The Enemy of Joint Opposition
Posted on April 23rd, 2017

Janaki Chandraratna

I like to comment on the discussion featured in the Island Newspaper on the enemy of the Joint Opposition, in recent times.

Needless to say I respect Dr. Dayan Jayatilleke and Dr. Mahinda Pathirana for raising this issue, as very often people are misguided by the contradictory statements in the media by the Prime Minister and the President on matters of national interest.

I believe that the support of intellectuals like Dayan and Mahinda are important to save our country along with Gota, Mahinda and other patriotic leaders from the threat of division through the forthcoming constitution changes. Their union can also be a solution for a better economic future. The knowledge, experience and the clarity of arguments are exemplary. There is however a need for this passion to be used to consolidate the opposition rather than weaken it by veering in different directions.

As Dayan says we need to identify the enemy first. It is my view that anyone who brings propositions inimical to the sovereignty of our nation either directly or implicitly is a traitor to our country. The President may appear to be helpless and be manipulated by the PM but we must not forget his repertoire in recent years. To begin with the President, as publicly stated, had planned his exit from the previous regime for over four years. His focus had been to destabilize the govt. and challenge his leader at the next Presidential elections.  To keep such a scheme under covers for that length of time is a tough challenge for any reasonable person. He managed however to pull through this pretense by agreeing with peer decisions and singing hosannas to his leader through out that time period.

Apart from the many autocratic decisions he had taken after his win as the President he was able to manipulate the EX-President for his support for the August 2015 election and discard him on the eve of the polling day by his declaration to the public that Mahinda would not be made the PM even if he wins a sizeable majority. To my mind it was the ultimate betrayal and a very low blow that anyone could have embarked on any moral standard.  Even today the President is quick to lambast Mahinda for every failure of the current Government. He has also publicly stated that he would not entertain either Gota or Mahinda in his govt. The political witch-hunt undertaken against this duo is no secret to the electorate. People are no doubt sick and tired of this deception and do not want Mahinda to fall into the same trap as he did in August 2015 in joining the President.

Yes, I agree with Dayan that Basil may have been unpopular, he is not a strategist but a good organizer, and was disliked by many including the current President during the previous regime. Indeed there is a possibility that the knowledge of current President’s schemes of betrayal of Mahinda during the previous regime would have contributed to this toxicity. But what we currently need is for the opposition to merge all skills at hand, at least in the short term, to defeat the referendum on constitutional changes if our country is to survive as a sovereign nation. We need to encourage a conscience vote on the future of the country rather than a party specific ballot. Brexit referendum in Britain and Trump victory in Britain were based on such a conscience vote.  Once the referendum on constitution changes is defeated, I believe that the current political landscape can change and there would be plenty of opportunity for the current President to rethink the role of SLFP and JO to solidify its strength for future elections.

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    Agreed. However, the enemy of the nation is not the enemy of the Joint Opposition. The two have different agendas, sometimes contradictory.

    The enemy of the Joint Opposition is its advisors. I do not wish to elaborate. Simply look at the history of some JO advisors and intellectuals and you will see which camp they were when the nation was in peril. 13A is a good start. All those who support 13A are enemies of both Sri Lanka and the JO. What we must not forget is the proposed new constitution is the evolution of 13A. It is a joke to oppose the new constitution but to support 13A. If not this time, a more federal constitution will be passed later as long as 13A (the deceptive mother of federalism) remains.

    All JO MPs must be present in parliament and oppose the proposed new constitution. If they abscond (as they usually do), passing the buck to the people, they are no leaders.

    In 1987 many strange bedfellows came together in support of it – Kumaratungas, Dayan, Rajitha, Siddarthan, etc. Mysteriously, they went their own ways thereafter pretending to be enemies of one another. Rajitha became the most vocal opponent of Chandrika taking it to disgusting heights. Mahinda and others found it reassuring. However, Rajitha was playing his role all along and had an excellent relationship with Chandrika as we know now. Other 13A supporters are no different. They are awaiting their time.

    As long as pro-13A advisors keep advising the JO, it will retain its name and remain where it is – Opposition.


    Dear Janaki

    The leadership of the current government in Sri Lanka had an excellent Plan “How to win Power”, but a terrible Plan ” How to fulfil promises”.

