Posted on August 24th, 2017

By Dr. Tilak S. Fernando

On the day (15 August 2017) the Former First Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa was summoned by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and grilled for nearly four hours, according to news media, over a vehicle that had been donated by the INGO Red Cross to the ‘Siriliya Saviya,’ a Foundation that functioned under the former First Lady. The vehicle allegedly has been identified as being involved in the murder of rugby player Wasim Thajudeen. In the midst of such a hullabaloo, an interesting email was going viral and hit the writer’s mailbox too. The contents of the mail, in fact, may be of particular interest to the North Central Provincial Council JVP Member, Wasantha Samarasinghe, who is well known for his enthusiastic involvement in lodging files with the Presidential Investigation Unit (PIU), pertaining to politicians who have been misappropriating money.

In a turbulent political climate, the common topic of the general civilian forums has become nothing but corruption and bribery of politicians. The Finance Minister was forced to resign under heavy public pressure along with parliamentary colleagues. In the meanwhile it was followed by the intense verbal diarrhoea and bombardments of the same government colleagues and, the UNP (United National Party) working committee agreed to table a ‘No Confidence Motion’ or oust the Minister of Justice. All in all, the whole political sphere in Sri Lanka seems to get entangled with a load of garbage even worse than the Meethotamulla rubbish dump and begun to stink to high heaven!

In the midst of composing this article, the identical email to the one the writer received earlier, which is doing the rounds, reached the writer’s mailbox as the second one of its kind. This clearly indicates to what extent the people are frustrated, annoyed and exasperated for allowing the so called ‘culprits’ getting vamoosed for the past two years despite the Yahapalanaya, which was established purely for the purpose of elimination of the scum of the previous regime,” has become worse than what they got rid of; instead people are beginning to realise to what extent they are well and truly trapped in a tricky situation currently, which can only be described as out of the prying fan into the fire.

Both emails (carry the same attachments) to expose a crime committed by the former First Lady, who appeared to have gone bonkers in spending public money, running up to nearly 26 (twenty six) million rupee rupee equivalent in foreign exchange, together with her Aunt Mrs. Daisy Forrester, another person named Mrs. Poththawadu N. Lakshmi de Silva, and a the 4th person mentioned in the hotel bill as the Embassy of Sri Lanka”, for accommodation at the ‘Four Seasons Hotel, George V, Paris, for 4 days including transport charges, on the pretext of ‘ participating to celebrate the eleventh official UN Day of Vesak held at Bai Dinh Temple in Ninh Binh province, held from 8th to 11th May, 2014 in Vietnam.

UN & Vesak

Vesak celebration was made internationally a cultural and humanistic commemoration by the United Nations’ International Organising Committee on 15th December 1999 at the 54th United Nations Assembly to officially recognise the full moon day in the month of May as the ‘UN Day of Vesak,’ to honour Prince Siddhartha’s birth, enlightenment as ‘Buddha’ and passing away also on a full moon day, in 623 B.C. Ever since, Buddhists commemorate this triple event on the full moon day in the month of May and celebrate as Vesak.

In this connection, initial tribute has to go to the Sinhala Balamandalaya in London, a group consisting Sri Lankan expatriates in the UK, who worked vigorously to propagate and uphold Sri Lankan culture and religious values, as well as organising a mammoth procession across Central London on a Vesak day, (which the writer witnessed). They in turn approached the former Foreign Minister, the late Lakshman Kadirigamar, to take Vesak celebration up to UN level. Lakshman Kadirigamar in turn, with his irresistible and sophisticated approach, appealed to the UN to recognise this holy day and declare Vesak as a holiday. Fifteen other countries, some including non-Buddhist such as Russia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh supported the Sri Lankan request.

Despite the support and the backing of other countries, Sri Lanka’s endeavour was not one hundred percent successful mainly due to the lack of sympathy on the part of the UN Secretariat.  However, finally the UN compromised and recognised Vesak day in a low-key manner, and ever since from year 2000, Vesak was celebrated at the UN (New York city, USA), and it’s Regional Offices over the world.

