRONG, shall we?

    I am guided by the adage:

    FOOL me ONCE, shame on YOU!
    FOOL me TWICE, shame on ME!

  42. ranjit Says:

    Ananda I agree with you about Lorenzo De Almeida because I know his two tongue habbits anyway here he have some good suggestions let’s see and monitor him where he stands on important issues concerning our Motherland.have fun with Lorenzo.

  43. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese mothers are being sterilsed or encouraged to have no more children after giving birth at Dambulla Hospital.
    Hospital director sounded like an aSinhalese. This is not surprising. Sinhalese, the door mat in Sri Lanka, are getting
    bashed by their own deshapalu xxxx, tamils, mussies and the catholics. What a sorry situation it has become to the
    this proud race who did not submit to parangia, dutch or the british? Now the traitor xxxx foreigners tamils, mussies
    and the catholics have become the masters and the Sinhalese the door mats. Getting the numbers down by any
    means going to help them enormously. Thanks to our own Sinhalese deshapalu xxxx Sinhalese race dying on its feet. Thanks to you Sinhalese deshapalu xxxx.

    Traitor Sinhalese deshapaluwa list is too long.
    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller, chief architect
    gama rala maru (hora) sira, arjunaya durjanaya, pongol mongol, parajithaya, kirixalla, cham pakaya, harak
    gonseka, somersaulting banda sb, karume j, etc. etc. Then you have tibbotte bathgotte devidaththara, ambare
    damilaya, high priest (due to medication/meditation) rathanaya etc. etc.
    Then you have foreigners xxx Tamil Nadu Alliance (TNA) r@ sambanthan, pigneshwaran etc.etc. Then the Sri Lanka
    Multiplying Community aka SLMC bada udin xxx, xxxxhim, etc etc. With Mother Lanka survive with so many
    cancers within her including her own? She is not going to survive this onslaught by these traitor lot!

  44. Fran Diaz Says:

    I can vouch for what Ancient Sinhalaya says here re sterilisation of some Sinhala mothers in some Upcountry Hospitals which had Tamil doctors predominating. A Sinhala dr friend of mine vouched for this when he worked at the N’Eliya Base Hospital, long years ago. In the Upcountry areas, this nasty trick was done even long years ago, unknown and without permission of the Sinhala mothers there.
    No wish to stir up trouble here, but the truth must be told.

    There has to be a program to encourage birth control in Lanka, apart from giving FREE birth control material.
    Extra taxes for parents with OVER the two child family may suit Yahap, the great Taxation folk ?
    Naasty thing to do – but what is the answer here ?

    The Public should be encouraged to present ideas on this matter.
    The UNP under JRJ had billboards in both Tamil & Sinhala on the theme “Punchi Pawla Ratharang”.
    The importance of the small family ought to be taught in ALL schools.

    All ILLEGAL migrants ought to be deported, as now done in America.

    All these themes are not pleasant prospects.

    How else can numbers be kept down ?
    Larger the numbers and diversity, the more prone to war/s.

    IDEAS, the pleasanter the better, ought to be presented to the Public.


    Dear Ananda,

    A thousand thanks for your vigilence !

  45. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Thanks Fran for the comment. This practice of sterilising Sinhalese mothers after child birth going on for decades.
    We have heard stories from doctors and nurses that they have seen these and were helpless to prevent them. In some cases they were fooled by seniors that the women asked to do it knowing it was not going to be double checked. The crafty traitors know no newspaper going to report these stories in so called Buddhist Sri Lanka. Only now these stories coming out thanks to www.

    After all, keeping the Sinhalese numbers down is a priority for the catholic run UNPatriotic party, tamils, mussies,
    catholics and the catholic west. So it was not surprising traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) thambi mudiyanselage
    jr promoting punchi pawla raththaran knowing only Sinhala modayas going to fall for it. And they did.

    This is the motto of the Sri Lanka Multiplying Community aka SLMC. Tamils are also at it to some extent. Sinhalese?

    Most Sinhalese couples working and struggled to bring up one child meanwhile mussies most of them are in businesses have BABY MACHINE WIVE(S) parked at home churning out mussie babies by the lorry loads. So AUTOMATIC BIRTH CONTROL FOR THE SINHALESE. Some Sinhala modayas even go and eat in mussies eateries
    and get sterilised. Sinhalaya modayas? Who is going to dispute? Only a Sinhala modaya will. To make things easier for the mussies government give FREE EDUCATION, FREE MEDICINE. Maybe they can become doctors, nurses etc. and curtail the Sinhalese population. Then mussies have mussie only schools, soon they are filled up to rafters.
    Then they have a multi storey school buildings so people won’t notice. Still not enough. Then the mussies creep
    into Sinhalese schools. Don’t forget Sinhalese are not allowed in mussie schools. Universities are also same. A few
    decades ago hardly any mussies went to university. Today most universities are full of mussies. Of course they
    can write in tamil and get through the back door depriving Sinhalese students their fair share. Sri Lanka is the
    Sinhala modayas’ paradise.


  46. Ratanapala Says:

    The doctors who carry out sterilisation on Sinhala mothers should be named and shamed. One of the ploys should be to pass a nominal Death Sentence on these individuals- this will make sure they get the message! The same should go against all Sinhalese who aid and abet the destruction of Sinhala identity in its various manifestations in Sri Lanka.

    It is so disheartening to see that most who denigrate Sinhala identity are products of Sinhala Buddhist Educational institutions such as Ananda, Nalanda and similar in the island. I wonder what was missing in their education that they lack any semblance of patriotism?

