President says he won’t retire in 2020
Posted on May 7th, 2018

Courtesy The Island

President Maithripala Sirisena, yesterday, announced that he would not retire from politics in 2020, as a lot more remained to be done for the country. Addressing the SLFP May Day rally, at Chenkalady, Batticaloa, the President said the country needed many more honest politicians.

“The country does not need corrupt politicians. There are no political leaders who love the people. Some dream of forming a government in 2020. We will support a programme which promotes reconciliation.”

President Sirisena said those who dreamt of capturing power did not genuinely care for the poor and the people should be able to see their duplicity. The country had got an opportunity to achieve development, using the goodwill and the trust of the international community.

“Politicians must be honest and we need a group of honest leaders. Some say we are weak, but we will emerge stronger in the near future,” Sirisena said.

The President noted that trade unions and the working class could play a significant role in the reconciliation process.

“Some political groups disparage what we have done to promote reconciliation. We must understand that we can’t solve all the problems with the help of guns.”

2 Responses to “President says he won’t retire in 2020”

  1. Hiranthe Says:

    Your masters can not find a more suitable candidate for the next Presidential Election than you. You are the best Hopper jumper in the Island. It looks like you were given the task for the second time. If you don’t listen to them, you will be gone from the surface of the Earth. That is how deadly they are. Many have done that mistake including Lasantha.
    Please don’t make fools out of the poor minorities. They are already fed-up with their own leaders taking them for a ride and in return enjoying perks and bribes of millions of dollars.

    On the other hand, you can only go and please minorities. All others know who you are and to which tune you are dancing very well. Majority will not be fooled again. You are famous for providing laughing materials to the whole Island.
    To be honest, we are more than happy to see you in the Presidential race and losing rather than to see you leaving now honourably. You do not deserve an honourable send-off similar to President D.B.W.

    Hon. D.B. Wijethunga was the first President to publicly declare that there are no Tamil specific issues in the country and there are no special discrimination taking place aiming only Tamils. All are in the same boat and all are suffering from the same hardship he said.

    You are not even a mile closer to DBW and please don’t talk about honesty. Your back side is exposed which you don’t know but people are laughing.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    And this is the man who ran for President stating that HE WILL STEP DOWN AFTER 100 DAYS!


    Question: How do you know that the BACKSTABBING APPAYA is LYING? Answer: HIS LIPS MOVE!

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