Posted on March 10th, 2018

Sarath Wijesinghe – former Ambassador to UAE and Israel

Law and Order

Law and order of a nation is paramount for the citizens live in peace and harmony in the complex society. State and religions have provided for the legal implementation of the laws and morality by religions in a developed society. Any country Rule of Law should prevail with supremacy of law which is fair and reasonable and equal to before law to all citizens, provided by the supreme law of the country namely the constitution which is considered to be supreme created by the constitution which is the supreme document through which all subsidiary law is derived from. Citizens are subjects, subject to law and order which is reasonable and supreme monitored by the Independent Judiciary independent from political or any other interference or influence. Law and Order is enforced by the security forces appointed by the State elected by free and fair elections held periodically. In this ideal situation there is no room for the breakdown of law and order if the system runs smoothly with no briery corruption or nepotism. How long and to what extent this idealism is applied to the citizen is the moot issue today with conflicts around due to miss readings and misunderstandings by gossip and media.

Break down of Law and Order

Sadly in Sri Lanka there is a severe break down of law and order today countrywide in the pretext of various faces, such as communal hatred, drug menace, organized and sporadic crimes and motor and other accidents and many manmade disasters such is deforestation, sand mining and environmental disasters, in which the recent riots and commotions in Tambutthagama Water”, Ampara,” and Digana”, and many have emerged as most recent suppressed by police with the assistance by some civilians appear to be trained in such situations. Root courses of these unfortunate incidents are complex and varied which is the duty of the governance and sociologists to explore, and to find permanent solutions. Clamping down and keep the incidents under control is the duty of the security forces and the political authority expected to act with extreme care and vision when the situation is in the state of ignition due to disappointments, economic deprivations due to cost of living, loss of hopes, gossip, misreporting and no reporting of the news with spread of information fast with over 22 million mobile phones and strong network of social media and gossip network. Now that the social media is blocked and controlled leaving room for Gossip to spread faster via mobile networks not necessarily via social media. Covering the actual facts under the carpet will raise suspicions and leave room for gossip mongers to spread juicy stories via easily accessible social media in hand prioritized over other needs today. What has happened in Digana” is inaction and not taking prompt steps to an isolated incident of attack by some Muslim youth under influence of liquor resulting death of a Sinhala lorry driver not based on racial hatred at all

which is an undisciplined act of some ruthless group of Sri Lankan youth, exploded out of proportion due to lack on publicly to the citizen on the correct situation and inability of the police and the Ministry of Law and order expected to have taken prompt and immediate steps to clamp it with least effort and tact. Nobody was responsible and there appear to be no leadership and promptness in immediate steps on such explosive unforeseen incidents with potential to explode out of proportion. Moving Sagala out ,was an unwise move, as he had proved himself to be a person capable of handling such a situation though a novice to the ministerial portfolio.

Government and Governance /Sagala – Fonseka factors/ and appointment of Madduma Bandara

Appointment of Madduma Bandara appears to be on the right direction and a good choice satisfying all the parties. He is a balanced and accepted personality temperamentally suited for the position and it is the duty of all parties to help him at this decisive juncture to clear the mess. Elected government is expected to govern the nation with a policy and vision giving confidence to the people for safety for life, livelihood, free from bribery corruption, nepotism, without disappointing the citizen voted the government on trust to be trustees for a given time. If the trust is lost the contract ends and the citizen will start revolting for justice fail play and equality on justice. Efficient and honest administrative mechanism is a pre requisite to maintain the trust thrust on the elected representatives during the course of governance. Though inefficient, the governance is elected by the people for a given period and the best use of the available resources should have been used in selecting the Leaders of the government. In that respect Sagala Ratnayaka has been a good choice for the position of the Minister of law and Order who performed reasonably well and the reluctance of other members of the parliament for the appointment indicates of the choice as the best out of the lot. Non appointment of Sarath Fonseka probably a narrow escape to avoid blood bath and a major disaster as he would not have been in a position to deliver goods due to his ruthlessness and tactlessness with lack of facilities with only police department under the ministry compelling him to use his ministry portfolio and the high position/designation as a field Marched supposed to be a powerful position in compares with the international accepted norms of such positions worldwide. Ministry of Law and order was set up on recommendations by the LLRC with the police department under the Ministry w sharing the power with Ministry of Justice and Defense complementing the same/similar duties in maintains law and order of the country which is the main task of an elected government. Sagala did a reasonable good job and his departure is a grave mistake as had he been the line minister during riots the unfortunate situation should have been probably avoided. Apart from being a ruthless army commander aimed at meeting targets given by the political leadership to end the war which has lasted nearly thirty years in which SF has been in active service over three decades, it is not clear how a person of his experience will be able to handle and give leadership to such a sensitive, complicated, difficult, and people friendly organization the world is watching through the international law and political microscopic eye.

