Massacre at Dachau and other Allied war crimes
Posted on March 3rd, 2018

Massacre at Dachau and other Allied war crimes

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Mass murder can be carried out if you’re a rich and powerful country. Then not a problem. If a not powerful country kill to protect terrorists, it is a war crime of course. These so called human rights champions have been murdering
    people in developing countries by the millions. Vietnam, not forgetting Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Afganisthan,
    Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc. etc for 100s of years since the colonial times.

    These western economies run on profit and jobs at whatever cost to other people principles. To keep arms
    industry jobs, they have to have people getting killed in somewhere in the world. Sorry, not in our backyard,
    in the distance of course. Is it not bad, humane, to
    stop selling arms, stop arms race to save millions of innocent lives. They preach we all are gods childlren and
    have a hand in murdering millions in poor countries. How you can be part of this
    cruel trade? We have to remember all those are also people and they also feel the pain and loss.

    For a start, these powerful countries should bring world population under control and stop arms production/sales and withdraw
    spy centre embassies from other countries. Today’s ‘connected’ world (by the internet) you don’t need these
    spy centre embassies. Stop arms race, save millions of lives and let people live in peace. Don’t meddle in their
    affairs. Leave them alone to get on with their lives? These colonials have done enough to those poor countries.
    For your jobs and
    political agendas poor people have to pay for with their lives. In millions, for so long. Tax the rich and use that
    money to pay for defence jobs and gradually phase out the dangerous weapons business and limit it to the
    country’s protection only. I’m sure if you show how these people getting blown into smithereens by powerful
    bombs will make most of the world’s rich part with a few billions.

    World needs a honest person to lead. For 100s of years world have been led by
    war mongers. There was hope, when harak obama got the job. Sadly he turned out be a just a talk shop and
    instead of reducing the nuclear threat he put 100s of nuclear bases aimed at the Chinese. This is how these
    war monger leaders run the world. In today’s money, money, power, power world, needs a Buddhist leader to
    lead the world according to Buddhist principles safeguarding right to life. Buddhism’s five precepts is the best
    way to lead a life/country/world. But who is going to admit to it, who is going to do it in today’s money-driven,
    power-greedy, war-mongering world?

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