The Buddhist world must stand with Buddhist Myanmar in its hour of need
Posted on June 20th, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

If the people of the West can demonstrate and protest against immigrants, the people of Myanmar have every right to voice their objections against a wave of incursions taking place. Myanmar is just one of the many countries plagued with problems that colonial British manufactured during their rule. What cannot be ignored is the forced migration during British rule of Bengali laborers to Arakan & the fact that before colonial rule there were no sovereign land demarcations to claim ‘national race’. The other more important factor is the fact that Rohingyas are being trained as militants and are part of many jihadist groups while Rohingyas are being used by the West assisted by the UN, foreign NGOs and media to fast forward neo-imperialism in Asia. Sri Lanka and the rest of the Buddhist world must take stock of the wave of incursions taking place using Islamic terror.

There has been 3 Anglo-Burmese wars lasting 60 years. British completely colonized Burma in 1886. British rule in Burma lasted from 1824 to 1948. The British ruled Burma as a part of India from 1919 until 1937 & Rangoon was capital. In 1937, Burma was made a crown colony of Britain after officially separating it from India. Britain also brought in large numbers of Indians and settled them throughout Burma. It was growing into a big problem. The term ‘Kalar’ was in reference to these Indians and is associated with the Pali term ‘Kula’. It is not a word connoting insult as is often projected. The Burmese used kala-phyu, or white kalars,” to refer to white rulers!

The British named the country Burma after the Burmans. Map of modern day Burma was a creation of the British – borders & boundaries all created at the whim and fancy of colonial Britain.

It was the British that divided people by race, tribe etc. They are the root cause of all the problems its former colonies are having. There was NO ethnic problems in Myanmar before the British arrived. Writings of Victor Lieberman & Edmund R. Leach prove this.

British displaced the traditional rulers and divided people favouring groups over others to purposely create resentment (Karens given superior place in military and administration). Incrementally the British began dismantling all of the political institutions and cultural structures that had hereto united Burma replacing them with cultures and practices that confused the Burmese and made them resist the impositions being forced upon them. These are all cut and paste policies that fellow Asian & African countries have experienced by their colonial masters. Today the very countries responsible for marginalizing people into ‘ethnic’ groups are preaching equality for them without acknowledging their role in creating the mess!

Another important factor that needs to be never forgotten is that before colonial invasions there were no such demarcations of ‘sovereign’ nations as is understood presently. This necessarily erases claims of ‘national race’ on the basis that they inhabited an area before colonial rule. That argument however is irrelevant to Sri Lanka which has been an island and without borders.

According to Burma’s Citizenship Law passed in 1982 only those ethnic groups which were already in Burma in 1823 qualify as national races.”

Derek Tonkin, former British ambassador to Thailand and editor of the website Network Myanmar claims to have not found a single shred of evidence to prove the existence of a group of people named Rohingyas in British Colonial records. The basic criteria is missing, not only are Rohingyas not a race/ethnic group but they do not even have their own language. They speak Bengali, the language spoken by Bangladeshis. They are not stateless at all, they originally belonged to India and thereafter to Bangladesh following its independence!

Area of Arakan was taken in 1826 by the British after their victory in the First Anglo-Burmese War. The delta region including Rangoon (Lower Burma) was annexed in 1852 after the Second Anglo-Burmese War. The importance of Arakan is described by archeologist Emil Forchhammer in 1891 who says Arakanese Buddhism was the inspiration of the Buddhism practiced in the rest of Burma. How is it that today, another community is demanding share of it?

Arakan has a range of mountains isolating it from the Irrawaddy delta and central Burma. There was no clear border between Burma and Bengal (present day Bangladesh)

No amount of hype about discrimination can erase the fact that there is terrorism training taking place along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border and madrassas are being used as training centres!

The aim of these groups and their handlers is to annex part of Myanmar which Burmese claim is to set up an independent state called Newrosia and media is being prepared to counter Myanmar action by projecting attacks on innocent civilians.

Let us not forget that in 1947 Muslims from Arakan requested Mohammad Ali Jinnah to annex Mayu region to Pakistan (East Pakistan is today Bangladesh) Lets also not forget that Bangladesh was overwhelmingly Buddhist for many centuries though it only has 0.7% Buddhists now!

What is relevant is that there was no reference to Rohingyas but Arakan Muslims”. So how did this term ‘Rohingyas’ all of a sudden emerge??? The 1947 request is amusing for ‘Arakan Muslims’ claims they settled down in Arakan around 788 however it was in the 7th century that Islam began and Arakan was 5000miles away! It was only in the 13th century that Bengal area even started to become Muslim. The Buddhist University of Nalanda in India was destroyed by Muslim invaders in 12th century.

