Sri Lanka is supposed to be Buddhist country of people with kindness and compassion, But …
Posted on May 24th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Sri Lanka is supposed to be Buddhist country of people with kindness and compassion …..Social Services ministers riding high in new Toyota Landcruiser >>>>>>>>>and big talks ?

මව්බිමපුවතින් ක්ෂණික ප්රතිඵල මහපාරේ ඉන්න මවටත් පුතාටත් වැඩිහිටි නිවෙසකට යන්න වරම් කෑගල්ල දිසා ලේකම් කාර්යාලය අත දෙයි   …..

හබරාදුව රෝහලේ වැසිකිළියක මානසික රෝගීන් තිදෙනෙක්……….

Blind mother abandoned in Kalubovila Hospital and living in a shack outside with a dog  ………

We can extract such news in daily papers

What do this ministers do ??

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

8 Responses to “Sri Lanka is supposed to be Buddhist country of people with kindness and compassion, But …”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Buddhism has NOTHING to do with this.

    This is an ECONOMIC PROBLEM. Minorities have RANSACKED SL’s economy leaving NOTHING to the majority. REVERSE this curse and SL will be the DHARMA DEEPA again.

    Only a MILITARY-SANGHA takeover can turn SL HUMANE again.

  2. Nimal Says:

    SL is a fake Buddhist country. Likes of Sudath only writes hate and discord and sadly he doesn’t represent us the tolerant Sinhalese or the Buddhists. If you want to see people who unknowingly practice the true principles of Buddhism the come to UK and see for your self.

  3. ranjit Says:

    When uneducated majority making rules and ruling the country how can it survives or be a Yahapalanaya? Except few most of the parliament representatives are stupid dumb heads who knows nothing except squeeze and drink blood out of the innocent ordinary people in this country. Sinhala race or Buddhism not important for them. Minorities are their darlings to get their votes and to get the good name from the international community their paymasters. They work to please them not the citizens in this country. Vesak celebration was a farce. What did Moda Modi do to Buddhism by attending? Has he met our buddhist scholars and discussed anything about Buddhism or promised to help the religion in any way? What did he do nothing just unnecessary expenses by the Yamapalanaya government. The whole Yamapalanaya government is enjoying over the bodies of the poor citizens. They lavishly spend on cars and other luxury things going round the world in groups etc. Sira going Ranil coming, Ranil going Sira coming like playing musical chairs. Enjoy folks but find a place to hide pretty soon.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    Well said ” Enjoy the ride folks, but find a place to hide pretty soon”.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Brigadier Anura Gunawardana who ordered to shoot dead 3 UNARMED SINGHALA CIVILIANS in Rathupaswala in 2013 has been remanded.

    Good. I have been demanding this since 2013.

    We support the army but NOT when the army kills UNARMED CIVILIANS. Wrong is wrong no matter who did it.

    In 1971 and 1989 these dirty things happened.

    NO MORE!

    Kill terrorists and separatists. Fantastic! But not civilians without weapons or TE ideology.


  6. SA Kumar Says:

    MILITARY-SANGHA takeover – 2nd batch of IPKF will be in Mother Lanka over night than We need Velu’s help send them back.

    Ananda-USA Your Thamil Thambi want Mother lanka to be become a Union states India

    what is the different between TE ideology & separatists ? Please do not say sorry truth always come with out our concern .

    Even after May 2009 still you Tamil believe Sinhalese are modayas ???

    Last 2000 years or more (Since Elra to VP) We-Tamils are fighting for TE but still We could not get a hair ( oru masirum pudugnka ilai) out from moddu Chinhalases !!!!

    live & let’s live in United Chignkala Theevu until Eelam war V !!!

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    At Rathupaswela, the Army was called in by the IGP because the Police could not hold back the swelling crowds of over 5,000 AFTER DUSK FELL. These crowds started coming in vanloads throwing Petrol Bombs at the Police who had been trying to stop the earlier protestors, and the Police could NOT stop them.
    We think that the ‘spoilt well water’ in one area was another ‘gunda’ for another session of violent RIOTING as done in 1983. Nearly a million TAMIL people went as REFUGEES to the west after the 1983 trumped up Riots and formed the Tamil Diaspora which funded the LTTE activities for nearly 30 yrs causing death & destruction and loss reputation in Lanka. Who pays for this vast losses to Lanka ?

    Questions to ask re Rathupaswela well water contamination :
    – How exactly were some wells at Rathupaswela contaminated ?
    – Why were only some wells contaminated ?
    – What were the substances of contamination ?
    – Were proper lab tests done to reveal the source(s) of contamination ?
    – Whose wells were contaminated ?
    – Was the contamination done purposely to create mayhem and riots in Lanka as in 1983 ? If so, who stood to gain from such rioting that spread ?
    – Why weren’t the PC members &/or MPs/Ministries approached FIRST to clean up the wells and find the Source(s) of contamination ?
    – As far as we knkow, to date the public of Lanka do not know the answers to these questions. If anyone knows the answers, please post them on the L’web.

    There more questions ……

    As far as we know, the Army is not usually equipped with tear gas and water hoses to quell crowds. The Police have that sort of equipment which they must have already used at Rathupaswela, to no avail considering the size of the crowd. That is why the Army was called in by the IGP. The Army used the methods they usually carry out when attacked with Petrol Bombs. The Army ought not to be faulted in this action, as the Army acted per their rules & regulations in combat situations.

    Let us wait and see the verdict of the Courts.

    Every country, Buddhist or not, will ALWAYS defend itself when attacked from within or outside.

    If there is no threat of Terrorism & Separatism, there would be no need for Sri Lanka to defend the country in a strong fashion.

  8. ranjit Says:

    Arrest Mr.Bean Wickremesinghe for 1987-89 riots,Batalanda and for the central bank daylight robbery before arresting innocent anyone agree???????

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