Endangered Nations and Endangered Cultures
Posted on March 31st, 2018

R Chandrasoma

Few countries in the world are now in peril because of the marauding spirit of powerful neighbours. This is a recent turn in history –across the centuries powerful nations were imbued with an expansionist spirit that spelt doom for those fated to be close to the ‘hegemonic power’. Protracted wars resulted when neighbours were well matched as fighting machines. Britain’s history – until recently – was dominated by that of warding off the intrusions and threats of the Continental Powers. We in Sri Lanka have been threatened for long centuries by our powerful neighbor India and it is a miracle that we have survived as a civilization for over two thousand years. Times have changed and the use of brute strength to overawe a weak neighbouring state is no longer militarily or politically feasible. But the threat to nationhood exists and we in this country must be vigilant  – because our historical weakness as a small island remains while big-power expansionism is now taking the guise of subtle forms of cultural subversion. There is a new ‘imperialism’ that gets its strength through the cunning manipulation of racial power-bases in politically weak nations.

How does all this apply to Sri Lanka and its polity? It is the weakening of our cultural cohesiveness that is the first victim. This is achieved by a brainwashed and Westernized elite that equates modernism with the erosion of the historic and the indigenous traditions that have long shaped our socio-politcal evolution. It is this ethnicity and sense of belonging to a uniquely endangered culture that is currently being assailed by lackeys of Western Imperialism posing as ‘modernist reformers’. A prime instrument used in this sordid adventure is the ‘foisting’ of a new constitution inspired by an alien elite bent on destroying our historic standing as an independent and culturally distinctive species of humankind. Our greatest enemies are the falsifiers of history – those ‘uprooted’ kinds that promote a bogus modernism – one that sees culture and history as outmoded in the modern world and and that ‘jobs are prior to roots’. Sinhala-Buddhist culture has survived for over twenty centuries – a record that few nations and races in the world can match. It would be historic tragedy if this ancient heritage falls victim to the machinations of power-hungry politicians and their lackadaisical followers.

2 Responses to “Endangered Nations and Endangered Cultures”

  1. Christie Says:

    One has to be blind. deaf, skinless and mad not to see what India and Indian Colonial Parasites are doing to us Sinhalese.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism in grave peril thanks to anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka
    traitor UNPatrioticrats who divide the Sinhalese and make the minorities king makers. UNPatrioticrats have
    made Sinhalese so vulnerable and we are facing extinction within a few hundred years. Traitor foreigner racists
    tribes tamils and mussies are destroying Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka at an alarming rate. While
    mussies increasing their numbers relentlessly nobody utter a word against them. Crafty mussies using dirty,
    disgusting, sub human trick of multiply, multiply and outnumber using in Sri Lanka to the hilt. While calling the
    Sinhalese racists the crafty mussies’ relentless breeding goes on unabated. What’s more still a lot of traitor
    Sinhala deshapalu low lives lick their backsides for the mussie votes. The dirty, disugusting, sub human trick
    only going to lead to eternal bloodbaths. One foreigner tribe tried to establish exclusively tamils only catholic
    tigers tamil drealam by the r@nileech’s catholic buddy barrel man hilter mala paharan. To stop the drealam
    project cost more than 100,000 (mainly Sinhalese lives). Now the mussisthan project by the Fastest Breeding
    Religion aka The Religion of Utter Peace (worldwide peace movement using planes, cars, guns, bombs etc.
    etc.) about to start. How many more Sinhalese sons, daughters? Our traitor Sinhalese deshapaluwan don’t
    give a damn.

    To save the Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka (in one piece)
    Wipe out anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka traitor catholic run UNPatrioticrats party from Sri Lanka
    politics who promote tamils, mussies and catholics for their voties
    Limit 2 children to a family for all
    Stop FREE education after 2 children
    Stop FREE hospitals after 2 children
    Levy a tax if you have more than 2 children
    Stop mussie/tamils only schools they use to fill up to rafters and hide actual numbers
    Stop race based tribal parties
    Align with China who will get rid of ‘rashes’ india, us, uk, france, germany, holland etc. etc who want Sri Lanka
    to dance to their tune to displace China in Asia. China is the ‘best anti virus’ to keep foreign meddling at a
    distance from Sri Lanka. No country wants to upset China these days and once they are in the picture, they beat
    a hasty retreat. Also to please diasporats for their votes (see even these western
    countries have low life deshapaluwan who are ready to lick backsides for votes to keep their jobs!)

    But which Sinhalese deshapaluwa going to be patriotic enough to do those? Do those and Sinhalese race,
    Buddhism and Sri Lanka will survive most people will agree.

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