Thai Celebrations

In 2004, Thailand Royal Government hosted the UN Day of Vesak celebrations, which spread to various other centres in the world at every consecutive year. The eleventh UN Day of Vesak celebration expected more than 3000 delegates from 95 countries and territories worldwide, including about 1200 delegates being Buddhist dignitaries and scholars overseas, and tens of thousands of domestic and foreign Buddhist monks, nuns and followers at the Bai Dinh Temple, Ninh Binh Province in Viet Nam from 8th to 11th May 2014. The Main theme of the celebration was Buddhist Contribution towards Achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals”

According to the Socialist Republic Vietnam’s Government Committee for Religious Affairs website distinguished guests of the UN Day of Vesak 2014 included: the King and Queen of Tooro Kingdom; Prime Minister of Sri Lanka; Chairman of Vietnam’s National Assembly Nguyễn Sinh Hùng; President of Vietnam Fatherland Front Nguyễn Thiện Nhân; Deputy Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand; Former Secretary General of Vietnam’s Communist Party Lê Khả Phiêu; Former Vietnam’s National Assembly Chairman Nguyễn Văn An; several Vietnamese ministers, deputy ministers and more than 20 ambassadors”

E-mail disclosure.

As per the anonymous email that is doing the rounds, the First Lady of the previous regime, was supposed to have represented Sri Lanka on this gracious occasion, but points a finger at her for visiting Paris instead, which posses the question and intense doubt in anyone’s mind as to why she has had to make a trip to Paris and visited Lourdes on the pretext of attending UN Vesak Celebrations in Viet Nam?

The email also carries an attachment, which is an official document issued by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in France, marked in pen as Message No. 277” with a detailed bill including hotel charges for four VIPs with a copy of the invoice from the Four Seasons Hotel, George V, Paris for accommodation and hired limousines covering four days from 20 May to 24 May 2014, for a total sum of Euro €137,396.94 (SLR   25,080,681.49), which the email highlights as all out of Sri Lankan tax payers’ money in may forms. The email carries a strong condemnation too about the officials who approved such expenses, without question or fear, for such a large sum of money to be wasted under false pretense and they too should be charged as collaborators in the theft. By doing so would be the only way to prevent government servants helping corruption it continues. Tilak Ranarajah, The Sri Lankan Ambassadors of the Embassy in France, has signed and explained in a letter dated 4 May 2017, the subject of which sates as follows:


Accommodation with incidental expenses                  Euro €8852.00          SLR. 16,175,465.76

Vehicle Hire                                                               Euro €41650.00       SLR.    7,593,061.56

*Air Tickets to Lourdes                                              Euro €  4200.00        SLR     768,399.66

Other (VIP+Misc. Expenses)                                      Euro €2994.94          SLR      543,754.51

Total                                                                                  Euro €137,396.94      SLR      25,080,681.49

*The Presidential Secretariat may have paid airfare from Sri Lanka to Paris and back.


 Along with the invoice was a bill from FOUR SEASON’S HOTEL, George V, and Paris, giving the breakdown of room charges, incidentals covering for 4 VIPs for 4 days as follows:


Ambassade du Sri Lanka

NAME                                               Arrival   Dep    Room    Rate   Nights Revenue        Incidentals                                         Total        To

PR Rajapaksa Shiranthi Mrs.   20 Mai    24 Mai 101    14,500.00     4      € 58,000      € 5945.50                                              €  63945.50
Forest, Daisy  Mrs.                     20 Mai   24 Mai   103     €1350.00        4      €   5,400      €  1524.00                                             €    6924.00
De Silva P.  Lakshmi N  Mrs.     20 Mai   24 Mai   104      €1350.00       4      €   5,400      €  1986.00                                             €    7386.00
Embassy of Sri Lanka                 20 Mai   24 Mai   105     €1350.00      4       €   5400     €   4897.00                                             €   10 297.00
                                                                                                 Sub Total                € 74,200    €    14,352.50                                        €   88552.50
                                                                                                                                                                       Deposit                                 €   49200.00
                                                                                                                                                                      Total                                       €   39353.50

The email categorically states that, ultimately the tax payers had to bear all these expenses on a false pretense by the First Lady, and the officers who approved these expenses, without question or fear, should be charged as collaborators in the theft. That would be the only way to prevent government servants helping corruption”.

