I want all Sinhala Patriots to read the following Vituperative and malicious bogus accusation
Posted on March 27th, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President Mahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Puravesiyange Sanvidhanaya

I want all Sinhala Patriots to read the following Vituperative and malicious bogus accusation made against the President and Muradevata  band of revere Buddhist monks and the patriotic environmentalists organizations by a Muslim fanatic by the name Hilmy Ahamed

Dr Sudath Gunasekara President Mahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Puravesiyange Sanvidhanaya


The Political Hypocrisy Of President Maithripala Sirisena – Muslim IDPs Tossed Out

Kamal Rajapakse


—– Original Message —–

From: Kamal Rajapakse

Subject: The Political Hypocrisy Of President Maithripala Sirisena – Muslim IDPs Tossed Out

The Political Hypocrisy Of President Maithripala Sirisena – Muslim IDPs Tossed Out

By Hilmy Ahamed –

President Sirisena in his total betrayal of the Muslims did just that with one stroke of his pen from Moscow on 24th March, 2017, when he signed the gazette notification declaring Mavillu, Weppal, Karadikkuli, Marichchikadi and Vilaththikulam forests as Mawillu Forest Reserve under 3A of the Forest Conservation Ordinance. He satisfies his ego and is pampering to extremist Buddhists by taking over Muslim agricultural lands, which have belonged to them for generations.

Rishard Bathiudeen, the current Minster of Industry and Commerce and leader of the All Ceylon Makkal Congress crossed over with his party members in November 2014 to the Opposition and supported Maithripala Sirisena as the common candidate of the Opposition at the Presidential Elections in January 2015. His crossover was with two Parliamentarians, 4 Provincial Council Members, 63 Pradeshiya Sabha members, totaling 69 elected representatives. No other member crossing over brought in so many elected representatives to the common opposition against Mahinda Rajapaksa

Its time for Rishard Bathiudeen and other Muslim political leaders to rethink their support for Yahapalanaya, without sticking to their selfish motives of perks and privileges. They should econsider their support for Yahapalanaya, not because the IDPs who are being discriminated against are Muslim, but the injustice meted out to a group of innocent Sri Lankan citizens. I also remind here that these people were ousted from their homes as they refused to join the LTTE in their cause, and stood for one Sri Lanka. No other community who was not part of the warring factions had to pay such a heavy price.

1901 Old-deed

Rishard had one simple request- that a Government elected under Maithripala Sirisena would ensure the right of his people to return to their former lands and to treat the Northern Muslims as equal citizens in the Northern resettlement process.

The brutal terrorist force of Velupillai Prabhaharan, the fascist leader of the Liberation Tigers of Thamil Eelam (LTTE), forcibly evicted the entire Muslim population of the North in 1990 in the biggest ethnic cleansing exercise in Sri Lanka. Some were given 24 hours to leave while the others had just two hours. They left minus all their assets, cash, and wealth as they were allowed to take with them just Rs. 500.

They trekked through jungle, took risks with tiny boats in the mighty ocean, and walked hundreds of kilometers to reach safety in Puttlam and other parts of Southern Sri Lanka. They have been languishing in refugee camps for over 25 years with dreams of returning to their former homes and lands. To this day, the Government has treated them as a FORGOTTEN PEOPLE”.

The Muslims were forced to abandon their lands with their eviction in 1990 and there was obvious jungle growth in the 25 years of their displacement. The LTTE and the Army which occupied thousands of acres of farm land did not allow the Muslims to go to their lands until the end of the war in 2009. With the resettlement of the entire 300,000 Tamil Internally Displaced Population by 2013, the Government under Basil Rajapaksa’s Presidential Task force for Northern Development started allocating 1/2 acre of land to the Muslim IDPs. The local government officials in the districts undertook this task, fulfilling all necessary Government criteria for resettlement, but no infrastructure or other support was provided to them. Some benevolent Sri Lankan Muslims and a foundation from Qatar build some houses, but there were no schools, health facilities, or transport provided by the State.

Extremist Buddhists, with the jubilation of winning the war in 2009 started targeting the Muslims. They started with Halal food, attacking their businesses and the resettlement of the Muslim IDPs. They found a willing ally in Mahinda Rajapaksa with his deep-rooted racism and hatred of the Muslims when he lost the Presidential elections.

