LG Elections 2018
Posted on December 31st, 2017


First of all, my Best Wishes for all Lankaweb readers for a Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.  May this country become a peaceful and enjoyable land once again with the beginning of this New Year!

This is the first of a series of articles aimed at enlightening the voters of the forthcoming local government elections including the 700,000 voters who will be exercising their franchise for the first time.  The choice of voters in this election should be whether they should continue to support this oppressive government or reject all the three groups in the government (the Green/Blue and Reds) outright. Both the Sirisena faction of the SLFP and the UNP will call upon you to vote for them saying that whatever the outcome of the election their government will last until 2020 and your vote against them will serve no purpose.  At the same time the opportunist JVP hooligans having cooperated in all the draconian moves of the government to deny your democratic rights to elect representatives to your area local government institutions for the last three years and supported this government in all its anti-national activities will be coming to you as new born babies without any sin on them and saying that they are the only people who can rescue the villages from the government (their own government) and saying that they are the only people who can establish just administrations for the villages.  This richest party in this country has already pasted posters with these slogans throughout the country. .

The fourth group will be the new political dispensation the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) headed by the former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa supported by all those who got misled and cheated by the venomous, malicious, and fraudulent propaganda and allegations made, financed and sponsored by CIA/M16/RAW and Tamil diaspora and existent and suddenly mushroomed NGO activists for the 2015 Presidential elections.  As per the promises made and assurances given by them at that time Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa, his brothers, children, family members and others who were very close to them would now be digging trenches and doing manual labour for robbing the wealth of this nation and hiding billions of dollars in foreign banks, possessing golden horses, having illegally brought down world’s most expensive cars such as Lamborginis, Ferraris, and Aston Martins, having hidden tons of gold underground in their court yards, killed a number of their rivals and several others made missing and this country would have been a Utopia where people immediately get everything they wish, where they need not buy coconuts for Rs. 150 each, where they need not buy rice for over Rs. 100 per kilo, where they need not buy vegetable for Rs.300 to Rs. 500 a kilo, where they need not buy green chilli and lemon for Rs. 1000/- per kilo or more, where milk and honey flows freely, where everyone can afford to have even private planes for their travel instead longing for owning a small car to travel, where farmers never experience shortages of fertilizer, and where there will be no flood and disaster victims.

The SLFP group that seek your precious vote will be those who have betrayed the SLFP’s noble policies of representing the Pancha Maha Balawegaya consisting Maha Sangha, Indigenous Medical Practitioners, Teachers, Farmers and working masses, those who have betrayed the sixth group the war heroes who liberated this country from 30 years of ruthless tiger terrorism, those who have joined the anti-national western and Tamil slavish and reactionary UNP to form a government betraying the mandate given by the people to oppose the UNP, and those who support the UNP policies of privatization and foreignization of national assets and offering thousands of acres of our fertile land to foreigners and who keep on chewing the thrown away bones from the UNP kitchen.

We were hearing for the last several months from several of these treacherous politicians who are Sirisena’s lap dogs that they were not intending to remain in the government and sustain the government headed by the UNP.  They were given an ultimatum by the joint opposition which represent the SLPP to vote against the 2018 budget and leave the government if their claims are genuine.  But shamelessly even after some of them expressed views against the budget proposals they voted for the budget.  Similarly they have supported all the draconian, undemocratic and anti-national proposals and legislation introduced by this government including deliberately delaying local government elections and postponing provincial council elections thereby forfeiting any moral right by them to seek your vote for the candidates they support.

Given below are some of the comments made by these bone chewing SLFP Ministers in the government after violating the mandate given by you to oppose the UNP government and due to their reluctance to lose their perks and privileges:

