Enforce One Law & Eliminate Extremism in Sri Lanka  
Posted on March 15th, 2018

A country must have one common law equal to all & followed by all. Those who set laws must also follow the laws they set. No one can be above the law of the land. While there should be an agreeable set of common laws, we can accept some special privileges but who enjoys these special privileges and why must be made clear. However, this cannot warrant the handful who have special immunity to do as they like. It is the lack of implementing the rule of law without bias while also implementing law with bias that has created all the problems that prevail in Sri Lanka.

People must be aware of the laws & punitive actions for its violations. People must also feel confident that violators are punished without bias. Only then people will learn to respect the laws but also abide by them.

At all times the authorities must address the Actions & Actors of an incident not the Reaction or Reactors.

What is presently happening is that laws have become a sham because not only are they broken by the very persons preaching for good governance but they arrest and punish only targeted and select people.

Traffic laws are often broken by the very rich and police are reluctant to even arrest them knowing that a phone call would entail their release. Letting off an ordinary person for a minor traffic offence is nowhere near allowing a murderer & thief free however rich/poor, influential or not he/she is!

Accumulated similar incidents create anger in people and make them susceptible to external elements who want to play mischief.

These are the instances that lead to riots and violence because people are frustrated when there is selective justice. This results in fringe groups appearing taking the law into their hands. The situation is made worse when authorities take action against only them completely ignoring the other players who instigated the reaction.

Having said that, all are searching for the reasons for extremism. Before that we need to know what the extremisms are.

The below list is compiled having sought views of both minorities & majority and can be used as a basis to eliminate extremism.

Tamil extremism

  1. Attempts to separate Sri Lanka using fictitious reasons by Tamil leaders
  2. Deeming North and even East Sri Lanka to be home to ONLY Tamils hurtful statements by Tamil leaders that Sinhalese are not welcome
  3. Tamil leaders banning Tamils from marrying Sinhalese
  4. Internationally carrying out a campaign claiming ‘colonization’ when use of such terms conflicts with the constitutionally given fundamental right for citizens of Sri Lanka right to live wherever they like
  5. Statement by Tamil leaders to the effect that Buddhist sites/structures should be removed which has given justification for mischief makers to destroy historic & heritage sites. This constitutes cultural genocide
  6. Thesawalamai law introduced by the Dutch which denies right for non-Tamils to purchase lands in Jaffna infringes on the fundamental rights in the constitution giving citizens to right to live & purchase property.
  7. Violation of archaeological & national reserve laws by erecting structures with purposeful intent to destroy or remove remnants of artefacts that proof ancient Sinhala Buddhist ruins existed.
  8. Lies and distortions against Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces




Muslim extremism

When all citizens had to follow one law, Muslim minority saw fit to demand special privileged laws for themselves – these are new customs and trends emerging after 1980s and forced upon the Sri Lankan community on the guise of religious freedom.