The Buddhist extremists led by some monks started a campaign along with some Environmentalists to halt the resettlement or allocating the former Muslim lands back to them. Now, they have found a new ally in Maithripala Sirisena.

The forest reserve controversy started with the prospect of a humiliating defeat at the 2012 Provincial Council Elections, upsetting the then President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his fascist regime. They foresaw the damning defeat of the Sinhala backed politics in the North to the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) led Tamil National Alliance (TNA). Due to this, with a single stroke of Anura Priyadhashana Yapa’s pen, thousands of acres of Northern arable lands were declared as forest reserves or watershed areas. This included thousands of Muslim lands in the Mannar District in the Musali South. This was mainly done to prevent the Northern Provincial council having jurisdiction over vast tracks of arable land.

While the President has declared Muslim lands as a forest reserve with the stroke of his pen, there has been organized colonization along the Wilpattu Reserve on the Welioya road by Sinhalese from Hambantota and families of armed forces personnel. The following are the available statistics for the Sinhala settlements:1

Veratenna – 520 families

  1. Bogaswewa 1- 500 families
  2. Bogaswewa 2 -560 families
  3. Namalgama – 470 families
  4. Senaleenigama – 450 families
  5. Nandamitragama -360 families

There are no protests or challenges by the Environmentalists or the President for clearing thousands of acres of virgin forestland for the resettlement of the above. None of these settlers are from the area. These 2860 families who have been settled in these new townships have been provided with three acres of land each compared to the half an acre for the Muslims. From where did the land for these settlers come? Large extents of jungle and forest reservations have been cleared and handed over for their resettlement, grants and allowances disbursed, and all other facilities including schooling have been provided by the State. Neither land kacheries were held nor deforestation undertaken with proper approvals. It is also alleged that the Army built the houses for these alien settlers from Hambantota, Suriyawewa and elsewhere. Further, over 500 acres of these lands has been taken over by the Navy and are planting cashew nuts. Derana TV’s Health camp of 25th March 2017 (Manushath Derena) showed visuals of a large road built across this virgin forest territory. The highly developed infrastructure including schools, hospitals etc., in the once virgin forest is evidence of the destruction that was caused to this land by Sinhala settlers from the southern most part of the country. Our Environmentalist President, the racist Buddhist monks and the terror Environmental organizations are blind to these developments.

There are 21 Muslims in the current Parliament. The Muslim community expects them to act without compromising the land rights of these Forgotten people.


Congratulations to Mr President Maitripala Sirisena.

At last, President Sirisena has taken a bold and correct decision on a matter of national importance and has demonstrated his powers as the Executive President of this country. Whether it is due to conviction or compulsion by patriotic national forces relentlessly campaigning over the past few years  or both, this decision though lately taken is highly commendable. The whole nation, whether you are Muslim, Sinhala or Tamil who love this country and the national heritage of Wilpattu should appreciate and fully endorses the patriotic and bolls decision taken by him on this issue. This I endorse as a historic decision taken by any  politician in recent time. Once again I congratulate him for this decision. Even the animals, birds and the inanimate trees and creepers of not only Wilpattu but the whole country must be overjoyed and celebrating this event. Thank you Mr President. Thank you, all the patriotic national movement headed by Buddhist priests, environmentalists and nature lovers of our motherland for rescuing this national heritage that had been protected by our ancestors from the first man on this land and vandalized by Muslim racists and even foreign Muslims as news papers had reported encroachers forcibly settled on Wilpattu land by Rishard Badurdeen the crook.

Nevertheless in the first place

1 The authorities must ensure that this decision is implemented immediately and to the letter without being victims of pressure and money from local or international Muslim forces, as already expressed by Hilmy Ahamed in this article

Secondly the whole nation headed by the patriotic movements and nature lovers who struggled day and night without any sleep to save this precious national heritage, the media and the forest department should be vigilant in seeing the proper implementation of this Presidential Order to the very letter immediately. I am making this warning as a citizen who know how even Presidential directives are honoured in this country these days.  Patriotic Organizations, nature lovers. The media relentlessly fought for this cause and most of all the President himself must be extremely ale and careful against these greedy and arrogant Muslim communalists and even politicians of all parties who are interested only in votes, including international –human rights vultures who want to destroy this land of the Sinhalese.