The email on a further emphasis states that Marie Antoinette would be so proud of our former Queen Shiranthi Rajapaksa for spending  €137K for her to celebrate Vesak in Paris”.

Queen Marie Antoinette, of course was linked with her damaged reputation further with an expensive Diamond Necklace participating in a crime to defraud the crown jewelers. This indecorous affair goes down in history as one of the noteworthy events that led to the French public’s embitterment with the monarchy, which among other causes eventually precipitated the French Revolution, akin to the political revolution that took place in January 2015 in Sri Lanka.

The citizens of this country would raise the million-dollar question as to what transformation has taken place after the unity government has been elected to power except twiddling their thumbs for two years in office. It is no wonder why the Yahapalanaya is irritating the public forums due to unfulfilled promises so far!

Encl:  1.Communication from the High Commission in France.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel, Paris breakdown of charges. N

  1. Invoice detailing limousine hire.


  1. Ratanapala Says:

    This is the woman someone was trying to portray as a modern Vihara Maha Dewi. It is a gut wrenching thought to compare such a dishonest woman with our revered Vihara Maha Dewi. Vihara Maha Dewi sacrificed her life in the name of the people of Sri Lanka. What has this woman done?

    In this instance, if what is said is right, this Catholic woman has defrauded the people of Sri Lanka and mainly innocent Buddhists of Sri Lanka by hijacking an International Buddhist event for her and her other Catholic friends benefit by going to Paris and then to Lourdes instead of flying the other way to Bai Dinh Temple, Ninh Binh Province in Viet Nam. It boggles the mind to understand the mindset of this devious personality. Is it sheer arrogance or stupidity?

    Earlier circa 2005 she too was instrumental in preventing the sale of Dan Brown’s book Da Vinci Code in Sri Lanka with Catholic Church backing. With this dastardly deed, Sri Lanka became the only country in the world other than Soloman’s Islands – a country of former cannibals now converted to Christianity, to ban this excellent piece of fiction.

    I never had any faith in this Catholic Woman who is one of the reasons for Mahinda Rajapakse Regime downfall. She can bring down Mahainda Rajapakse for the second time around if she decides to show her face in the current political platforms as nation’s mother. Nothing can be more revolting to the majority Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

