Issues with female quota only 15 local councils – No problem in giving 25% quota in 96% of councils
Posted on March 5th, 2018

CaFFE Media Unit

Out of the 340 local councils, it is possible to give 25% female quota in 325 councils. That means there are no issues with implementing 25% quota for women in 96% of the counsels. Most of the councils where the ensuring the quota is problematic is in the North and East. As women are not able to win the wards that they contested due to cultural reasons, the political parties who have come in second and third have to appoint a significant number of women from their additional lists. As the SLPP has won by a landslide, the burden of ensuring 25% female representation falls on the UNP, which has come in second in many local councils.

The only councils that will be established without the 25% female quota are Kotagala, Point Pedro, Mannar, Musali, Werugal, trincomalee town & gravets, Thambalagamuwa, Muttur, Wanathavilluwa, Karaitivu,Padiyathalawa, Thirukkovil, Manmunei pradesheeya sabhas and Trincomalee and Kinniya Urban Councils. The other 325 councils will have the female quota which is a significant improvement from having 1% female political representation.

CaFFE had warned political parties that not supporting women and not fielding female candidates to wards will have disastrous consequences and our predication has come true. Now the political parties that didn’t support their female candidates are now burdened to devote their entire additional list seats for women.

Political parties that have obtained either 20% of the votes or 3 or more seats are obliged to appoint female candidates from their additional lists. Maharagama Urban council has a 25% female representation because the independent group that had won the council had as significant number of women contesting. In Anuradhapura Urban Council more than the required number of female councilors have been appointed as all four women who contested from the SLPP have won. Thus other political parties are not saddled with ensuring 25% female representation.

On the other hand there should be 10 female candidates to fulfill the 25% female quota in Kundasale PS. However only three women have won the wards they contested, thus the UNP, which has come in second, has to appoint 7 women from their additional list. Six out of the seven additional list seats in Dikwella PS must also be women.

Thus it is not correct to declare that the delay in establishing local councils is due to the difficulty in fulfilling the 25% female quota. The only reason why it has become difficult to establish councils is due to the political chaos in the country.

CaFFE Media Unit

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