  47. Randeniyage Says:

    Cor reason behind all these minority problems are “cheating” by the minorities. Those days we were wondering why there were not many Muslim doctors, engineers, lawyers and students of these professions. Now you find 40% law college students are Muslims. Why ?

  48. Fran Diaz Says:

    The ‘Divide & Rule’ from the days of some 500 yrs of Colonisation (which, after all, ended officially only about 70 yrs ago), certainly contributes to the low level of PATRIOTISM.

  49. Randeniyage Says:

    බලෙන් උපත් පාලනය කරවන දඹුල්ලේ වෛද්‍යවරිය ගැන පරීක්‍ෂණ

    සමන්තී වීරසේකර, දඹුල්ල – සරත් එරමිණිගම්මන

    දරු ප්‍රසූතියෙන් පසුව බලහත්කාරයෙන් උපත් පාලන සැත්කම් සිදු කරන බව කියන දඹුල්ල රෝහලේ වෛද්‍යවරියක සම්බන්ධයෙන් සෞඛ්‍ය අමාත්‍යංශය පුළුල් පරීක්‍ෂණ ආරම්භ කර තිබේ.

    මෙම වෛද්‍යවරිය කිසියම් රාජ්‍ය නොවන සංවිධානයක්‌ සමඟ සම්බන්ධ වී කටයුතු කරන්නේ ද යන්න පිළිබඳව සාධාරණ සැකයක්‌ මතුව ඇති බව මධ්‍යම පළාත් සෞඛ්‍ය අමාත්‍ය බන්දුල යාලේගම මහතා පවසයි.

    දඹුල්ල රෝහලේදී දරුවන් බිහිකළ මවුවරුන්ට රෝහලෙන් පිටව යැමට නොදී උපත් පාලන සැත්කම් සිදු කර ගන්නා ලෙස බලපෑම් කළ බවට මෙම වෛද්‍යවරියට චෝදනා එල්ලවීම නිසා මධ්‍යම පළාත් සෞඛ්‍ය සේවා අධ්‍යක්‍ෂ වෛද්‍ය ශාන්ති සමරසිංහ මහත්මියගේ මෙහෙයවීමෙන් මූලික පරීක්‍ෂණ ආරම්භ කර ඇත. අදාල වෛද්‍යවරිය දඹුල්ල රෝහලට පැමිණ ඇත්තේ දෙසතියකට පෙර බවත් ඊට පෙර රත්නපුර රෝහලේ සේවය කර ඇති බවත්, එහිදී ද මෙලෙස බලෙන් උපත් පාලන සැත්කම් සඳහා මවුවරුන් යොමු කොට ඇති බවත් පරීක්‍ෂණවලදී අනාවරණය වී තිබේ. උපත් පාලන සැත්කමක්‌ සිදු කළ යුත්තේ සැමියා හා බිරිඳගේ කැමැත්ත මත පමණක්‌ බවත් ඊට බලපෑම් කිරීමට කිසිදු වෛද්‍යවරයකුට නොහැකි බවත් බන්දුල යාලේගම අමාත්‍යවරයා කියා සිටියේය.

    මෙවැනි වෛද්‍යවරියන්ගේ කටයුතු සම්බන්ධයෙන් රජයේ වෛද්‍ය නිලධාරීන්ගේ සංගමයේ අවධානය යොමු විය යුතු බවද, මේ සම්බන්ධයෙන් වන පරීක්‍ෂණයෙන් වෛද්‍යවරිය වැරදිකාරිය වුවහොත් සෞඛ්‍ය අමාත්‍යාංශය මගින් අවශ්‍ය නීතිමය පියවර ගෙන දඬුවම් පමුණුවනු ඇතැයි ද අමාත්‍යවරයා කියා සිටියේය.

    මධ්‍යම පළාත් සභා මාසික රැස්‌වීමෙන් අනතුරුව ඊයේ (7 දා) පැවති මාධ්‍ය හමුවේදී ඇමැතිවරයා එසේ කීය.

  50. Lorenzo Says:


    Don’t listen to USA. You make up your OWN mind. As a BUDDHIST consult the KALAMA SUTRA. It will guide you!

    Understand what I say. It does NOT matter what my name, caste, race, religion, political preference and color are.

    Reading your first comment I KNOW you can capable of following KALAMA SUTRA.

  51. Randeniyage Says:

    Ranjit is a God follower, does not like Kalama Sutta which is Buddhist.
    It is clear from his statement “…..without fear of no one except God ……..”

  52. Lorenzo Says:


    Because ALL politicians (including MR) WORSHIP Thonda. ALL these TAMIL doctors have THONDA’s protection. There is NO WAY the political system can SAVE Singhalese from this MENACE.

    It is also happening in AMPARA.

    The ONLY solution is a MILITARY-SANGHA takeover.

    Until then we will be just COMPLAINING and NOTHING will happen.

    One commentator here tried to sterilize (Singhala) men and women by feeding them NEEM leaves!! She probably got it from Tamil Nadu where LOW CASTE Tamils, Muslims and Buddhists are force fed NEEM leaves to STOP their generation.

  53. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    There are only 2 responses. Was very happy to see to so many commented on this very important article. Now only 2.

  54. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear L’web Editor,

    To view entries exceeding 50 Comments to an article :

    It would help the Readers of L’web if a button (on the side of the article) is provided to view all the Comments by Readers.

    Our grateful thanks for a wonderful service to the Nation of Sri Lanka.

  55. Ratanapala Says:

    Dear Editor,

    The article above contained over 50 responses and I wish to follow up with a second article on the subject. Is it possible to make available to me these responses as well as to those who still want to read these responses as shown below?

    I greatly admire the services rendered by Lankaweb as one forum we get an opportunity to express our views unhindered.

    Thank you.

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