Aussie Cricket Under a Cloud and Shamed
Posted on March 26th, 2018

Top Spin By Suni

26th March 2018
What a shame!
The golden Era of Australian cricket of the Bradmans, Grimmets, Ponsfords, Hassets, O’ Reilly’s, Lindwalls, Millers, Harveys, Davidsons ad infinitum in a long line up of gentlemen Aussie players
over the years have been shamed and stained by some of their 21st century counterparts who have shocked the world by their behaviour and attitude towards the”Gentlemen’s Game” while transforming it intoone of inti midation, sledging, taunting and now cheating not to mention the occassional chucking by some of their quicks which go unnoticed by the adjudicators but quite visible to the naked eye if one was observant enough !!~. This has been going on for years now with impunity and finally the cookie has crumbled in mind blowing precision through the actions of  tactless, unscrupulous and apparently apathetic individuals with huge ramifications!
In retrospect one has to also remember the antics of the Chappels and other Aussie cricketers whose antics at times were contemptible and sounders of things to come!!
Even the Muttiah Muralidaran intimidation  going back some years by Umpire Darryl Hair bears testimony to the dubiousness of Aussie cricket today.  was later found out to have been motivated  by what Hair later admitted to were “orders from the top!” simply to quell Murali’s phenomenal success as a bowler and to boost Shane Warne’s chances of reaching the pinnacle  which he did not – although he is referred to by some as” the greatest spinner” when the blatant truth that the title rightfully belongs to Murali on statistics alone stands out .
Besides that, Warne was caught using a banned substance of performance enhancement as the ICC once again made little or nothing of it other than a token response here the man got away lightly.
I personally feel some of  the Aussie players are a bunch of arrogant, misguided yokels with no respect for the game or its noble traits.There are a few gentlemen of course but their images have been surely tainted by the miscreants caught.
To further emphasize the double standards of the ICC: In the current series Australia vs South Africa – Young Pagiso Rabada  of South Africa was obviously coerced into aggravation in the incident he was involved in and banned for two matches –  a travesty of justice as he appears to be a gentle and mild
mannered person albeit an intense cricketer.
It thereby portrays ICC bigotry for a relatively mild offence. Where others have virtually got away with ‘murder’ in a manner of speaking. The dubious ones like Smith, Warner et al have all resigned now but there are some others who whether inadvertently or not have also become a party to this ignominy. The need to become noticed as the best  regardless of principles and Rules which is what the present Australian Test team in South Africa has done and has been portrayed through this conspiracy involving the senior members of the Aussie squad- there surely are others who need to be sought out and exposed and punished.Those presently named are  Skipper Steve Smith, David Warner and

and Cameron Bancroft where the Cricket World has been shaken and Australia shamed as a cricketing nation.

2 Responses to “Aussie Cricket Under a Cloud and Shamed”

  1. Nanda Says:

    They branded Muralidaran a ‘cheat’, now they become bigger, organised cheats. Even the umpire who called Muralidaran cheat have stolen money from his workplace and got caught.
    However, we Sri Lankans cannot call Austrailans ‘cheats’.
    Because we cheat public money directly from Central Bank. No place on earth have such cheats !
    Due to public outrage all those responsible for Australian cricket cheat stepped down and more punishement to come.
    In our case no stepping down and the cheat themselves will accuse the incoming cheats.

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    What an analogy Nanda has presented.Excellent.
    The Yahapalana Government thieves are probably far worse than the Australian cricketers who have shown remorse, regrets and apologized for their misguided actions whereas the SL Govt crooks carry on with impunity and continue brazenly without conscience! The latest news is they have offered Rs 100 million to those who vote against the no confidence motion against crooked and twisted PM Ranil W.

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