  • Mahinda AmaraweeraThe SLFP has a peculiar strength in the country. We will become first by contesting alone.  We do not need the joint opposition
  • Duminda DissanayakeThe defeat of the flower bud which has got branded on their forehead that their defeat is certain. It is also certain that we will win all pradeshiya sabhas
  • Nimal Siripala De Silva SLFP-JO unity talks collapsed because we were asked to relinquish our Ministerial portfolios that cannot be done under any circumstances. Whoever who wins in this election they will not be able to bring down he prices of rice and coconuts. 
  • Sarath AmunugamaJO organizers have been sacked by the President to revive the SLFP and prepare for the election
  • S.B.DissanayakeFlower bud cannot win even one Pradeshiya Sabha in the whole country. The SLFP is in a solid position.
  • B.Ekanayake12 Ministers will leave the government
  • Anura Priyadarshana YapaConsensus government is good for the country. It is a great victory for ruling together after contesting separately.  
  • Susil Premjayanth Don’t accept letters with Mahinda’s photograph and the signature.
  • Lakshman Yapa AbeywardeneWe are now in a pit of excreta. Country lost one trillion by Treasury Bond Scam
  • Vijith Vijayamuni SoysaIf Appachchi is dead, we must win in collaboration with even mother’s paramour. Otherwise, our politics will be over.
  • Chandima WeerakkodyWe will get an excellent victory from this election.
  • Dilan PereraUNP is dropping excreta on President’s head. It cannot be allowed.
  • John SeneviratneWill leave the government at the right time.

From the above referenced comments you will find that these shameless fellows will never care about the grievances of the people and will provide or take steps to provide any redress to the people other than fattening their own purses.

The most important thing to understand is that making SLPP to acquire a massive victory throughout the country the people’s struggle to chase out this inept, oppressive and anti-national government could be started and by holding unceasing agitations throughout the country this government could be forced to relinquish power, as otherwise there is also a possibility that they would make some anti-democratic move to impose a dictatorial regime.

Under these circumstances let all the peace loving, national minded and patriotic people to resolve to use this opportunity dawning in the New Year to express our opposition in unison to this despotic government, and in addition to that overwhelmingly win the local government institutions in all areas being represented by shameless SLFP Ministers in the government, firmly scuttle the move to introduce a federal and secular constitution and use our vote as a vote in a referendum against the government. May the oppressed people be victorious in this election, and let it open the doors to liberate this country from the robber gang of SLFP, UNP and JVP.      

3 Responses to “LG Elections 2018”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Wish you a very Happy New Year 2018 Nizam and family!

    Please continue your good work.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Happy new year to all patriots and web readers also Nizam “may god gives you strength and peace of mind to write more and more good articles which are very useful to lanka web readers and contributers.
    What ever said and done by those hypocrits in UNP,SLFP and other ass licking parties they will never win this coming election because they have given nothing to the poor voter except empty promises and tons of lies. Look back and think of the past three years they were in power and decide. Dont run behind crooked parties who stole millions in the bond scam and the politicians in both parties who has made millions thru shady deals involved in various government projects . Three years what they did was arresting and harassing war heroes , government servants and our most popular leader and a war hero President mahinda rajapaksa and his family members . This vicious ,evil government must be eliminated by popular vote if not by force thru peoples power before more harm and destruction comes to our motherland . Vote for Pohottuwa. Remember Pohottuwa . Mahinda’s pohottuwa will usher a new beginning after feb 10th for sure . Vote for it and pray for it . Long live motherland .

  3. Christie Says:

    කොහෙද බොලව් අපේම අත්තනගල්ලෙ මාතාව; විස්කි මැඩම්?

    චන්ද්‍රිකා මාතාව විමුක්ති කොල්ල තාම රැජිනගෙ රත්තරන් අස්සයො නිව්යෝර්ක් වලින් එන්ගලන්තෙ ගාලට ගේනකන් බලන් ඉන්නව වගෙයි.

    ගොන් සිරිසේනයට විමුක්ති කොල්ල අත්තනගල්ල ගමට එනකන් ඉන්න බැහැ රුදාව.

    සිරිසේනයට මතක නැහැ මගෙ මහ එකා කොල්ලවගෙම එන්ගලන්තෙ ඉඳල ඇවිත් තමයි ඉන්දියාවට පක්කලිකම් කෙරුවෙ.

    අද මූ ජනපතිය වෙලා ඉන්නෙ මගෙ මහ එකයි මමයි හින්ඳ

    නෑ බොලව් මෝඩිය කියනව ඔය ගම් කෙලිය එච්චර ගනගන්න එපා කියල. මොකද ඕකත් දෙමලුන්ගෙ ජල්ලි කුටිටි ; ගොන්නු හීලැහරක් කරනව වගෙ සෙල්ලමක්.

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