Open Letter to US Envoy in Sri Lanka: America has no moral right to point fingers at any country
Posted on June 2nd, 2017

Shenali Waduge

A 44 page report by Amnesty International declares that the US Government gave $1.3billion worth of arms to ISIS in 2016. This comes in the backdrop of Hillary Clinton admitting that the US created Al Qaeda Both entities are supposed to be targets of the US War on Terror. How does that make sense when the US is allegedly arming, training and even funding these terror movements which are killing American soldiers too? Today, the US Government has become a laughing stock on world stage. On the one hand their envoys are producing the red card to other countries of the world tutoring them on law & order, human rights, good governance and democracy while in reality US has the world’s worst record sheet and US or its officials have any moral right to be commending or ordering any country without addressing America’s crimes and illegalities. $4 trillion dollars later has been spent on this bogus War-on-Terror/Humanitarian-R2P

It is said that since 1945 America’s crusade of ‘delivering democracy’ entrenched in the The Plan for a New American Century” (PNAC) has resulted in the deaths of 20 to 30milion lives and uses nomenclatures like Doctrine of Humanitarian Warfare, right to protect” (R2P), William Blum says since 1945 the US has bombed 23 nations.


Indonesia: (1958-1965) – CIA armed, trained and equipped rebels and ousted Sukarno and brought Dictator Suharto to power. Documents at George Washington University’s National Security Archive confirmed how effectively the Indonesian army used the U.S.-prepared hit list against the Indonesian communist party in 1965-66.

Vietnam: (1954-1965) U.S. began CIA-directed internal sabotage operations against the Vietnamese while setting up the puppet Ngo Dinh Diem (brought to Vietnam from the U.S.) as our” political leader.

The 1999 Kosovo conflict became the first humanitarian war using NATO to bomb Serbia based on a non-existent genocide. US went to the extent of even substituting the uncooperative UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali with the subservient NATO shill, Kofi Annan (Luciana Bohne)

That Kosovo precedent has paved the way for incursions upon sovereign nations Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya, Ukraine, Yemen and now it is slowly galvanizing towards Asia. military destabilization of sovereign states has led to the forceful surrender of sovereignty to secure globalization through trade pacts beneficial to Western corporates only to usher global neoliberalism and to secure the world’s economic power under their complete control. All of America’s military/humanitarian interventions have not produced a single success story. Instead, death, destruction, chaos, anarchy, tidal waves of refugees, displaced have arisen.

If the ISIS is supposed to be the enemy and US troops are being sent to defeat this enemy, why is the US government giving arms to the enemy? Did President Obama not say I will not hesitate to take action against ISIL in Syria as well as Iraq” and incidentally even he was surprised why he was recipient of the Nobel PEACE prize!!!

How America Gets Away with Murder: Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage and Crimes Against Humanity by Michael Mandel covers the illegal war on Iraq in 2003, invading a nation despite no evidence of weapons of mass destruction and neither had Iraq even threatened the US or its Allies to justify self-defense. Such a war of aggression was an international crime for which Bush, Rumsfeld, Powell, General Franks, Susan Rice, Tony Blair, Jack Straw et all are guilty for the murder of thousands of people, grievous injuries to thousands more


The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported that PR firm, Bell Pottinger was tasked to produce fake Al Qaeda propaganda films and received $540m between May 2007 and December 2011. According to former video editor Martin Wells of Bell Pottinger, these videos were planted during raids and shown.

The US Government through statements by the envoys or through numerous NGOs that it funds chides countries about treating its minorities. This is the same country that carried out a wave of unconstitutional raids that affected as many as 1.8 million people in late 1920s and 1930s (Mexican repatriation)

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  1. Nihal Perera Says:

    USA is the BIGGEST HR’s violator in the world. Since WWII USA has been killing innocent people in the world by invading other countries like Vietnam, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., with the help of their NATO partners. The American (and Western) hypocrisy is unbelievable when it comes to HR violations.

    They try to play god to other countries, especially those developing countries like SL, and then go around and commit the heinous crimes against humanity in other countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

    They created the modern terrorism in the Middle East by funding and arming vicious terror groups like Al-Qaida, and ISIS, and then cry foul when these same terror groups attack American interests in US and elsewhere. They also support and arm world’s biggest dictators like Saudi Arabia, so that US can make billions by selling arms to them.

    The Americans have destabilized many parts of the world, especially in the Middle East and continue to pork their fingers in many countries using fake HR’s crusade which they have fabricated to their advantage in order to control other nations, especially in the developing world.

    Unfortunately, our present idiots in the GOSL still love to lick the asses of their White colonial masters, thinking West knows best. The Irony is West had its hay day in the past and their moral and social values are rapidly declining due to their stupidity, and social engineering like multi-culturism, mismanagement of environment, and extreme financial greed.

    Like many in my generation, we dreamt of coming to US in the sixties when we were growing up in SL. We admired US for its power, scientific and industrial ingenuity, technical and cultural advancement, and the perceived freedom to pursue whatever we wanted to be. In another word, we were fascinated of the so-called “American Dream.” That was when we were young and naïve, and eager to leave our motherland for greener pastures..!

    After living in North America for almost 45 years, now I know better. Today USA is not what it used to be. Its social, moral, economic, and political values have changed drastically, unfortunately not for the better. Looking back realistically, now I can see clearly how US has always been a hypocritical country, not only internationally but with their own citizens, most of whom don’t have a clue on what’s happening outside of their beloved country.

    The sad part is, many Americans and their leaders still don’t get it why majority of people in the world hate them so much.. This inability, or more like reluctant to, look at themselves and admit their mistakes is the major cause why America is in decline. They still think they are the only superpower in the world, and they have the power control the world…! They hate to admit the fact that countries like China, Russia, India are rapidly catching up with them financially, militarily and industrially.

    Just look at their president Donald Trump, who represents the utmost stupidity and mentality of the Americans – the present and realistic state of USA..!

  2. vyasan Says:

    Well, nowadays every one, every government know that the U.S. is the biggest cause for most of the troubles around the globe. Every one knows that U.S. does everything for its own benefits and interests. The problem is, no body or no government is prepared to openly challenge the high-handedness of the U.S. fearing the self-appointed world policeman, the U.S. Now and then Russia’s Putin challenge it, but without any success.

  3. Christie Says:

    US may be the trouble maker elsewhere.

    When it comes to our island nation it is the Indian Empire and Indian vermin like our US ambassador.

  4. RohanJay Says:

    US a white colonial nation. No different to the colonialism of UK,France, Spain,Holland, Portugal and Germany etc from the past. There just to plunder and destroy the rest of the world for their benefit.

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