Repercussions arising out of Sudath Chandrasekera’s resignation letter
Posted on March 26th, 2018

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

When one reads or listens to the TV audio of the letter I read into it deeper than it meets the eye of the readers! Before I talk of that just a preamble to this sort of master schemes in the West as refresher.

It has been an undeclared political secret that from time to time political assassinations have been committed or staged when a particular person, a group or even a country is found a threat for the political survival! For instance in the recent history Lee Harvey Oswald was a scapegoat to assassinate President J.F.Kennedy, as the story was heard repeatedly, Princess Diana too was killed creating a make believe accident. These are just two talked about eliminations for some to satisfy a would be unpleasant environment.

However those who have been entrusted to execute these cruel acts by the masterminds were helpless as they may have been trapped to that situation only known to them. Unable to extricate from the situation they carry out these killings reluctantly employing unsuspecting schemes such that gullible masses will never believe they have hatched a hideous plan to get the work done! These nerve gas killings too that happened in the U.K blaming that as the work of  Russians may not be really the culprits as World is made to believe, if ever the truth comes out some day,   those who perpetrated the killings have already gained their objectives that’s  all that matters for them!

However there comes a time for those who did these horrible things unwillingly to confess the atrocities to the World either prior to death or at deathbed as they have to  clear their conscience!

Now the topic this letter of resignation!

I believe this has been the time for Ranil Wickremasinhe’s personal secretary to come clean! Now the question is what made him to do this at this moment? The answer lies on this video clip of the contents in the letter of resignation by Mr. Sudath Chandrasekera.

Having read all five papers one must divert the attention to pages 6 & 7. He clearly rubs what most believed wears the “clean man” adage a deadly blow, he has been the real shadow executioner!

This guy reveals the reader that he knows Ranil’s intentions inside out more than anyone else in the party being with him for last 33years even more than Ranil’s first cousin Rajiva Wijesinha who condemns him at every time he commits a major damage to the country exposing him of his cunning schemes! He is so vocal to say these things don’t happen accidentally they are well planned.

In these two pages Sudath admits he has inherited the “title murderer” for Batalsnda massacre, murderer of Gamini Athukolale and for killing of Rienzi Algama in front of the Srikotha, all these killings made me the “scapegoat or the cat’s paw” for his dirty works! For that I earned the title the “red lipped boy” or the “boy lover” of him!

However since of late he relegated me to menial or insignificant errands and ignored me. Now I am frustrated and completely lost confidence in him! This left me no option except to render my resignation!

This is the story he told us so far, what I started questioning is why is he making these serious allegations now? Now knowing his use by day has expired with Ranil did he have a hand in canvassing for votes against him at the forthcoming no confidence motion? Did Ranil come to know his activities? If so he knows his fate is sealed, then he has to act swiftly, so he designs the letter so meticulously and hands it over to the party secretary and exposes it to the media too, by this action he protects his life being the only option available to save himself from extinction! If as he expects any unpredicted fatal accident be falls on him the first suspect would be his former boss! That’s my only explanation derived to make a plausible sense to the contents of this letter at present!

Vajiragnana Warnakulasuriya

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  1. Nanda Says:

    Nevertheless there is no secret here. There is ample evidence on these but his opponents keep these evidence in the bank to blackmail him and amass wealth and to run the country accordingly than to prosecute him and save the country from him. That itself is the cause of destruction of Sinhala race and the county. To be clear, I wouldn’t blame only him, becuase more than lives of individuals ( even though a great injustice), the country is important.

  2. NAK Says:

    Over to you Thalatha!

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