    Prez MR will not ditch Basil. MR will not ditch Vasudeva. MR will not ditch Wimal, Udaya. He will not ditch Gotabaya or Sarath Weerasekera. MR will not ditch Tamil people. MR is a visionary leader. It was Sinhala Buddhists who let down MR more than Tamils and Muslims. Enemy of Prez MR was Sinhalese and not Tamils, judging by the voting patterns in Sinhala Buddhist dominated constituencies.

    The Enemy of JO is therefore Sinhalese. They are a bunch of floating voters taking 180 degrees. Now Sinhalese are clamoring for the return of MR. If MR wins, within less than 3 months, the very same Sinhalese will be looking for Change.

    Sinhalese have proved once again that they are fools. Tamils are no fools. With the punishments so far received by the Sinhalese from this Government, Sinhalese must not think in the same way as Tamils. This has to be a permanent feature, not just a short term commitment.

  3. NAK Says:

    Dr.Dissanayake,Their excellent plan “how to win power” was based on just a bunch of lies which some Sinhala Buddhists fell for and brought disaster for the country.
    I wonder if there is still any time left for Sirisena to extricate himself from a disgraceful exit from politics.

  4. Christie Says:

    “Sinhalese have proved once again that they are fools. Tamils are no fools.”. It is sad to hear or read statements like this.

    I have heard this from Indians when I have pretended to be one of them. They also say Fijian Fools and Malays Are Stupid.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    A view on the Sinhala Voter :

    Sinhala masses feel confident about sheer numbers and will often feel secure enough to vote for False Promises/Bribe Masters. False Promises/Bribes organised by the UNP leaders (who are also supposed to be Sinhala and mostly Buddhists too !!), led the way for Sinhala voters to defect/be disloyal to the MR govt. Fickle, Greedy, and wayward voter habits have been carefully studied by the UNP leaders and their NGO Think Tanks.

    But really it were the Minority Votes that really paved the way for Yahap to come in. Approx 70% of the Southern Sinhala Vote was for MR – and that’s a high figure.


    My Dear Fran
    UNP to win power strategically selected two persons. Maithreepala Sirisena was chosen because he was a village man, low profie, forceful speaker no charges of corruption and look like a laymen with exceptional qualities similar to Pitaduwa Samantha Badra. Maha Rahathun Wahanse.
    Then the Caterpillar, Maduluwawe Sobhitha, vibrant activist from the days of Dr Sarath Chandra, high profile, high stock value, high Brand Name similar to Mahinda Rajapakse.

    Both these two Sinhalese misled the masses. Maithree published a book , with his photo holding hands together, called, MAITHREE. It was an instant seller. Then Sobithya tore the Constitution, like an OLD TYRE WITH SO MANY PATCHES.

    Tamils new the Plan. Muslims new the Plan. Pro Prez MR Sinhalese vote base did not know the Plan. So Yahapalana had sex before marriage until Sobhithya died. Sobithiya’s death was a sad situation. Maithreepala accepted the results and glory. Is still enjoying with Daham Putha and Dudley Brother.

    But not Sobithaya. He new he damaged his name. He knew Dr Sarath Chandra etc,. would have cursed him for what he did in bringing Maithreepala to Presidency. He knew he misled Sinhalese. He repented, as a Great Buddhist Monk with more following with common man than Malwatee Goons, he knew Ditta Damma Wedaneeya Karama is nearing him.
    Sobhitha is very sadly for myself, is gone. But Maithreepala is now deeper and deeper into the Septic Tank.
    Ranil is a clever cunning boy. He destroyed Sarath Fonseka, He destroyed Naga Vihare Chief Incumbent Ven Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero. Now he is destroying Maithreepala.
    Sambandan is laughing, whilst Malawatte Maya Nayake hibernating.
    As long as cunning Ranil is living when next election is on, he will select some Sinhala Leader with criteria of Sarath Fonseka, Maithreepala, Sobitha. We should thank Mr Gotabaya Rajapakse’s commitment to Sri Lanka. Ranil will not be able to buy Gota. Sinhalese should not be fools ever again.

    Even if one millions comes to Galle Face on May Day , what is point Fran, if Sinhalese are short-slighted.

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    I have HEAVILY criticized the dear departed Ven. Sobitha for having swallowed HOOK, LINE AND SINKER the “human rights” and “democrazy” pretexts orchestrated by the West and their Sri Lankan Yamapalanata puppets.