  2. Cerberus Says:

    Tilak, You are right some of these expenses may seem a little extravagant but how come you do not report on the doings of Ranil and his little gang of 40 thieves he took with him to Davos in Switzerland twice? Who paid for those little jaunts? Was it by Perpetual Treasuries Aloysius or was it our poor tax payer. Both Ranil and MY3 were globe trotting a lot in the first year they came into power. What about their trip expenses. Human greed has no limit. Everyone knows that Davos is one of the most expensive places to visit. When you attend a Billionaire’s meeting you have to maintain the same level so I wonder how much they spent to impress the Billionaires? I heard a person had to spend about $2000/night for a hotel room in Davos Switzerland for that particular Billionaire meeting, multiplied by 40 thieves? Plus all the whiskey and champagne for the gay crowd. No one has seen the bills or they were hidden so well. The damage done by Ranil and his 40 thieves to Sri Lanka is immense. What the hell has he achieved in 40 years other than killing about thousands of innocent Sinhala youth, torturing youth in Batalanda, letting Prabahakaran roam the North and East of the island freely? There are many business people in tow with the Yahapalanaya who will gladly sell the country to make some money for themselves. Please look at what President Mahinda Rajapaksa achieved in the context of a little extravagant spending by the first lady. Today everyone can go about their business freely thanks to President Mahinda Rajapaksa. After 2 years of Yahapalanaya, what has been done in terms of development? The only thing they are doing is selling off Hambantota Port, Mattala airport, and the express ways to foreigners. These were projects completed by MR Govt. The money obtained is being used for consumption, not development.
    Ranil has always been trying to sell Sri Lanka to foreigners. Every time he got some power into his hands he set about trying to convert our economy to a purely capitalist economy not withstanding the fact that Sri Lanka is designated as a Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. His guidance and protection come from the West and IMF. When he was elected as the PM he started privatizing almost 991 profit making state enterprises. Some places like the Sevanagala Sugar factory was privatized and the new owners removed the assets and ran it to the ground. Then when MR came into power he brought most of them back to being profitable state enterprises. Now before Ranil leaves he wants to sell the most important strategically important ports to the Chinese and the Indians, under conditions not advantageous to Sri Lanka. As soon as he came into power the first step he took was to change the law which prohibited the sale of land to foreigners so that foreigners could buy large acreages of land. Some people are backing the Yahapalanaya for short term gain by exaggerating the faults of MR and his Govt., and as a result, we are going to lose Sri Lanka for the Sinhalese. We have nowhere else to go while all the other minorities have their homelands all over. Please look at the big picture not little details and try to magnify them to mislead the masses as was done in Jan ’15. Has not the country suffered enough already because of the doings of these people who peddle lies and even truth without looking at the overall context.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    If true, this is damning evidence that can end the Rajapaksa clan in national leadership. Gotabhaya must distance himself from these until the court makes a determination. Spending over Rs. 25 million of taxpayer funds for this is completely unacceptable and illegal if true.

    What is worse is the deception. Allegedly it was to celebrate “Vesak in Paris”. An event was organised for the purpose. However, it was a very small event and didn’t cost anything close.


    As long as there are gullible Sinhala voters, they will be fooled and robbed. I was wondering why the large JO MP contingent was absent among the crowd when she was flanked by Mahinda, sons and a large group of supporters. Until now. Thanks Tilak for the bold revelation.

    Please don’t equate anyone to Vihara Maha Devi. She is not comparable to anyone. Certainly not to politicians or their family members. Hope justice will be done. She remains innocent until proven guilty.

  4. Tilak Says:

    Cerberus, I like the way you started your comments by saying “You are right, some of these expenses may seem a little extravagant! To think it as a’little extravagant’ is a nice phrase to use, rather than thinking in terms of millions! However, leaving that a side, if you have read enough of my articles (not that I delve much into politics), you would have noticed that I do not have any bias political views, but call a spade a spade. I believe in the theory that ‘facts are sacred, the comment is free’ particularly when it comes to my own ideas put into words. However, what you are referring to here is an interpretation of an email I have received. You are very welcome to write to me giving all any details, including your real name, dragging any skeleton in any politician’s cupboard, akin to the email I have interpreted, (with time date and expenses with proof) and I will be too pleased to carry in my column in the newspapers and also in websites.

    When I receive an email exposing a crime, it also becomes my duty to discuss the pros and cons of the issue openly. This particular news items is not a hearsay statement, as a Sunday newspaper carried a full-blown article with photographs too, which I noticed later. I do not deny for a moment, but have to agree with you that Ranil Wickremasinghe is no exception. Everyone is aware of it today, from the man in the street to the academic about his tarnished image from Mr. Clean once upon a time to Mr. Dirty now. It has become worse than a viral infectious disease! People have heard about him enough and on a daily basis and he is taken to the laundry on every occasion from politicians to the voter. I am not sure whether you are living in Sri Lanka or abroad, but if you happen to live in Sri Lanka you can’t possibly avoid seeing the barrages of brickbats thrown at Ranil Wickremasinghe on the various TV programmes and discussions and the gentleman even going to the extent of threatening journalists personally and media institutions, which is public knowledge.

    What you mention about Ranil has been continually discussed, debated and challenged by al most everyone and enough of articles have come up about the Bond issue and other areas of his highhanded actions. That is the very reason the Yahapalana government is showing up hairline cracks day after day, and who knows very soon the whole unity government building might collapse !

