Kandy Clashes: Diluted intelligence services failed to update Govt.
Posted on March 9th, 2018

Ajith Siriwardana Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Joint opposition MP Gamini Lokuge said yesterday the recent communal clashes could have been prevented if the government had obtained the services of the intelligence agencies.

He told parliament that the government had imprisoned or interdicted most of the officials of these services over various allegations.

“Several capable officers of the intelligence services are in prison now. If the government had obtained their services, incidents like this would not have happened,” the MP said and added that these officials had contributed immensely on security matters during the war.

“These services update the government of impending situations. But the government disregarded their services and remanded or interdicted them for political reasons,” he said and pointed out that the government should act with responsibility and put aside political victimization.

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