History Professor Aye Chan of Kanda University of Japan says that there is no Rohingya (as an ethnic group) in Myanmar, tracing back to centuries of Rakhine chronicle. He also confirmed that the existing problem was the bad legacy of the colonial rule for over one hundred year in Myanmar. He also raises a very important question If peaceful coexistence is the goal, then why is money being raised for a holy war?” He goes on to say There is request for cash donation to wage religious war (Jihad – – a holy war fought by Muslims to defend Islam). The handouts are distributed in the Islamic countries. Bank accounts for such donations are opened in Chittagong and Dhaka in Bangladesh. With such sinister scheme in the pipeline, will you believe the idea of peaceful coexistence with Rakhine nationals and Bengali?”

Prof. Chan concluded that the word Rohingya” was first introduced in an article in the then Guardian daily newspaper published in Yangon by a person named Mr. Abu Gaffer, nationalities representative of Buthitaung Township of Rakhine State in 1951.

The groundwork is already been laid out and UN is also been roped in no different to the role the UN played in the break up of Yugoslavia, creation of Kosovo, chaos in Iraq, Libya and now Syria. Is Myanmar equipped to deal with assymetrical warfare which has connivance of Islamic nations supporting terror groups and Western interest groups?

INCA News Agency Turkey has released videos & photos of Bengali-Muslim terrorists from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) receiving military training. In May 2011 the Arakan Rohingya Union was established with financial assistance from OIC, Saudi Arabia and Turkey!

The same news agency bragged about jihadists killing 25 Buddhist monks publishing the photos of dead and injured Buddhist monks.

US State Dept Country Reports on Terrorism in 2008 & 2009 identifies the links of Islamic Rohingya Terrorists to their counterparts in Bangladesh & other countries. So, tell us how innocent are these Rohingyas? Then in 1992 Hakrat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami was formed with support from Osama bin Laden himself. This group is supposed to be led by Maulana Farid in Chittagong and is recruiting Bangladeshi’s from more than 60,000 madrassas and refer to themselves as Bangladeshi Taliban. Note Hillary Clinton admits US created Al Qaeda! A Wikileaks report also confirms that Osama bin Laden met with leaders of the Rohingyas on 15 May 2000.

The Rohingyas are so innocent that they have also developed ties with other Islamic militant groups – Gulbuddin Hekmatyr’s Hzb-e-Islami in Afghanistan, Hizb-ul-Mujahiden in Jammu & Kashir and the Angkatan Belia Islam sa Malaysia. In 2011 the Bangladeshi govt stated that at least 70 Islamic terrorist groups were operating in Bangladesh of which Islamic Rohingya Terrorists were also named – Rohingya Patriotic Front, Rohingya Solidarity Organization, Arakan Rohingya National Organization. It is obvious that these trained militant groups are being transported to all corners of the world and presented as ‘innocent’ to advance greater agendas.

The International Crisis Group in an interview to Deutsche Welle claimed that Rohingya insurgency has links with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan following the killing of 9 Myanmar policemen in 2016. But the whole international media attention is ONLY on Myanmar’s violations against Rohingyas without a single comment against Rohingyas being trained as Islamic jihadist terrorists, many of whom must be joining these jihadi camps purely for economic survival!

Take the social media, the press releases from governments and western government supporting NGOs and their 24×7 news will only be about persecutions against Rohingyas completely degrading Myanmar and the Buddhist majority populace. Nothing balanced whatsoever in the reporting. Even the one Buddhist monk who openly puts valid arguments forward is branded a Taliban terrorist when all of the murders have been thus far committed by these Islamic terror groups trained by Al Qaeda & ISIS. Why are their heinous crimes never highlighted or does it get highlighted only when someone in the West gets killed by an Islamic terrorist! No one has even spared a minute to listen to the other version. That is because any version is irrelevant because the plan of the West has nothing to do with Rohingyas or Buddhists but simply to grab Myanmars natural resources & put a foothold into a country that is nearer to China.

These are the people United Nations and Amnesty International claim to be the most persecuted refugees in the world.” Myanmar has every right to defend itself from these incursions and terrorist acts.

