Sri Lanka’s Kandy district on boiling point after violent mobs clash, curfew imposed
Posted on March 5th, 2018


Colombo, March 5 ( – Sri Lankan Police, on Monday imposed curfew in Kandy, in the Central Hills of the island country after clashes triggered by racial violence erupted between two groups.

Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekara told that the curfew had been imposed till Tuesday morning 6 am in order to restore normalcy and security had been beefed up across the Kandy district.

Gunasekara said the clashes had erupted in Digana town in Kandy on Sunday night after a 41-year-old man succumbed to his injuries after being attacked by a group of people on Feb 22.

The victim who was a resident of Ambala in Medamahanuwara had been attacked by a group of people in Teldeniya Town over an incident involving two vehicles. The victim had been rushed to hospital but succumbed to his injuries on Sunday.

Gunasekara said 24 people had been arrested over the killing to date. Out of the 24, 10 had been directly involved in the killing of the victim while 14 people had been arrested on suspicion.

Several shops, had been burnt by unruly mobs in Digana town on Sunday night after which special police teams and STF personnel had rushed to the area.

However protests had continued throughout the night with violent mobs clashing on Monday afternoon. Police had used tear gas to disperse the crowds after which police curfew had been imposed throughout the Kandy administrative district.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    Yamapalakayo should know better because they were milk feeding Tamils and Muslims too much after Jan 8th so they should be careful when dealing with the majority Sinhala population. We don’t want Sanhindiyawa with Terrorists groups. Yamapalakayo must stop listening to Tamil diaspora and Muslim countries and stop taking money from them for development or for any other projects. They are not sincere in their dealings with our country therefore we need to be very careful when taking something from them. We should have one law for every citizen and take tough decisions to control these kind of incidents. Right or wrong we shouldn’t take these things lightly and hide the truth from the citizens. The truth must be exposed and take action accordingly. Be calm citizens and cooperate with the forces to put a full stop regarding this matter.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    These are the results of traitor catholic run UNPatriotic party’s (SBSB party; S-lon bata Sinhalese butts, real terras
    half the country on a plate party) anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka agenda.

    The traitor low lives have made/still making the Sinhalese door mats in their own country. Traitor tamils, mussies
    and catholics are at the Sinhalese throats all the time. Gradually Sinhalese becoming pariahs in their own
    country. We all know tamils, mussies and catholics vote the UNPatriotics, the SBSB party 100%. Still there are
    a lot of Sinhalese jaathi dhrohee booruwans support these Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism grave digging
    jaathi dhrohee shoe nakayin for a bit of money or jobs etc. etc. These jaathi dhrohee booruwan should at
    least think about the future generations of Sinhalese, Buddhism and Sri Lanka (in one piece) and get the
    ila potha for the traitor low lives when those xxxx come begging for their votes. Vipe out the anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka UNPatriotic party (SBSB) from politics if Sinhalese, Sri Lanka (in one piece) and Buddhism want to survive! Check out the following links to see how the UNPatriotic party (SBSB party) dish out violence for the Sinhalese and how the xxxx mollycoddled catholic tigers of tamil drealam headed its catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan. You won’t see these in so called Buddhist Sri Lanka (on paper) where all the media run by UNPatriotic party (SBSB party) henchmen.

    Sri Lanka is today run by the biggest traitor ever in the history of the country traitor chief die hard
    catholic token Buddhist (nobody has seen the papatharaya worshiping in a temple apart from election time when
    it visits temples to fool Buddhist monks and the Sinhala modayas) Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya Bay gal karaya
    Walking Crime Bomb with the timer set for 10-20 years Batalande Wadakaya Pol Pot r@ nil wickrama Sinhala
    killer. Batalande Wadakaya is forever indebted to its beloved religion, a religion of conveniences, it wants to
    destroy Buddhism, Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese race. He was born to the no 1 christian family and his father’s
    younger brother was the former bishop of Kurunegala. Yet he is a Buddhist. A token Buddhist in every sense of
    the word. What better cover than becoming a Buddhist, a token Buddhist at that to destroy it. Thing to remember is this is Sinhala modayas paradise. So it was so easy. Even some leading monks like pin bath gilamin Buddhism-destroying thibbotte bath gotte a fan of him. Very recently another pin bath gilina monk wanted to kill it in Galle Face for the token Buddhist. You wonder for how much money?

