China leads foreign direct investments (FDI) into Sri Lanka
Posted on December 10th, 2017

Courtesy  Shanghai Daily

CHINA has accounted for 35 percent of foreign direct investments into Sri Lanka up to September this year, with FDI for 2017 expected to total US$1.36 billion, local media said on Saturday.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Development Strategies and International Trade, there has been a strong uptick” in exports and FDI into Sri Lanka this year.

Data from the Board of Investment indicates a substantial uptick in FDI inflows to the country of US$795.5 million during January to September this year, 80 percent higher than the same period last year and already exceeding the full year 2016,” the statement said.

FDI from China is around 35 percent of FDI to date, while India’s is 16.4 percent and Singapore’s is 9.3 percent,” it added.

Other top 10 countries for FDI into Sri Lanka include Netherlands, Britain, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, and Australia.

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