Posted on March 30th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I am in London these days and keep reading web news about No confidence Motion against PM and previously the skirmish in Digana .I have very close friends I London and Sri Lanka who are Muslims .When we meet again I find it little embarrassing to face them.

Whether I like it or not I have to partially admit that Sinhala Race is a somewhat racist to in order to save my face .I walked into a shop owned by a Sri Lankan Muslim form Kurunagala who speaks to me in Sinhala (many Sinhalese opt to speak in (S) English to me) and greeted me Ayubovan .I returned greetings by Salam Malaikum”
He asked me, Kohomada Machan and I said Nalla ,Inshah Allah

This is how we feel about each other .He was critical of politicians three years back during Aluthgama fiasco and now he was critical again about politicians.
Knowing my general attitude, he jokingly said Machan Umba Nuwara Awussala Meheta awada? (You created trouble in Kandy and bolted to London)
I said Yes machan .Sudda kochchara unath Hondai ( White people are somewhat better ),because despite much anti Muslim and ISIS fear white- British do not react like we Sinhalese .

My doctor in London was a Muslim from Riddeegama and he knew Subashitaya and Sellalihini Sandeshaya by heart .He studied Buddhism and yet he know Koran by heart and prays few hours daily.

Only difference in me and him is that I am a Buddhist materialist who does not believe in God and he believes in Allah.!
Muslims are good traders .There are many Muslim business leaders who employ both Sinhala and Muslims including Tamils .When we associate with them I could not see any Anti Sinhala stance .

We may have different of opinions with Muslims in other parts of the world but we both sectors have to live in HARMONY

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


  1. Nanda Says:

    Presently bashing of the Goni Billa Dress is common in all countries. Why call this a religious riots or bashing of Muslims ? People have no problems with Muslims, problem is with the Goni Billos ( especially the one with even the eyes cannot be seen (rediculous 1) and building of mosque-full of Goni Billos cannot be tolerated in any modern society. It is a big problem and have to address this non-violent way by governments all over the world.

  2. Christie Says:

    We Sinhalese are Buddhists, Christians and Muslims.

    Hating Muslims is an extension of Hindus hate of Muslims in India.

    People like Nanasara and Champika are leaders being financed by Indian Colonial Parasites and India.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Yes we all want to live in harmony but if some section of our population doesn’t allow us to live in peace what shall we do? Do you approve what Tamils and Muslims do in our soil? Muslims were the ones who first started violence in every incident which happened in Sri Lanka. Who bulldozed ancient buddhist monuments in some places around the country? The latest incident was in Hantane as we saw in the news. Why police acts differently in such occasions? After this treacherous Yamapalanaya government came to power everything was upside down. We have never seen an undemocratic government like this in our life. Nobody knows who is in charge of this horrible treacherous Yamapalanaya government. Muslims and Tamils take advantage of the weak Yamapalanaya government and make unnecessary undemocratic demands to break the unity of the Sri lankan people. These two communities are getting enough money and advise from their friendly governments and friends abroad. They are not innocent as you say. Muslims are the ones who creates violence around the world in every community. Most of the world’s most deadly Terrorists are from the Muslim community and they are responsible for death’s and carnage in most of the middle eastern countries and around the world. If they behave well whole world will be safe if not there will be more violence and deaths can be seen in the future too. As sinhala buddhists we cannot just stay idle while they destroy our beautiful land and buddhist monuments to build their dream lands. We need a strong stable government to keep them in check and curtail their undemocratic activities inside the country. Do not cry on behalf of them and say they are peaceful people, they are not few maybe good but not all. They are pretenders and liars. Believe what you see and hear but not these Muslims and Tamils who are waiting for the right moment to grab a piece of land from our blessed Motherland. Para suddas helping these two communities and harass Sinhalese community unnecessarly. We need to stay prepared all the time.

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese are the problem it appears. It is the Sinhalese who are
    destroying Wilpaththu Sanctuary to settle new mussies breed
    putting up mosques every street corner to drive out non-believers
    putting sterile agents in food in mussie eateries to destroy Sinhalese race
    land grabbing to drive out Sinhalese/Tamils from areas
    mussie no go areas like akurana, beruwala, akkaraipaththu by breeding relentlessly
    mussie only schools and fill them up to the rafters so outsiders don’t see the actual numbers
    bulldozed ancient Buddhist temples to settle new mussie breeds
    made Kuragala ancient Buddhist temple inaccessible by putting up a mussie village right before it
    taking over Sri Lanka and make it a mussie country – a hell hole- like former Buddhist countries iran, afganisthan,
    pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and indonesia then?

    You might have very good mussie friends but that doesn’t mean they all are saints. Stop blaming Sinhalese and ask
    them to question themselves why they are resented locally, nationally, internationally. Probably you can’t see
    them yourself since you are so immersed in your ‘saint’ friends. If you don’t love your country, it is so easy to
    not to see what others doing to destroy it. Just looking at these catholic run UNPatrioticrats you can see the
    thieving, murdering (Sinhalese only), lying monsters doing to destroy Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism.
    It is sad to see Sinhalese faulting Sinhalese to dig our own graves.

    Also you can ask your ‘saint’ friends to inform Sri Lankan Multiplying Community aka SLMC to agree to 2 child
    policy to stop breeding relentlessly in order to steal the country. The dirty, disgusting, sub human trick was used in the
    olden days to steal iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, maldives, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia from Buddhist to
    mussies within a few hundred years after getting there with their Baby Machine Wives. Do you want Sri Lanka to
    be a pakesthan, syria, libya, iraq, bangladesh (bursting at the seams with over production of children, crept into
    Myanmar. Luckily Myanmar was saved thanks to their patriotic leader.), somalia, yemen etc. etc. Spoiled for
    choice? Also you can try to buy a bit of land from beruwala, akurana, akkaraipaththu etc. etc. and live with your
    ‘saint’ friends. It is so easy to blame Sinhalese and label them racists since the traitor UNPatrioticrats divide them and make them vulnerable, while the real racists, the two foreigner tribes doing everything to destroy Sinhalese
    Sri Lanka and Buddhism and get away with murder. Shame you too have become one of them!

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