    Sinhalaya famous for being modayas have been taken for a ride by the monster for the
    last 40 years. And now the Sinhala modayas reaping the ‘benefits’ for trusting Batalande Wadakaya’s SBSB party.

  3. Kumari Says:

    Like JRJ wanted 1983 riots, Sirisena and Ranil want another racial clash to discredit the Sinhala Buddhists.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka catholic-run UNPatriotic party (S-lon Bata Sinhalese Butts, real terras
    half the country on a plate party) brutal violence against the Sinhala modayas is in these links. You won’t see
    these in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka. During the Bheeshana Samaya it got rid of 60,000+
    Sinhalese lives. During the long civil war it again sacrificed 100,000+ saying it was an unwinnable war in order
    to break up the country along the religious lines. Did Sinhala modayas ever understood? Fortunately for the
    SBSB party they never did. How did the SBSB party manage it? Its henchmen control all the mainstream
    media in the country and it painted a rosy picture and fooled easily fooled Sinhala modayas!

    Vipe these anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka SBSB party from the political map of Sri Lanka if Sri Lanka (in one piece), Buddhism and the Sinhalese race want to survive in the country! SBSB party rely on traitor
    tamils, mussies and catholics to get into power who vote them 100%. Then the catholic west provide
    international backing making the Sinhalese not much use to the traitor xxxx. SBSB party needs only a little bit of
    support from the Sinhala modayas. With a few lies there are enough jaathi dhroheen the traitors can sway to
    them. This is the reason for the brutal violence meted out to Sinhalese, Buddhism and Sri Lanka. Vipe the traitor
    lot out from Sri Lankan politics to save the Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka (in one piece)!

  5. Leela Says:

    Today, the law is not enforced equally to all nationalities in this country. E.g. Muslims roam without helmets in many towns. It is the majority community thinking that the law is used to downtrodden them, is the root course to fling simple issues to communal conflicts. Things will be sorted out effortlessly when a government that respect our aged old culture and treat all citizens equal is in power.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    This Muslim – Sinhala CLASH in Theldeniya is a normal civil incident that has been EXPLOITED to PRE-TEXTUALLY ENGINEER a COMMUNAL CONFLICT by those who want to DIVERT ATTENTION AWAY from the INSTABILITY of the Yamapalanaya Govt, and PREVENT ITS IMPENDING FALL.

    The arrival of HIGHLY ORGANIZED GROUPS from Ampara to Theldeniya to BURN Muslim Shops in retaliation for the DEATH of the Sinhala man who died on Sunday after being hospitalized on Feb 22nd, and the subsequent KILLING of a Muslim Youth yesterday, was HIGHLY ORCHESTRATED to keep the communal fires BURNING!

    It is also an ATTEMPT to ALIENATE and DRIVE the tens of thousands of Muslims who VOTED AGAINST the Yamapalanaya in the RECENT LOCAL GOVT ELECTION away from the JO/Pohottuwa.

    Finally, it is an ATTEMPT to CREATE an EMERGENCY and JUSTIFY the APPOINTMENT of Sarath Fonseka as the Minister of Law & Order, so he can FREELY SUPPRESS LEGITIMATE CIVIL PROTESTS against the Yamapalanaya by the JO/Pohottuwa that were scheduled to BEGIN with a Massive Meeting in Nugegoda on March 7, 2018.

    These are the VERY SAME GOONS who created COMMUNAL CONFLICTS in 2014 to alienate minority groups, be they Christians, Muslims and Tamils, and DRIVE them away from the MR/UPFA Govt into the arms of the Yamapalanaya.

    Ask YOURSELVES … who STANDS TO BENEFIT from this CIVIL UNREST on the EVE of the VOTE OF THE NO-CONFIDENCE against the PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI Ranil Baba of the 40 Thieves?

    The ANSWER is: None other than the CRIMINALS of the Yamapalanaya, DESPERATE to ILLEGALLY HOLD ONTO POWER at ALL COSTS, by FAIR MEANS or FOUL!

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