Examples of which are

  1. Influence of Wahhabism cult which is now considered a global security threat
  2. Mandatory for all citizens to come under one common law & to be treated equally under Constitution of Sri Lanka & Penal Codes in place, however some Muslims are demanding Shariah law, Quazi Courts (rulings to be above that of the country law)
  3. Marrying children is a criminal offence but some Muslims demand to marry children
  4. Female genital mutilation is a criminal offence but Muslims demand its practice
  5. Marrying more than one person at a time is a criminal offence (Polygamy) but Muslims demand marrying 4 or more women
  6. Legal rights enjoyed by non-Muslim divorced women are not enjoyed by Muslim women
  7. Setting up of Arabic schools/universities as funds are pouring from Arab world when Muslims do not even speak Arabic.
  8. When a statutory body to measure quality & standard of foods exist demand for a Shariah compliant Halal food labeling system based on one minority religion emerged that forced non-Muslim companies to divulge ingredients of their food items and insisted that for a fee paid to a Muslim NGO they would have to label foods consumed locally & exported overseas. Such a system did not exist before. This labeling system continues and questions why a minority religious labeling system for a fee should be charged of all especially non-Muslims.
  9. Violation of archaeological & national reserve laws. Cutting forests/trees is a crime but a Muslim MP is disregarding all laws & settling only one ethnic group inspite even the Presidents intervention and assurance that the forests would not be endangered.
  10. Driving without helmets is a criminal offence for all, but Muslims ride without helmets & no action taken by authorities.
  11. It is mandatory for all citizens to show their face when entering public places (banks, ATM etc) but Muslims are now wearing clothes that even cover the face
  12. When it is statutory to remove full face helmets citing threats to national security, some Muslim women are driving vehicles fully covered in black making distinction impossible. There have been plenty of instances where men dressed as women in robes have robbed banks and homes! Some Muslims are even demanding to sit for public exams in robes where there is a big question mark as to who is sitting the paper when the identity is not revealed and no one can question the identity too. Some Muslims are even demanding NIC photos to be with fully covered photos when all others have strict rules & regulations to follow for the photo to be accepted for NIC or Passport (showing no teeth, clear distinction of one’s ear)
  13. When there is a common banking system for all citizens, some Muslims have insisted and included Shariah Banking/Islamic banking systems that even non-Muslim banks both private & public have had to adopt.
  14. When the Government & private NGOs are encouraging planned parenthood and non-Muslim women are coerced into stopping having children after the birth of the second child, Muslims are being encouraged to have more and more children and many fear this calculated into future years spells demographic change.
  15. Biased judgments – men belonging to an ethno-religious minority with petrol bombs arrested and brought before the magistrate who belonged to same ethno-religion but were immediately released on bail however when unarmed men belonging to the majority faith who were attending a funeral of a victim of the recent clashes were brought before the same magistrate and remanded. Such biased judgements are reasons for animosity. These need to be addressed immediately. If the police, lawyers, judges, magistrates did their job fairly and without bias half of all problems would be solved.
  16. It is also alleged that the allocation of school uniform vouchers for Sinhalese children is less than half of what is given to Muslims.
  17. Coercive methods used to convert non-Muslims.
  18. Black money as a result of illegal narcotic trade


Christian/Catholic extremism

  1. Violation of archaeological & national reserve laws by erecting structures with purposeful intent to destroy or remove remnants of artefacts that proof ancient Sinhala Buddhist ruins.
  2. Setting up faith healing centres in residential areas & adopting coercive methods of conversions especially in poverty stricken rural areas
  3. Christian dominated media/newspapers/websites/journalists fanning communal flames using their pen


Sinhala extremism

  1. Objecting to separating/dividing the country
  2. Claiming there is no Tamil Homeland.
  3. Objecting to Islamization of Sri Lanka having connected the dots in the speed in which mosques are proliferating, Muslim population is increasing (refer census statistics), shariah food labelling, shariah laws, banking, insistence of halal food at all hotels, catering etc, rise in fundamentalism seen by wahhabi influence prevailing over moderate Muslims who lived peacefully previously
  4. Objecting to unethical, biased, anti-Buddhist media coverage with examples
  5. Appealing against surrounding Buddhist heritage sites with mosques, churches which end up dominating the area using influence of money.
  6. Objecting to turning Buddhist heritage of Sri Lanka into a failed multicultural land when the countries that first implemented multiculturalism is now realizing it’s a total failure & reversing it. Attempts to put up mosque in SriPada, the insidious manner a minaret taller than the Dalada Maligawa is being stealthily planned giving various inducements to the temple & other influential parties to give approvals.
  7. Objecting to animal sacrifice creating an animal friendly society, wanting return of the Dasa Raja Dhamma rule as existing prior to arrival of colonials


Government & Public Service/Private Sector  

Majority politicians break laws for votes & monetary influences, public servants do same. This has created unwanted & unnecessary problems and these must now be directly identified and addressed.

Those enjoying illegal benefit cannot cry foul and avoid or impede the veto of these illegalities crying foul and hiding behind slogans of hate speech, racism, discrimination etc.

