Posted on June 30th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

You need to read the preamble before I come to the point

Place –London

I decided to write this story which happened last night in a country which is supposed to be developed .My friends living in UK has a pet dog ,which their son took out for the routine  daily walk in the woods .He released the dog from the leash  as usual, as he does every day .Another rock wailer  dog who was also doing the walk with the owners was trying to attack his dog  and the young man tried to separate them ,got bitten by the other dog .Time was around 1 pm and he rushed  to the GP ( area General Practitioner).

His wound was  bleeding ( 911 was not coming for such a small health condition ) .His doctor was on leave due to Ramadan season ( he is a Bangladeshi ) and other doctor  ( A Sri Lankan !) has said  that she is not trained to do anything let alone wound dressing as it is duty of the nurse  ( nurse who behave like a doctor was away )  .He rushed to A and E (accident and  emergency unit ) in the  nearest Government hospital  ,where he was asked to wait for three hours on the queue .He was in pain and again rushed to the nearest private hospital .

They have said that dog bite is a special case hence they could not do any treatment and take risks and asked him to go to another specialised hospital  10 miles away to get treated .They have dressed the wound but refused to do any stitching of the wound ,Gave him tetanus and antibiotic and asked him to go to another specialised  hospital in central London

As it was late he has to wait until tomorrow 9.45 am tomorrow to see the doctor !

Now the time is 10 pm and it has taken 8 hours and he could not get treated even though he had financial resources.

He came home in pain as the doctors has not given any pain killers for no reason .Now he is waiting to go tomorrow to the other place in town to get the wound stitched.

Wound is  in his left hand between Thumb and forefinger.He is in pain and he is angry. When my friend called him from Sri Lanka ,he was so bitter about doctors and whole health system in UK.

This is supposed to be a developed country which is running with proven systems but it is failing due to inhuman” behaviour of doctors who have not understood the plight of the patient who is in pain.

Place –Sri Lanka .

We have ( had)  a better health care in Sri Lanka.If  this would have happened ,Emergency Unit of the Government Hospital or even In a private hospital, he would have  receivde quick   treatment and get his wound stitched  within 1-2 hours ( if at all they are not on strike !) and get pain killers .( if the doctor does not give the pain killer ,he can still walk into a pharmacy and get the medication)

If it is any other retreatment, Private hospitals are working 24/7 and if you have money you can get the treatment during the strike period

Same doctors who are mostly qualified in UK and they would have treated them differently in normal times .

If this problem came up few days back our government doctors would not have done anything but busy near the Fort Railway shouting slogans against the government for not shutting down a private medical school.


I am not a medical doctor, but I have few doctors in my family and among siblings and nephews. Up to now I was under the impression that they are Human Beings and treat distressed people with compassion .But today have become animals. They are busy in trying to safeguard their profession from Privately Educated vultures  If they want to topple the government they should wait three more years rather than resorting to strikes and take poor patients as hostages. Association of Do(g) ctors ( Canines  ) have set up their own watch point/dog’s kennel   in front of busy Fort rail station ( which has become Hyde Park of London ) to impress tired people struggling to go home after days hard work to cook meals for their daughters and sons  and teach them to become Doctors .

I am sure that these matinee shows will discourage the citizens and teach their children to be trained in some other profession.

Last-night news showed them erecting a elevated  platform in the heart of the city despite court ruling ,presumably plan  to do a sathyagraha” .They may even fast unto death which I think that all government doctors should do so that SAITM doctors will be the only ones left to treat the people in the ( not so ) resplendent island,If they fast ,they may become more and more aggressive like hungry dogs and bite people ?.I wondered why they did not become muslims and joined Ramadan season few days back !

Problem we have is that  system of Law and Order has failed and morale of the country  ( and doctors ) has gone to (mad) dogs”..

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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