It is not out of any love for Rohingyas that the West and their ‘delivering democracy’ machines are now on a witch hunt against Myanmar. The easiest way to forcefully enter countries and forcefully make countries open up their borders and infuse systematic change in how these countries administer themselves is to use the ethno-religious minority card. That was how Kosovo was given liberation and so too was South Sudan. You may ask why the world is so gaga over an ethnic minority – it’s the natural resources all the time. Myanmar is rich in energy, precious stones, biomass (charcoal), 11–23 trillion cubic feet in natural gas reserves and 50 million barrels of crude oil reserves, Myanmar accounts for 80 percent of global teak. Now the picture is getting clearer and everywhere the West shows interest there is always some jihadist backing! The West is doing a grave injustice in making a cocktail mess out of problems they originally created and left for countries to sort out by returning again to infuse more tensions and conflicts simply to walk away with the profits and plunder these countries again.

It is in this context Sri Lanka must stand with Myanmar as its Theravada roots are now being challenged and targeted using Islamic jihadism as a neocolonial imperial strategy. 

What needs to be further highlighted is that no group of people claiming to be stateless has any business to take up arms and get trained in armed militancy and travel all over the world for training programs. This is where people who are supportive of the Rohingyas must also ponder what type of precedence this is creating.

The British used Indian sepoys to capture Burma while present day tactic is to use Sepoy international civil servants like the UN’s Christian Special Rapporteur. When Christians and Muslims close ranks whenever their people are pressed against the wall, it is time for Sri Lanka and the Buddhist world to come to the assistance of Myanmar and fellow Buddhist nations that are now targets of Western-Islamic-Christian incursions.

Sri Lanka Myanmar ties are longstanding. The first king of Bagan, Anawrahta arrived in 11th century to obtain a replica of the Tooth Relic from his friend Vijayabahu I. Myanmar also helped us when Cholas invaded. In the 12th century Yasawinkyi, King of Myanmar visited Sri Lanka. Bhikkhus mastered the Tripitaka introduced by Sri Lanka. Sinhala Bhikkhus received Higher Ordination back from Amarapura and Ramanna Bhikkhu lineages.

Sri Lanka’s ties with Myanmar are special, longstanding and cannot be erased by governments who come to power on the strength of the anti-Buddhist lobby. It is the duty of the Buddhist public, the Buddhist organizations and the Maha Sangha as well as the Armed Forces to stand with Myanmar as they are being cornered by a well calculated and orchestrated global plot.

Shenali D Waduge

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Totally agree with Shenali: Sri Lanka must stand toe-to-toe with the Burmese people of Myanmar to defend and protect their Theravada Buddhist heritage!

    Bangladesh should control it’s Muslim people and prevent them from ENCROACHING into neighboring countries!

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Look at the map.

    BURMA-THAILAND-CAMBODIA-LAOS-VIETNAM should work as ONE unit in defence matters. They should form a powerful defence alliance. SL must join it.

    This 6 member BUDDHIST alliance should work together to expel any threat.

    ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE alliance is needed.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    MOST of these countries have excellent defence ties with ISRAEL. They should be further strengthened.

  4. Christie Says:

    Shenali thanks.

    Not only Bengalis went to Burma lots of other Indians went to Burma to grow rice to be exported to other Indian colonies. Most of the land was owned by Indians from other parts of the Indian sub continent. Three quarters of the arable land was owned or used by the Indians who worked the paddy fields. Bengalis were mainly laborers.

    Mill owners were Indians. They exported rice and were imported by Indian Colonial Parasites in the Indian colonies. British were not directly involved with this cultivation, production and export of rice to feed the people of British Indian Colonies but provided support like providing Royal Charter to rice mills. Remember “millcharrd haal”. Best example is Ceylon where Indian Colonial Parasites mainly Tamils from Pettah were involved in this trade. It was exclusively in their hands and never allowed others to take part in the rice import and distribution that they did with other Indian imports like Urid and Lentils.

    When Venerable Budhdha Rakkitha and Vimalaa Wijewardhana tendered for the import of rice from Burma and the Indian Importers ask SWRD to block it. He did block it and Banda was removed from earth. Banda had to follow the instruction of Indian Merchants who funded him and his party the SLFP.

    When Burma expelled Rohigiyaas and other Indians from Burma some of the rich Indian Parasites settled in Colombo and set up Jewelry shops and other businesses in late fifties and sixties.

    Some of these Indian Colonial Parasites in Burma are from the present day Indian Union and they should take their share. But India is using its power to hide their responsibility and use the West to attack Myanmar.

