Lalith Weeratunga grilled at Police SIU, Yahaplanaya protects Politicians …. Who protects public officers??
Posted on December 18th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

You may have read about Silredi  case where  a government high ranking officer was arrested and remanded for alleged  misusing public .

Politicians always go scot free and public officers are subjected to persecution.

It looks that there are two yard sticks to measure the violation of law and order .

Last week I attended Officials-Committee for Economic  Development ( OCEM) consist of ex bureaucrats who are appointed as consultants to guide public officials to take decisions in matters related to economic development .

I requested the committee to advise a chairman of a corporation to take  a certain action as directed by the Board and he was willing to do so  and yet Committee was of the opinion that they may have to cover themselves by going to cabinet .

But the fear psychosis among the public officials above him have vehemently protested  against the action citing past cases  .They fear Auditor General.CIABOS .CID for future punitive actions .

Committee could only advise but they cannot give instructions as they are all consultants but not senior public officers.I was also told that committee cannot even issue MOM to reflect the decisions taken as they are just consultants

It is obvious that some ministers have defied the rulings of OCEM?

I came out of the committee meeting   disgusted.

Sometime back I attended a similar meeting in the Parliament.

It was CCEM (Cabinet Committee for  Economic Development  ) chaired by the Prime Minister In a similar case of an investment .PM instructed a minister to take action and allow an investment ..Even after issuing the Minutes of Meeting with instructions, subject minister rejected the decision claiming who are they to instruct me ? I am appointed by the President !

One minister openly named chairman ‘s of a committee and said they have no right to tell him  what to do.

Sri Lanka  needs a law which will protect and indemnify public officers in taking a development related bona fide action on the basis of facts made available to him .Such an indemnity- law was included in the proposed act for Strategic Development act .Law makers were crying foul and suppressed such act.

Yahaplanaya wants good governance and country free of corruption. And yet rulers want accelerated development.

How can the government achieve such growth when decisions makers are dragged by the law enforcement .?

No development can take place unless state passes a law to Indemnify Public Officers who can take an action in good faith .

Any claim of violating the establishment code or a complain may be taken up at a special arbitration body ( which may be inacted by An Act of Parliament ) who should make a final decision which cannot be contested at a court of law .

Then Public officers can take action for a steady development drive .

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Christie Says:

    What is happening now is even the good public servants are asking at least 10% of the value as a Santhosam (graft) so when they end up in jail at least their dependents will have something to fall back on.

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