In the first place these people are not IDPs True they were chase out from the north But Badurdeen or any other person has no right to settle them in Wilpattu destroying the natural reserve. If they were IDPs then they should be resettled back in their original places without getting the to encroach on national reserves by force using political clout.  I strongly protest  Hilmy Ahamad’s  unwelcome comment on our patriotic Buddhist monks. This man must understand in the first place that this is the land of the Sinhala Buddhist . It’s civilization was found by them and not these Muslims like Ahamad who landed here for trade from time to time. If they want to remain in this land they should learn firs of all to respect Buddhist monks who are the architects of our civilization. I strongly protest and deplore him for repeatedly using the words The Buddhist extremists”. He must openly unconditionally apologize the whole nation though the same media for humiliating the guardian deities of our nation.

This mans article is clearly designed to ignite hatred against Sinhala Buddhists and create communal tension for which he should be punished like in Arab countries. This man also calles settlers form the south aliens. Then what is the word we should use to call these immigrants of yesterday like the writer. He also should understand that we don’t have to take permission fro Muslims to settle our people in any place we like in this Home land of ours.

Now look at the way this man called MR a Sinhala racist. And the President sarcastically  Environmentalist President”, and the nature lovers error Environmental organizations”

Finally he appeal to the Muslim MPP in that monkey cage called Parliament and all Muslims to revolt against this gazette and the Government.

The fault for this unfortunate situation in this country where the tail wag the dog is entirely with all the Sinhala politicians who have deplorably failed to restore the prestige of the Sinhala people they lost for the British in1815.

6 Responses to “I want all Sinhala Patriots to read the following Vituperative and malicious bogus accusation”

  1. Somapala Senerath Says:

    Actually that signing by the president overseas is to fool Sinhala people. It is changing wording only according to enviormentalists.

  2. Nimal Says:

    Muslims are friendless because of the recent events which they have perpetrated in the name of their religion, though they were forced out of North in 1990,where the majority Sinhalese have given them a chance to rebuild their lives will not go out of their way get them resettled in the north as the gosl have other priorities. Atmosphere is not perfect in the North for them to force events at present.
    Muslims could request the international community to exert Tamils in the north to accept them back. Sinhalese too were not welcomed in the North.
    Should they want to be resettled then the Muslims have to win hearts and minds of the majority and of the Tamils as well.
    Srilankan forces have won the terrorist war with the tigers but the Tamils in the North are not accommodating though they could without any difficulty could settle in the South and do business. All communities along with the IC should make it easy for anyone to go up and settle in the North.
    Muslims detaching them from us like in their enclave like what is happening in Kathankudi is not helpful.Over the years they have been detaching them from us. Like the new US president Trump, we must not allow any Muslim to travel to middle East which is exerting a negative influence on their host countries after they come back. We must grasp the nettle and we Sinhalese must grasp the nettle too by not using the main religion to divide and rule as we may sleepwalk into another Syria or Iraq..

  3. Christie Says:

    Though the British took our land and gave them to Indian Colonial Parasites as they did in all tropical British dominions they left some virgin land as Crown Land.

    Unfortunately the governments after 1956 failed to protect manage and develop such land properly.

  4. Wetta Says:

    Firstly it is obvious this Hilmy Ahmed is a muslim extremist. No one should listen to or take notice of an extremist like this one.

    He is confused, he is not consistent in his ideology. All of a sudden he makes Muslims “Sri Lankans” and a little later those very people become Muslims again. When they didn’t join LTTE they were “patriotic Sri Lankans”, but when they need to be evicted from Wilpattu they become Muslims. What if those people were Sinhalese? Don’t they get evicted by this ruling? Muslims not joining LTTE cannot be taken as an excuse here because if they wanted to they could have made that choice and gone to haven through the exit door at Nandikadal if they wished so. They left north without joining LTTE not because they were patriotic, but because they feared for their life, so was everyone else including Sinhalese and Tamils. That is the honest truth.