  5. Vaisrawana Says:

    Thank you, Shenali, for your inestimable national service. Raising awareness among the young about the global Christian and Islamist fundamentalist menace is the need of the hour. We must include our young monks in this young category. I don’t know whether you write in Sinhala; probably, you don’t have the time, given the overwhelmingly large amount of web research you are doing to write these articles. The problem is that our traditional Mahanayakes have so little awareness of the grave fundamentalist threat that Buddhists are faced with. They are not equipped with the modern education that is vital for them to play the appropriate role that they ought to undertake. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, education, to be worth calling such, must include an adequate level of English language proficiency in addition to mother tongue competency. Our monks should be able interact with their counterparts in other Buddhist countries, whether they are Theravada, Mahayana, or other. The laity also can similarly establish connections with Buddhist organisations in those countries. The Islamic bloc in the UN is powerful. Being the centre of Theravada Buddhism (the pristine form of Buddhism that is fast spreading in the world where reason is finally replacing faith based religion), Sri Lanka needs to work towards initiating a similar Buddhist bloc in the UN. This is work for future Mahanayakes who will emerge from among the enlightened young monks of today. Your sort of dedicated patriotic journalism, let us fervently hope, will stimulate interest among them.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Indian Colonial Parasites- Fully agreed with you , question is what We are doing to over come ( at least since 1948 to today).

    Unless We-United as Mother Lanka no way out from Indian Colonial Parasites !!!!

    You know Now why We-Ilankai Thamilar kicked out IPKF even though they offered NEP in gold plate ( who’s land who offer?) .

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    All Colonised countries have a long struggle ahead to secure a lasting internal peace. Sure there were conflicts in these countries prior to Colonisation, but after Colonisation the power shift to countries FAR AWAY, has left the Colonised countries struggling to survive even after they got their so called independence.
    Items lost through the ‘divide & rule’ principle are :
    Independence, Patriotism, Security, Self Respect as a Country, wealth & lives, LAND, etc.

    Co-operation wherever possible ought to be done between ex-Colonised nations all over the world.
    NO CHEAP LABOR from anywhere abroad either.

    PATRIOTISM is the need of the hour.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    On a related topic to ward off neo-Colonisation :

    Re the Economy & Labor, some suggestions :

    * Go with Co-operatives wherever possible. Good success ratings for Co-ops in the west. About 15% of the total economy of America is taken up by the Co-op sector.
    * Give tax breaks to Companies that have Worker Participation, to encourage Worker Participation even at Board level. Germany, after WW II, had to do this by law, through American Pres Truman’s team (with no tax breaks). Even during the recent recession the German economy did not suffer as production was kept up and salaries were paid to local workers with govt participation. People had enough money to buy locally produced goods and the economy did not suffer.
    * Make sure that Glyphosate is NOT reintroduced to local Agriculture in Lanka. There is a move to do so on some trumped up excuse re increasing tea production. Tea estates are located Upcountry. Glyphosate applied to soil there will trickle into the entire water system of the country resulting in disease.

    Please write in ideas to boost the local economy …

  9. HanMg Says:

    Thank you, Shenali.
    In the 19th century the British Empire organised the mass migration of Bengali Muslims to Burma to work plantations in the predominantly Buddhist Rakhine State. The purpose of the migration was to create an artificial ruling class that would depend on the protection of the British Empire. The result was more than a century of tension with the indigenous Buddhist inhabitants and the Muslim settlers, a tension that has led to the ethnic cleansing of today, whereby Takfiri fanatics, financed by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are committing genocide through muslim Bangladesh against local Buddhist peasants with the full complicity of UN, ‘human rights’ organizations and noble laureates, NGOs (George Soros) and the mass media as part of a US geostrategic initiative to “kossovise” the Rakhine State by separating it from Myanmar, thereby securing a foothold for Western neo-colonial interests in the highly strategic Bay of Bengal. The so-called ‘Rohingya crisis’ attests to a new phase in imperialist policy; namely, the ruthless weaponization of the refugee….
    The real victim here are the small indigenous Rakhine ethnic people from Myanmar (of about 3 million) who remain voiceless and unknown but who have been clinging to their Buddhist religion for over 2,500 years (the only people on earth who can claim that to be Buddhists since the time of Buddha) against the continuous onslaught of jihadi terror for centuries, while other countries in south east Asia like present day Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.. have succumbed to islamization.
    It is time for predominantly Buddhist nations to form an international organization such as ORGANIZATION OF BUDDHIST NATIONS (OBN) not only to counter the threat from Muslim fundamentalism and Christian proselytism but also to have a united voice in world affairs

  10. HanMg Says:

    Continuing ethnic cleansing of Buddhists in Bangladesh:
    On 2 June, at least 250 houses belonging to Jumma (Chakma Buddhists) tribal people, the indigenous inhabitants of the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh, have been burnt to the ground by (muslim) Bengali settlers. Read more at and

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