  5. Asanga Says:

    The email states according to the article above: (Quote)
    ‘The email on a further emphasis states that Marie Antoinette would be so proud of our former Queen Shiranthi Rajapaksa for spending €137K for her to celebrate Vesak in Paris”’ (End quote)

    Wow, one can see the total unbiased slant of the writer of THAT email, LOL.

    Funny thing about the rooms, they seem to be adjacent to each other, and yet, an astronomical difference in room rates….how strange. Note, that is not additional expenses, but just solid room rate.

    And the airtickets to Lourdes, okay she traveled first class….but what about the costs for the accompanying 3 or 4 ladies, were they put in the cargo hold?

    ‘ By doing so would be the only way to prevent government servants helping corruption’- Oh god pardon me while I roll on the floor and laugh.

    Were these expenses excessive? Sure, compared to us (well me anyway) regular folk, probably close to what we would make in a life time.

    But are they any different from what a succession of presidents and first ladies might have spent in any given trip???…I don’t think so. I mean we all do know that President Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaratunge went to Paris on Eco class, and stayed at a Youth Hostel, right???

    And more to the point, why the heck do people need to drag this crap up?? Really. After Golden Horses, Flying Palaces, and god knows what else -and NONE by the way, they could make stick- they bring this up.

    Did she spend, use first lady privileges?? Heck yes, I am sure she did…any human being in that position might have. And I really really challenge anyone to show someone who would not..unless the said person is an incredibly holy entity.

    Point is, what good is this witch hunt going to do?? Will it prevent future occurences?? Well, apparently Pigs were seen flying above the Champs Elysees

    It will however, keep the UNP voting public happy and contented that their saviors are forever vigilant and that they can sleep restfully.

    Just as a side note, as a person who had voted for Mahinda in 2015, and will vote for Gota if he contests in 2020 (in other words, a ‘Bayya’) let me categorically state that no ‘Bayya’ in his right mind would compare Shiranthi Rajapaske to Vihara Maha Devi, I believe this is a rumor probably started by the UNP rumor mill/facebook promotion group.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    By Dr. Tilak S. Fernando

    for a day €30,000 for a VVIP stay in Paris is nothing compare to other head state lady spending.

    leave her along .

    how much Alosiys & his Uncle Mahendran dropped CB, €300,000 per day ??? all money is safe in Swiss bank now.

    You modayas……

  7. Asanga Says:

    Thank you Kumar…

    ‘You modayas…’ -Indeed we are, my tamil Sakotaran thank you very much for pointing that out.

  8. SA Kumar Says:


    Sorry Asanga, I don’t mean but I am so anger what happening in OUR mother land now.

    Indian taken over every part of country .

  9. Christie Says:

    Mangala Samaraweera has brought up this as well as a Swiss based web paper called Lanka Brief or something run by JVP and Indian terrorists there.

    There are a lot of Indian terrorist refugees and Sinhala terrorists refugees in France. There are lot of Vietnamese Buddhists in France.

    This Ambassador of Sri Lanka is a very rich man living in the West. I do not think he could have not made such a fortune from his job. He was a boy from Galle area who went to Richmond and is a man who hate Rajapaksa clan.

    Shiranthi is a Catholic and a Buddhist and she may have visited Lourds Church in France at the same time.

    The organizing of board and lodging and travel is the responsibility of the Ambassodor and France.

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    Indian terrorist refugees – I know you mean We-Eelam Tamils
    but who is Sinhala terrorists refugees ??? any JVP still alive apart from Wimal?

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Myee !
    And Aney !
    I can only agree with Asanga & Kumar.

    Cerberus has spoken out some ground truths too.
    Any ladies & gents in power, all over the world, take some “perks” as their due.

    In one large country where Capitalism is king, the law even supports the ‘takings’. It is called the Citizens United Law.

    Myee & Aney, what to do child ?