Therefore, it is good to place the existing laws & against that list the violations and demand that the Government immediately addresses & take action

  1. Illegal religious structures often in residential areas
  2. Inaction by authorities against religious sects that lease/rent houses and with time turn/convert these into prayer centres or madrassas and then cry foul claiming discrimination when complaints are made asking for their removal.
  3. Proliferation of mosques, churches, prayer centres, kovils not in proportion to the pollution of an area. The Government must immediately address this violation & declare a moratorium on construction of religious/faith-based sites as is being done in other countries where this same menace has emerged.
  4. Usage of loudspeakers – inspite of an interim court order which needs to be seriously looked into
  5. Communalism of newspapers responsible for division of People was one of the conclusions of the Press Commission Report of 1964. Present local newspapers stand guilty of tuning their stories to fan communal tensions by generating false conclusions and assumptions against the majority.
  6. No one should confuse free speech with hate speech. If at all what constitutes hate speech must first be clearly defined before authorities deem it fit to take selective action as is taking place presently. A perfect instance is the arrest of 2 schoolboys and keeping them in remand while arresting but releasing men who had petrol bombs in their hands. The allegation of hate speech against the 2 youth is nowhere near a threat as men holding petrol bombs. This highlights some of the biased decisions taken. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z36TBNv3j3A



Shenali D Waduge

9 Responses to “Enforce One Law & Eliminate Extremism in Sri Lanka  ”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Shenali, the idea of the West is to give the power to Fonseka and then probably establish a Military Junta government as Chapa said in one of his postings on a reply to Dambara Amila thero’s double game recently.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    Patriots, please watch this video to know the truth of what is happening.


  3. Hiranthe Says:


  4. ranjit Says:

    First of all we should have a real government to implement laws and other rules. Nobody knows who is in charge in this Yamapalanaya government though we have a president and a prime minister. These two stupids give two different pictures to the public by issuing statements differ to one another. Political pundits and learned lot in this country continuesly showed and explained in detail the danger we have to face with the Muslim extremism and the danger of LTTE comeback, but this stupid idiotic Yamapalanaya never bothered to listen to anyone, due to that we are facing these unfortunate incidents here and there.
    Shenali you keep on writing about these politicians and their activities but do they listen or care? They are worried only about their job and their bank account not the country or the people in this country. Damn these politicians. We need a leaders like Lee Kwan, mahathri, Mahathma G, Nelson Mandela etc who loves their country and its citizens. We don’t need leaders who hoodwink the masses on daily basis. We don’t need leaders who never respects the majority and their religious beliefs. Sinhalaya and Buddhism must be protected by all means by the government who ever comes to power. No leader can go over the Sinhalaya and do things to satisfy the minorities in sake of votes. If police in this country do their job sincerely and effectively without engage in dirty politics this country would have in better shape than now. Except power they have all the resources to do any police work but unfortunately without power they cannot do anything because power is with the politicians.
    We need a strong government with a strong leader to implement strong rules and regulations. A good government can make the people good citizens who respects the laws of this country. If the leader is strong and good automatically people will follow him and the rules he makes.

  5. Christie Says:

    he problem we have is the Sinhalese are divided.
    If not we are doomed.

  6. Nanda Says:

    To divert attention of Sinhala youth, governement give more freedom – two prong attack by Jihadists

    Pornographic Sites Featuring Local “Stars” That Were Blocked For Years Are Now Easily Accessible To Sri Lankans After Govt Imposed Restrictions on Social Media.

    Sri Lanka may have blocked access to social media sites such as the Facebook, but the online crackdown appears to have had a flip side with hundreds of porn sites making a comeback.

    While 6.2 million people using Facebook through Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Sri Lanka could not access their pages, the pornographic sites banned many years ago for featuring Sri Lankan men and women were suddenly visible to local audiences.

    Eight years ago, police secured court orders to block access to hundreds of sites which they said featured local stars. However, most of them were freely available this week without any disruptions by ISPs.

