Sithijaya Sirasa TV 19th April 2017 -A brilliant analysis by Dr Dayan Jayatileke
Posted on April 22nd, 2017

Politics is the last resort of scoundrels—-still one cannot blame them, but I will most certainly blame those idiots who voted for them. The difficultynow is to find them is because NO ONE claims having voted for them ——so says even Bernard Shaw!

A brilliant analysis by Dr Dayan Jayatileke—–exposing the lack of basic professionalism by a regime that can be best referred to as a group of utter misfits, in a rather charitable manner! This groups record of failed events keeps mounting and horrors of horrors it has ended the lives of at least 36 innocent human beings , injured hundreds of others and has made countless homeless and despondent. With the unfortunate change of Regime, the first curse came from the Gods in  torrential floods which killed and made many homeless, IN COLOMBO the flooding was caused by the inability of the megapolis clever dick to keep the internal waterways clear next came, explosions at salawa where there were authorities being unaware of explosives were stored in the midst of civilian population. When it the dreaded suspicion came to reality, there were many dead , injured and made homeless. after a couple more ‘incidents’ took place our citizenry were subjected to the Mother of all disasters –the Motomulla affair. The Japanese experts who arrived have made a perilous  prediction that there could be a massive explosion due to the possibility of Methane gas forming in the dump. The answer to al this appears for the Regime to unleash the police at the demonstrators who have hit the road to bring the ED of the yahapalanaya’s lack o basic professionalism, to the open.

Devastating proof of the inability of an impotent Government and the unfortunate deadly consequences of some Sinhalese Tamils and Muslims who had thought a change of power play was going to benefit our country.
The worms and their supporters are being forced out of the woodwork. NOW their degenerate idea of damage control is by insinuating that it was the previous regime, that brought us out of a 30 year tragic war should be accountable. If this stupidity is to be even tolerated with a pinch of salt, then what would have been the consequence of ignoring the sudu nelun Chaurie Rajini dowagers–infested, CFA  treachery group of faggots and pansies’  inevitable damages to the Nation! No some of you ungrateful Sinhalays it is best that you realize even now that it was the professionalism of the change in 2010 that prevented faggot Sampanthan’s sleeping partner Prabakaran that you would have been standing to attention and saluting as President.Both according to Dr Jayatileke and a fmr CM a plan of action initiated by former Secretary Defense who had a brilliant track record as Secy UDA of moving the huge pile of garbage at Motomulla to a prepared site at Puttlam was to be transferred to Puttlam,. Already funding for this project was approved by the IMF. Now for the unfortunate Karume that hits our country at regular intervals, the incoming lot had decided not to do anything about it. THIS is One need not be a rocket scientist to be unaware of the tragedy of local politics where forward development is sacrificed at the alter of egoism.This is a nation which is a wonder of the world in a country like no other, where the population is half asleep despite the dangers that are on going. In most parts of Asia the population will show the lawmakers who is boss! Let us hope that whoever comes next time–they wil give the Military or such alternatives to make the lot gets punished in a manner to fit to match their degenerate behavior.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    I do respect DR.Dayan for his fearless comment’s as always. I am happy for him being in the correct side in SRI Lankan politics. Jan8th was a disaster day in sri Lankan politics. People were hoodwinked by two great traitors to our country. One who almost gave half of our motherland to a terrorist organisation and the other one was a traitor who stabbed in the back of his leader after carrying the buddha relics on his head one morning after having breakfast with him.
    So you see how they made the difference on Jan 8th? From that unfortunate day we are facing disaster after disaster and day by day our beloved country going backwards thanks to this two idiots and their henchmen who became lords of the jungle although some idiots lose the elections. If this dictatorship govt was not stopped now we will not have a land to call home. Indian parasites and the American bull dogs are planning shrewdly and cunningly to grab whatever valuable parts from our blessed land with the help of these two weak spineless traitors to our motherland. I hope and pray that our true leader hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his joint opposition members plus Maha Sanga plus the patriots to our motherland will come up with a decent effective plan to oust this terrible,dirty, smelling Govt of hypocrites as soon as possible. We need a leader who has a plan and a vision and also have a backbone to face our enemies within and outside.

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