Wimal obliges to Maha Sangha and ends his fast
Posted on March 30th, 2017


I was about to write an article to expose spineless eunuch Sirisena’s blatant lies being uttered assuming that all Sri Lankans are damn idiots and fools and they would unquestionably believe in what he says. The illustrious patriot Wimal Weerawansa’s end of fast against refusal to grant bail for him compelled me to pen this article instead as it is more opportune.

Lankaweb published an article this morning (30th) March by Mr. Sudath Gunasekera who has nicely presented his expertise arguments against the repugnant imprisonment of this contemporary patriot while those who have committed the same kind of the so-called alleged misuse of vehicles and those who have committed horrendous plundering, atrocities, and even crimes by the cronies and members of the government remain scot free due to political immunity and patronage.  The said article has received a very high number of comments by intelligent readers except by one pseudonym westernophile glaringly displaying his inferiority complex.

All Sri Lankans should greatly be thankful to the Maha Sangha headed by the Mahanayaka Thero of the Ramagnya Maha Nikaya and the Anunayaka Thero of the Siyam Maha Nikaya for the distinguished service done by them by timely intervening to save the life of Mr. Weerawansa and taking the responsibility of saving the country by themselves whenever the need arises.

Meanwhile, the statement made by the JVP hooligans saying that they do not believe Mr. Weerawansa, bête-noir and enemy No. 1  drank only water during his fast is highly awful. This deplorable statement has been made by Lal Kantha who is alleged to be well known in the Anuradhaura area as the son of ‘pack pocket Simon’. They too similar to the government wished for the death of Mr. Weerawansa and they have no concern for the life of people since they killed people like stray dogs during 88/89 period. This JVP statement should be vehemently condemned by all Sri Lankans.

The end of fast by Mr. Weerawansa was a huge unexpected blow to the government and its cronies as they inhumanly and eagerly waited for the death of Mr. Weerawansa through which they wanted to silence his thundering voice as they knew that he will be an enormous strength and stimulus to instigate the people to rise up against its future anti national plans which include enactment of a federal constitution ceding to the dictates of the Tamil diaspora the TNA and the Indian Origin Tamils, the IOTs, obliging to the terms and conditions of the anti Sri Lankan UNHRC, selling the valuable assets to foreigners and the cronies of the government for under-valued prices as it was done by the previous UNP governments and under the rule of the old hag Chandrika etc. and arrest and punishment of our valiant war heroes on concocted charges

The inhuman aspirations of the government was clearly expressed through a despicable speech made by one of the senior UNP leaders the heartless John Amaratunge who was being alleged to have carried out many murders and torture activities during the horrendous 88/89 period without any sympathy whatsoever. All the UNPers and the bone chewing SLFP lap dogs in the government including the Eunuch Sirisena should take responsibility to this shameful statement since they never expressed their objection to this speech implying that they condone with it.

This factor also shows the depleted mentality of those in the government and its cronies as generally Sri Lankans are famed for showing kindness, sympathy, and compassion even for their adversaries, opponents and enemies. This matter was clearly displayed in the last stages of the war in which our gallant soldiers rescued more than 300,000 Tamil civilians who were under the clutches of the brutal LTTE as human shields and these civilians were provided all humanitarian assistance after they were rescued.

All those in the Joint Opposition should clearly understand that Wimal Weerawansa episode was not an isolated incident and this threat of revenge taking and making attempts to silence them hangs over the head of all of them. Hence. they should individually and jointly bolster their stern opposition to this anti national government and stage wide spread agitations, protests and Hartals unceasingly until this government is sent home with the blessings of the people.

4 Responses to “ Wimal obliges to Maha Sangha and ends his fast”

  1. Sarath W Says:

    I think Wimal made un unwise and a hasty decision to begin that fast and every one knew it will end sooner than later. Reading the comments of the HORAPALANAYA supporters in the Daily Mirror, most of them wished he should continue to the end.

    Wimal is an asset to the country and is the biggest threat to this unpatriotic, evil and traitorous government. His brave speeches and unwavering support to MR have attracted many dissatisfied voters to the JO. By putting him behind bars and effectively shutting him up, the government had gained some breathing space.

    Unfortunately the HORAPALANAYA has achieved it’s goal by locking up Wimal due to the incompetency of MR and JO to take up the fight to the HORAPALANAYA without Wimal. There are enough issues to bring to the attention of the masses like the BOND scam, cost of living, sale of national assets and deteriorating law (Gestapo Police) and order etc.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    I think the Yamapalanaya made a MISTAKE, that will BOOMERANG itself, in REMANDING Wimal.

    They gave Wimal the opportunity to GAIN EVEN MORE RECOGNITION in the eyes of the PUBLIC!

    We will be able to see the IMPACT of this UNWARRANTED IMPRISONMENT & REPEATED DENIAL of BAIL in the upcoming Provincial Elections!

    The Yamapalanaya is making things CRYSTAL CLEAR to the VOTERS!

  3. ranjit Says:

    Sarath you are right “He is an asset” Yamaballo wanted him dead but it didn’t happen thanks to Maha Sanga and all the Patriots who supported this great individual who always stood for the country. We need him alive than dead but the UNP murderers and the JVP murderers wished him dead because they know that he is unstoppable.
    All Patriots in this country must put aside all the differences and join together at this hour of need to save our country from this Yamapalanaya regime and the foreign enemies of our land including ungrateful Tamil Diaspora and the Muslim religious fanatics.

  4. Christie Says:

    Having followed politics of the day it is Wimal who always said about what India is up to. Chandrika, Siriseana and Ranil are puppets of India.

    India will humiliate and destroy anyone who stands up to the Indian Empire and its agents.

    My concern is Gotabhaya who is gone to Singapore. Hope he is aware that most wanted by India is Gotabhaya.

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