  12. ranjit Says:

    Why so much fuss about Shiranthi and Rajapaksa family all day long 365 days? What about the central bank daylight robbery done by Ranil and his gang of forty thieves? It was a planned robbery. Master plan was done in Singapore where most of the yamaballo got paid for their individual contribution in the coup. As per Wijedasa’s it was the biggest robbery in history. Rajithaya, Champaka,SB,Ravi and many others talk like saints but do they actually saints? Bullshit they are all thieves who has robbed millions for so many years from the poor people in this country. First of all investigate them and do the justice before they point finger at Rajapaksa’s. All 225 are thieves in someway or the other that’s the truth. We the voters are the fools and idiots who send these uneducated and thieves continuesly to the parliament. We should not do that anymore. Let’s send some good educated brainy individuals to represent us and solve our burning issues in this country. Hell with thives and con men politicians.

  13. Nimal Says:

    As a tax payer in SL I am a bit concerned.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Central Bank Scam (twice) does not fall into the category of “perks”.
    It was broad daylight robbery of the People of Sri Lanka. It was a Criminal Act against ALL the People of Lanka.

    What is a Central Bank ? It is the place where monetary policy is created and also distribution of money in the country. It is the Money Centre of the country.

    So, who or what have the CB Scam people struck ? They have struck at the monetary heart of Sri Lanka, the Peoples monetary security and the security of the country, weakening the entire Country.

    This CB Scam cannot be compared with Mrs Shiranthi Rajapakse’s trip to Lourdes. Mrs SR took what is considered a acceptable “perk”. It is said that most Eastern folk profess having 2 or sometimes even 3 religions, mostly due to Colonisation. They generally participate in all the religious functions, accepting the ceremonies without animosity.

    The CB Scam struck at the Money Heart of the Nation.

    There is a vast difference in the two events. Again, the two incidents cannot be compared.

  15. Cerberus Says:

    Fran Diaz is right. Even our esteemed leader Ranil runs to various kovils in India and gives his own weight in Sandal wood ensure his miserable existence.

  16. Cerberus Says:

    There are several things we could have learned from some of our neighbors which we have not.
    1. Malaysia – in 1948 they passed a “Bhumiputra” law which ensured the rights of the born and bred locals against migrant labor which came in hordes thanks to the British.
    2. Singapore controls the education levels of all those who run for office. This is a must if we are to clean up the political scene. Except for President Mahinda Rajapaksa, few of the others have any education to speak of. Though Ranil has a law degree he has never practiced for a day. He is, in any case, inane and all his ideas come from think tanks in the West.

    Ranil is a baby faced idiot who follows a script written for him by the West and IMF. He has no vision and no ideas other than what the West tells him. On the other hand, MR had a vision for the country because he loves and people and the country. In 1970’s when Mrs. B’s Govt went after the JVP killing the innocent Sinhala youth it was Mahinda who went to Geneva to the UN to plead for the JVP. Then again in 1988-90, the UNP started doing the same on a larger scale with a torture chamber set up in Batalanda by Ranil. Yet today the JVP has become a hand maiden of the UNP with the architect of the Batalanda tragedy as the Executive PM of the UNP. What a tragedy. There are systems in place to ensure the demise of the Sinhala and Buddhist people. These systems operate to the benefit of their own agenda makers.

    Our people must start thinking for themselves.
    1. Why did SWRD get killed by a Buddhist priest? In one swoop it destroyed someone who was trying to give Sinhala the rightful place. Somarama came from the Kelaniya temple whose Dayakayas are the Wijewardenas, Ranils mother’s people. In addition, it sullied the Buddha sasana. It is also interesting that Somarama just before he was hung converted to Catholicism. So it was a carefully planned activity to with a triple fold action. (a) Killed the benefactor for Sinhala (b) Sully the Buddha sasana (c) Show the superiority of Catholicism vs Buddhism.

