Provide sleazy sex not our tourism at Srilanka
Posted on March 9th, 2018

By Palitha Ariyarathna

When travel around when talks with many people’s I came to know that many of tourist around the world believe that srilanka provide sleazy sex for tourist.

First of all I can say in tourism srilanka does not provide sleazy sex tourism for anyone in the world. The main reason for that is Srilanka culture and religious belief. Srilanka has a long tradition that not encourages tosexual miss conduct or engages wrong sexual miss behaving in public too.

As per law indicated at srilanka it will penalize to anyone who may misbehaving indecently in public also public misbehaving will be defiantly recognize as none civilized act. The Dubai is a popular destination for most of the tourist from around the world. It’s our best thanks to the government of United Arab Emirates that going to enforce better law about salutation to the local culture and tradition.

My idea is here for public, tourist, and commenters, even to oral invaders (those who speak rumors) please before tell any things about Srilanka try visit the Srlanka and then you can know the real gesture of srilankapeoples. At our beautiful island our tourism board is only to promote family vacations, package holiday, excursions, escorted tours, adventure travel, cultural tourism only, some of the sleazy cases are happened at our country is not direct by government or direct by its peoples.

Making prostitution is illegal at our country and those dirty behaving couldn’t be control at zero rate at in any country its always due to new economics system, psychological problems, social state in new world.
Our country is well on trial to enforce their local culture value always. As we are humans, we had been civilized our own culture for thousands of years. We should understand what is wrong and what is right and whatmean is the decent behavior. My saying is here any country in the world should ban the public misbehaving hence our childrens are around us and they will learn deprive things from us. As we are living in the civilized world, we have to obey with each religious view and good social concern.

If we are on travel with our own perception we should obey to the local culture and rules in every country. Our money can bring us anywhere on the world but it cannot be an excuse to spoil every countries culture that we are entering. Each country has their own cultural and mannerism. One can be good one can be worse. Choosing right culture will be a depending on our own ethics. When we are in another country, we should respect its own cultural issues without our personal desire. Remember providing sleazy sex is not our (Sri Lanka) tourism. Thinking twice before spoke Look goes for family vacations, package holiday, excursions, escorted tours, adventure travel, and cultural tourism.

By Palitha Ariyarathna

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  1. Christie Says:

    What you are talking is not Sinhala culture.

    It is High Caste Indian and Victorian Era culture.

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