    Ven. Sobitha, mindful of the dirty tricks the Colonialists have played on Sri Lankans in the past, SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER than to join the Sri Lankan Traitors who engineered another TREASONOUS BETRAYAL 200 years after March, 1815! In doing so, helped immeasurably to MISLEAD his Sinhala Buddhist flock over the cliff onto the rocks below on January 8, 2015.

    Admitting the FOLLY of his SUPPORT for the Yamapalana Regime Change coup-de-eat by Sri Lanka’s ENEMIES DOES NOT ABSOLVE HIM of the GREAT DAMAGE he did to the nation!

    When we accord homage and moral authority to people such as Ven. Sobitha, it comes with GREAT RESPONSIBILITY not to BE CONGENITALLY STUPID and MISLEAD our trusting people.

    Unfortunately, Ven. Sobitha was STUPID, and he MISLED his people! The earlier we recognize his ERRORS, the earlier we can set about repairing the DAMAGE he inflicted.

    I am glad to see that Dr. M.D.P. Dissanayake is also UNAFRAID to call a spade a spade and identify Ven. Sobitha as one who has done Sri Lanka IRREPARABLE HARM through not exercising DUE CAUTION in his political support for the Unpatriotic Yamapalanaya Bunglers!

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    While I agree that it was the Sinhala voters who turned against MR that defeated him, I state with ABSOLUTE CONVICTION that the Tamils, Muslims and Christian Sinhalese voted OVERWHELMINGLY AGAINST MR.

    That has been so ever since independence, it was so in 2015, and to my ETERNAL REGRET it will be so in the FUTURE AS WELL.

    Therefore, it will be INCUMBENT on the Sinhala Buddhist Voter to RETURN HOME to the Opposition to the current Yamapalana government, if they are to RESCUE THEIR Motherland from the PERIL POSED to their VERY SURVIVAL by a government run BY the MINORITIES, composed OF the MINORITIES, FOR the exclusive benefit of the MINORITIES!

    This THREAT is AS GREAT, IF NOT GREATER, than the THREAT that was posed by the 30-year EELAM CONFLICT!

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Dr Dissanayake,

    All you say is correct. Thank you.
    I too agree about the Ven Monks having misled the Sinhala flock. Sobitha Thera when very will said to Pres MR “Vade Varaduna, Mahathayo … !” – thus admitting his grave error of judgement.


    Those trying to “divide & rule” are the greatest danger to Lanka now …. I think, to both Lanka & INDIA. Unfortunately for INDIA, the past negative games with Lanka have resulted in lack of trust toward INDIA. Mr Modi may be a better leader, more sincere, but INDIA has always wanted a sort of by stealth ‘take over’ of Lanka. INDIA has never trusted the over lean of Lanka toward any super power. It is the same for all the small countries surrounding INDIA. A friend of mine from Nepal some years ago complained fearfully about INDIAN ‘take over’ of Nepal. INDIA’s technique of ‘take over’ is well known – they send their poor sector (Dalits mostly) to the small countries, create dissent and ‘take over’. In Lanka, it is through the so called Lanka Tamils, whilst huge numbers are really Kallathonis from Tamil Nadu so called Dalits. Nearly a Million Tamils were sent to the west as REFUGEES after the trumped up 1983 Riots to form the Tamil Diaspora ! Tamil leaders still keep the V’koddai Resoln (1976) and play the ‘divide & rule’ stuff.
    They do not realise that if any Tamil Nadu is formed, INDIA will make Eelam an extension of Tamil Nadu and impose the Caste System on Eelam too, so the Tamil leaders objective is lost.

    When will Tamil leaders be truly PATRIOTIC ?
    When will Ranil be truly PATRIOTIC ?

    Self Sufficiency as far as possible is the best way for Lanka to go.
    That will give meaning and purpose in life to ALL our People.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Correction : Sobitha Thera when very ill said to Pres MR ….

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    I still think that Sri Lanka should lead a joint group of all the small countries around INDIA, to the UN Security Council and suggest an MoU with INDIA (through the Security Council as Mediator), to never put INDIA’s Security issues in jeopardy. That may be only way in which INDIA will stop attacking the small neighboring countries ?

    Is it naive to want Peace in the SE Asian region when some big powers want otherwise ?
    The alternative to Peace is war or destabilising Games on a forever basis – so, we have no alternative !

    More suggestions very welcome for a lasting Peace with INDIA.

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