Thank you Srilanka!
Posted on March 9th, 2018

Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai, Dehiwela

The week that went by has been a severe trial for the Srilankan Muslims.  Needless to elaborate, a small incidence was falsely  blown out of proportion and riots erupted in an unexpected way which definitely points to the fact that this was a well- pre planned, well-orchestrated attack on Muslims in a systematic way. It definitely was not an ad hoc uncontrolled angry mob  reaction to the incidence.

Actually two incidences are related to the riot. The first one, where the kothu rotti shop owner is accused of mixing fertility control tablets for the males (!) in the kothu is, if not for the tragedy it brought about, is very comical. Comi –tragedy indeed.   To think  not even   one single person of the 500 youth who went massacring innocent civilians, absolutely  unrelated to the incidence,  did not stop to verify whether such a thing is even possible,   is mindboggling. Our Srilankan youth are not that stupid. No, they were already programmed to attack, irrespective of a cause, is the only conclusion one can arrive at.

What followed was nightmare for the Muslims in the whole island. But how the Sinhalese reacted – albeit a little late –  is heart warming. Generally the Sinhalese condemned the attack but were not expressing the protest openly. However from day one, there were bhikkus who actively, bravely protected the Muslims in some areas. The civilians held protest meetings. By and by, some of the Bhikkhus, famous cricketers and other personalities spoke up on cameras and the videos went viral. While there was a real threat of attack on Friday during the Jumu’a prayers, it was heart warming that monks and Sinhalese youth stood vigilant protecting the Muslims.  Sinhalese youth who comprises the  majority in the law enforcing groups performed their duty well.  JVP performed a silent protest against ethnic violence.

So, Srilankans are humans – excellent humans. They have not forgotten the war torn days. Common sense prevailed and people came forward to respond.  It warms the cockles of our heart that after all humanity is not dead, karunawa is not dead, Buddhist principles are not dead in our blessed country. This is the beginning of mutual protection of different ethnic groups, different religious people and different language speaking citizens  in our country. This will set the precedence. If ever there is another incidence – may Allah forbid – next time people will be quicker to respond. Quicker to rise to the occasion to express resistance and act against  civic violence.

Long live Srilanka! Long live Srilankan brotehrhood!

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Dr. Mareena Thaha Reffai,


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  1. Nanda Says:


    As long as Muslims want to alienate from common society, you can expect common youth to treat you with kindness.

    I will give you an example.
    My wife used to go to a Muslim lady for preperation of a blowse. She was very happy about her workmanship and price. When she visited her home, her husband too cam and had a friendly talk with my wife and my two daughters ( youth). When I dorve my wife to check the final fitting and adjustments, I too went in and sat on a chair. Then the Muslim seamstress came and saw me ( aged 56 with 3 dauthters) she cried loud and ran away. We were shocked and didn’t know why. Then she called my wife in and told her I should not come in as I can see her which is not right according to Islam. She was not naked by wearing fully covered dress. Her husband can sit there and chit chant with my wife and young girls ( who were wearing much less covered clothes) for 1 hour but I cannot sit there for 10 minutes. What is this nonsence ? This nonsence was not there 20 years ago when we left the country.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Hey lady are you threatening our society by saying”if there is another incident may Allah forbids – next time people will be quicker to rise to the occasion to express resistance and act against civic violence. Don’t dream even to act against sinhala buddhist population or to start terrorist acts like in western countries we see on daily basis to tarnish our image and put fear in to our citizens minds. Peace is the way forward for all citizens in SRI lanka not war.

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