    He conveniently forgets the missed out Sinhalese population from the north who were not resettled by the then government or the current government for whatever the reason, political or otherwise. Those evicted Sinhalese people in thousands are still homeless and landless in the country scattered across the island living with relatives etc. At that discussion point Hilmy is not Sri Lankan but only Muslim.

    There is no excuse why preserved Wilpattu forest reserve must be given to Muslims or anyone else for that matter. The ruling is not against any Muslim, it is against any Sinhalese, Tamil, Burgher or even Russian, American, Japanese, German or Indonesian or anyone else who wants to settle inside Wilpattu forest reserve; sorry, I tried to over-simplify this fact to Hilmy since he appears to be not understanding that simple ruling.

    Hilmy, just be conscious enough to push the government to resettle everyone who was evicted from North by the war, not just Muslims. You are simply trying to create a problem that does not exist. I don’t think the poor and hard working muslim families need any voices from narrow minded extremists like you to go through another Nandikadal gate in another 25 years.

    Thanks Mr. President for not subjugating to the pampering of Muslim extremists.

    Thanks Dr.S.G for making this article available for us all to see.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you President Sirisena.

    Don’t give in to them for votes.

    Remember what happened to MR?

    He gave Vilpattu land to Muslims. PLUS electricity, schools, etc. They TOOK the land but voted AGAINST him.

    He made SLMC Hackhim the JUSTICE MINISTER! He took it but voted AGAINST him.

    He allowed 200 Muslims go to LAW COLLEGE. They TOOK it but voted against him.

    He even promised to send poor Muslims to MECCA for FREE in MUTTUR! They took it but voted for him 9% in MUTTUR!! 9%! Man, that is the LOWEST in SL election history.

    Then he gave $1,000,0000 to PALESTINE. They took the money but their buddies voted AGAINST MR.

    The BEST measure of a patriot is what ENEMIES of SL say. If they HATE you, then you MUST be a patriot for the PARTICULAR CASE.

  6. Somapala Senerath Says:

    Some very good news. It is important to even the Malwathu Asgiri sectors to consent this single group.

    ආණ්‌ඩුවට එරෙහිව ප්‍රබල බෞද්ධ සංවිධානයක්‌
    – මුරුත්තෙට්‌ටුවේ ආනන්ද හිමියෝ කියති

    සිරිමන්ත රත්නසේකර, ඡායාරූපය – සුජාතා ජයරත්න

    ජාතික බලවේග නියෝජනය කරමින් වෙන් වෙන්ව කටයුතු කරන සියලු බෞද්ධ ආගමික සංවිධාන එක්‌කර වත්මන් ආණ්‌ඩුවට එරෙහි එක්‌ ප්‍රබල බෞද්ධ සංවිධානයක්‌ ස්‌ථාපිත කිරීමට තීරණය කළ බව පැවිදි හඬ සංවිධානයේ සභාපති මුරුත්තෙට්‌ටුවේ ආනන්ද හිමියෝ ඊයේ (27 වැනිදා) පැවසූහ.

    මෙය බෞද්ධ සංවිධාන දහයක්‌ පහළොවක්‌ අතර සංවිධාන රැසක එකමුතුවක්‌ බවත් එය උත්සව සමයෙන් පසු එළිදක්‌වන බවත් පැවසූ උන්වහන්සේ මහානායක හිමිවරුන්ගේ ආශිර්වාදය ඇතිව මෙහි කටයුතු සිදුකරන බවත් භික්‍ෂුන් වහන්සේලා පන්දහසක්‌ පමණ එක්‌ ස්‌ථානයකට වැඩම කර තීන්දු රැසක්‌ ගන්නා බවත් කියා සිටියහ.

    වත්මන් රජයේ රටේ සම්පත් පුද්ගලික අංශයට ලබාදීම, බුද්ධි අංශ දඩයම් කිරීම, රටට එරෙහි ව්‍යවස්‌ථාව ආදියට එරෙහිව එක්‌ බලයක්‌ ගොඩනගන බවත් උන්වහන්සේ කීහ.

    මුරුත්තෙට්‌ටුවේ ආනන්ද හිමියෝ ඊයේ එම අදහස්‌ පළ කළේ නාරාහේන්පිට අභයාරාමයේ පැවැති මාධ්‍ය හමුවකදීය.

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