Break down of law and order

Threat break of law and order continues with no solution and the steps taken place to clamp down appear to escalate situation and complicated issues. Though the immediate reaction of any prudent government is to impose emergency rule, whether is it the best solution is to be decided considering the corruption of the system and the police forces against whom there have been continuous protests taking law into the hands of the citizen, and the ruthless and in fortunate incidents taken

place durian g emergency rules in Sri Lanka, India and the Asian/African countries indicate dangers of emergency rule over the solution to the issue .Will ban on FB and social media will be a solution or acceleration of events is yet to experience with the gossip mongers with 23 million mobile phones and dense internet users in the country giving priority to political discussions priority compare to other countries. Therefore every step taken should be well thought and well calculated

Way forward for a peaceful resolution to end the unfortunate situation in this blessed land of blessed people

People of Sri Lanka is blessed with finest whether, climatic condition, beautiful scenery and natural resources to be a best tourist destination, religious tolerance, cultural diversity, educated and intelligent citizens with highest proportion of education amidst unfortunate events that takes place due to bad governance and lack of proper leadership. Experience has shown us that we need an iron fist governance with a human face, akin to Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia or Israel adopted to us with democratic and cultural values with a visionary leader/leadership with a stranger and vision with Sri Lanka friendly foreign/economic and other policies free from corruption bribery and nepotism are ideal conditions wished by the citizen expected to choose the governance to manage the country for a limited period on trust as trustees. Sri Lankans are adopted to be tolerant and tendencies of sharing and looking after each other. It is a fact that racism is less in Sri Lanka compared to UK, EU. West and East which is a fact known to those explored the inner world of the world citizen. Sri Lankans are inherently kind and considerate pressured on economic and political deprivations due to mismanagement of the poor and economy by successive governments. It is the duty of all sectors of the society to resolve to work together to make this blessed island great with unity and hard work with a proper leadership. When Muslims arrived as traders Sri Lankan kings gave them shelter and freedom to enjoy personal life and religion and saved them from other colonial invaders. Tamils and Snhalese are united on religious beliefs and practices on the belief and practices of religions. In Colombo the majority race is Muslims with Tamils second and Sinhalese the majority race last indicating the co-existence and religious/ cultural harmony. Differences and disputes are common even in the same family and Sri Lankans have proved they are though tempered has the ability to forget and forgive soon to live together as brethren’s. Therefore it is the wish of every citizen to forge ahead to be true Sri Lankans in this blessed Island.

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  1. Dilrook Says:

    How can people not fall into racism when the law of the nation is racist and racially discriminatory! Conflicts arise when different people have different legal rights within the same country. This is the plight of Sri Lanka. Going by our racist law system, racial violence will only increase in the future.

  2. Christie Says:

    Who controls our law and order?

    There has not being much of a change since Indians came here under the cover of the British fire power.

    I will tell you a good story.

    Few decades ago I had some transactions with an Indian Parasite Businessman.

    We knew each other a bit and I was to leave the country the next day and he gave me Rs.2000 less than the promised Rs 75,000.

    I said to him If I had a gun I would have shot you.

    He said you know the DIG is living in one of my houses.

    This guy came to Colombo with only a penny in his pocket from India.

    His family are billionaires in dollars today.

    “LAW AND ORDER FOR PEACE AND PEACEFUL CO -EXISTENCE” is not possible until the majority of the country has some control over the economy of the country.

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