Privatization of medical education. We have not given up the battle-Dr. Padeniya
Posted on December 1st, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

These doctors who have received free education would have  spent money to go for private tuition .Their parents could afford to pay for the tuition .

If they want to pressurize the government to abolish private education they should also pressurize to  stop private tuition .

All specialist doctors do private practice to earn money .We all know how all specialist doctors spend more time in private hospitals including this doctor charging exorbitant fees from poor people.

If they want to abolish private medical education, they should expect the government to impose rules prohibiting them  to carry pout private practice .

Government should also enact a rule that doctors should serve the country at least for 10 years to recover the cost of education before they are allowed to leave the government service .

I am quoting a previous opinion I have written on the same subject .

GMOA stated that it will take measures to make the international community aware about the government’s conduct pertaining to patients’ rights with regard to SAITM Issue

Citizens in this country are stupid and naïve .We watch these educated people with poor man’s money while they  playing with their lives .We are  just watching the drama played by the GMOA Now they want to go international. !!

International community has been watching   the doctors  going on strikes and making the poor suffer. My colleagues from many countries keep asking me about the stupidity of the doctors .They keep asking why government allows them to do private practice while on strike

They may have to go to Somalia  ,or Ethiopia  and make their plight !Becuase in these countries there is no value for human lives >

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Nimal Says:

    Sri Lanka is not that poor and must allow Privately funded and owned universities,collages and schools that will take the pressure off the government run.
    Of cause doctors who milk the people will not like if they have more doctors to serve the people.
    Also it good for the country to have properly English trained Doctors and nurses who could work abroad and bring in the foreign exchange. Government could approach UK for help and their medical collages could fund these ventures and maintained the highest standards required abroad.

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