Rule of law gone to jungle
Posted on May 15th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Decisive Chief Executive is a must for a company ,conglomerate or a country .When you run any of above your decision making cultue and sustaining the decisions made and continue to apply the rules helps to go forward .

What is happening in Sri Lanka is quite opposite, We have an Executive President who promised to lead the country by imposing new laws or by strengthening the rules. Enhanced publicity given in such instances were commended by the public

As examples you have heard about following .

Banning Glycophopate

Banning Polythene

Banning filling of paddy lands

Banning blocking out coconut estates

Imposing enhanced fines for traffic offence

Imposing lane culture along roads

Impose driving discipline by Tuk Tuks

Prohibition of Sunday tuition classes

Prohibition of wearing covered helmets by motorcyclists

Cutting down ministers

Getting rid of NEPOTISM such as not allowing ministes’ relatives to the administration

Transparency in awarding tenders

Giving cheap fertilizer

Providing guaranteed prize for paddy

Reducing Crime rate

And finally


During the eve of last election  Educated people wanted to get rid of the regime badly .

Today same educated people wants same regime and flock around a future leader who can be a tyrant and decision maker /”Enforcer

Shangrila Conference may be a stepping stone and I feel that we may need another  Progressive tyrant like Premadasa ?


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  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks Dr Sarath:

    “During the eve of last election Educated people wanted to get rid of the regime badly .”

    “Educated people”; you mean brain washed by India and Indian parasites.

    Last election Sobithayaa spear headed the Good Governance with money from his Indian Parasite Dayakayaas; financiers.

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