    2. Ask yourself why a small group of youth led by Prabhakaran was able to wreak so much havoc in Sri Lanka. Why were the successive Govts unable crush the LTTE? Between CBK and Ranil they gave the LTTE every opportunity to grow themselves. (a) CBK recruited the Norwegians as the mediators who were actually following the agenda of the West to divide Sri Lanka into two parts. (b) Ranil allowed container loads of materials to go to Wannid by passing customs. No one knows what was in the containers, arms or equipment. (c) Both CBK and Ranil kept demoralizing the Sri Lanka forces by limiting them to the barracks and telling them that the LTTE cannot be defeated. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy for 30 years. I used to be afraid to get into a bus or a train wondering if somebody’s parcel is going to blow up. CBK hated the Sinhalese Buddhists since her father and the husband had been killed by Sinhalese. She claimed she went to Sorbonne which is an utter lie. She is a drunken old hag. (d) Ranil tried to sign a peace agreement which would have given 2/3 of Sri Lanka to Prabhakaran. (e) Why did 31 Catholic priests emerge from the Wanni after the war? Prabhakaran and many of the LTTE converted and became Catholics. The proof is the grave stones they had set up for their dead. Hindus do not bury the dead they cremate them. (f) Bishop Reyappu Joseph was based in Mannar which was a gateway for illegal immigrants. All the Tamil Dalits who came from South India were looked after by Bishop Reyappu Joseph who converted them and sent them to the tea estates to merge with the Indian population. The whole exercise was to increase the flock for the Vatican. Today the head of the Head of, LTTE terrorist front organization – Global Tamil Forum is Father Sleemanpillai Joseph Emmanuel ( S J Emmanuel). Born, 1934. He is working directly against Sri Lanka’s efforts for unity.

    3. Though we got independence in 1948 we have never been independent. India has been dictating terms to us for a very long time. Their long term goal is to assimilate Sri Lanka as they did with Sikkim and now they are working on Nepal. After the war, MR had no support for development other than from China. After the idiot Ranil came in he kicked off China and went after the West. He got no financial help at all from them other than praise and pats on the back. The Niwata My3 was so thrilled that the Queen took off her glove to shake his hand. But it did not follow with any cash gifts for Sri Lanka.

    4. We must think strategically as to how we can use our location on the path of the sea routes to our advantage. President Mahinda Rajapaksa understood it and that is why he built the Hambantota harbor. It started making a lot of money by bunkering and after the idiot Yahap Govt came in they stopped all that just to discredit MR. It was the same with the Mattala airport. Just to discredit MR in the eyes of the people they started storing paddy in the hangars.

    5. Sri Lanka is and has been an agricultural country for over 2600 years. Over forefathers were very wise and built a system of tanks to collect all the rainwater and use it for production of food. This bunch of idiots were told by the West to stop rice production and import rice and wheat. So dutifully they followed. During Mahinda’s time, we were self-sufficient in rice. Within two years we have become dependent on imports of rice from Bangladesh and Thailand. Self-sufficiency is of strategic importance for the Sinhala Buddhists since it makes them independent. Ranil wants to convert these people to low paid workers for foreign factories who will use them to make money for them selves. Is that what we want for Sri Lanka.

    I can go on and on. The bottom line is we have to start thinking analytically. We have to depend on our selves as Dr. Garvin Karunaratna has always said. What Ranil wants to do is to make us an export economy so that we are subjected to fluctuating international money markets and foreign Corporations who will only seek their benefit instead of the benefit of our people.

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    You cannot COVER one fraud with another. UNP = crooks. We ALL know that. IF SR has MISUSED PUBLIC money she is a crook too and she must be in JAIL. President My3 CAN release her you know.

    What MR supporters tried was a SOUTH ENDIAN tactic. It won’t work against the STF.

    A CROOK is a CROOK even if a HOLY FIGURE.

    SR is a CATHOLIC. What was she doing with the VESAK CEREMONY? My3’s wife is also a VIP and Run-nil’s wife is also a VIP. Did they do this? NO.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    NO ONE is above the law. Certainly NOT the first lady in SL. MERCEDES BENZ, ASTON MARTIN, LAMBORGHINI, LAND ROVER, JAGUAR, etc.