    Porn sharing websites such as redtube.com and tube8.com were blocked after police identified several videos of Sri Lankans featured in them. However, these were visible again for those going through local ISPs.

    Earlier, porn watchers had to use virtual private networks (VPN) or proxy servers to access those sites blocked by Sri Lankan authorities. Not anymore.

    It is not clear if the ban on porn sites was lifted as an unintended consequence of cracking down on Facebook or a deliberate move to keep audience attention diverted and reduce criticism of the censoring authorities.

    There are reports that Sri Lankan ISPs were making more money during the social media shut down because users now have to use bandwidth gobbling VPN. That means more data consumption that is good for Telcos.

    Or the higher revenue comes from pent-up demand for local porn.

    While Sri Lankan hate mongers may not be able to spew venom online, they can divert their testosterone elsewhere by watching local porn without burning too much data.

    The government shut down access to Facebook and curtailed services on messaging platforms after police said they were being used to spread anti-Muslim hate speech and instigate violence.

    The government has said it will open talks with Facebook executives in Colombo Thursday and was hopeful, not certain, of lifting the ban by Friday. However, It would be subject to Facebook agreeing to tighten its controls over hate speech. In the meantime, Sri Lankans can view uninterrupted porn.

    Courtesy:ECONOMY NEXT

  7. Nanda Says:

    Watch this. Sucessive governements killing Sinhala people.


  8. ranjit Says:

    Hiranthi, dambara Amila is a paid agent of the west so this is nothing new. This guy lives in fear from Rajapaksa ghost. He and his cahoots in that group are all have one thing in common and that is bashing Rajapaksas nothing else. They live with hate and revenge. This guy Amila is nothing but a thug dressed in yellow robe. We shouldn’t worry too much about him or his western financed group because these lunatics will disappear in no time after the next general election. He will change from a monk to a western guy and vanish when the going is no good if the government change hands for sure. So let’s wait and see his drama.

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Ambare damilaya is a tamil. That’s the reason for its treacherous behaviour. All that while eating pin bath. Shame
    on you pinbath gilamin Buddhism destroyer. Just like the other pin bath gilamin Buddhism destroyer in Kandy
    bathgotte thibbotte. It is in his name and nobody notices it. So what do you expect from this pin bath gilinna?
    His full name
    Ambare Damilaya therrorist!

    The laws in Sri Lanka apply to Sinhalese, the doormat of Sri Lanka, only. Thanks to traitor catholic controlled
    UNPatrioticrats headed by the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya Bay
    Gal Kaaraya Walking Crime Bomb with the timer set for 10-20 years Batalande Wandakaya Pol Pot r@nileech
    wickrama Sinhala killer while puppet the rubber stamp vaira pala nari sena looking on helplessly like a cat
    done the business on a rock after eating kehel kola lunch. Traitor vaira pala nari sena has no say in any of the matters
    since the Wandakaya sitting on top of him. Vaira pala is simply a mere rubber stamp. Now the UNPatrioticrats
    trying to start another Sinhalese murdering project using mussies so the thieving, murderous (Sinhalese only) UNPatrioticrats can die on the jobs. Last time it used catholic tigers of tamil drealam and r@nileech hung on to it
    for nearly 30 years. Now the Fastest Breeding Religion aka religion of utter peace have multiplied enough and
    can be used it for another Sinhalese cull!

    Batalande Wandakaya’s brain can only think of robberies (mega only), lies (mega only), destruction of Buddhism,
    destruction of Sri Lanka and destruction of Sinhalese race! R@nileech is trying very hard to save its pathetic
    skin as soon as no confidence motion mentioned this happened. Mussies also waiting in the wings after
    using the dirty disgusting old trick of multiply, multiply trick. So the Wandakaya kick started it.

    Karma is catching up with the murderous (Sinhalese only), thieving, lying monster! Ghosts of Wijedasa
    Liyanarachchi, your pathala half gonawila sunil’s victims etc. etc. all after you. Your suffering has started.

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