For Health & Humane Reasons – STOP COW SLAUGHTER
Posted on June 26th, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

Next to our biological mother who feeds us milk in the initial years of our life, the burden of continuing to feed us milk throughout our life falls on our next mother – the cow. Not only that the cow has become a means for meat ruthlessly slaughtered, butchered and killed for meat. To kill such a majestic animal is immoral, unethical, unjust, cruel and most sinful. As the world degenerates, it is time that the compassion and goodness of humans emerge to outnumber the bad and usher in a world of values and compassion. Let us begin that endeavor by first stopping cow slaughter. Creating a momentum around cow slaughter in Sri Lanka and encouraging humane living will certainly bring communities together.

No one wants to die not even cows. Everyone values their life, so do cows. There are countless examples of cows fighting for their lives and even escaping from the clutches of men about to slit their neck. Cows can live up to 25 years, cows raised for beef are generally slaughtered between one and three years of age. Male calves are castrated at a young age, to improve meat quality.” Some of the methods used to castrate them include surgically removing testicles with a scalpel, crushing spermatic cords with a clamp, and constricting blood flow to the scrotum until testicles die and fall off.”

According to research, cows are generally very intelligent animals who can remember things for a long time. They mourn the deaths of and even separation from those they love, even shedding tears over their loss. There was a story of a cow mother whose baby had been killed by a bus, arrive every day and attack the bus showing her anger. At the other end we have countless examples of cows bowing down in worship to people who had saved them from slaughter.

The truth is dairy cows lead horrible lives, filled with grief, pain and suffering.

When a dairy cow is born, she is taken from her mother within 24 hours, if not immediately. She is denied drinking her own mothers milk because the profiteers want that milk to sell to humans. A dairy cow is artificially inseminated to increase milk outcome. When their babies are pulled, often dragged away from them, they often bellow for days.

Not only does the dairy industry fuel the veal industry, but the dairy cow herself is ultimately slaughtered as well. With all this in mind, we have to ask ourselves, Is there more cruelty in a glass of milk or a pound of beef?”

The statistics

Dr. Frank Hu of the Harvard School of Public Health studied over 37,000 men from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (beginning in 1986) and over 83,000 women from the Nurses’ Health Study (beginning in 1980). Almost 24,000 participants died during the study, including about 5,900 from cardiovascular disease and about 9,500 from cancer. An extra serving of processed red meat (such as bacon, hot dogs, sausage and salami) raised the risk by 20%. Our study adds more evidence to the health risks of eating high amounts of red meat, which has been associated with type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and certain cancers in other studies,” says lead author Dr. An Pan.

Inhumane slaughter of cows for burghers –

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ගව ඝාතනය තහනම් කරන්නට අප පෙළගැසෙමු

In fact humane living practices, values and compassion should be included into the learning framework of all children. It is when a child sees and is told that killing is not wrong that the fear to kill or harm another disappears from his/her mind. As adults we must nurture the feeling of compassion and values in children as the world degenerates and unthinkable crimes are heard, it is time the good among all of us come out to save the world. No God and no religion would ever advocate killing an animal to appease Him. How can people even think that taking a life of an animal can win them merit or shower them with good fortune?

Shenali D Waduge

7 Responses to “For Health & Humane Reasons – STOP COW SLAUGHTER”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Either ban killing ALL animals for food or don’t ban any. There is NOTHING SPECIAL about the COW.

    Fish, goats, pigs, chicken are also animals with emotions, fear, relatives and EQUAL RIGHTS as BULLS and COWS. They must be protected too IF we protect cows. Robbing MILK from cows is a SIN. Milk is for the calf not for humans! That too must be banned.

    We don’t need ANY of these things to get ALL the nutrition we need.

    Otherwise DO NOT ban any.

    SL must NOT be a second home to Endians by giving a SPECIAL PLACE for the cow.

  2. Christie Says:


    Thanks Shenali.

    Great Hinduthwa sermon.

    We should save all milk powder packets wash them carefully and store them in purpose built temples and worship and pay three times a day.

    I was allergic to cow’s milk and I was fed goat milk. My parents built a temple to house a statues of the she goats.

    My cousins were allergic to cow and goat milk and drank buffalo milk. They built a temple for a buffalo statue.

    We decorated the goats and buffalos but did not care much about the cows.

    This Hinduthwa movement and ideology is funny when you know Hinduthwa India is (at least was) first or second beef producer in the world and the second producer of leather and leather ware.

    Let us start drinking Holy Cow Urine Bottled by RSS.

    Shenali please do not brainwash Sinhalese to stop eating meat and fish which they have done for hundred thousand years. Indians can digest legumes better than us because they have been eating them for three or four thousand years.

    Soon the government will introduce legislation to protect sacred cows.

    There will be Gau Raksha activities by the Yahapalana government. Those who hurt, kill, eat beef will be lynched publicly.

    This is what Indian Imperialism is about.

    Jai Hind

  3. Christie Says:

    See what is waiting for us, if we eat beef or dea with beef.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Put out great tasting, nutritious Organic Soy meats – chicken strips, meat balls, sausages, etc.
    Make delicious yoghurts, ice cream as well from Soy and Nut milks.

    People cannot tell the difference in the taste & texture when cooked into tasty dishes, Eastern recipes or Western dishes.

    An adult needs only 50 grams of Protein/day.

    Provide the alternatives to beef, chicken, etc. and there will be less need for animal Protein.

  5. Christie Says:

    Eat grass!

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    I AGREE with Fran we should ENCOURAGE people to eat more vegetarian food.

    NO BANNING cow slaughter without banning the slaughter of fish, chicken, rabbit, pig, goat, sheep, etc. What a long list!! Are humans going BACK to hunting era??

    COW is NOT a special animal. COW should have the same right as the ROOSTER.

  7. Christie Says:

    People should be free to eat what suits them other than humans. That has been the case in the world except for very small communities.

    If you are vegan, vegetarian keep it to yourself.

    Please do not try to change food habits of other people.

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