    Did you forget at that very time SL had FLOODS. TENS OF THOUSANDS of people were affected and 7 people DIED! 25,000,000 rupees would have given ALL of them FOOD for a WEEK!!

    (This is WITHOUT first class plane tickets to PARIS and back).

    We must LOVE SL not politicians. You CANNOT love both.

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    Ananda-USA , Your Thamil machchan is doing good job for his former boss VP but still thinking Sinhalese are modayas even after May 2009.

  20. Senerath Says:

    “Except for President Mahinda Rajapaksa, few of the others have any education to speak of.”

    Mahinda Rajapakse has only O/L and managed to enter Law College thanks to some influential people. True , a lot of people are speaking about it, but even now we have at least 10-20 MPs more educated than that. Education is not the issue, it is the honesty of politicians and their love for the motherland. We have so many educated crooks in Battaramulla Hora Guhava. There is no one else than MR who could have easily removed the 13Am removed the big mess we were in. He had not interest doing it then and now.

    Surely CB robbery is the biggest by no one but Mr. Dirty Harry the Ranil, but that doesn’t make this wasteful Paris Wesak celebrations spending so much justifiable, because her husband happened to be the most highly educated parlimentarian in the world.

    How on this earth our country could come out of this hole when people are still willing to praise politicians this way ?

  21. Fran Diaz Says:

    A large number of Cabinet members & their families of Sri Lanka after Independence in 1948 (if still alive !), will have to be hauled up before the Courts if family travel and other perks are considered as acts against the People of Lanka !

    Time to separate the wheat from the chaff, and get the big time culprits to answer for crimes against the People.

    Time to STOP silly ‘religious wars’ too.
    Ethnic type wars & Tamil Caste Wars are enough encouraged by foreign separatists.

    Time to address REAL ISSUES that affect the country, like CB SCAM, new and dangerous Constitution, Ranil led UNP leading Yahap constantly destabilising the Country, cost of living, CLIMATE CHANGE, Floods & Droughts, food production, job creation, Educaiton revamp, etc. etc.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    Re MR as President removing the 13-A :

    My opinion is that MR found the Prov Councils (part of the 13-A) politically useful at that time, whatever his private thoughts on the matter.
    The Political set up was such, with so many different political parties, foreign interference etc, plus the post LTTE war climate with the War Crimes accusation attached via the UN, Norway involvement growing the LTTE with mini-subs etc., and a host of other issues, the MR govt and MR himself found the political climate negative.

    During MR’s tenure as President, it certainly was useful for the MR Govt to have the Prov Councils with the then SLFP.
    This is probably why MR did not push to remove the 13-A.
    His position as President of Sri Lanka, after the war with the LTTE, was an uneviable one. That hard time must be understood by us all.

    This is how I understand the matter.

    Comments welcome.

  23. SA Kumar Says:

    This is probably why MR did not push to remove the 13-A.-so what happiend to 11 plus promise after war

  24. Fran Diaz Says:

    Whatever promises MR made to voters were more or less kept. The MR Govt did not “Crash & Sell” the country like the present Yahap govt.
    What about the War Crimes charges against the MR Govt. ? Who is responsible for that ?
    What about all the achievements of the MR Govt ? Ignored ?
    What about the unrest/attacks in the North at present – who is responsible for that ?

  25. SA Kumar Says:

    Whatever promises MR
    One & only promised to We-Tamil that is 13 plus never full filed even after Indian black mailed than only he call for NPC election.
    War Crimes charges against the MR Govt. ? He is commander in chief for all our three forces.

    the achievements of the MR Govt ? We-Tamil never like Airport/Sea port from OC Chinese money , We only rely on our own hard work in our paddy field .

    unrest/attacks in the North at present – old VP’s boy do not have any job & no control but soon when we get more Tamil police in police force ( remember We has SP (eg : Anandaraja), ASP) all will go to work .

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