Some Solutions to Ethnic Based Violence
Posted on March 12th, 2018

Jay Deshabandu

Many people, including politicians, religious leaders and those with a conscientiousness talk about the need for peace among ethnic groups in Sri Lanka.
But very few demand tangible actions that really address ethnic based violence. While we cannot stop racism, we should agree that we can minimize ethnic based violence by enacting appropriate laws as a necessary solution.
For example, if a person assaults another person solely because that person( the victim) belongs to a different ethnic group other than his or her own ethnic group, there must be a minimum punishment if proven guilty in a court of law. My suggestion is at lest ten years in prison without pardon. For an assault resulting in murder the punishment should be life in prison without pardon. Talk does not walk, but actions do!
Public normally ask why our politicians are reluctant to enact effective laws which prevents ethnic based violence? It could be partly due to the politicians who use communal violence for their own survivals. Therefore, all peace loving people must get together and demand our politicians to enact new laws which allow courts to give immediate reasonable punishments.
In my opinion, our police officers need additional training on responding to communal violence. They must not only go to places of violence with arms but also with video cameras or other recording devices as evidence to protect themselves.
Another fact that concerns me is the excessive road accidents that we hear every day.  For example, the government can make it mandatory for each public transport service, such as buses and three wheels to put a telephone number belonging to traffic police outside and inside of the vehicle.  Passengers and onlookers will be able to call or message police with videos of errant drivers enabling the police to check the driver‘s behaviour. Police officers should be given freedom to discharge their duties without the influence of politicians who usually obstruct the enforcement of the justice. So there must be special laws which prevent politicians obstructing and interfering on police carrying their duties.
Not only errant drivers should be punished, but they should also be subjected to a point system per year. For example, if a drivers has been assigned 12 points per year, an offence such as reckless driving should be worth 10 points against the driver in addition to the usual fine.  If a driver loses all 12 points, there should be an automatic cancellation of his driver’s license for that year.
Restricting social media or preaching through religious leaders  cannot bring tangible results. Only the punishments do! I hope our leaders pay attention to my suggestions and use them to make a better Sri Lanka for all.


2 Responses to “Some Solutions to Ethnic Based Violence”

  1. Christie Says:

    There is only one solution.

    The majority of the country should unite and stand up to the Indian Empire.

  2. Kumari Says:

    I agree with Christie, not only Indian Empire but to any foreign power.

    In all the countries these enthnic violence started after the foreign specially British invasions of the world where they introduced divide and rule policy.

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